Stop That Noise walkthrough

Stop That Noise is another point and click physics based puzzle game on addictinggame. Stop the noise with a variety of bombs but it won't be that easy for you will have strategically place bombs in the right spot of structures and objects to make them collapse thus damaging the workers with the falling debris.

Stop That Noise walkthrough.
The game is pretty entertaining and challenging at the same time - really addicting. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of the game, you can refer to the video of Stop That Noise walkthrough we have here to learn the solution to all the levels of STN.

IceBoy walkthrough

Iceboy is another platformer game on newgrounds. Set in a world covered with snow, you have to go through icy obstacles, missile turrets and ice melting laser to save the freezing planet somehow. The game features 11 challenging levels and three medal achievements to unlock.

IceBoy walkthrough.
This one is relatively difficult so chances are you will get pawned most of the time. But you can try as much as you want by pressing r to restart then carry on. Meanwhile, here is an IceBoy walkthrough we found so far plus the secret area solution.

Rolling Tires walkthrough

Rolling Tires walkthrough - This is another new physics based point and click game from puzzlegames24 on addictinggames. In every level there is a vehicle and a wheel in which you have to employ your physics thing to drop, knock and roll towards where it belongs.

Rolling Tires walkthrough.

For complete solution to this game here are some RT Rolling Tires walkthrough.

Where is 2011? walkthrough

Where is 2011 is another point and click adventure riddle game from Mateusz Skutnik on pastelgames. Leave the year 2010 behind and start off fresh with the coming new year. But you have to find it first. Navigate around using your mouse and click on objects found in the game.

Where is 2011 walkthrough.

The game has nice gray graphics and fairly challenging puzzles in it. Anyways, if you are playing this game and have already given up, you can see the full solution shown in the video of Where is 2011? walkthrough below. Enjoy your game guys and happy new year to ya!

Prison Planet walkthrough

Prison Planet is another strategic point and click defense game on mofunzone. The game sets in a far, far away planet where human prisoners are needed for a grand purpose. Apparently, they are try to escape and it is your duty to stop them, but killing them is not an option so you will have to use stun guns and staffs to take them down instead.
Prison Planet walkthrough.
Controlled entirely by mouse, you have to strategically place guards around to intercept escaping prisoners. You will earn points for every human you take down and can use it to make upgrades on your guards weapons. Also make use of the teleport ability and attack dog to your advantage. Tip: Sometimes, these two abilities are just what you need to beat specific levels in the game. Meanwhile, here is PP Prison Planet walkthrough for level 2 reactor room.

Super Santa Duder Shooter walkthrough

Super Santa Duder Shooter is another holiday themed physics based point and click game from shockwave. Help santa make it down 36 chimneys to make Christmas happen by giving him the right reindeer power kick. The game is controlled entirely by mouse - aim and adjust the power of the kick before kicking him by clicking.

Super Santa Duder Shooter walkthrough.
This one is equally entertaining like ragdoll cannon series only it is xmas themed. There are also other objects in some levels such as seesaws, crates and trampolines that you can use to your advantage. Anyway, if you need some tips, hints, solutions or the complete (SSDS) Super Santa Duder Shooter walkthrough just continue scrolling down.

Squadron Auriga walkthrough

Squadron Auriga is another point and click strategy defense game from funevergames. In this game, you are with the last squadron in the planet Insectus - a world where insects are kinda huge and extremely terrible. It is easy to play and tutorial at the beginning will tell you everything you need to know about the gameplay.

Squadron Auriga walkthrough.

The game features 12 campaign levels and a domination mode upon achieving lieutenant medal if you want more action. The graphics and animation are pretty neat as well as the sound and background music. Meanwhile, here is the first part of SA Squadron Auriga walkthrough we have here.

Paranormal Shark Activity

Paranormal Shark Activity is another fun platforming game about a shark trying to eat a dude and so the dude keeps on jumping from platform to platform sometimes hitting bouncy objects and obtaining a bomb randomly hanging in the air which the dude uses to throw at the giant killer shark. Thus making the ferocious beast change position and giving whoever is playing a heart attack. Or is it about surviving for as long as you can while trying to earn all of the medals and one secret achievement in the game.

Paranormal Shark Activity walkthrough.
Anyways, the game is very entertaining and is really good to kill some time with. Achieving higher medals are difficult (we could use some cheats on this =)). Meanwhile, here is a PSA Paranormal Shark Activity walkthrough video showing the gameplay.

Magnetic Rush walkthrough

Magnetic Rush is another unique physics base puzzle game on armorgames. In this game, you play as the master of magnetic force which you can use to control magnets to navigate them around through each level of this dynamic game.

Magnetic Rush walkthrough.

Score in the game is determined by number of magnet activation and amount of time used. This one is quite entertaining and have enough progressive difficulty. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of it, you can refer to the video of (MR) Magnetic Rush walkthrough explaining how to win each of its levels.

Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack walkthrough

Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack is the expansion for the LM2 point and click puzzle game from armorgames. Route the water to the container using the pieces of pipes without wasting a single drop of liquid. The container capacity is determined by the number displayed on them sounds easy but figuring out where to place the pipes is the real challenge.

Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack walkthrough.
The game features nice graphics and entertaining puzzle gameplay with enough difficulty to make you scratch your head a little. Anyways, if you don't know how to beat this game, the complete (LM2DFLP) Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack walkthrough will show you the solution to all of its levels.

Rocket Toilet

Rocket Toilet is another new point and click launch game created by pitergames. The game features funny concept and animation. Launch the dude sitting on his rocket powered toilet as far as you can to earn money that you can use to purchase upgrades such as engines, accelerators and other irresposible modifications to reach outerspace. There is also a massive 1m worth final secret upgrade to unlock in this game.

Rocket Toilet walkthrough.
This game is controlled entirely by mouse so it is easy to play. You will also be automatically notified if there is an available upgrade to purchase. Meanwhile, here is a (RT) Rocket Toilet walkthrough. Also watch out for some cheats for this game soon.

The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy walkthrough

The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy is another point and click strategy adventure game developed by arcadebomb. The game is based on the hit game by Zeebarf titled "The Visitor". In TV:MaCH, the homicidal death slug is back to bring in more horror this time at Camp Happy.

The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy walkthrough.

Guide the creature through all 10 levels of forest ground as he destroys everything in his path in search for his favorite meal - the humans. Anyway, if you wonder how to beat all of its levels, you can simply watch these 2 videos here showing The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy walkthrough courtesy of Mr Tass' awesomeness.

Blast Off Bunnies

BlastOff Bunnies is another point and click launch game created by agame. In this game, you are to blast into space as many bunny rabbits as you can. Collect cash and other power ups as you shoot up a bunny up in the air. Use the money to buy upgrades and other items such as cannon after every round.
Blast Off Bunnies walkthrough.
There are 9 achievements in this games namely, Mars Bunny, Jupiter Explorer, Exploration Saturn, Deep Space Bunny, Deep Space Family, Flight for Money and King of Bunnies. Meanwhile, let's watch this Blast Off Bunnies walkthrough showing how to get the easiest medal - Kiss from the moon achievement.

Obama Resident Evil walkthrough

Obama Resident Evil is another point and click adventure puzzle game from inkagames. In this game, the evil Dr. Albert Wesker has kidnapped Obama's family and is holding them captive in Racoon City, where zombies and dangerous mutant creatures inhabit.Your mission is to help the president rescue the first family before, well, they turn into brain eating zombies!
Obama Resident Evil walkthrough.
The game features neat puzzles to solve with funny animation and graphics. Pick up items and use them at the right places or scenes. If you are currently playing this game and got yourself stuck at some point of it and have lost ideas what to do next, then its time to see this (ORE) Obama Resident Evil walkthrough showing the full solution to the game.

The Snow Runs Red walkthrough

The Snow Runs Red is another holiday themed point and click arcade game on newgrounds for Christmas. In this game, the world have to live without Santa Claus - yes he's dead and gifts could not be delivered to spoiled children of the world anymore and that is the reason why these brats are raiding the north pole - to investigate why they don't receive presents anymore.

The Snow Runs Red walkthrough.
Now it's Mrs Claus' job to make these hordes of spoiled brat pay for being for being in the naughty list. Defend the Christmas tree from enemies and survive each wave of kids. You can make upgrades for your weapon and hit points in between levels but it will cost you money. Watch out for gifts being dropped by the tree - it contains power ups. Also, there are ten medals to earn in this game. Here is a clip showing (TSRR) The Snow Runs Red walkthrough.

Robo Rampage

Robo Rampage is another new action arcade mecha game from miniclip. The game features slick graphics - nice visual and sound effects. The gameplay is past paced though you might get boring in the first phase of the game. Use wasd keys and mouse to move, fly around and shoot while dodging enemy attacks both from above and ground. Wisely use the weapon upgrades that you may need for the boss battles. Also watch out for falling junk attack.

Robo Rampage walkthrough.
 In the story of the game, you have travelled to Planet Junk to battle the fiercest robots in the solar system. You are to take charge of a heavily armed Ro in an epic battle between man and machine. Your mission is to turn the never-ending robot army back into a pile of junk. Pick up massive guns, upgrades and awards as you pile up defeated robots in your mission to build the tallest hill of fallen machines.

Tips on how to easily beat heavy attacking enemy bosses: If you can manage to fly above during boss battles, you can easily shoot them on the head while you are stepping on them. The best weapon for this maneuver is the flamethrower. Here is a trailer of the game whilst we work on a (RR) Robo Rampage walkthrough video.

Shift Freedom walkthrough

Shift Freedom is another puzzle platforming game from armogames. It is made in celebration of the release of Shift 2 for iphone. The game features a new take on its predecessor shift games and also includes mini games and a ton of mind bending levels.

Shift Freedom walkthrough.

This is also the longest version of Shift game yet so be ready for a lengthy gameplay. Meanwhile, here are some spoilers showing a few levels beaten in (SF) Shift Freedom walkthrough

Poltergifts walkthrough

Poltergifts is another new holiday themed point and click game on newgrounds. This game is something different for this Christmas because it is a scary type of game set in a peaceful holy night. In the game, you open the gifts underneath the xmas tree but to your surprise the colorful boxes that suppose to bring joy and happiness brings horrific creatures instead.

Poltergifts walkthrough.
Destroy these possessed toys utilizing other toys as weapons such as bb gun, water pistol, frisbee, wooden bat marbles and blocks. Upgrade items in between waves of enemies and survive till 6 am . Also, there are 20 medals to earn in this game - try to unlock them by achieving certain milestones. Here is a Poltergifts walkthrough we found so far.

Inferno Meltdown

Inferno Meltdown is another hot platformer game developed by thepodgegames. In this game, you are to take on the role of robot fire fighter and put out fires in various locations across town. The game features highly flammable gameplay with petrol pumps and oil barrels exploding here and there.

Inferno Meltdown walkthrough.

You can upgrade the firebot using the coins you collect in each level. Each level have different scenarios that will make it more challenging. There are also people to rescue in some levels of the game so this is your chance to be a hero. Meanwhile, here is a short footage of the game whilst we work on an (IM) Inferno Meltdown walkthrough which covers all of its levels.

Berzerk Ball walkthrough

Berzerk Ball is the expansion for the hit point and click physics based launch game Homerun in Berserk Land. According to the author of the game, the full sequel will be released some time in 2011 but in the meantime they're giving this expansion to sink our teeth into. This game features new items, all new look, new weapons, more achievements to earn, challenge friend mode to earn more diamonds and a new character to hit the same fat geek!

Berzerk Ball cheats walkthrough.

By the way, this expansion is also available for iphone and ipod. Meanwhile, here is a BB Berzerk Ball walkthrough video to watch.

Also watch out for Berzerk Ball cheats and hacks!

Planet Defense 1 walkthrough

Planet Defense 1 is another point and click strategy game created by twotowersgame. In this game, you are to protect the Earth from storms of asteroids and comets bound for the planet and save the mankind for total extinction. Utilize five different defensive weapons available in game but you must use them wisely for they don't cost cheap.

Planet Defense 1 walkthrough.
Only one type of spaceship you can use at the beginning of the game and others will be unlocked upon achieving a certain action i.e. destroying four comets will unlock the bastion weapon. Meanwhile here is a video of (PD1) Planet Defense 1 walkthrough.

Stick RPG 2 cheats, walkthrough,

Stick RPG 2 is another new point and click adventure Role Playing game from xgenstudios. The game sets in a bizarre and unfamiliar city where you have to fit in amongst the its citizen by building your strength, charm and intellect. Find and collect mysterious artifacts to and solve the mystery of Paper Thin City.

Stick RPG 2 walkthrough cheats.
You may find it hard to start off though so maybe these series of videos of Stick RPG 2 walkthrough will help you out.

SRPG2 walkthrough

The Old Abandoned Warehouse - Do the following steps to get the OAW key:
Go to Skyes Bar
Look for the yellow man (The Drunken Warehouse Bandit)
Click him
Click (Strength) " Lets take this outside "
Get reward and key

The next clips shows how to beat the Gangster HQ and Mobster Tower levels in SRPG2.

And finally, the Stick RPG 2 Lab ending walkthrough

If you need (SRPG2) Stick RPG 2 cheats, you can try this one out (still working as of pres time).

Hell Yeah! walkthrough

Hell Yeah is another unique point and click tower defense game on gamesnitro. In this game, you are the chosen one to protect the wonders of the world from the clutches of satan's wife. Yes he's got a wife who apparently wants to have all the wonders of Earth. Use your holy magic paint brush to draw crazy weapons to deflect the evil henchmen.

Hell Yeah walkthrough.

Each weapon of has a corresponding brush gesture that you have to do first before you can spawn that specific god power or weapon. You can make upgrades in between battles. Also, sending in early of the next wave of enemies will give you mana bonus. Some defense units and other upgrades will be available as you progress in the game. Meanwhile, here is (HY) Hell Yeah! walkthrough video showing how to beat the boss in Italy level. We will try to cover the rest of the boss level including New York, London and other levels if we find time.

Tanks Gone Wild walkthrough

Tanks Gone Wild  is another action paced point and click shooting arcade game on mofunzone. Set in a battlefield, you have to take down waves of enemy tanks and choppers as you maneuver to hit and evade them. You can make upgrades to your tanks capabilities such as armor, speed, rate of fire and fire power after each round of enemy waves.
Tanks Gone Wild walkthrough.
Downed enemies will randomly drop items that you can use to replenish your tank's health and armor. There are also achievement medals to unlock in this game. Meanwhile, here is (TGW) Tanks Gonde Wild walkthrough clip.

Slash Boom walkthrough

Slash Boom is another slicing point and click explosive physics based game on from Bored. The game features 24 challenging levels and three achievements to unlock. SB is controlled entirely by mouse - you'll only need to click and drag to slice and click to boom down the sliced objects.
Slash Boom walkthrough.
If you are looking for the solution to all of its levels, you can them on the Slash Boom complete walkthrough below.

The Raven walkthrough

The Raven is another new platforming puzzle game from xdgames about exploring, sneaking and jumping while evading surveillance bots. The game features stylish cartoon graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. Sneak through the shadows, collect video logs and journals in which some clues can be found.

The Raven walkthrough.
Some of the levels in the game can be devastating and may be a lot of trial and errors. Anyways, here is a clip of The Raven walkthrough we found so far - we'll see if we can find more and have it posted here.

Anrtim Escape 2 Team Tactics

Antrim Escape 2 Team Tactics (AE2TT) is another point and click iphone game by gamehives. Much like the first episode, "Antrim Escape 2 -- Team Tactics" continues bringing you clever puzzles with stunning graphics. That's not all, fellow fans. The new innovated element - "team escape" is introduced to the gameplay to further enhance the originality of the puzzles. This time you really need to think outside the room to help not only Ryan but also Emma to escape the rooms.
Antrim Escape 2 walkthrough.

Meanwhile, here is a preview of the game whilst we wait for the official Antrim Escape 2 Team Tactics walkthrough, answers and solution.

Bat Country walkthrough

Bat Country is another new point and click platforming game on armorgames. The game is about an attack helicopter whose mission is to gun down weird enemies in the - mostly bats. As you progress in the game, you will encounter other types of enemies such as killer shadow face and giant whale who will try to bite your choppers' tail. There are also other element in certain levels that will make the game more challenging such as lightning randomly striking hurting either your enemies or you.

Bat Country walkthrough.

The game is a nice one - love the simple art style complemented by a cool background music. Meanwhile, I am trying to beat this game on my own but still work in progress. Meanwhile, here is the first part of Bat Country walkthrough we have.

Champions Of Chaos walkthrough

Champions of Chaos (COC) is another point and click turn based action arena fighting game on Agame. Choose 2 warriors and make your way to be the champion and lead the forces of rebel fighting in a revolt against a dark emperor. Defeat other teams in the arena to climb up the ranks, purchase upgrades in armor and pet shops, sift through the chaos and find out the dark emperors spy among your rebel comrades.

Champions of Chaos walkthrough.
The game is a lengthy one but entertaining if you keep up with the story. You'll gain experience after each battle and also earn some gold that you can use to buy items. Meanwhile, the gameplay shown in Champions of Chaos walkthrough video.

Scrap Metal Heroes walkthrough

Scrap Metal Heroes (SMH) is a new point and click strategy game about customizing your own army of robots on mofunzone. You can build battle bots out of 200 different parts and take your customized metal army into real time combat against devious opponents and challenging missions. There are plenty of oppositions with different attributes and toughness that will keep you experimenting and upgrading to match their army.

Scrap Metal Heroes walkthrough.
You might get lost a little bit in the interface though, so you better read all the introductions and in game tutorial before heading into battle field. To help you with the first mission in the game, here is a Scrap Metal Heroes walkthrough video showing how to defeat enemy in the first level.

Mining Truck 2 walkthrough

Mining Truck 2 is another cool physics based trolley game from AntKarlov. The objective in this game is to deliver cargo from point A to point B using a mini trailer truck which sounds kinda easy. But don't worry, the contour in each level will give you enough challenge for the delivery of the goods.

Mining Truck 2 walkthrough.

Use up arrow key to control the truck and down key to break or reverse while the left and right keys are for balancing the vehicle which can help you while passing over rough roads. Also try to collect treasure chests along the way for extra points. Right here is the complete Mining Truck 2 walkthrough covering all ten mine levels in the game.

As I Lay Dying walkthrough

As I Lay Dying walkthrough - This game is another platforming type on armorgames by Teale Fristoe. It features two characters, Teale and Christie as they turn a normal regular hiking into an epic adventure and jumping, exploring and puzzle solving fun!

As I Lay Dying walkthrough.
Anyways, just like any other awesome platforming game, As I Lay Dying is entertaining but also frustrating if you got stuck at some point of it. So maybe this As I Lay Dying (AILD) walkthrough can help you out. Enjoy your game!
Level 1

 Level 9

Level 10

On The Deck walkthrough

On The Deck is another physics based point and click puzzle game created by longanimals. The game will test your balancing skills in the environment of high seas or maybe it is a perfect game to test if you still have those steady hands and accurate hand-eye coordination.

Anyways, the game is controlled entirely by mouse - clicking and dragging the boat to tilt it left and right while keeping in mind the goal in each level which can vary from make specific objects touch others to keeping a lady from being thrown overboard by the trifle rough waves. Meanwhile, here is another On The Deck walkthrough video covering levels 1 to 30 and 31 to 58 brought to you by the sheer awesomeness of Tasselfoot.

"Toy Store Escape Walkthrough"

Toy Store Escape walkthrough - The game is another new point and click room escape game on addictinggames. In this game, you have accidentally locked up yourself in a toy store in search of the hottest toy of the year. TSE is controlled entirely by mouse so you will only have to click your way through the end of this game that is of course after you solve the puzzles in it.
Toy Store Escape walkthrough.
Collect objects scattered around every rooms in the store and find the stuffed toy and its box to complete the game. If you got stuck at some point and completely out of ideas what to do next, here's the Toy Store Escape walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Moby Dick The Video Game walkthrough

Moby Dick: The Video Game another point and click arcade flash game on notdoppler. Play as a killer whale and survide for as long as you can while destroying ships and fishermen trying to catch you. Earn bonuses and unlock achievements as you do specific combos.
Moby Dick The Video Game walkthrough.

Eat hearts to replenish your health and capsule to to grow even more massive. Also watch out for your air meter, you can replenish them by surfacing or eating bubbles underneath whilst eating other sea creatures will keep your hunger meter from falling down. Here is a video showing some Moby Dick The Video Game walkthrough and gameplay.

Cat Astro Phi walkthrough

Cat Astro Phi is another cool pixel shooting game from photonstorm. It is created in the style of gameboy classic title. Aside from shooting the game also features some bomb exploding, exploring, laser wall hacking, sentry gun evading and cat finding fun and adventure.
Cat Astro Phi walkthrough.
If you are a fan of GameBoy chances are you'll like this game and will be reminiscing your old school gaming. Anyways, CAP also features 10 medal achievements to unlock and 1 secret. Levels in the game may look the same but the difficulty and things to be done varies. Meanwhile, let's watch this Cat Astro Phi walkthrough for the Rranaxx planet.

Submachine 7 walkthrough

Submachine 7 The Core is the latest installment for the submachine point and click game adventure series on Notdoppler. In the game, you must find your way out of a somewhat mixed up rooms full of puzzling objects and mechanism which you have to figure out how you can utilize for your escape.

Submachine 7 walkthrough secrets.
Look closely at every scene and rooms to find things that you will use to solve the puzzles in the game. The game offers a lengthy gameplay so you're gonna need a lot of time on this one. Anyways, solving escape games like this is very entertaining while it can also be devastating on the other hand - especially when you got into a stop point and don't know what to do next. It's a good thing some people are sharing guides like this (S7) Submachine 7 walkthrough we have pasted here.

That video above just shows the normal walkthrough of the game. Meanwhile, the next one down here shows the 5 Submachine 7 secrets. Enjoy your game!

Bubble Tanks 3 walkthrough

Bubble Tanks 3 is another point and click platform game from hero interactive. According to developer the first BT game was designed around some simple concepts: make a game that 1) allowed you to grow, 2) explore and constantly experience new things, and 3) choose your difficulty as you play by deciding how far out you want to go. Bubble Tanks 3 is the completion of that vision- New tanks will stream into your game seamlessly in the background creating a new experience and adventure each and every game.

Bubble Tanks 3 walkthrough.
BT3 offers brand new parts pack that can be purchased every month which includes new enemies and avatars as well. Meanwhile, here are some useful tips to consider: The farther out you go from the starting bubble, the harder enemies get. You can decide if you'd rather spiral or head on out into the wide world! There is a final boss that can be reached by getting over 1000 life at tier 6. It doesn't matter where you are, he'll find you.
Bubble Tanks 3 cheats.
And here is a Bubble Tanks 3 walkthrough video we found so far - we'll look around for more and update this post with a full walkthrough video (and cheats) hopefully.

Let it Slide walkthrough

Let it Slide is another point and click sliding puzzle game from armorgames. Guide the wooden pieces to goal spaces provided and beat the game. That's pretty easy or is it? Click, hold down and drag the tiles to move them. You will see your score after each puzzle you solve. Scores or grade are determined by the numbers of click you make. The fewer, the higher your grade will be.

Let it Slide walkthrough solution.

The game is one of the best sliding puzzles you will find around. But it can also be a lot of pain and frustration when you can't solve a specific level. There are three categories of difficulty in this game namely beginner, intermediate and advanced. You'll have to beat the first two category to play in advanced mode. Meanwhile, here is another Let it Slide walkthrough showing all the solution in every puzzle in the game.

Bloons 2 Christmas Pack walkthrough

Bloons 2 Christmas Pack is another addicting holiday themed point and click game from NinjaKiwi. Get into the Xmas spirit with this special festive season themed pack of all new Bloons 2 levels! That's right, All new levels with Christmas themed graphics and background music.

Bloons 2 Christmas Pack walkthrough.

Like the previous Bloons games, this version is equally entertaining. Meanwhile, here is the first part of the Bloons 2 Christmas Pack walkthrough we have. Next parts available in the next update.

Doodle Fit walkthrough and solution

Doodle Fit is another point and click iphone game now available for download on iTunes. To win the game you simply must fit the given set of blocks into the empty shapes provided. Simply drag the blocks inside or outside the shapes accordingly until you find the layout that covers the whole bigger shape. A level is completed when there is no more blocks to use and all shapes have been filled in. As of pres time, this game by Gamelion Studios only supports the language English and is currently on version 1.0.1 with a file size of 6.8MB. DF is also compatible with ipod touch and ipad.

Doodle Fit walkthrough.
The game is super addicting but can also give you significant amount of pain figuring out how to solve certain puzzles in it. Anyways, here is a Doodle Fit walkthrough solution for the meantime.

Hurry Up Bob walkthrough

Hurry Up Bob is another addicting platforming game about a miner trapped inside a lava cave who must get out by climbing up the pit really quick before the rising lava from below catches with him and do some Bob roasting. Or is it about a lot of jumping from platform to platform while avoiding obstacles and getting power ups to make the climbing easier?

Hurry Up Bob walkthrough.
Anyways, the game is a lot of fun to kill some time with and has a fair amount of difficulty - very entertaining and addicting. The17 medals including one secret makes you wanna keep playing the game. Also the animation is funny and the effects are pretty neat. Here is Hurry Up Bob walkthrough video we have so far.

Dawn of Celebs 2 Cheats

Dawn of Celebs 2 is another addicting point and click zombie game from gamesfreeca. Try to fight off even more Hollywood zombies with your powerfull mini-gun, shotgun, grenade launcher and knuckle punch. The game is a fast paced shooting action with hillarious zombie combat featuring Hollywood stars.

Dawn of Celebs 2 cheats.
DOC2 also has a cheats feature where you can enter the cheat codes below:

5139 = inifnity of ammo (1)
7008 = invincible (2)
9420 = gold knuckles
3737 = light saber
3222 = rambo knife
8511 = limo fully upgraded
5550 = shotgun
0005 = grenade launcher
9731 = maximum damage
7440 = fastest zombies (3)
9145 = all awards and covers

Also see this Dawn of Celebs 2 cheats in action in walkthrough video here.

Tank 2010 walkthrough

Tank 2010 is the latest in free world group's franchise of Tank game since the 2008 version. The game features intense shooting action with fairly nice effects. Different weapons to customize your unit with. Battle with the remaining forces of rebel and defeat different bosses both aerial and ground units. Earn medals when you accomplished specific achievements. Equip your battle tank with new weapons that you will acquire as you progress in the Mission mode. Test your shooting and driving skills in its target and driving practice mode or prove how awesome a tank pilot you are in Endless Survival!

Tank 2010 walkthrough.
Meanwhile, here is a random Tank 2010 walkthrough showing how to beat the second boss in the game.

City Siege walkthrough

City Siege is another platform game physics based game on armorgames. The game features cute graphics, nice animation and strategic gameplay. The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up your army with heavy military hardware and take back the streets. However, try not to destroy it while you are at it.

City Siege walkthrough.
There are nine classes of characters that you can use in the game - from riffle man to commandos and heavy armored tanks and choppers. Support abilities such as air strike, medics and mechanics are also available when purchased with in-game money. The amount of funds you will earn defends on how you execute a mission. You can use these funds to buy more units and support. You can also upgrade your units using the star button and doing so will increase the selected unit's xp and hp when given enough points.

City Siege.
City Siege is another entertaining flash game armorgames have come up with. On the other hand, some levels are too easy and some may be too difficult but not impossible to finish. Anyways, here is a City Siege walkthrough in the meantime.

Balls in Space walkthrough

Balls in Space is another new platformer game about jumping, wall-jumping, playing ninja, collecting smaller balls and shooting them at enemies to make shatter into pieces. There are 25 levels in the game including the final boss battle. The game also features 8 in game achievements and 5 secret rooms if you look around in levels 10, 12, 13, 14 and 18.
Balls in Space walkthrough.
This game from mofunzone is a simple yet so fun to play that will keep you playing untill the end. If you got stuck at some point and needs some help, tips or hints, consider this Balls in Space walkthrough (includes the boss battle at the last level) as a guide.

Numbscape Christmas Room Escape walkthrough

Numbscape Christmas Room Escape is another new holiday themed Xmas themed point and click game. You must find and collect 10 colored paper scattered around the room in this fun hidden object game. Finding items may be easy but solving the puzzles in the game can give you significant amount of frustration. It's a good thing there's this, drum rolls please... Tada!
Numbscape Christmas Room Escape walkthrough.
Numbscape Christmas Room Escape walkthrough!

Black Cat in the Box walkthrough

Black Cat in the Box is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from twotowersgame. The game features a poor little cat inside a box cage which you have to get to land on a goal platform in every level. Sounds easy but you may find further levels to be difficult to solve.
Black Cat In The Box walkthrough.
Strategically remove other objects that hinders the boxed cat from falling on the goal. Scores are determined by the number of clicks you make in each level. The fewer actions you make the higher score you will get. There are a total of 20 levels in the game each with their own level of difficulty. Below is a video of Black Cat in the Box walkthrough for some of its levels.

Desert Moon walkthrough

Desert Moon is another cool point and click tower defense game from maxgames. In this game, you have to survive waves of vicious alien creatures and defend your life support base utilizing various weapons such as nail guns, flare launcher and different support abilities like repulsor and sentry drone.

Desert Moon walkthrough.
You will gain access to new weapons and support as you play through the levels which is represented by day 1 to day 5. The game also have shortcut keys which are explained in the in game tutorial. Make good use of these shortcut keys to your advantage especially when hordes of aliens pours in huge numbers.

Desert Moon.
 There are three different modes in the game, namely easy, normal and hard - each with unique level of difficulty and resources rate. Meanwhile, if you came here for a guide for DM, here's a Desert Moon walkthrough for first and second levels aka Day 1 and 2 on normal mode. That's all in the meantime.