Angry Animals 2 walkthrough

Angry Animals 2 walkthrough.Angry Animals 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from townden. Your goal is to eliminate aliens off each levels to progress to next stages. In case you haven't played the original game, this is a little fun angry bird like game where you launch animal characters with different abilities.

Your success will depend on your skills and how you handle levels each presenting different situations. Meanwhile, here is Angry Animals 2 walkthrough showing how to beat all levels in the game.

Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough

Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough
Trick or Treat '12 is a new point and click Halloween themed escape game from twinkle. Halloween 2012 is almost here and escape game developers has their own treats for us. This is one of them, but one may also consider this some sort of a trick because it's quite challenging.

Anyways, since I don't want to trick people into reading a long ass review about the game while they are in fact in search of Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough, here's a video guide publicly available on the youtubes.

Submarine Mystery walkthrough

Submarine Mystery is another new point and click room escape game from abroy. No, you are not trapped inside a submersible ship on this one but you are locked up inside a house that seem to have a theme around underseas and submarines. As usual, wander around and pick up items then go figure where you may use them all in your efforts to find the exit and win.

submarine mystery walkthrough.

Just in case you are stuck at some point of the game, which is not unlikely to happen due to the natural difficulty of room escape games, here is Submarine Mystery walkthrough showing us how to beat the game.

Portal 2D walkthrough

Portal 2D walkthrough.
Portal 2D is a platformer puzzle game from sims5000. It was created as a tribute to Valve's popular console puzzle called Portal 2. This 2D game uses almost every feature of the original 25 epic levels. So if you are a fan of the original then chances are you will appreciate this one too.

For those who are not familiar, this game is played using [WASD] or arrow keys for moving the character around, [Q] to shoot primary, [E] for secondary, [F] to use or interact with object and [K] to restart. By the way, the story line of this game is a bit different from the original one. Your quest here is all about chasing a delicious looking sandwich. Meanwhile, here is Portal 2D walkthrough showing gameplay completion and solution for all levels.

Little Life walkthrough

Little Life is another new platformer puzzle from Prasan Games. He wishes he was not so small. Apparently, eating diamonds is the key to spectacular growth. So level on up and keep eating the diamonds to unlock the green door. Which leads to the next level, where you will find more diamonds. You see where we are going with this.

This game features 30 levels  filled with treasures to collect but the ultimate solution to your small problem can only be found once you cleared all of the levels. While this game has cuteness in it, it also has some moderate to fairly difficult levels that at times can trigger the rage mode in you. One other thing that is worth a mention is the musical scoring, it kinda tears your heart and soul pushing you to keep going until you reach your goal.

Little Life walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion:

Fire's Revenge walkthrough demonstrating how to beat all levels

fire's revenge walkthrough
Fire's Revenge is another new physics based point and click game from nextplay. This game is hot right now and borderline pyromaniacs are playing this as I type this. The player's goal is to build the largest fire the city has ever witnessed and prove all the other fire persons that you are the most fiery of them all. Yes, you are the flame in this game so act like one.

There are thirty levels in it including the tutorials that will walk you through the controls and mechanics. There are achievements for those who love to achieve something for extra challenge. With the goal that you have to touch as many planks as you can in order to get higher rating, some levels in this game are relatively difficult but not impossible. It's just that you will have a lot of trial and error moments. Here is Fire's Revenge walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Botanist Mystery walkthrough, cheats and solution

botanist mystery walkthrough
Botanist Mystery is a new point and click room escape type of game from abroy. You are trapped once again, inside a house that look like it is owned by a scientist who study stuff about plants. Find items that you can pick up and use to crack puzzles and reveal clues that will lead to uncovering a mystery. Navigate around using the sides of the screen while left click is for everything else.

Meanwhile, here is Botanist Mystery walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.