Zombie Crypt walkthrough

Zombie Crypt is a new platformer adventure puzzler game from zombiegames24. This is basically the author's second release. This is a game where you take control of 2 characters. You'll have to make use of your two characters in order to overcome obstacles in each level. One is controllable with keys WASD while the other with the arrow keys.

Zombie Crypt walkthrough.

This game features nicely done pixel art style - kinda reminds us of good ol games from the 90s. There are 20 unique levels in this game and each of them presents fairly challenging levels. Though the game's concept is kinda cool, as you progress you will think that you might need someone to play the other character. Or is it just me? But it's still a good game - quite addicting actually. Anyways, I looked up for Zombie Crypt walkthrough and I only found some showing specific levels of the game (will update when new vids goes live).

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