Riddle Transfer walkthrough

Riddle Transfer is a new point and click adventure game from jonbro. This is basically the sequel to the Riddle School game, actually, it takes place where the part 5 of the the series left off. Phil has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader called Viz, but his journey back home doesn't turn out how anyone could have guessed. This is the beginning of a new adventure - one that is much more dangerous than the last.

Riddle Transfer walkthrough.

This game offers unique art style, hilarious characters and story. Nicely done music and sound effects are present and those adds up to the experience. The gameplay, though, is basically inclined to those who are familiar in the RS series. But it still has it's own fun and adventure to offer. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of the game and need some help, I found a Riddle Transfer walkthrough showing game completion.

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