Escape to the Spa: Walkthrough needed.

Escape to the Spa is the point and click game recently made and released by Tesshi-M. It's a flash escape game that looks like this:

Yeah, just like that.

So what about this Escape to the Spa game? We need a walkthrough for this one so if there's anyone of you can read this that know something about Escape to the Spa walkthrough, please share with us so others may see it and finish this game and finally go on with their lives or proceed to another game. Don't be selfish guys =). Thanks!Cheers!

I Dont Even Game: Video Walkthrough

"I don't Even Game" is an expression of old folks that don't know how to use computers... alright, no, it's a point and click game in which after I write about it and post some I Don't even Know Walkthrough, poor people (including me) stuck on that game will come and see this and rejoice for they've found the solution to beat the game and go on with their lives. Ooh, I think what I said didn't make any sense.. Well, here's I Dont Even Game Walkthrough!

Chain Tower Walkthrough | It's a video walkthrough!

Chain Tower is a Japanese point and click game where funny looking designed characters are present. In this game you play as Fido Diddo (lol) and you need to operate the giant 7up bottle ride in an amusement park. I kid the game. Jokes aside, it's an interesting escape game and definitely fun to play. But there are some chances that you might get stuck at some point of the game and might end up reading this, uh, prepare for this, Chain Tower walkthrough!

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Walkthrough For Treasure of Big Totem

Yeah, here's a video walkthrough for that game where you have to search for lost treasure by clicking around the places. But if at some point after mad clicking in the hopes of finding some thing, you still failed, here's Treasure of Big Totem walkthrough to shed light on your path.

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Bread Girl Walkthrough

Another quick post for the Bread Girl Walkthrough. You might be stuck at some point on this one so I thought this video would come in handy in case you've lost all hope in completing this point and click game, Bread Girl.

Bread Girl Walkthrough.

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Dom Escape Walkthrough (video)

I don't know if the DOM in Dom Escape stands for Dirty Old Man. What I know is that it's a point and click escape game so I must post this video about it called Dom Escape Walkthrough because that is what I do. i search for game walkthroughs of games, mostly playable webgames, and have them posted here for everyone to see. This videos is not my own though. It's youtube's. So, yeah, here's Dom Escape walkthrough for ya!

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Youtube video of Escaper Gotmail Walkthrough

Ever wonder why the heck this registration hindered game exist? Well, uh, I also wonder why? LOL! Anyways, even a game like Escaper Gotmail that needs registration via mail to be played, won't escape from having a walkthrough posted here in UGW. So here's Escaper Gotmail walkthrough from youtube.

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Purple Room Escape Walkthrough

Hello there guys! I'm here again to save your devastated face from turning purple because of Purple Room Escape. Don't mind what I just said. What I'm trying to tell you is that we have here video we found on youtube that might interest you especially if you are someone looking for Purple Room Escape Walkthrough.

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Teru Teru Escape Walkthrough

Teru teru Escape is is a kind of point and click escape puzzle game that makes you, "oh sh*t, I give up". First, language barrier may be a problem. Second, the puzzles in this game is really excruciatingly awesome. Well done MiyaB, the creator of this escape game. Anyways, to save us now from scratching our heads, here's Teru Teru Escape walkthrough for all of us.

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Robot Wants Kitty walkthrough

This article is about Robot Wants Kitty, a game in which a robot desiring a kitty. You are probably not reading this intro so let me make it suck. LOL! But for instance you found yourself reading this text, I advice you to stop now because the Robot Wants Kitty Walkthrough is just below this. So scroll down and push play. Enjoy!

Fox n Roll 2 Walkthrough Video

Fox n Roll 2 is very simple yet so fun physics point and click game wherein all you have to do is make the round smiley object touch that orange fox. Its that simple. However, simple games like this can still get you stuck at some point and make you scratch your head. So to save you from scratching your scalp, we post this Fox n Roll 2 walkthrough for you to watch and enjoy.

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Twinkles White Day Walkthrough video

The colors and the girl-y stuffs that this point and click flash game, Twinkle's White Day, can also get you stuck. Yes, it's pretty colorful and if you're like me that easily get distracted by shocking colors, you will need this Twinkle's White Day walkthrough we have here.

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Tomato Juice Room Escape Walkthrough video

Even me will make my Tomato Juice Room Escape if ever I got trapped inside such room. And I will do it really fast. I'm not saying I hate tomatoes and don't eat it. I just really don't like having tomatoes as a refreshment-- imagine drinking ice cold tomato ketchup. Anyways, if ever you got yourself stuck inside that room you can watch this Tomato Juice Room Escape walkthrough video so you will be able to escape from there with ease.

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Line Simulator walkthrough video

Line Simulator shows us that getting ahead in line can be difficult especially when you need to employ nasty things to get ahead on it. This is a simple game but is still fun to play. But still, if you got stuck at some point in Line Simulator you can see the walkthrough video we have here.

Line Simulator walkthrough.

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Watch These Front 2 Back Walkthrough Videos

Another dizzying puzzle game that comes in the title Front 2 Back will get your head spinning and might actually end up viewing this Front 2 Back walkthrough videos that we have here.

Front 2 Back walkthrough for levels 1 to 10.

Front 2 Back walkthrough levels 11 to 20.

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The Tower of Eternity 56F Walkthrough Video

Yes, we now reached the Tower of Eternity 56F so there's no going back down anymore or it will be a long way down to the 1st floor. This is a simple point and click escape game that see no ending after each level. You can only get out of the floor to advance to the next floor of the tower where you will be trapped again. Thank goodness because there will also be some sort of a guide that will appear like this The Tower of Eternity 56F Walkthrough video we found just around the web.

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Kitsutode Ra Reru walkthrough

Game title: Kitsutode Ra Reru. Developer: Nifty. Game Type: Point and click escape game. Basic instructions: Find clues and objects that you can use in the game to unlock more rooms. Primary objective is to escape. Playable in the address:

Kitsutode Ra Reru walkthrough: not yet available:

We're still on a search for the Kitsutode Ra Reru walkthrough. Please be patient. If you can help us find it, please leave a comment below.

Shack Escape by Games2Rule

Name of game: Shack Escape. Type: point and click/escape game. Developer: games2rule. Description: Don't spoil the night time by staying in the shack. Must escape from the shack to enjoy the night with friends. Use the objects found inside the shack to escape from it.

Watch out for Shack Escape Walkthrough when we update or if you have one, please share with us. Thanks and enjoy.

Cave Labyrinth Walkthrough

A game from stoneage. A point and click game. The title of this game is Cave Labyrinth. Are you getting this? Or maybe you just jumped right to what you really came for here, the Cave Labyrinth walkthrough video below. Yeah, who would bother to read my dull intro. LOL.

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Flag Room Escape Walkthrough

Flag Room Escape is yet another room escape game to play for the all you casual players out there who are always looking for new games to play but apparently sometimes even got stuck always in the games you play. He he. Anyways, here's some video of Flag Room Escape Walkthrough in case you got lost in this game and don't know what to do next.

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Ninja Saga Level Up Fast Cheat Hack

Alright guys, this is something out of my usual posts. Why? Because this is about Ninja Saga Cheats and hacks. Yes, a facebook game.
What about it:
I have some tutorial of the Ninja Saga Level Cheat which will enable you level up fast in Ninja Saga. You will have to download a tool called Cheat Engine to perform this hack. After installing the software, follow the steps below:
1 -To Play Ninja Saga go to
2 -Select browser as process in ce5.5 (hex, 8bytes, asrom)
3 -At the "Select Character" screen, scan "3B0008C25B5E0689"
4 -2 addresses found.Right click the BOTTOM address and Dissassemble the right click again "Toggle breakpoint"
5 -Now in Ninja Saga, select your character and click "Play"
6 -It will freeze due to the breakpoint you've set.
7 -Click "Debug > Run (shortcut: f9)
8 -Click "Debug > Run again.
9 -At the Registries panel, you will see a red line "EAX xxxxxx"
10 -Left click on it and it will ask you to insert the new address, so you paste "FF011B8A" into it(IF YOU WANT LEVEL 19 ONLY PASTE THIS "11A6C")
11- Now right click the address and click "Toggle breakpoint" again to remove the breakpoint.
12 -Click "Debug > Run
13 -Now go back to your Ninja Saga. It will reload and you will be level 336.
Here's another version of the cheat. Watch the video below.

This is the newest updated version of the Ninja Saga Level Up Cheat Walkthrough, Hack, Tips and Tricks as far as I know. Check back often to see updates or let us know if you have something to share about this subject.

Dozen Games Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

Some video walkthrough for the point and click escape game Dozen Games Bedroom Escape. I haven't played this game yet. Maybe I will later. If at some point I got stuck in this one, I can refer to this Dozen Games Bedroom Escape walkthrough video here:

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Glass Balls Escape Walkthrough (video)

Yep, here's Glass Balls Escape walkthrough video you were looking for. This is basically a escape game where you have to get out of a gray room. This is crated by PVCdzseki, (I don't know to pronounce it woooot!). Anyways, since this is a point and click game, you can use the mad clicking technique whenever you are stuck but if for instance, that brilliant technique didn't help you, let this video of Glass Balls Escape guide you through.

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Steambirds Walkthrough (Video)

Yes, this is the Steambirds walkthrough video that you are looking for. The guide for levels 1 to 7 of the game. You can play this aerial dog-fighting strategy flash game at armorgames. Play with ease because Steambirds is completely mouse controlled. Anyways, here's the video of the game we found on youtube.

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Snow Garden Escape Walkthrough

This game should cool down the hotness of the whether here in our place. Oh, Snow Garden, I hope I can be there for real. If I am to get there, I'll never escape that place. I'll take my family with me there so we can enjoy the coolness of the snow covered garden. Hey, this shouldn't be about me, it's about the Snow Garden Escape Walkthrough so here it is.

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Video Walkthrough of Grape Juice Room Escape

It's getting hotter and hotter these days and one should take more liquids to avoid dehydration. Fruit juices are good refreshments but too much fruit juice might get you into trouble like getting trapped in a Grape Juice Room. You doubt that there's such a room? Yes, there is and this Grape Juice Room Escape is the proof. Anyways, if you came here looking for the walkthrough video of this game, we got you covered.

Grape Juice Room Escape Walkthrough

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Spring Escape Walkthrough

Hey, it's colorful, so cute, so nice and so, uhm, girly game. Spring Escape is fun game to play and the shocking colors may even get you lost in the wilderness behind those walls, a dark and cold place where no one goes and have picnic called "stuck". Yeah, that was a weird thing to say but I can't think properly today because the whether is so hot my brain cells are melting. Anyways, here's Spring Escape Walkthrough in case you got lost in the black-hole of your... Ok, I'll shut up.

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Knives Room 5 Walkthrough

Knives Room 5, another hidden object game to use your point and click powers. Eyes must be opened wide on this game so you won't miss those hidden knives cluttering around and camouflaging themselves. But if all else fails, try this Knives Room 5 walkthrough.

On the first scene:
on floor
under toilet bowl, at left.
between sink and toilet bowl.
On the second scene..
on floor at right.
under jacuzzi at the right.
under radiator just behind plant.
On the 3rd scene..
over cupboard.
under cupboard.
in cupboard
in between cupboard and door
behind the left plant.
under the carpet.
right of the sink.
to the right of shower.
under the right plant.

If you have anything to add to this Knives Room 5 walkthrough, you can do so in the comments.

The Tower of Eternity 55 walkthrough

Oh yeah, it's the 55th floor and at this rate we'll be reaching 60th anytime soon. But now let's focus on how we could get out of this The Tower of Eternity 55F today so we can face the next. This is a point and click so more or less you know how to handle this but in case the desperate mad clicking technique didn't bring you to anything you can call "escape", here's a video to put a smile on all of you sad flash gamer faces.

The Tower of Eternity 55F Walkthrough.

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Totem Differences Walkthrough

This is a spot the difference game so one need to have a great observation power to win this game. Totem Differences has four levels that has 8 differences in each level. Anyways, we're still looking around for it's walkthrough so expect it to be here later as soon as we found one. Meanwhile, you can try again here.

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Hidden Vases Walkthrough

Now what?? You're looking for Hidden Vases and you can't find them? Worry no more for we have them here. Alright, we don't have them here but we do have the Hidden Vases walkthrough you need too see. This is not the only web page in the world that has it but many others. I just thought I would also post this to be added to my collection of web game walkthroughs. But more or less, you won't be reading this lol!. Anyways, here's the video:

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Best Friends Forever 3 walkthrough

Three best buddies trapped in a puzzle room must help each other and overcome the obstacles to get to the exit. Their friendship is their only hope (okay, I made this up). This is quite a challenging game for its, uhm, *cough* cheesy *cough* title: Best Friends Forever 3. Anyways, if at some point you get distracted by the title of the game and cannot concentrate on playing and solving a certain level, the Best Friends Forever 3 walkthrough video below might help you.

Levels 1 to 17..

Levels 18 to 33..

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My Green Clay Tree Walkthrough

Coolbuddy brings us the fun and excitement of bringing down buildings in this game that comes in the title: My Green Clay Tree. That is if you find pulling buildings down fun. Alright, before this get any morbid, this game is puzzle game that might get you scratching your head so here is a youtube video of My Green Clay Tree walkthrough you can refer to if you got stuck at some point of the game.

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Little Cabin Escape Walkthrough

This is not your regular Cabin Escape because as you can notice (obviously) there's Little in the title. It's a flash game wherein you have to escape from a little cabin. You want to escape from that room because, uhm, you are trapped inside it and we all know that nobody wants to be trapped. What did I just say here? Nevermind. Here's Little Cabin Escape walkthrough to guide you if you can't get out of the game.

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Sideways Walkthrough

I think this game, Sideways, is easy. Just find the exit and you're done with the level. Just go this way, no, that way, I mean just turn upside down and turn again. Go this way and that way and just look around for the exit... I know I can find it.. I'll just have to turn that way.. To the right now.. and.. Oh well, I need a Sideways walkthrough. It's a dizzy fun game.

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Coal Runner Walkthrough

Want some speedy game today without thinking about techniques and finding the secret levels or bonus stages? Coal Runner might get you in the mood to release your need for speed, flash game style! This game is like Sonic in boosters. Leaping gaps and obstacles without collecting rings. It's quite addicting and fun to play that you might not need this Coal Runner Walkthrough we have here.

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