Zombies Surrounded walkthrough (Written)

Zombies Surrounded is a suspense thriller point and click game on newgrounds. In the game you play as a lucky guy to still alive Lance Greenly. Luckily someone has rescued you... and.. oh wait. You already know that? Okay here is a written Zombies Surrounded walkthrough I ninja copied from an NG page. Enjoy!

1. When prompted, press space during the beginning cutscene to shoot the zombie.
2. Open your inventory by clicking on the backpack icon, and click the flashlight.
3. Walk to the arrow pointing to the girl. When you get to her, press space. (cutscene)
4. Walk to the small desk in the corner, across from the stairs. (then press space)
5. Break a hole in the desk, and get the small key.
6. Leave the desk, and go up the stairs.
7. Break a piece of wood off of the corner of the headboard of the bed.
8. Open your inventory and click on the wood to equip it.
9. Search under the bed, and use the broken wood to reach the batteries.
10. Pick up the batteries from in front of the bed.
11. Use the small key to open the dresser, and take the screwdriver.
12. Go back downstairs to the radio.
13. Click on the radio, and use the screwdriver on it to get the battery compartment lid.
14. Insert the batteries, and put the battery compartment lid back on.
15. Turn on the radio. (cutscene)
16. Kill the group of zombies that attack you. Don't let any of them get to the house.
17. Press space during the next cutscene to stab the zombie.
18. Now that you are in the basement, go to the old sink. Take the axe head.
19. Search behind the bookshelf to find the axe handle.
20. Combine the axe head and axe handle in the inventory, and then close the inventory.
21. Use the axe to break the window and escape.

Safes Room Escape 2 Halloween walkthrough

Safes Room Escape 2 Halloween walkthrough.Safes Room Escape 2 Halloween is a new point and click game from ainars on minigameportal. In this game, you are somehow trapped inside a Halloween themed house and like other normal trapped people inside an unfamiliar house you want to escape get out of it fast so bad. But how do you do it, you ask? Well you there are puzzles to be solve in there so you might want to try to solve them first and also pick up items that you can use for your your sweet escape. 

If you still can't figure out how to beat the game, it is always okay to look at a guide or perhaps a complete Safes Room Escape 2 Halloween walkthrough after you've given all you've got.

Return To Halloween walkthrough

Return to Halloween walkthrough.Return to Halloween Escape is a suspense horror point and click game in addictinggames and other flash game portals. The game sets in a haunted Halloween house again and just like in the previous game it is full scary stuffs only now is more horrifying than ever. You have to options in this game -  escape or be one of the ghouls and ghosts in the house forever!

Find items and clues to solve the puzzles and make your escape but if you are too scared to be focused on coming up with a solution to the game,  perhaps the Return to Halloween Escape walkthrough from a brave soul over at yt can save you. Enjoy and happy Halloween!

Rolling Fall walkthrough

Rolling Fall walkthrough.Rolling Fall is a new physics based point and click puzzle game from coolbuddy. The basics of the game is very simple - cut the chains that holds the swinging heavy balls mad off steel to kill the zombies. It's quite an addicting thing to do and a bit challenging. Timing is the key to beating each level. There are 40 levels in this game but you must first beat the first 30 scoring a total of 5000 to unlock the 10 bonus levels.
If you are aiming to play the bonus stages you must learn how you will be able to break 5k in the first 30 stages so here's Rolling Fall walkthrough for them.

China Ancient Sanctum Escape Walkthrough

China Ancient Sanctum Escape walkthrough.China Ancient Sanctum Escape is a new point and click game brought to us by flash512. This is an escape game which sets in a beautiful holy place - a Chinese sanctum. You were lost inside it and found yourself practically trapped. The only way to get out is to obtain a password that will open the exit. Find the things in every room that you can use to solve the in-game puzzles.
It's an interesting room escape game but it can be frustrating if you got stuck at some point. The solution for this game is shown in the video below.

China Ancient Sanctum Escape walkthrough

StormWinds The Mary Reed Chronicles Walkthrough

Storm Winds The Marry Reed Chronicles walkthrough.StormWinds The Mary Reed Chronicles point and click adventure game by herointeractive in armorgames has an awesome story and is definitely fun to play. The game sets continuing roughly four years from where SW The Lost Campaign left off. Your objective is to help Mary hi-jack an enemy airship and rescue a princess while kicking off a bunch of bad guys along your way. Branching out with the new format used in this game will reveal more about the characters and the story.
If you can manage to find all 7 letters that is well hidden throughout the game you will get to unlock and see a different and awesome alternate ending.

As per the game guide there is an in game button for that but in case you missed that out here is Storm Wind The Marry Reed Chronicles walkthrough for the regular and alternative ending of the game.

Ghost Hacker walkthrough

Ghost Hacker walkthrough.Ghost Hacker is an awesome point and click tower defense game developed by no less than Core Sector. You can experience it's awesomeness here. In this game your mission is to reclaim the internet from cyberspace bugs that eats up data cores. Wisely choosing and strategically placing towers and programs is the key to beat all 25 levels. If you came here looking for a walkthrough chances are you missed the in game button for it or you are playing the older version of the game. Either way, I suggest you go to core sector website and see the guide for all the levels. See example below:
showing the ideal placement of towers in level 25 of Ghost Hacker walkthrough
 And here's a video I found so far..

No Door Escape 2 walkthrough

No Door Escape 2 walkthrough.No Door Escape 2 is the second part of the previous No Door Escape game from Tacs-Lab. Contrary to the game's title, there's a door - an exit in the game. You just have to find where it is. Try collecting items and things that you can utilize and solve the puzzle in the room. Once you find the door and solve all the tricky puzzles, the last thing to do is to enter the code for the door then it pops open and you're free. If you can't find any door in this game, try looking for a window (joke). You should watch the video showing the solution to the game.

No Door Escape 2 walkthrough
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Kids Puzzle Escape walkthrough

Kids Puzzle Escape walkthrough.If you enjoy solving tricky puzzles and playing escape games at the same time then you may find Rotuc's Kids Puzzle Escape enjoyable. Don't be fooled by the title of the game - it is not your regular kiddie puzzle though the game's setting is in a room for kids full of children stuff like toys and art materials. Find the items that you can use to solve the in-game puzzles. Get keys and find your way out of the room.

   Stuck at some point? The Kids Puzzle Escape walkthrough video should help you beat the game.


Reincarnation AHE: All Hallow's Eve Walkthrough

Reincarnation All Hallows' Eve walkthrough.Reincarnation AHE All Hallow's Eve is bgproduction's Halloween treat to us. They made it in celebration of both the upcoming Halloween 2010 and the 2 years anniversary of the Reincarnation series. Yes, it's been a couple of years since the first incarnate has escaped and you as a little-purple-son-barney demon brought it back to hell. Anyways, if you have been playing this game already and you are trying to end the game by killing the incarnate with fire (achievement/alternate ending), you can set his bed on fire by lighting the pumpkin instead of just putting a candle in it. After that, put the burning pumpkin on his bed and it should do the toasting.
Reincarnation All Hallow's Eve Walkthrough 

AKA Reincarnation AHE walkthrough. Enjoy the game guys!

You Might Get Nervous 2 walkthrough

You Might Get Nervous 2 walkthrough.You Might Get Nervous 2 is a point and click platform game in which your reflexes will be put to the ultimate test. The game is created by a developer that goes by the name Lubos Lenco. It features a classic gameplay and extreme mode. You can play it at mofunzone and addictinggames. As per the "You Might Get Nervous 2 walkthrough, there's no fool proof strategy for this one but the videos below from some cool youtube user might give us a example how to achieve an epic score in both classic and extreme modes.

Knights Rush Lite Iphone Game

Knights Rush Lite for Iphone game.
Knight's Rush Lite is probably one of the most extremely fun to play arcade-style iphone game ever. Fighting wave after wave of enemies can be really addicting when the graphics are tasty. Chillingo's Knight's Rush Lite is currently on version 1.0 and also compatible with ipod touch and ipad. It requires an iOS 3.0 or the later. The game features a variety of new enemies to battle in the campaign mode and earth shattering bosses that will engaged players for a long period of time.
Here is a gameplay walkthrough video of Knight's Rush Iphone game

Leprechauns House 2 walkthrough

Leprechauns House 2 walkthrough.Hello Leprechauns House 2 fans! Are you trying to beat this point and click hidden object game from puzzlegames24 for quite a while now and still no luck? Feel devastated no more for here is the Leprechauns House 2 video showing the solution and all locations of little leprechauns around the house.

Leprechauns House 2 walkthrough

Kittens House 2 walkthrough

Kittens House 2 walkthrough.Kittens House 2 is one of the new point and click find-the-hidden-object games on puzzlegames 24. You guessed it right - you'll have to find all the kittens hidden in the house. There are a bunch of them hiding their cute whiskers in the house from your prying eyes. Find them all and you beat the game. If your eyesight fails you then it's time to see your optometrist, I mean the Kittens House 2 walkthrough which shows all location of the hiding kittehs!

Justin Bieber Hair Defense Walkthrough : Tips and Tricks

Justin Bieber Hair Defense walkthrough.Justin Bieber Hair Defense is one of the rising point and click game on addictinggames of which the whole game revolves around a popular kid singer and his hair. Your goal is to defend Bieber and his crowning glory from crazy and out of controlled fans who's trying to get to him and do things what crazy fans always do - rip him apart. I know it can be difficult protecting Justin from hordes of fans but you must give everything you've got. Deploy special securities, bouncers and bodyguard in strategic places to stop the waves of fans from reaching the hair of Mr. Bieber. If you are out of ideas how you can protect him, the Justin Bieber Hair Defense walkthrough tips and tricks should be helpful and give you a nice overview of the game.

Turquoise Room Escape walkthrough

Turquoise Room Escape walkthrough.Turquoise Room Escape is another latest point and click flash game developed by rotuc. You have to escape from a turquoise colored room in the game by finding items and making use of them to solve the puzzles that you will encounter inside the room. Play Turqoise Room Escape here or watch the walkthrough video below. Also, share this post to your friends if you find it useful. Have fun!

Turqoise Room walkthrough

Boat Cabin Escape

Boat Cabin Walkthrough. Boat Cabin Escape is another new point and click room escape game by wild harmony studio. Like many other escaping game, you are to get out a place wherein you are trapped for some reasons but this time everything happens inside a boat cabin. The doorknob of its door seem to be intentionally broken by someone. You have to find a way to get that door open by finding items or objects that you may need. You may also need a 3 digit code to open a locker and a six digit code for the bedside drawer.

 Watch out for Boat Cabin Escape walkthrough in the next update of this post or you can be the first to write down one in the comments below or point us to a friendly link.

Jungle Escape walkthrough

Jungle Escape walkthrough.Jungle Escape is another new puzzle flash game from the fairly popular developer gazzyboy. The game set in a jungle wherein you are unfortunately got separated from your caravan trekking the forest. You need to get to safety before you completely lost track of your caravan who's unknowing of your disappearance. Find objects that can help you solve the in game puzzles along your way and make your escape. Your jungle survival knowledge will be put to test in the game. Good luck. Watch the guide below showing how to beat it.

Jungle Escape walkthrough

US Mint Walkthrough

US mint walkthrough.US Mint is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from gamesnitro. In this game, you are to drop the coins in to their respective slots by pacing objects along the course of the coins. There are three types of coins in the game, namely silver, gold and bouncy. Manipulate them as they drop from the cylinders by utilizing different tools in the toolbar on the left of the game screen. Each tool have their own effect to the coins and may make the going easy but they will cost you money. If you are currently playing US Mint and got stuck as you progress, then the video guide for all 32 levels of the game is what you need.

US Mint walkthrough

Escape from Fort Remake walkthrough

Escape from Fort Remake is the all new improved version to the original Escape from Fort game by ainars. The games sets in an ancient prison. It was built ages ago by people whose happiness is to build forts that will become ancient eventually. Anyway, you play as a prisoner in the fort and like other prisoners, you want to get out of there alive. It's time to escape but the question is how. Well first you have to look around and see if you can find some things that you can utilize for your great escape. Play game here. If all else fail, watch the video of Escape from The Fort Remake walkthrough specially made for prisoners that needed to escape and ancient fort. Have fun!

Werewolf 4 walkthrough

Hello Minoto - Werewolf 4 fans, players and stuck ups! Here's an update to one of our previous post. Finally somebody with a good hear did a walkthrough video for the cute and cuddly point and click game of minoto. Hurray! *clap-clap*

Werewolf 4 walkthrough

Dice Escape

Dice Escape is another new Japanese themed point and click game brought to you  by Episodes and Melody. It's basically a room escape game where you use the navigation bars on the sides and bottom of  your screen to move from scene to scene. Look around and interact with the objects in the game by clicking on them. You will find items that may help you solve the puzzles along the way. Play game here.

Please discuss Dice Escape walkthrough below.
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Werewolf 4 - Minoto

Werewolf 4 walkthrough.Werewolf 4 is minoto's latest installment of their series of cute point and click adventure game. If you have been following the previous parts of the game then you must be already familiar with its basics. Search around to find some things that may be useful to solve the puzzles withing the game. You can play here if you're interested. As for the walkthrough, we'll try to find one and post it later or you can be the first to write it down below or point others to an existing walkthrough.

Escape from your Own Room walkthrough

Escape from your Own Room walkthrough.Escape from your Own Room is another new point and click Japanese game from miyabure. If you are used to playing escape games then chances are you already know the drills which is finding items and clues to solve the in-game puzzles. You may also need some sort of a code to open a door and finally win the game. You can play it here or if you want to start a discussion about this game, you can do so in the comments below.

Here's Escape from your Own Room walkthrough by the way.

Dorm Room Escape Walkthrough

Dorm Room Escape is another new point and click game from rotuc. Basically, the game is a puzzle type where you only have to use your mouse to navigate around, pick up objects and interact with the surrounding. You have to find several items in every room that can help you solve a few puzzles inside the dormitory. If you think you are stuck and not going anywhere maybe the Dorm Room Escape walkthrough can help you out.

"Jigsaw Killer Escape 4 walkthrough"

Jigsaw Killer Escape 4 walkthrough.
Jigsaw Killer Escape 4 is the newest episode of games2rule's point and click game series. You know jigsaw the killer very well, he won't let you escape part 1 to 3 of his traps just like that. That's why you are now facing the fourth part of his horrific treat for you. The setting is a lot bigger than the previous - this time you have to escape from a whole building. This your last chance to prove that your life is not worth for the taking by some insane serial killer. Find items and use them wisely to solve the puzzles in the game. Good luck. Play it here. Or see Jigsaw Killer Escape 4 walkthrough:

Bustabrain Walkthrough Complete Level Guide and Solution

Bustabrain walkthrough.
Before anything else, Bustabrain is one of the many awesome point and click puzzle games you can play at ninjadoodle. If you think you are ready for 39 levels of brain twisting puzzles, then go play it here. If you already tried the game and came for answers to the riddles of Bustabrain and missed the in-game walkthrough button , I am glad to tell you that I ninja-copied the whole written guide from ninjadoodle. I also embedded a video of some cool fella from youtube showing how to achieve 216 points. Hit the jump for all the goodies!

Bustabrain Walkthrough, complete level guide and answers

Level 01: Click on the gingerbread man until he’s all eaten.
Level 02: Click the top-left and top-right matchsticks to create a down arrow.
Level 03: Remember the color of the dudes pants or shirt (there’s only one of each color). Click him when prompted.
Level 04: The answer is “TENOR”.
Level 05: Connect the middle line first, then go around.
Level 06: The answer is “4″.
Level 07: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
Level 08: The answer is “BOW TIE”.
Level 09: On the bottom alarm clock, make both hands face left and click on the mouth to change it from happy to sad.
Level 10: Click and drag the screen following the footprints. Once you find the ninja, click continue.
Level 11: The frames go in this order – 1. “Arrrr! Prepare to …” 2. “Alright! I will …” 3. “… for we all …” 4. “Here lies …”
Level 12: The answer is “RED SEA”.
Level 13: The code is “3210″.
Level 14: Drag the plane, bus, taxi, and person into the monsters mouth.
Level 15: Remove the top two matchsticks to create a heart shape, then take the two matchsticks on the inside of the shape.
Level 16: The pattern will be one of these …

oxo xxo xox oxx
xxx oxx xxx xxo
xox xxo oxo oxx

Remember the correct pattern and click it when prompted.

Level 17: The answer is “ICICLE”.
Level 18: Start at the bottom and go straight up, then connect the rest of the shape.
Level 19: Click on the “+” to change it to an “x”, then click “1″.
Level 20: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
Level 21: The answer is “ICE CUBE”.
Level 22: Click on the bottom shapes until you have (from top to bottom) – yellow, red, green and blue;
Level 23: Find a monster with 4 up-facing teeth and only 5 spots, then find it’s twin.
Level 24: The frames go in this order – 1. “Dude, do you …” 2. “Heck yeah! …” 3. “We could go …” 4. “I’m cold.”
Level 25: The answer is “APPLE PIE”.
Level 26: Find the clickable book in the library (a hand cursor will appear when you run over it), then click it. Click the button behind the bookcase, then the button above it and the first button to the left;
Level 27: Drag the rock onto the window. Pick up the cop and put him on the chimney. Click the chimney.
Level 28: Remove 8 matchsticks to spell the word “TWO”.
Level 29: Click the dice in the following order – lower right, lower left, middle, upper left, bottom and upper right.
Level 30: The answer is “LION KING”.
Level 31: Start in the bottom right and go straight to the top left. Now go across to the left and straight down to the bottom right. Finish by going all the way around.
Level 32: There are 20 boxes. Click the 20 in the message at the bottom.
Level 33: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
Level 34: The answer is “SIX FEET UNDER”.
Level 35: Click the eyes so they are facing up, the mouth so it’s sad, both arms up and leave the nose facing down.
Level 36: The loner can be either the “shuriken, “key”, “heart” or the “clock”.
Level 37: The frames go in this order – 1. “Tree hugger, tree” 2. Hugging 3. Tree suffocated 4. “I’m sorry, but the tree …”
Level 38: The answer is “ONCE UPON A TIME”.
Level 39: The number on the pics correspond with the number on the buttons. Now, look at the picture clues – 1. “LEFT” (left foot) 2. “UP” (cloud is up) 3. “RIGHT” (tick is right) 4. “DOWN” (boy is sad/down)

Blosics 2 Level Pack Walkthrough

blosics 2 level pack
Blosics 2 Level Pack is the expansion for the earlier Blosics 2 game. You can now enjoy more levels that is more challenging than ever before. Launch power balls into stacks of blocks with the goal of knocking green ones off the stage. Make every aim a good one because every ball of specific size costs you to loose points. It's a bit hard than the previous blosics game but it is totally fun nonetheless. If you need help or some sort of a guide to beat this physics based game, the Blosics 2 Level Pack video will do.

Blosics 2 Level Pack walkthrough (complete challenges)

Pumpkin Remover 2 walkthrough

Pumpkin Remover 2 walkthrough.Pumpkin Remover 2 is a new point and click physics based Halloween themed game you can play on thegamehomepage and pretty much on other flash game sites everywhere. If you are to win this game, you must learn to use gravity, fire and wits for solving puzzles to your advantage. The game has 20 levels to beat and if you want to play more levels, you can check out the iphone version of the game.

Pumpkin Remover 2 walkthrough for your pleasure baby...

"Brown Room"

brown room walkthrough.Brown Room is one of the latest room escape game creation of Ninja Motion. It seems that they are in a mission to bring us all the colored themed point and click escape game.. hmm,. Anyway, as usual, you have to find items in the game that can be used to solve the puzzles. I would post a Brown Room walkthrough later if I find one or create one if I am not too lazy. Or you can be the first to write down a written walkthrough in the comments below or point us to a friendly link. - and you win a round of applause and a lot of thanks for that. Enjoy your game!

"Small House Escape walkthrough"

Small House Escape walkthrough.Small House Escape is one of the latest point and click game created by a game developer that goes by the name rotuc. Yes you are yet once again trapped inside a tiny house and nothing you can do but to help yourself out by finding items within the small house and utilize them for your sweet escape. Things you will find includes bucket, glove, hammer, SD, sponge etc. Go try to figure where to use them. If all else fail and you are completely devastated for not beating the game, you can always look at the "Small House Escape walkthrough."


Diamond Room Escape Halloween walkthrough

Diamond Room Escape Halloween is another themed for the upcoming Halloween hidden object point and click escape game made by ainars. You'll have to find 4 precious stones and obtain a key that will lead to your escape from the diamond room you were trapped in.

I played this one earlier and found it a little easy to beat. But it's fun nevertheless. Anyway, if you're having difficulty beating the game, I advise you check out Diamond Room Escape Halloween walkthrough.

Birdish Petroleum walkthrough

Birdish Petroleum walkthrough.Birdish Petroleum is another new physics based puzzle game on armorgames developed by pitergames. In this game your mission is to wreck havoc upon the warships and oil tankers sailing on the sea. Birds like you just hate these petroleum stuff so you and your band must sink them. You can use four kinds of birds of which each of one has their own super-birdish skills. There's the greenish bird, the pinkish, bluish and orange colored avian. Following the in game hints may also help you out. If you can't get pass some levels, hit the Birdish Petroleum video guide after the cut!

Birdish Petroleum walkthrough

Discuss Birdish Petroleum walkthrough in comments below and share it using the share buttons down there.

Farmers House walkthrough

Farmers House walkthrough.
Farmers House is another new point and click hidden object game from puzzlegames 24. Search the room to find hiding farmers. Search every room and every corner of the house; in the bed room, under the bed, in the cactus pot, on the floor etc. Once you have all the farmers, you can then put them back in their respective places. For hints, tips and solution for Farmers House, the walkthrough video for the game covers them all. Hit the jump!

Farmers House walkthrough

If you want to discuss the Farmers House walkthrough shown above or you simply have questions to as you can do so in the comments below and the admin will try to get back to you soon.

Pokemon Sapphire: How to Catch Rayquaza Walkthrough

Pokemon Sapphire Catching Rayquaza.
Pokemon Sapphire Rayquaza is one of the most difficult to catch legenderay poekemon in the game. Rayquaza is located at the top of Sky Pillar. If you are to catch this pokemon, you must come prepared and bring at least 30 ultraballs with you. Yes, he's that tough! You may also want to bring along good defensive pokemon which is best for the catching Rayquaza mission. Watch the video walkthrough by some cool guy attempting to catch Rayquaza using his kyogre and succeeding after many tries of throwing ultraballs.

Easy Puzzle Game Video Guide

Easy Puzzle Game walkthrough.Easy Puzzle Game is the new point and click product of the genius of rotuc. Don't be fooled by the title of this game because it's a bit of a brain teaser. Actually, it's more than a bit of a brain tease for me when I played it. But I managed to figure out the game despite the difficulty. No, I didn't look at a walkthrough for this one, I swear. Alright, I peeked on it a little. =) Have fun on this one! and peek on the Easy Puzzle Game walkthrough if you must.

Modern Salon Escape walkthrough

Modern Salon escape walkthrough.
Modern Salon escape is a new point and click game brought to us by 123bee. In this game you must escape from a salon where you came to get yourself a new look but you were accidentally locked down alone inside by the owner. You cannot wait for him to come back just to get out so you need to figure out how you can escape the salon by yourself. Find items that you can use to solve the puzzles in the game that will lead to your sweet escape from the modern salon.

Modern Salon Escape walkthrough

Alien Thief Walkthrough

Alien Thief is another one of the latest point and click game you can play on playhub. In this game you play as the pilot of a flying saucer whose mission is to steal cows from another planet. Alien Thief game features 25 different levels and each of them with various obstacles to overcome and lots of stars to collect for extra points. With physics and puzzles combined, the game can be really fun but can also be devastating and difficult at some point. However, the Alien Thief walkthrough which can serve as a guide to beating this playhub's game got you covered if ever you need help. The walkthrough video shows how to beat all the levels in Alien Thief. Hit the jump for a couple of vids!

If you have questions or if you want to discuss Alien Thief walkthrough you are pretty much welcome to do so in the comments below.  Have fun and enjoy!

Endice walkthrough

Endice walkthrough.Endice is puzzle and board type of point and click game from armorgames. This game was added to addicitinggames recently and can now be played there. The objective in this game is to get the dice into a goal area but with only limited number moves. The dot on a die represents the number of move it can make so you may want to plan first before dragging your dice. I found myself scratching my head over some levels and took me some minutes to solve. If you find yourself in the same head-scratching situation like me, you can seek help from Endice walkthrough video right down there at the bottom of this page.


Trick or Treat Walkthrough

Trick or Treat walkthrough.
Trick or Treat game is one of the latest point and click room escape type of game from suzunari. Perhaps it's the advance Halloween treat to us by that developer. Search every room in the game to find items that you can use to solve puzzles make it outside to enjoy the night of trick or treating for Halloween. Should you need a guide to beat this game refer to the walkthrough right after the jump. Have fun!

Uchigawa Escape walkthrough

Uchigawa Escape walkthrough.
Uchigawa Escape is the act of escaping a place that is related to a name Uchigawa. Well, it's actually the title of one of the latest point and click game you can play at uchigawa's site. I assume that you already played the game and you just drop by on this blog with hopes of finding a nice and helpful tips, guide or hints you can use to beat the game. Fortunately we've got you covered. The Uchigawa Escape walkthrough video after the jump might just be the one you need. Have fun and enjoy your game ma'am, sir.

Animator vs Animation SE (Special Edition) walkthrough

Animator vs Animation walkthrough.Animator vs Animation SE is the improved with features version of its predecessor point and click game on addictinggames. It includes survival mode, the stick figure can use skills like fire breathing and hijacking of weapons. Purchasing of new weapons is a secret store in the game is also possible. Animator vs Animation Special Edition is created by Allan Becker and Charles Yeh and was added in AG under comedy action category. If you need a guide to help you beat the game, be it the Animator vs Animation SE walkthrough after the cut.

True Tale Brown Beard walkthrough

True Tale of Brown Beard walkthrough.
True Tale of Brown Beard is a new pirate adventure platform game from grant titus on addictiinggames. In this game, you play as a legendary pirate who competed with black beard for gold during the pirate era. Control little brown beard guy using arrow keys and spacebar to open treasure chests. Work through many puzzling levels with bouncy floors, gravity switches and ghosts that can help you with your quests.

The True Tale of Brown Beard walkthrough 

Galleon Escape Walkthrough

Galleon Escpae walkthrough.
Galleon Escape is another new point and click game from rotuc. In this game you are trapped in an old kind of ship which is called Galleon. Apparently, the mighty ship galleon is sinking and anyone on it will be sent deep down to the underworld to swim along with the fishes if not going to drowned. Guess what? You are one of the crew and you needed to get off the Galleon and make your escape.

Galleon Escape Walkthrough 

Pokemon Black and White Victini Event Walkthrough

Pokemon Black and White Victini.Pokemon B and W walkthrough we've got here features the playthrough video of Victini Event from some cool dude over at youtube that goes by username lepokemonlie. Watch the video walkthrough after the jump and enjoy!
Pokemon Black and White Victini Even walkthrough.

Starcraft 2 Brutal Difficulty Mission 6 The Devils' Playground

SC2 Brutal walkthrough.This Starcraft 2 Brutal difficulty walkthrough features a video of psy beating mission number 6 which is "The Devils' Playground". So yeah, that's about it SC2 fans! Check out the video after cut!
Note: You may want to listen closely to his commentaries. You may learn a hint or two from it.

Tipping Point 4 walkthrough

Tipping Point 4 .
Tipping Point 4 walkthrough right after the cut features a couple of video that will guide you through and answer the question going through your head; "How do I beat Tipping Point 4 game from addictinggames?" Well, the answer lies just beneath this very paragraph.
The first part of the video guide showing the solution for the Tipping Point 4.
 and the last part of course...

Super Luigi Galaxy Garden Dome Underground Ghost Ship walkthrough

Super Luigi Galaxy walkthrough.
Hey guys, may I interest you with this Super Luigi Galaxy Garden Dome Underground Ghost Ship Deep Dark Galaxy walkthrough? If you have been following the super Luigi galaxy walkthrough by chuggaaconroy on youtube, chances are you already have 93 stars and you will have your 94th if you accomplish this mission. Check out the video guide right after the jump which also covers some secret side missions in the underground ghost ship. Enjoy!

Totem Mystery walkthrough video

Totem Mystery.
Totem Mystery is another new point and click flash game created by developer abroy who welcomes you to the mysterious cave of Totem. Apparently, you are now trapped in this cave and the only way out is to seek help from the Totem itself. Give the ancient totem a piece of gold and see if he can help you escape the cave of mystery. What? You don't want the totem to help you? Well, watch the walkthrough video instead. Enjoy and have fun!

Totem Mystery walkthrough

Basement Puzzle Escape walkthrough

Basement Puzzle Escape walkthrough.
Basement Puzzle Escape is another new point and click escaping gaming created by the developer rotuc. the game sets in a creepy familiar place in a house - the basement. Yet again you are trapped in a basement and need to escape or you'll spend the rest of your life down there. Fortunately there things you can use to make your escape. Find these things and make use of them to solve the puzzle in that cellar. If all else fail, you may refer to the Basement Puzzle Escape walkthrough right after the jump. It's a video that features a guide to solving the game. Enjoy!
Basement Puzzle Escape Video Walkthrough

Flabby Physics Walkthrough

Flabby Physics Walkthrough.Flabby Physics is a new fun physics based point and click game by molleindustria. It's basically a puzzle game where you have to use a good chunk of your brain and reflexes. You can stretch the surroundings and make things bounce. It' everything about being flabby. If you are stuck in the flabbyness of this game I advise you to seek medical attention - I mean check out the Flabby Physics walkthrough after the cut.

Flabby Physics Playthrough

Mini Scientist Walkthrough

Mini Scientist Walkthrough.
Mini Scientist is short point and click game from gamystar on newgrounds. It's quite a fast game. Either way, neat and fun. Some challenge add to it and it will really be more fun. In the game description it say: The mini scientist needs an engine for his rocket to get to the space. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions that will unlock each mini level. I think you wouldn't need a walkthrough for this one. Well, in just in case you do need a solution or guide for this game, here is Mini Scientist walkthrough.

Mini Scientist Walkthrough

Must Escape the Rooftop walkthrough

Must Escape Rooftop walkthrough.
Must Escape the Rooftop is a new online flash game created by melting mindz for flonga. It is basically a room-escape type where you have to find objects that you can use to get out from a room. The game sets in place where people with fear of heights normally avoid going to. Yes, it's the rooftop. If for instance your fear of heights have you distracted from beating this game, the Must Escape the Rooftop walkthrough video right after the jump might be something you really need.

Cut The Rope Walkthrough in Iphone

Cut The Rope is the title of the new physics based game for your iphone devices. This game is available for download in iTunes. Excerpts from itunes: "A mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…CANDY! Help get the candy to Om Nom, the adorable monster, in this highly innovative and addictive puzzle game. Combining outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store." Cut The Rope is also compatible with ipad and ipod touch and requires iOS 3.0 or later. For people who already have this game and currently needing a game guide or solution, see Cut The Rope walkthrough right after the jump.

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