Red Code 3 walkthrough

Red Code 3 The Gun and The Blade is a new action adventure shooter game from miniclip. You play as a lone soldier whose mission is to destroy the alien planet infested with deadly insect like creatures. Destroy their queen and their planet will be destroyed with it. As you progress you will encounter lots of enemy bosses which possess high energy that you can use to make upgrades to your suit, weapons and abilities.

Red Code 3 walkthrough.

This is quite a big game that offers lots of shooting and slicing action. Spending energy points wisely may be the key to building up your greatest trooper. Though you only get to wield 2 weapons which is the blade and gun, the abilities that goes with them makes the gameplay quite dynamic that helps a lot for those who easily gets bored with just shooting or slicing. Meanwhile, for Red Code 3 walkthrough purposes, I will be gathering videos and have them here.


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