Snailiad walkthrough

Snailiad is a new platform action adventure game developed by Crystal Jacobs and sponsored by newgrounds. It's an 8 bit inspired game where you get to explore a vast snaily world, discover secret passages, collect new weapons, learn new abilities and save the snails. Snail world was all peaceful until one day Moon snail left oa a journey. Soon after, the snails began to mysteriously disappear one by one. Now it's up tp Snaily snail to find the missing ones and save them from whatever horrible creature that is holding them captive (it will be most likely a very bad final boss).

Snailiad walkthrough.

Alright, this game is one amazing 8-bit game that I played in quite a while. It's one to the most epic game ever made that features snaily stuff. It's a big 8 bit game that offers long hours of gameplay. I must warn you that this is not your regular snail game with slow moving characters. It's an action packed-pea shooting adventure snail game with lots of boss battles. Anyways, I'm currently in the process of collecting video guide and so far this is what I've got for a Snailiad walkthrough (updated when new videos are found).

Villainous walkthrough

Villainous walkthrough.Villainous is a new point and click strategy and resource management game from cellar door games and kongregate. Actually, it's kind of a reverse tower defense game where instead of playing the defender, here you play the role of the aggressors. Send hordes of goblins, golems, evil priest among other hosts of vile creature and pillage every innocent village that you see on your map. Upon earning looted gold and gaining infamy you will have the chance to upgrade your army's abilities and spells. This game is not only new in terms of concept but it also packs great gameplay and challenge through its medal system. Now you can experience being at the other end of a tower defense game.

Anyways, if you came here for the Villainous walkthrough just scroll down a little bit and read the written version of the game guide as seen on


1. Balanced army compositions and timing the casting of your spells is essential for success, especially when achieving the coveted Gold medals.
2. Make sure to spend your infamy. Hoarding it gives you no benefit.
3. When a unit dies, they will drop infamy as well as mana orbs. Each unit that dies will drop a total of 50 mana. These bursts in mana may allow you to cast that crucial last minute spell.
4. You get the most amount of Infamy by earning Bronze and Gold medals. If you find yourself stuck on a stage, you should go back and try "Gold medaling" an early level for a nice XP boost.
5. Villainous can be beaten without any grinding whatsoever. That means every attempt at a stage could award you a bronze or gold medal. It also means a true strategist is king in this game.
6. In spite of tip #5, for those who have trouble progressing, Villainous does encourage farming Infamy to become more powerful. So don't worry if you're stuck, because everything you do is rewarded.
7. Slowing down time is important in order to maximize the usage of your spells.
8. If you are having trouble with a stage, try a different army composition. Depending on the stage layout, a different composition can have a huge effect.
9. Mana orbs dropped by defeated units disappear after 10 seconds. You can use that time to cast spells before picking them up if your mana bar is full.
10. Towers always target the unit closest to the town, unless there's a Mammoth Turtle drawing their fire.
11. Sometimes it is better to stun Bog Towers then have a Cleansing Warlock in your army.

Skill Tree

1. Summoner is the best skill in the game. Putting in at least 4-6 points as soon as possible will help immensely.
2. MP Cap is very important. Adding a few points in this skill becomes absolutely necessary in order to progress through the later stages.
3. There are two Treasure Chests hidden on the Skill Tree. Getting these early on will help out a lot.
4. Every time you purchase a skill its cost increases. It's more efficient to upgrade multiple skills before going back and upgrading them.
5. At the ends of the Castle are Red Skills. These are the best skills in the game, and saving up a little for them will help a lot.
6. Increasing the health of units is an important way of buffing your units for the later waves.
7. Aura units can all be upgraded in order to improve their usefulness.
8. Shield Golems are great for later waves, but Healing Priests are better for the early waves.

Army Formation

1. Don't forget that the Goblin Raider is the most important unit in your army. Aura units are more powerful, but Goblins allow you to progress and give you way more Infamy.
2. When designing an army composition, compare the number of raids you need in order to get a bronze/gold medal, and use that to determine how many goblins you need to reach the goal.
3. Similar aura's will not stack. So if you have 2 Shield Golem auras overlapping on a unit, you're wasting valuable aura space.
4. Cleanse Warlocks have the second most health in the game. Placing them beside turtles is a good way of absorbing any splash damage from Cannon Towers.
5. Having multiple turtles will help distribute the damage since Towers will always focus the earliest turtle that enters its attack range.
6. Elementals have a very low HP base. If a level has Bog or Stun towers, Elementals don't benefit as much as other units from being within a Cleanse radius.
7. A single Elemental will double your mana regeneration rate. Having 1 or 2 Elementals in your army will help out a lot, but any more and you may be hurting your army composition too much.


1. Every time you cast a spell, its mana cost will rise. Be conservative with how you are casting your spells to make sure their costs don't get out of hand. All spells have their own individual spell costs, so cycling through your spells will help keep the costs down.
2. The Heal and Quake spell are not very strong in the beginning, but - unlike Stun - they can be upgraded in order to become extremely powerful.
3. Stun and Quake are better used in later waves when towers deal more damage. Heal, on the other hand, is a good spell to cast at any time.
4. Use corners to maximize the amount of units you can heal with the Heal Spell.
5. When fully upgraded, the Quake spell has a massive radius.
6. Unlike the Stun Spell, Quake is best cast when units are in the midst of the turrets.

Mammoth Turtle - Cost (10) Unlocks the Mammoth Turtle. A powerful tanking unit which draws the fire of all nearby turrets. Healing Priest - Cost (300) Unlocks the Healing Priest. An aura unit which will heal nearby allies (but not themselves). Shield Golem - Cost (300) Unlocks the Shield Golem Unit. An aura unit which blocks a percentage amount of damage to nearby allies (but not themselves), with a minimum block of 5 damage. Cleanse Warlock - Cost (400) Unlocks the Cleanse Warlock. An aura unit which makes all nearby allies immune to damage from Bog and Holy towers (but not themselves). Elemental - Cost (400) Unlocks the Elemental. A weak unit which gives you bonus mana regeneration every second.
Health Upgrades

Turtle HP - Costs (500/1000/1500/2000/2500) Increases the Turtle's total HP from 1100 to (1220/1340/1460/1580/1700).
Goblin HP- Costs (400/700/1000/1300/1600) Increases the Goblin's total HP from 400 to (500/600/700/800/900).
Healer HP - Costs (400/700/1000/1300/1600) Increases the Healing Priest's total HP from 600 to (700/800/900/1000/1100).
Golem HP - Costs (400/700/1000/1300/1600) Increases the Shield Golem's total HP from 600 to (700/800/900/1000/1100).
Cleanse HP - Costs (400/700/1000/1300/1600) Increases the Cleanse Warlock's total HP from 800 to (900/1000/1100/1200/1300).
Elemental HP - Costs (400/700/1000/1300/1600) Increases the Elemental's total HP from 300 to (380/460/540/620/700).
All HP - Costs (1000/2000/3000/4000/5000) Increases the health of all units in your army by (60/120/180/240/300).
Unit Special Upgrades
Heal Aura Pow - Costs (500/1100/1700/2300/2900) Increases the health regeneration of the Healing Priest's from 7 to (8/9/10/11/12).
Shield Block - Costs (500/1100/1700/2300/2900) Increases the amount of damage blocked by Shield Golem's from 15% to (17/19/21/23/25)%.
Element Aura - Costs (500/1100/1700/2300/2900) Increases the amount of mana Elementals generate per second from 10 to (11/12/13/14/15).r Upgrades
Summon- Costs (150/475/800/1125/1450/1775/2100/2425/2750/3075) Increases the total amount of units you can summon per level from 2 to (3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12). Magnet Rad- Costs (150/350/550/750/950) Increases your coin grabbing radius from 15 to (30/45/60/75/90).
Mana Cap - Costs (300/600/900/1200/1500) Increases your maximum Mana Cap from 500 to (700/900/1100/1300/1500).
MP- Costs (1000/1700/2400/3100/3800) Begin each level with (100/200/300/400/500).
MP Regen- Costs (1000/2000/3000/4000/5000) Increases your mana regeneration rate from 10 to (11/12/13/14/15).

Stun Spell - Cost (150) Unlocks the Stun Spell. A powerful single target spell that will disable a turret for an entire wave. Heal Spell - Costs (600) Unlocks the Heal Spell. An Area of Effect spell which will heal your units for a set amount of HP.
Quake Spell - Costs (600) Unlocks the Quake Spell. An Area of Effect spell that will disable turrets for a set duration.
Spell Upgrades
Heal Spell Pow - Costs (750/1350/1950/2550/3150) Increases the amount of health regained from the Heal Spell from 150 to (200/250/300/350/400)
Heal Sp. Aura - Costs (750/1350/1950/2550/3150) Increases the radius of the heal spell from 50 to (60/70/80/90/100)
Quake Dur - Costs (750/1350/1950/2550/3150) Increases the duration of the Quake spell from 5 to (6/7/8/9/10)
Quake Rad - Costs (750/1350/1950/2550/3150) Increases the radius of the Quake spell from 75 to (90/105/120/135/150)

Special Upgrades

Rainbow - Cost (7500) All units with Auras will now process their effect on themselves.
Circus - Cost (7500) Increases the radius of all Aura units from 75 to (100). All aura units now cover up to 3 allies.
Wave Mastery - Costs (1500/3000/4500/6000/7500) Each wave, tower damage increase is changed from 15% to (14/13/12/11/10).
Spell Mastery - Costs (1500/3000/4500/6000/7500) Cost for all spells reduced from 250 to (230/210/190/170/150).
XP Skills
Path Infamy - Costs (300/500/700/900/1200) Units drop (105/110/115/120/125)% more infamy on death. Raid Infamy - Costs (300/500/700/900/1200) Earn (105/110/115/120/125)% more infamy for each successful raid.

Hidden Treasures: Cellar Door - Cost (0) Earn 2000 free bonus infamy. Sponsor - Cost (0) Earn 2000 free bonus infamy. Also, if I can find a Villainous walkthrough videos, I will gather them here as well.

The Last Survivor walkthrough

The Last Survivor is a new physics based platform puzzle game from armorgames. In this game, you play as the last creature of your species that has turned into a rectangular green object that has the ability to manipulate blocks with telekinesis. Use this power to get to the other side of the ship where a beam of light will reveal your true form.

The Last Survivor walkthrough.

The concept of this game is cool and the gameplay is quite addicting but its kinda short so let's just hope that there will be sequel to this where they will feature more levels. Meanwhile, The Last Survivor walkthrough showing game completion is up next.

Escape 3D The Jail walkthrough

Escape 3D The Jail walkthrough.
Escape 3D The Jail is another point and click room escape game developed by bored. Apparently, you were accused of a crime you did not commit and you were prosecuted and is now behind bars. Your goal is to escape the jail with nothing but a rope, some batteries and a vent at your disposal.

This one is one of those escape games that will test your wits and your ability to think out of the box. Anyways, for Escape 3D The Jail walkthrough, watch the video covering some solutions.

Nano War 2 walkthrough

Nano War 2 is another point and click strategy game developed by supertoweredefense. This is basically the sequel to the popular Nano War game that came a while ago. Now it comes with even more new ways to play the game. It's about strategically using your cells to take over enemy clusters while upgrading to get more powerful cells.

Nano War 2 walkthrough.

Its gameplay offers neat experience and tacticaly-wise, its fairly challenging. It's like Tentacle Wars but without the tentacles. If you came here to view the solutions for all levels, see Nano War 2 walkthrough showing game completion.

Crack The Nut walkthrough

Crack The Nut is another new physics based point and click funny puzzle game from gamezhero. The author said this is a marvelous game that you will have to use your brain and logic a little bit more in order to crack and solve all the 25 levels it has. It showcases chalky graphics and ambient music that will pleasantly surprise you.

Crack The Nut walkthrough.

Well, it is indeed one difficult nut to crack and it's hilariously fun. Meanwhile, here's Crack The Nut walkthrough to help you out solve all levels.

Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough

Ultimate Assassin 3 is a new top down action shooter game from games121. In this game you are an assassin sent from a distant future to eliminate some certain targets, mostly green bad guys. In every level your mission is to take down the green guy and escape. It would be easy if not for the time limit that is based on the difficulty level of the mission. There are different sets of levels from easy to normal and from hard to even more insanely difficult ones.

Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough.

Like its predecessor games, this one is quite entertaining and offers neat gameplay and fairly challenging levels with plenty of achievements. Special abilities namely speed and invisibility are your best allies. Use them wisely specially in further and harder levels. Anyways, for Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough (UA3W) here are some videos I've collected so far.

Skinny walkthrough

Skinny is a new physics based platform adventure puzzle game developed by atmos. This is a game where you play as the skinny robot whose task is to retrieve batteries stolen by a little brat named Felix. Mama sent you to help her little ones be stable on their chairs by bringing back their batteries. But as you go further you find out that Mama has not been really honest with you. The radioactive, the cancer and the system that she mentions, all of it is a big mystery you have to uncover.

Skinny walkthrough.

If offers amazingly smooth graphics and outstanding audio. Physics elements are just so neat and puzzles aspect is fairly challenging. It's kind of a short game though but the hunt for secret items can be a tough one. Anyways, if you came here for some help see this Skinny walkthrough showing game completion.

Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough

Eukarion Tales 2 is a new epic point and click fantasy adventure game from ageofgames. Take on the role of Marcus and Eladen as you journey through dangerous dark forest, caves and other evil dwelling places in your quest to attend to the call of the sacred tree that sounded in your mind.  That call showed you a vision of an elf who fought against kaos. Hence the quest begun.

Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough.

This game offers long hours of gameplay with smooth graphics and visual effects. It's kinda huge that's why it might require you a fast CPU. Start off with side pick up quests from NPCs to get required items for the main quest. Like other RPG, you will level up as you earn experience points from killing enemies and completing quests. Upon leveling up you can then upgrade your stats and build your character abilities and spells. Meanwhile, for Eukarion Tales 2 walkthrough here's what found so far and I am looking forward to update this as soon as new videos goes live.

Causality 4 aka Casualty 4 walkthrough

Causality 4 AKA Casuality 4 is a new point and click stick men puzzle game from bored. This is basically the latest installment in the popular hit Causality game series game. Your objective is to eliminate all of the stick men in the game but there is only one rule to go by and that is don't ever let stick men see each other die or it will be game over.

Causality 4/Casualty 4 walkthrough.

It's been quite a while since the last Causality game but its come back is worth the wait. Why you ask? Because now there's not only one, not two but three levels with different scenario and environment. And man it gets pretty hard but more fun. Anyways, since the game is still new as of the time of this writing, we're still in the process of collecting Causality 4 walkthrough for levels 2 and 3 so this is all we've got for now.

Red Code 3 walkthrough

Red Code 3 The Gun and The Blade is a new action adventure shooter game from miniclip. You play as a lone soldier whose mission is to destroy the alien planet infested with deadly insect like creatures. Destroy their queen and their planet will be destroyed with it. As you progress you will encounter lots of enemy bosses which possess high energy that you can use to make upgrades to your suit, weapons and abilities.

Red Code 3 walkthrough.

This is quite a big game that offers lots of shooting and slicing action. Spending energy points wisely may be the key to building up your greatest trooper. Though you only get to wield 2 weapons which is the blade and gun, the abilities that goes with them makes the gameplay quite dynamic that helps a lot for those who easily gets bored with just shooting or slicing. Meanwhile, for Red Code 3 walkthrough purposes, I will be gathering videos and have them here.

Super Puzzle Platformer walkthrough

Super Puzzle Platformer is another cool pixel game featuring a unique kind of gameplay and it is from Andrew Morrish. This is a game where Tetris and platformer comes together and that is the uniqueness of it. You play as the caped pixel character equipped with laser blaster to shoot on blocks falling from above. Shooting two or more blocks with the same color and is adjacent to each other will make you a combo and score. But beware, spare some for you to step on or you'll get hurt by the spikes below you.

Super Puzzle Platformer walkthrough.

This game is quite addictive and presents a whole new kind of style. Very entertaining indeed. Anyways, here is a Super Puzzle Platformer walkthrough showing bits of the gameplay.

Flopad walkthrough

Flopad is a new point and click adventure game from flonga. Apparently, you have been selected to be a part of the awesomeness of floteam. And that means you will have to follow Tony's clues and find the missing anti-virus. Utilize your amazing gadget called Flopad and use GPS feature to travel around the world.

Flopad walkthrough.

Anyways, if you have been stuck at some point and needed some help but missed help button just below the description of the game, I got you covered. Below is the written guide of the game and a video of Flopad walkthrough I gathered.

Start by entering your name. This is your first day as our lead detective. You have been issued our latest in gadgetry, a Flopad! Check your email on your Flopad, it contains your first mission. Good luck and welcome to the team!
Pick up the Flopad from your desk. Click it inside of your inventory to open it. You will have an email alert, check your email. “Welcome to the team, your first mission will require you to follow a lead we received regarding the location of an anti-virus that needs recovered. This anti-virus is of extreme value. Tony Chan knows where the anti-virus will be delivered but he has disappeared. You will need to travel to Chinatown and search Tony's apartment for clues. Once you retrieve the anti-virus, bring it back immediately! I added Tony to your contacts. Use the GPS feature on your Flopad to travel. Good luck!”
Click on the Flopad’s home button to return to the main screen. Click on the GPS icon and then click on the Chinatown, New York pin. Then once in Chinatown, click the 32 Eldridge St pin.
Walk up stairs through the stairwell, and then click the door to find that it is jammed. Move the crate next to the door to find a hook, take the hook.
Head back down stairs, take the broom handle, and attach the hook to the broom handle. Take a look at the sticker on the crate; it could be a clue so take a picture with the camera on your Flopad.
Use the broom handle with the hook to pull down the ladder, and then climb up the ladder.
Move the bonsai tree aside to find some matches, take the matches. Next click on the sand box on the floor next to the door. Move the stones on the top right to reveal a key, take the key. Click around the dark circle in the center of the stones to reveal a stone with a symbol on it. Take a photo of the stone.
Open your Flopad and click on the translator icon to open the visual translator. Move through the photos until you reach the photo of the stone that contains the symbol. Press the select button, you will get back a result that the symbol translates to “tiger”

Next take a look at the photo you took outside, there are 4 colors on the bottom. Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue. Click on the bookcase in the back of the room. Click on the books in the order above, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue and the bottom green book will fall revealing a SD card. Take the SD card and insert it into the SD slot on your Flopad. Click on the SD icon on the home screen. Click on the Document Folder, next it will ask for a password, enter the password from the symbol “tiger”. The document reads “Meet me at this address immediately! 26 Vico Noce, Naples Italy. Click the address to add it to your contacts and GPS.
Click on the GPS icon and travel to Naples, Italy and then click on 26 Vico Noce Street. Use the key that you found under the stone to unlock the door and then enter inside.
Click on the second dresser drawer from the top, move the shirt to reveal a crow bar.
Move to the right, click on the chair to take a closer look, there is something in the left crack; click it to reveal a butter knife.
Now turn left and use the butter knife to open the cabinet doors. Inside you will find a light bulb, take it and place it in the lamp on the cabinet that is missing a bulb. You will see some writing on the carpet, take a photo of this.
Click on the painting to reveal a small wall safe. You will see a series of buttons, you must press the buttons in the order from the photo that you took in Tony’s apartment. Here is the order that you press the buttons,


Once the safe is open you will find an access card, take it. The access card has GBS Labs on it. Open your Flopad and click on the search icon to open the search application. Enter gbs labs into the search box and click search. It will show you the address of GBS Labs, 5214 Lange St. Berlin, Germany. Click the add contact button to add the contact to your contacts and GPS.
Open the GPS application to travel to Berlin, Germany and then click on the 5214 Lange St. pin to travel there.
The door is locked, use the crowbar to open the man hole and then climb down inside.
Turn right and then climb up the ladder, enter the door on the left. Take a look at the books on the desk; this could be a clue so take a photo of it.
Click on the door to the right. You will need to use the access card to enter into the room.

There are lasers blocking things, so now you need to find a way to turn them off.
Click on the folder next to the door. Open the folder, and then move the papers to reveal a key. Take the key and then leave through the door.
Click back to go back to the room your first entered from. Click on the panel that is right of the flashing lights; use the key to unlock the panel door. Then you will find another panel that says “Armed”. You will need the clue you took from the carpet earlier. You should change the buttons to red that correspond to the X’s. It will look like this:

Red, Black, Red
Black, Red, Black
Black, Red, Black

The panel will then read “Disarmed” Turn left, and then enter back into the room on the right.
Now click on the refrigerator that is locked. Now you will need the clue from the books you took a photo of. Click the yellow button 3 times until the third light from the left is lit. Click the green button 2 times so the second light is lit. Click the red button 4 times to the fourth button is lit. Click the blue button 1 time so the first light is lit. Now click the lever to open the fridge.
Inside you will find the anti-virus, take the anti-virus. Open the GPS application to return back to Miami to your office.

Flopad walkthrough video showing game completion.

Dillo Hills walkthrough

Dillo Hills is a new physics based side scrolling action flight game from the awesomeness of FexLabs. You see, there's this tiny armadillo whose biggest dream is to fly high through the air like birds. But like any other normal armadillo, he has no wings so he'll have to improvised if is to reach his literally high dreams. Slide along hills to gather up speed the launch to the skies and soar. You can buy upgrades like crystal boost, drop speed, time bonus and damage reduction. There's this Hats achievements also where you get to unlock different hats when you reach specific milestones or new zones.

Dillo Hills walkthrough.

The author said this is inspired by another game called wavespark - the same game that was the inspiration of the Tiny Wings game. Anyways, you can also get this Dillo Hills for android and will also be available for the iphone (iOS) soon. For Dillo Hills walkthrough I will be collecting videos and put them here.

Hazmat walkthrough

Hazmat is a new action adventure platformer game by Alternative Indie Game. This is a game about going through a series of hazard filled levels or is it about jumping precision, perhaps both. Your goal is to get to the exit to unlock the next stage. There are 36 challenging levels in this game by the way. It's like one ultimate test for your pixel jumping skills.

Hazmat walkthrough.

If you think your awesomeness can handle this then you may want to go for the three stars rating in each level for more challenge. Anyways, I'm in the process of collecting Hazmat walkthrough so expect this to be updated when new videos goes live.

Army Of Ages walkthrough

Army Of Ages is a new point and click action strategy game from armorgames. It's a battle that goes down from stone age to the modern warfare. Build units and evolve your base to defeat your alien enemy. There are 50 units and turrets that you can control over and a total of 15 achievements to unlock for those who wants more challenge. You can choose from four difficulty modes namely easy, normal, hard and insane where the enemy's health and damage is at 170 percent.

Army Of Ages walkthrough.

This game offers a lengthy gameplay complimented with several epic soundtrack. The animation is really neat but I think there's an issue about the sound effects or the problem is just on my end. Anyways, here's Army Of Ages walkthrough I found for those who need it.

Fly Hard 2 walkthrough

Fly Hard 2 is a new point and click space shooter adventure game from gamesfree. This is a game where you play as the last hope of mankind to save the world from the approaching alien invaders. Your mission is to destroy the alien mother ship before it gets  to Earth. Shoot your way through enemy spaceships, gather diamonds that fund your upgrades to your ship.

Fly Hard 2 walkthrough.

This is one fun game with a simple smooth graphics and animation. Gameplay is action packed and there are lots of types of enemies. But it's kinda short. I just hope there's more boss fights but aside from that it's all good. Anyways, here is a video of Fly Hard 2 walkthrough showing the final boss fight and ending.

Little Samurai walkthrough

Little Samurai is a new point and click game adventure game from pencilkids. Your task is to help the little samurai defeat the evil emperor called Kuroi and liberate the Dragon in this easy little game. The game is controlled entirely by mouse so that means you will only have to click around to interact with the game. Once you have clicked all the necessary objects in a level, click the little Samurai to progress through the next level.

Little Samurai walkthrough.

This is one easy game indeed. A very good and fun time waster for everyone - big and small. Great or little. Anyways, here is Little Samurai walkthrough showing completion in 60 clicks.

The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough

The Adventures of Dear Explorer is a new tap down shooter adventure game from vortix game studios. This is a game where you as an ordinary high school student whose cheerleader girlfriend has been kidnapped by a dark figure and held her captive deep in a mysterious cave. It's up to you to rescue your sweet cheerleader with the aid of your dad's enormous shotgun and righteous smite power. Argh.. It was a fine night with your girl and you're just about to strike home run with her and suddenly that black figure stole her from you. Go on tiger and save her from the clasp of that scary looking antagonist!

The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough.

The game is a retro style tap down shooter that we all love. Shoot your way through slugs, zombies and mother slugs and a host of other creatures as you search for your sweet love. There are lots of achievements including finding all T-shirts throughout the game and finding secret walls. Anyways, I'll be collecting videos of The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough and will have them gathered here.

Snail Bob 2 walkthrough

Snail Bob 2 is another point and click adventure puzzle game from coming out on agame. Help Bob once again in his journey, this time to his grandpa's birthday party. Unfortunately, a dangerous forest stands between snail Bob and his grandfather's home. Help him go through a lot of pain in the shell obstacles by clicking the right objects to interact with the game thus opening the path to the next level.

Snail Bob 2 walkthrough.

It's a lovely game like its predecessor game and the physics elements in it is just neat. Point and click adventure games like this is fun, though they are not that difficult to beat. But if you got stuck at some point of it anyways, here is a short Snail Bob 2 walkthrough showing game completion.

KOLM 2 (II) walkthrough

KOLM 2 is a new platformer puzzle adventure game from armorgames. The little robot is now back to face a new adventure and like in the previous game you he has to find his way through levels while being watched through cameras. This is a new adventure that takes place just after he escaped the clutches of his mother in the dark depths of the facility.

KOLM 2 walkthrough.

This game is as entertaining as the previous game. Anyways, if you came here for some guide, should check out this KOLM 2 walkthrough showing game completion within 10 minutes.

Addictive Balance walkthrough

Addictive Balance walkthrough here will show you how to beat all of its levels. But first let's see what this game is all about. Addictive Balance is another point and click physics based puzzle game you can play on addictinggames and pretty much everywhere now. This is a game where the addicting part is stacking shapes wisely to build a tower that can stand on its own for 10 seconds. We've seen this style in other games like Super Stacker but this one still has some addicting factor in it.

Addictive Balance walkthrough.

This game is consist of 30 levels including the first few ones that will show the in-game tutorial and it works like a charm. Anyways, I've been looking around for some guide and tips for this game and luckily I found this Addictive Balance walkthrough (ABW) with some commentary for all its levels.

Duke Nukem Forever Helmets Locations

Duke Nukem Forever Helmets Locations Guide will show you where to find all of the 3 hidden helmets around the world. Upon finding all of these secret helmets you will earn Bucket Head Achievement that's worth of 30G or Bronze Trophy.

Duke Nukem Forever Helmets Locations.

So yeah, on to the show.. This is Duke Nukem Forever Helmets Locations Bucket Head Achievement; 30G/ Bronze Trophy - Task is to find all 3 secret helmets namely Halo, Borderlands and Deadspace, in the single player campaign mode.

Baltar walkthrough

Baltar is a new point and click platformer puzzle game heavily inspired by the popular video game Portal. This is a game where you play as a lifebuoy looking creature with three eyes that has the ability to create portals. It has 30 unique and challenging levels that will surely twist your brain a little if not too much. Controls, though, may limit you in some aspects like getting the right angle so you can shoot your portal exactly where you want them to be. But that's what makes it challenging so prepare for levels that requires skills.

Baltar walkthrough.

The graphics and gameplay itself may not be as great as portal's but this one is still cool and really fun to play. There are also achievements in this game that you can unlock by accomplishing specific actions or beating certain levels. Meanwhile, I am in the process of gathering videos of Baltar walkthrough and this is what I've got so far.

Days Of Monsters walkthrough

Days Of Monsters is a new action rampage style game on mofunzone. This is a game about hybrid monsters whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity together with its cruelty against nerds. Take on the role of a former battered, bullied and tormented child for no reason who grew up to be mankind's worst evil scientist that creates, well, uh super monsters like giant evil chicken, space bug and giant robot monsters. Rampage all over the world as you destroy city after city and bring heartbreaks to women, children, soldiers and mecha heroes.

This one is a cool game with lots of destruction and action (and trial and errors, too). There lots of upgrades and special abilities to customize your monster with. You should check the monster guide first before you buy something or you might end up with a weaker monster instead of stronger. Also achievements to unlock is so vast it would take you really long to figure out how to earn them. Anyways, for Days Of Monsters walkthrough I will be collecting videos of this game so expect them to be posted here anytime soon.

RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough

Rpg Shooter Starwish is a unique new blend of shooting, role playing, visual novel and dating sim game from anonyousd studios on kongregate. This is a game about shooting enemies side scroller style, upgrading your character stats together with your space ship and its vast array of weapons. Occasionally, you will get to laugh to yourself while reading the story that it has. That is if you read dialogues in a game. But I suggest you do read them - you'll be entertained. There are multiple endings each depends on your actions.

RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough.

It doesn't only pack long playing hours but also a set of of custom soundtrack exclusive for this game. If you play hard mode, you will have the chance to earn extra goodies and get a special ending - I think it's the happy one. Anyways, for the complete game guide you can go to the author's website via the game itself. Here you will find the build strategy guide (ninja borrowed from the official guide) to help us all manage our stats.

The Build Strategy Guide:

If you're starting out, I recommend maximizing Offense and Defense, then putting the rest of the points in whatever you deem fit. Offense will let you nail things that much quicker, and Defense will significantly improve your survivability if you stack health mods.

Some other fun experimental builds: The Power Leveler:
Max Luck and Max Intelligence. This is the power leveler. You will get significant experience and moola gains. You'll see many power-ups, which in turn are amplified. Take the Insurance skill and extra Defense with Health mods for even more money. As an added bonus, you'll crit significantly often and crit harder!

The problem with this build is its mediocre offense and defense. You'll have some decent shielding, but shields won't keep you alive nearly as well as health mods. The somewhat low damage output will require you to throw more bullets at enemies.

Captain Average:
All stats kept average. Well, it's nothing special. It should work, but might not be as effective as the other builds.

The Defense Monger:
Max Defense and Max Intel. This works reasonably well. You give up some damage output for faster leveling and good defense. This build really shines if you pick up the Defensive Shielding skill. Suddenly your shields will be surprisingly useful! For sheer survivability, this is hard to top.

Max Defense and Max Luck. Luck will drop more power-ups (among which include Overdrive power-ups), which will be amplified by your Defense. If you take Overdrive I and II, you can expect to see many Overdrives.

If you find you cannot cope with the speed degradation due to damage, you may wish to invest heavily in Agility. Maxing out Agility means your ship will never slow down due to damage.

As for the final boss walkthrough i.e "how to beat the last boss?" guide, we will cover that in another entry. Also, I will be collecting video versions of RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough so expect them to be here when they go live or as soon as I find them.

Riddle Transfer walkthrough

Riddle Transfer is a new point and click adventure game from jonbro. This is basically the sequel to the Riddle School game, actually, it takes place where the part 5 of the the series left off. Phil has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader called Viz, but his journey back home doesn't turn out how anyone could have guessed. This is the beginning of a new adventure - one that is much more dangerous than the last.

Riddle Transfer walkthrough.

This game offers unique art style, hilarious characters and story. Nicely done music and sound effects are present and those adds up to the experience. The gameplay, though, is basically inclined to those who are familiar in the RS series. But it still has it's own fun and adventure to offer. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of the game and need some help, I found a Riddle Transfer walkthrough showing game completion.

Warp Game walkthrough

Warp Game is a new puzzle platformer fantasy game from aidanr on armorgames. In this game, you will be warping yourself around 30 levels of beautiful and strange new world. You take on the role of a black silhouette guy that has the ability to warp when falling off the edges of the game screen. For example, if you jump down in to a pit you'll be falling from the hole on the ceiling. In some levels you will have to do more than just warping around i.e. you have to activate switches that looks like light bulb to reveal the exit or sometimes you will have to deal with casper looking white character. He's dangerous, you'll when you touch him but just like most of the villains in the world of video games, his weakness is on his head. Hence, you only have to step on his head to kill him that will turn him to ghost so that makes him a ghost within a ghost equals ghostception lol!.

Warp Game walkthrough.

This game offers simple graphics but amazing puzzle levels that is well thought out plus tasks to unlock. I only wish it had more levels but alas, it has a user levels features where you can load levels created by other real persons or create your own and share it with others. Anyways, for guide purposes, let's follow this Warp Game walkthrough I found on the youtubes.

Combat Hero walkthrough

Combat Hero is a new intense arena action shooter game from Jayarmstronggames. It offers break neck action gun fighting at its most fun. A story mode with 18 levels and 17 cut scenes with hilarious dialogues from funny and cartoony characters. In the campaign mode, you play as Max who set on an adventure to avenge the death of his family. There 6 game modes in the game such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, control point, deathmatch and elimination. There are also a lot of guns to unlock plus medals and achievements for those who wants more challenge.

Combat Hero walkthrough.

Well, I love the game and I've already beaten the story mode and I it got me really entertained. This is not the first on its style and genre but it has its own fun and action to offer. Anyways, I am gathering videos of Combat Hero walkthrough and will have them posted here.

No Exit 2 walkthrough

No Exit 2 Leo Himura's The Classroom Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from lifpoint1. This is basically the sequel to the previous No Exit game from 4 years ago. It offers neat art style and very challenging puzzles to crack. Your role is a dude named Leo Himura who finds himself stuck in a strange room. Help him find his way out by figuring things out. Navigate around rooms and corners to find items and tools that will lead to clues for solving riddles and puzzles.

No Exit 2 walkthrough.

This one is well thought out like its predeccessor game but I think its really hard and only few will succeed without peeking on the hints and NE2 walkthrough video. Anyways, I took the liberty of pasting the written No Exit 2 walkthrough here followed by the video version.
This is how to turn on the data pad:
1. Pick up the CHALK from the PISCES sign (bottom right) on the side wall with all the zodiac signs.
2. Use the CHALK on the BLACK BOARD. Make sure you carefully cover all the area!
3. See that formula there? Put the numbers together according to what's on the board. The numbers are randomly generated.
4. Click on the DATA PAD and put in the number you just received.
5. By activating the DATA PAD, you also managed to activate the BENTO/FOOD HEATER

Solving the zodia puzzle on the side wall:
1. See the ANNUAL SCHOOL SCHEDULE on the back of the wall?
2. Look closely at the dates. They're are completely out of order. That must mean....
3. Each date represents a zodiac, and the order of the list is the order of input on the side wall.
4. You can refer the dates with the ZODIAC CHART in your DATA PAD. Write the order down with your DATA PAD NOTE PAD if you want.
5. The correct order is: 1. Virgo, 2. Scropio, 3. Aries, 4. Sagittarius, 5. Cancer, 6. Gemini, 7. Aquaris, 8. Libra, 9. Pisces, 10. Taurus, 11. Capricorn, 12. Leo
6. Messed up the order? There's a RESET BUTTON just on the desk table in front of the chart.

All food items locations:
1. TEMPURA is in the PODIUM at the front of the class.
2. ICE CREAM is in the ZODIAC PUZZLE view.
3. BENTO is on a plate in the BACK WALL VIEW.
5. Once you solved the ZODIAC PUZZLE, click on SAGITTARIUS to get CARROT.

Clues for the food/seating order puzzle:
1. First clue and 10th clue are nicely placed there when your KID is activated. You can capture the clues by using the KID while they are in view.
2. Use the WET TOWEL on the SECOND WINDOW FROM THE RIGHT ON THE 3RD ROW to get the 2nd clue.
3. See the subtle CUT on the top left? Use the SCISSORS to cut open the PATCHED POSTER on the wall to get the 3rd clue.
4. 4th clue is provided when ZODIA PUZZLE is solved.
5. 5th clue is provided when ZODIA PUZZLE is solved.
6. 6th clue is in the FIRST DRAWER ON THE LEFT in the PODIUM VIEW.
7. 7th clue is in the PODIUM.
8. 8th clue is on the BACK WALL. Click on it to see a closer view.
9. 9th clue is on the DOOR SIGN.
10. 10th clue is given to you when all other clues are gathered!

Finding all the cardboard cutouts:
1. Catrina is right in front of the PODIUM
2. Yoshimi and Keigo are in the BACK WALL VIEW.
3. There is one more there. Slide the storage door to find a HEADLESS TOMA.
4. Slide on the SECOND FROM THE LEFT WINDOW on the THIRD ROW to get Toma's HEAD.
5. Check the FIRST DRAWER ON THE LEFT in the PODIUM VIEW to get the DRY GLUE.
6. DRY GLUE won't work! Put it in the BENTO HEATER, wait for the light to turn blue, now the clue is good!
7. Click around your inventory to glue back Toma's head!
8. Are you still missing one person? Click on the right desk in the Back Wall View to make Leo stand in his seat!

How to solve the food seating order puzzle:
1. Study all the clues to figure out the correct order of students and food items. 2. The correct order of food is (from left to right): Tempura, Carrot, Fish Cakes, Ice Cream, Bento.
3. The correct seating chart is: Yoshimi, Keigo, Toma, Catrina, Leo.

Finally, this is how to get out of the room:
1. You get the RUBBER TEDDY BEAR once you solved the FOOD PUZZLE.
2. Time to grill the RUBBER TEDDY BEAR! Roast him in the BENTO HEATER like you did with the glue, and you will get the KEY.
3. Where else can you use the KEY on? Try the DOOR perhaps?

And now the No Exit 2 walkthrough video showing the game beaten.

Zombus walkthrough

Zombus is a new tap down action shooter zombie game from game launch project. This is a game where you drive a bus customized to take on zombies. Your mission is to search and rescue survivors and get to the safe zone before the zombies have their feast on your brain. As you progress you will be faced with more brain hungry zombies and that means faster, tougher and bigger zombies trying to wreck your bus. But don't worry, as you kill zombies and finish levels, you will earn gear points that you can use to purchase upgrades such as killer bumpers for more armor durability and a shooter which you can use to take down walking dead from a distance.

Zombus walkthrough.

When tanks and other military vehicles failed to exterminate hordes of rotting zombies, the Zombus will do the job! It offers a good and neat gameplay experience but I think it could have more levels and more upgrades. Nonetheless, it's one neat tap down shooter zombie game. For some Zombus walkthrough I am currently following a video guide.

Burn The City walkthrough

Burn The city is a new point and click physics based puzzle game now playing on kongregate and pretty much in all leading flash portals. This is a game where your sole purpose is to burn buildings and occasionally passing planes. This version is however the demo so if you want to play more levels of this game you have to get the version for android. You play as a hilariously looking green Godzilla like creature that shoots fireball from his mouth. The game has twenty amazing levels to burn and are kinda challenging at some point.

Burn The City walkthrough.

We all love physics game and explosions so it's a job well done for the authors of this awesome game. The gameplay is quite addicting I am actually thinking about getting that android version. Anyways, if you got stuck at some levels, see Burn The City walkthrough showing all 20 levels beaten.

Escape Tour Episode 0 walkthrough

Escape Tour Episode 0 is a new point and click room escape game by rain-lens. This is a game where you sole purpose is to escape from the room you apparently got trapped in. However, you have to use your wits to do that. Also, you have to find items and tools that you can use to crack puzzles that gets in your way. Often, you'll find doors that won't open unless you enter the right combination of codes.

Escape Tour Episode 0 walkthrough.

Escape games are getting even more challenging these days and this is one of most difficult to solve we have seen in a while. For those who got stuck in it, somebody just posted the Escape Tour Episode 0 walkthrough - go check it out.

Brutal walkthrough

Brutal is a new platformer puzzle skill game coming out soon on kongregate. It's a game where your mission is get to the exit while you overcome obstacles such as but not limited to; blocks, water body and spikes. In some levels you may require a pixel by pixel precision in your jumps. By the way, you play as a circular object here whose color is interchangeable.

Brutal walkthrough.

This game packs 30 unique levels with relatively challenging puzzles. Added to its gameplay is little bit of physics elements which is important for platformers and it's cool. Also if you seek more challenge out of its already challenging nature, you can try to collect all coins before going to the exit. Anyways, if you're not sure how to do that, Brutal walkthrough can help you out.

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Airport Edition walkthrough

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Airport Edition is a new morbidly funny point and click game from adultswim. This is a game where your goal is to die within 5 minutes. Yep, you don't need to attack enemies, well, sometimes you have to agitate attack dogs, security guards, sumo wrestlers and other people around the place. This is basically a shoot off version of the previous 5 minutes to kill games from the same author and this time it is set on an airport.

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Airport walkthrough.

It's hilarious as its predecessor games and undoubtedly a unique kind of game. Under time pressure, you can choose to get hurt immediately by a nearest person and objects or you can look for special items or NPCs that can deal heavy damage in one interaction. In case you keep on failing to die under the given time, see if this 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Airport walkthrough can give you some hints.

Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough

Jigsaw Killer Reborn is new point and click escape game from games2rule. We heard that this is the 100th escape game they made and because of that this game has two possible way to escape. You know the drill if you saw the other Saw inspired games - you have to escape from the trap set up for you this time by a new Jigsaw Killer.

Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough.

It's another entertaining yet challenging (if not frustrating for some lol) escape game brought to us by the awesomeness of game2rule. Also, let's congratulate them for releasing their 100th room escape game. Anyways, if you came here in search of help or guide how to achieve the first and second ending of this game, Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough here should shed some light.

Dusk walkthrough

Dusk is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from Stephen Wichello and mofunzone. This is a game where you play as a black square with a one leg or is it an arm, which you use to walk climb bounce and that leg/arm is also probably the source of your ability to reverse time. Yes, it sounds quite interesting right? Actually, reversing time is the key to solving the puzzles in this game with a little jumping, bouncing and calculation.

Dusk walkthrough.

It's concept is great - reverse time to repeat action in order to go further. Though you may find some minor glitches particularly in level five where you are to go through those two white glowing moving platforms. But it's too little of a glitch so it doesn't matter. All in all, this game rocks and I am really hoping to see some sequel with more levels and harder puzzles to crack for this one. Meanwhile, here's Dusk walkthrough showing the game completed.

Dibbles For The Greater Good walkthrough

Dibbles For The Greater Good is a new point and click puzzle game from thepodge. This is a game where your objective is to secure and guide the king to safety by giving out orders to his followers which are the dibles. These little lemmings like creatures will carry out any order that you give them even if it costs them their very own lives. It's basically starting from point A and going to point B but with twists and turns.

Dibbles For The Greater Good walkthrough.

The puzzle side of this game is fine, it reminds me of the Lemmings game. I like it when you get to think that a specific level is going to be easy but then you will find yourself doing the trial and error routine as you fail to beat that level in one try. The game packs 33 challenging levels where a lot of dibbles sacrifices is needed. Anyways, if you came here for the Dibbles walkthrough aka Dibbles For The Greater Good video guide, I got you covered.

Raid Mission walkthrough

Raid Mission is a new point and click turn based startegy shooting game from gamepirate. This is an action game where you lead a team of elite cops, James, Malcom, Brad and Victoria. They are highly trained police unit capable of all crime busting mission that involves shooting guns and throwing grenades. In each level you will encounter a number of baddies that you will have to outgun. There are also at least one mini boss in each mission.

Raid Mission walkthrough.

While this game's concept and format is great, due to its minimal graphical effects for a shooting game, you will quickly find its gameplay repetitive. On the other hand, the missions gets progressively challenging and that's one thing that gets me going. All in all, this game is a fun play and is something you would want to have a sequel. Anyways, I am following the Raid Mission walkthrough (will update when new videos are added).

Booger Sniper walkthrough

Booger Sniper is a new point and click physics based puzzle shooting game from the delicious game archives of adobogames. This is the game where you use one of the most disgusting weapons of human has ever known - the booger. Your goal is to knockdown or directly hit your target, which is a person standing with mouth wide open as if he is so ready to take your shots, with your booger.

Booger Sniper walkthrough.

This game is so hilariously awesome and it does not only feature shooting gross impurities developed overtime inside one's nose, it also features some over 20 challenging levels. I liked it and enjoyed the simplicity of its physics and its levels. Anyways, in case you got stuck at some point of this game, check out Booger Sniper walkthrough for solutions.

I Lifesaver walkthrough

I Lifesaver is a new physics based point and click puzzle game from physicsgames24. This is the game where you play as a lifebuoy trying to save a female ragdoll drowning. Roll yourself to the rag doll as you remove and overcome obstacles that is on your way. Keep an eye on the energy meter of the drowning victim, if it runs out you'll lose.

I Lifesaver walkthrough.

The visuals of the game is simple but the levels are fairly challenging. It features 15 levels each presenting unique puzzle. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some levels and needed some help, here's I Lifesaver walkthrough coming to the rescue.

Click Death walkthrough

Click Death is a new point and click stick figure animation game from bored. In this game, your objective is to eliminate all office workers, security guards and the worst of the worst (according to bored) the manager. The game is from the same creator of the hit game Causality so that means the same rule also applies here which is to click on the right spot at the right time to cause mayhem. But don't let one stick guy see another one die or you lose.

Click Death walkthrough.

This is not the first on its genre but I got a feeling that it would still rock. Definitely another new series to watch out from bored. In case you got stuck at some point and failed to see that walkthrough button just above the game screen, here is Click Death walkthrough showing the game solution.

Combo Factory walkthrough

Combo Factory is a new action stick animation brawler game from stickpage. It's about performing fancy awesome combo moves using different weapons and items. You play as the orange stick dude with raging power and excellent skills in  wielding both melee and range weapons. Try to earn money buy defeating endless waves of enemies that gets more challenging as you progress. Make use of your hard earned money to purchase weapons at the store. Each weapon enables you to perform unique combos. But they also have disadvantages. For example, heavy weapons can deal large amount of damage to enemies but they attack slow.

Combo Factory walkthrough.

The gameplay is quite addicting but there are some flaws regarding the weapons. I find it very difficult to switch between weapons while you are being beaten by dozens of enemies. But when you get to master it, you can pretty much own anyone. Nonetheless, it's another entertaining game from stickpage. Anyways, if you're having trouble with the game, mostly wondering how you can get a weapon out and use it, and the in-game controls instructions doesn't help much, to use a weapon : press D to put up the weapon slot then choose a weapon from the slot then press D again then by pressing the Z key you can perform the weapon attack. Meanwhile, I've collected videos of Combo Factory walkthrough for everyone to see.

Sharp Trigger 2 walkthrough

Sharp Trigger 2 is a new point and click action shooter game from gamesfree. This is basically the sequel to the hit shooter released a while back. As the action continues, play as Louis as you try to save Sgt Biggs and stay alive shooting your way through heavily armed rebels.

Sharp Trigger 2 walkthrough.

This one is as action packed as the its predecessor. Lots of first person shooting action and challenging targets. Though you may find the frequent changing of gun reticule a bit difficult to master, you will still get the hang of it after some time. Meanwhile, if you need some guide to help you pass specific parts of the game, see Sharp Trigger 2 walkthrough showing the full game beaten.

Zombie Crypt walkthrough

Zombie Crypt is a new platformer adventure puzzler game from zombiegames24. This is basically the author's second release. This is a game where you take control of 2 characters. You'll have to make use of your two characters in order to overcome obstacles in each level. One is controllable with keys WASD while the other with the arrow keys.

Zombie Crypt walkthrough.

This game features nicely done pixel art style - kinda reminds us of good ol games from the 90s. There are 20 unique levels in this game and each of them presents fairly challenging levels. Though the game's concept is kinda cool, as you progress you will think that you might need someone to play the other character. Or is it just me? But it's still a good game - quite addicting actually. Anyways, I looked up for Zombie Crypt walkthrough and I only found some showing specific levels of the game (will update when new vids goes live).