The Last Survivor walkthrough

The Last Survivor is a new physics based platform puzzle game from armorgames. In this game, you play as the last creature of your species that has turned into a rectangular green object that has the ability to manipulate blocks with telekinesis. Use this power to get to the other side of the ship where a beam of light will reveal your true form.

The Last Survivor walkthrough.

The concept of this game is cool and the gameplay is quite addicting but its kinda short so let's just hope that there will be sequel to this where they will feature more levels. Meanwhile, The Last Survivor walkthrough showing game completion is up next.

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  1. Umm?? I like your walthrough, but I have a question on the last level. What do you do??????? I did not see the cat, all I have is the blocks. How do I get to the top there??? I can't. HeLp????????


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