Easy Joe 2 walkthrough

Easy Joe 2 walkthrough.Easy Joe 2 is a point and click minimalist puzzle game from begamer. You play as a little green dude who, for unknown reasons need to keep moving and pass through many obstacles in life like being chased by the police and trying to figure out how to get into the winners party. Whatever that party is. Anyways, the game is about finding the logic in a given scenario. The goal is to advance by interacting with other elements and objects in a given scene.

Here is a complete Easy Joe 2 walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay.

Escape Game Hospital Escape app walkthrough

Hospital Escape app walkthrough.Escape Game Hospital Escape app for android is another new point and click room escaping game from neodots creations. In this game your goal is to get out of the hospital by finding clues and unlocking code protected safes. The game design in general is very simple and not really attractive but the level of challenge it offers is quite decent. Although, it is a bit short it can eat up some time even for veteran escape games fanatics.

You are probably here in search of a guiding light that will give you hints to solve your game so I have prepared a short guide for everyone who's got their faces stuck in this challenging puzzle game. The Escape Game Hospital Escape app walkthrough below shows exact solutions i.e. what to pick up and how to figure out puzzles.

Drawfender walkthrough

Drawfender walkthrough.Drawfender is a physics based puzzle game from notdoppler in which the objective is to block the attacks of two amateur assassins and protect a famous philanthropist as he travels the world. The assassins will use cannon balls and lasers to take out the philanthropist and your only means of repelling their attack is by drawing wooden blocks to shield their target.

There are thirty cleverly designed levels in this game and some of them are more challenging than others. If you need help solving all of them you may find solutions in Drawfender walkthrough I created below.

How Smart Are You walkthrough

How Smart Are You walkthrough.
How Smart Are You is top down puzzle game from Entertainment Forge designed to test your IQ. The game is set in a distant future when all of humanity is wiped out from the face of the planet. Only ruins are what remains and perhaps solving the puzzles they left is the only way to learn their real story. While the game is well designed in terms of visuals and mechanics, the puzzle aspect of it also presents a real brain teaser that is both challenging and fun to do.

However, since all of us has different levels of IQ, one might get stuck at some point of it while some will just beat it with no sweat. That being said, I offer my own How Smart Are You walkthrough which shows exact doors to enter in each of the level in the game.

You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 Walkthrough, Review

You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 walkthrough.
You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 are now available. Many fans of escape games now are solving these new levels now as I type this up. My review? Well, I think both of them are kind of short and easier to solve than the earlier levels. But it is still fun and most of all it's responsive as ever in terms of touch. I hope that the developer will continue to bring us more of this stuff.

Anyways, here are a couple of videos of my gameplay showing Level 15 and 16 walkthrough of You Must Escape game for Android being solved and completed and that includes the number codes that may be your biggest problem in completing them.