Click Play Rainbow walkthrough

ClickPlay Rainbow is a new point and click find the hidden object puzzle game from ninjadoodle. Apparently, the play button won't stop hiding so you must keep on searching but of course with the least possible number of clicks. Solve puzzle, find the button, click it and advance to the next level.

Click Play Rainbow walkthrough.

It's been a while since the last CP game from ninjadoodle but this sequel or shoot off is worth the wait. For those who got really stuck at some point of the game you can take a look at this Click Play Rainbow walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

Infestor walkthrough

Infestor is a new platformer adventure game from maxgames. There's this one planet where two rival factions occupying, sharing its resources. One day, its fragile peace is about to be broken by a new biological weapon that is designed to exploit the strength of the enemy. Hence the infestor is released. It kinda look like just a typical green slime except that it has red eyes and it can possess any human being.

Infestor walkthrough.

The game offers nice and neat pixel style art and a fun gameplay - yes possessing humans is fun lol. Though it may be easy for seasoned platformer gamers out there it can still be a bit difficult for some. For those who need some help finishing the game, head over to this Infestor walkthrough video which is the product of some random guy's awesomeness.

Paper Defense walkthrough

Paper Defense is a new point and click tower defense game from armorgames. You know the drill if you are familiar with TD games - build defensive turrets to protect your trophy from waves of enemies. Upgrade them when you have the money which is earned from each downed enemy. You can also build units to help you fight off enemy units or serve as meat shields to delay their advancing troops.

Paper Defense walkthrough.

It's simple and easy to learn to play but definitely a little difficult to master. Meanwhile, here's a video we found so far while searching for Paper Defense walkthrough - we'll add new ones when they are found.

Coinbox Hero walkthrough

Coinbox Hero is a new action pixel game game from armorgames. It's by far the ultimate battle against an inanimate battle. Your goal is to take down a coinbox with a tactical nuke but obtaining such powerful weapon is quite expensive so make that coinbox spit out, well, coins which you can use to fund your war against it.

Coinbox Hero walkthrough.

It's an extremely addictive game that does not only let's you destroy a coin spitting box with a tactical nuke but also promotes carpal tunnel syndrome ;). Meanwhile, there's a Coinbox Hero walkthrough which shows how to get to the ending of the game the fastest way.

The Escape Hotel 3 walkthrough

The Escape Hotel 3 is a new point and click puzzle game from tesshi e. The game is set in a hotel room where you were supposed to spend your vacation. You are trapped inside this weird hotel and you thought that it would be very easy to escape from there but your are wrong. In this game, making it through the lobby is not as easy as checking out.

The Escape Hotel 3 walkthrough.

Anyways, it's a nice and neat escape game with a fairly challenging level of difficulty. Meanwhile, here's a video of The Escape Hotel 3 walkthrough showing game completion.

Frantic Frigates walkthrough

Frantic Frigates is a new mouse only action shooter pirate game from berzerkstudios. It showcases simple yet addicting gameplay with tons of upgrades and epic boss battles. Navigate the ocean with mouse as you shoot down enemies like coin eating sharks, other pirate ships that shoots deadly red pebbles and bosses that shoots even more deadly red pebbles.

Frantic Frigates walkthrough.

This game is another good time waster - easy to play but gets progressively harder the more you play. Meanwhile, here's Frantic Frigates walkthrough showing bits of the action and some boss battles.

Canopy walkthrough

Canopy is a new point and click adventure skill game from one of our favorite, nitrome. Climb, shake, slide and catapult yourself through 20 fun filled, creepy crawly infested levels. You play as a some sort of primate that loves to climb trees, pick their fruits and go to a place called Goal. However, this wacky looking primate does not like being in contact with spiders and other crawling bugs.

Canopy walkthrough.

As always, this is a new fun and unique game from nitrome. It has an addicting gameplay and progressively challenging levels. Meanwhile, I am in the process of collecting videos of Nitrome's Canopy walkthrough for the sake of those who need it.

Zombies vs Penguins walkthrough

Zombies vs Penguins is a new point and click physics based shooter game from coolbudy. This is a game where you can as zombies or penguins. Whichever you choose, there will be a lot of action as you progress through many different levels.

Zombies vs Penguins walkthrough.

It's such a nice game - entertaining from start to finish. By the way, if you get 100 stars you will be able to unlock zombies' revenge or penguins' revenge. Meanwhile, a collection of Zombies vs Penguins walkthrough will show you how to beat the game.

Escape 3D The Ship walkthrough

Escape 3D The Ship is a new point and click room escaping game from bored. Apparently, you are in search of help and you came to a mysterious abandoned cruise ship in the middle of huge body of water. It seems that all the people, passengers and crew were evacuated not too long ago. You began to explore and while you're inside the hull, the ship crashes. You must get out of there before the water devours the ship with you along with it.

Escape 3D The Ship walkthrough.

This is a good escape game to start our day with. Nice graphics and has a fairly challenging puzzle element. If you got really stuck and out of ideas what to do next, follow Escape 3D The Ship walkthrough showing solution.

Granny Strikes Back walkthrough

Granny Strikes Back is a new epic shooter with elements of RPG, time management and tower defense from silengames. The story happened in a deep forest where an old granny lived far away from civilization. One peaceful day, a flying saucer came out of the void and crashed near her house which turned this old lady's peaceful life to an end. In other words, she started to build defensive structures around her house and shoot enemies (who are apparently snow monsters created by the aliens) with fruits and vegetables.

Granny Strikes Back walkthrough.

There are 50 missions with 5 different modes. You can also try to complete 100 unique quests to unlock all achievements and exciting challenges. Meanwhile, here are some Granny Strikes Back walkthrough showing siege, defense and survival modes (all levels and boss battles).

Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough

Symphonic Tower Defense is a new point and click strategy game from Jon Sandness. It's a music driven tower defense but you don't need musical instruments to play just a computer will do :). Build defensive towers to keep the music from getting out of control and lousy. Each tower responds to a particular piece of the song while the enemies spawn to the beat so get your grove on!

Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough.

This is not your typical tower defense where you eventually turn off the sound because of the repetitive music background. Here, you create fire! I mean, ze music well, a part of it. By the way, there are lots of tracks in this game with varying genre, length and tempo which also defines the difficulty level of it. Anyways, for Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough showing tutorial and gameplay (strategies for I Choose You, Throwing Fire, Native Faith on hard mode etc).

Zombie Alien Parasites walkthrough

Zombie Alien Parasites is a new adventure shooter game from Dustin Aux. This is basically a side scrolling shooter with a deep customization system of ships, gadget and weapons. It has an interestingly twisted storyline that involves asteroid falling to a secret military base, aliens coming out of it and taking control of dead bodies and the only way to stop them is to drop a vial into the crater core to totally kill them once and for all.

Zombie Alien Parasites walkthrough.

There are 6 main levels and an additional 6 hidden levels that you have to unlock as you progress. Meanwhile, I will be collecting Zombie Alien Parasites walkthrough, gameplays, tips, hints, hacks and such so yeah, keep coming back to check.

Neopods walkthrough

Neopods is a new point and click physics based 3d puzzle game from headfizz. Your goal is to activate neobots by navigating the correct neopods to them and power them up. It features 24 unique and fairly challenging levels complemented with nice graphics.

Neopods walkthrough.

It also has an addicting gameplay and some really good physics elements. Levels increases difficulty as you progress from easy, normal and hard group of levels which consist of 8 stages each. Meanwhile, here's Neopods walkthrough showing game completion for those who might need it.

Cyclomaniacs 2 secrets walkthrough

Cyclomaniacs 2 is a new adventure side-scrolling racing game from longanimals. The Cyclo King is back not just to put up a race against everybody but to save princess Jennifer from all of the original characters who became ninja henchmen in a ninja theme park. There are 39 new tracks, 50 new riders to unlock and mini games as well as hidden stuff.

Cyclomaniacs 2 secrets walkthrough.

We love racing games and adding mini games and hidden stuff hunting made it cooler. Race, do stunts, earn cash for upgrades, unlock new riders and stuff and race some more in lots of different tracks is all we need for a good time waster. Needless to say, it's a great game. Meanwhile, here's a Cyclomaniacs 2 secrets location walkthrough for those who need it.

Mini Escape 2 walkthrough

Mini Escape 2 is a new point and click mini game created by neutral. Apparently, you are locked down inside a little room and like any other normal person that would be stuck alone in one place, you try to escape. Find items and solve puzzles as you progress.

Mini Escape 2 walkthrough.

This one offers casual room escape gameplay and simple graphics. It's short but fairly challenging especially for those new in the escape game genre. Anyways, when you find yourself scratching your head a little too hard due to its significant difficulty, perhaps a Mini Escape 2 walkthrough could save your scalp from severe damage :).

Escape From The Warehouse walkthrough

Escape From The Warehouse is a new point and click game from frogbresidence. Try to escape and crack up the puzzles in this casual escape game. Language barrier may be a problem though. But other than that, it's a nice and neat game to enjoy.

Escape From The Warehouse walkthrough.

Meanwhile, if you got really stuck in this game and don't know what to do next, here is Escape from the Warehouse walkthrough showing the solution.

Wonderputt walkthrough

Wonderputt is a new point and click golf simulation game on kongregate. It's basically both a golf game and an adventure game with cows, ski slopes, toads, torpedoes and some alien abduction which are probably the cause of wonderful, challenging and amazing golf courses you will see here. It has simple controls which only requires your mouse (aim, adjust power and click) to putt the ball into the hole.

Wonderputt walkthrough.

Well, this is probably one of the best flash golf games by far. There are also 12 achievements to unlock in this game for those achievement hunters. Also, you can replay levels you already finished so you can practice to achieve perfection or a hole in one. Anyways, for the sake of Wonderputt walkthrough I will be collecting videos and put them here.

Notebook Escape walkthrough

Notebook Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from meltingmindz. You apparently fell asleep while you were doodling in your notebook and somehow, probably with the work of magical things such as planet alignment or wizard unicorns, you ended up inside your notebook. Of course, like other normal person who would wake up one day inside a notebook, you want to escape from there.

Notebook Escape walkthrough.

Collect items as you explore different rooms or pages in this simple yet challenging room escape game. Well, if the challenge is too much it is unbearable, then check out Notebook Escape walkthrough showing game completion.

Lazy Liz 2 cheats

Lazy Liz 2 is a new addicting puzzle game from gamesfreeca. This is the sequel to the previous game about a lazy lizard whose mission is to reach the fly while avoiding fatal obstacles - it's about the daily life of a typical lizard I guess. This game features 30 fairly challenging levels pack with addictive kind of gameplay.

Lazy Liz 2 cheats.

This game has a nice art style used in the graphics and the animation is fairly smooth. I haven't finished the game yet so I don't have much to say here. Anyways, a walkthrough video of the game and the Lazy Liz 2 cheats list goes next.
Unlock all levels : ijelly
Slow speed : soslow
Reset speed : revertit
Increased speed : gofast

Flopad Underground walkthrough

Flopad Underground is a new point and click room escape adventure game from flonga. This is the latest in the Flo game series and your mission now as the lead detective of floteam is to retrieve a power crystal from a secret underground facility in Brazil. Explore the environment and follow clues to find the location of this missing crystal.

Flopad Underground walkthrough.

This is undoubtedly another neat room escape game from the author selfdefiant. Drawing and art style is good as always and puzzles in this game are quite of a challenge. Meanwhile, when you got stuck for very long and dont know what to do next, perhaps a Flopad Underground walkthrough showing game completion can help you out.

Immortal Souls Dark Crusade walkthrough

Immortal Souls Dark Crusade is a new point and click rpg from comic book rpgs. It's basically a turn based fantasy game with a mix of bejeweled on the side. Battle against formidable foes like, knights, supernatural beings and a whole lot of other creatures. Build up your skills and attributes to make your warrior, scoundrel or manipulator the mightiest of them all.

Immortal Souls Dark Crusade walkthrough cheats.

I am not a huge fan of turn based rpgs but this one has some cool stuff on it. The mixing of elements from FF, Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled is really interesting that will surely get the attention of this genres fan base. Anyways, I'm in the process of finding and collecting Immortal Souls Dark Crusade walkthrough or cheats, and will have them here when they go live.

Dude And Zombies walkthrough

Dude and Zombies is a new shooter platformer game from mofunzone. Apparently, you are stuck alone in the middle of a forest and that zombies are trying to eat your brains but what's worse is that your car is not operational at all so you have to repair it while waves of undead try to eat you alive. Shoot zombies, buy new weapons, develop better skills while you assemble your car and get out of there in one piece.

Dude and Zombies walkthrough.

It is a nice pixel shooting game with lots of achievements to unlock. It's quite challenging and intense in terms of gameplay so you might wanna see this Dude and Zombies walkthrough I found.

Soul Tax walkthrough

Soul Tax is a new platformer puzzle game from Jarod Long. You play as a ghost who accidentally fell through the cracks of the system when you died. Apparently, all ghosts are required to pay taxes - soul taxes. For eight long years you have been haunting this corporate building that was built on top of your old sweet home thus your delinquency is coming back to haunt you.

Soul Tax walkthrough.

This game has some really hilarious dialogue and nice pixel art style graphics. Gameplay is fun and levels are progressively challenging. Meanwhile, I found a video of Soul Tax walkthrough showing all levels completed.

Not To Scale walkthrough

Not To Scale is a new point and click tile swapping puzzle game from randomdragon. But it is not your regular tile swapping game that is rather too easy. This one here has some carefully selected photographs used and some varying of slot sizes that automatically scale to fit its current container which gives it a little twist and extra challenge for the player.

Not To Scale walkthrough.

This puzzle game is a really mind bending one - it's really not one of the ordinary tile swapping games around these days. Very clever and entertaining. Meanwhile, if you need some help with specific levels, here's Not To Scale walkthrough (showing solutions to levels Goat Herder, Gingerbread Things, Tomatoes Galore, Hallway Arches, Pink Flowers, Cairo, Try not to Think about Elephants, Chinese Seed Peddler, Happy Happy Hippos, Water Cube, Cathedral and Broadway).

Exit Path 2 walkthrough

Exit Path 2 is a new platformer adventure game created by armorgames. The story takes place in dystopia of Central, an apparently large shadowy organization which you have recently escaped from. Now finding a life in underground in a secret society far from the knowledge of Central, you are sent on a journey of sustenance to the surface once again.

Exit Path 2 walkthrough.

This amazing platformer offers a uniplayer which is consist of two main gameplay mode namely; the main storyline mode and the challenge courses and a multiplayer mode where you can get into the fray with up to five runners. You can also customize your runner's look via the customize menu. This game I think is platforming at its best by far. Anyways, its also a fairly challenging game so if you got stuck at some point, I gathered some videos of Exit Path 2 walkthrough to help us all beat its levels.