Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough

Eukarion Tales 2 is a new epic point and click fantasy adventure game from ageofgames. Take on the role of Marcus and Eladen as you journey through dangerous dark forest, caves and other evil dwelling places in your quest to attend to the call of the sacred tree that sounded in your mind.  That call showed you a vision of an elf who fought against kaos. Hence the quest begun.

Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough.

This game offers long hours of gameplay with smooth graphics and visual effects. It's kinda huge that's why it might require you a fast CPU. Start off with side pick up quests from NPCs to get required items for the main quest. Like other RPG, you will level up as you earn experience points from killing enemies and completing quests. Upon leveling up you can then upgrade your stats and build your character abilities and spells. Meanwhile, for Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough here's what found so far and I am looking forward to update this as soon as new videos goes live.

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