Save My Shadow walkthrough

Save My Shadow walkthrough.
Save My Shadow is a new platformer adventure game from Mapacarta. In this game, your mission is to save your shadow by completing all 20 levels full of enemies, cannons, axes, moving blocks and spikes. Don't worry, you won't be going all through that without a weapon - you have a gun but with limited bullets so use them wisely.

The gameplay is not new but it still offers a good gameplay experience. While the art style of it simple, the level of difficult is fair to moderately challenging. Meanwhile, here is Save My Shadow walkthrough for those who needs it.

Nelly walkthrough

Nelly walkthrough.
Nelly is a new platformer artsy adventure puzzle game from Black Square. It has a cool and interesting yet dark world and story as well. Play as Nelly and embark in an adventure filled with puzzles, dangerous obstacles and creatures alike.

For those who got stuck at some point in the game, try this Nelly walkthrough that shows how to beat the game.

Atomic Puzzle 2 walkthrough

Atomic Puzzle 2 walkthrough.
Atomic Puzzle 2 is a new point and click brain teaser game from sigmastudios. This is basically the part 2 for the original game Atomic Puzzle released some time ago. In this game, you have to clear each level by removing the atoms in the correct order. Study and try to predict the merging of the molecules so that there's none left at the end of the level. This game is played entirely by mouse - just point and click on the atoms. There are 60 challenging levels in the game so be prepared to be occupied for a while.

Atomic Puzzle 2 walkthrough for those who need it.

Zombies Inc walkthrough

Zombies Inc walkthrough.
Zombies Inc is a time management strategy game from Aethos Games. Your goal in this game is to acquire enough money and build a large enough army of undead to take over the world of the living. Your company is mainly composed of four department namely, zombies, attack screen, sales department and company upgrades. You can choose from 3 different difficulties: easy, normal and hard . It combines business simulation with zombies wich I think is not really that far from real corporate life.

Zombies Inc. walkthrough

Sift Heads Street Wars Prologue walkthrough

Sift Heads Street Wars Prologue walkthrough.
Sift Heads Street Wars Prologue is the latest installment in the stick figure action shooter game series by failsafegames. It has the same action packed gameplay and story style like the first sift heads games but with a totally new 3D environment. In this prologue, Vinnie is confronted with all 3 organizations hence awesomeness.

Many of us have been waiting so long for the release of this game and I can say that it is worth it though the waiting is not over yet because the multiplayer version of this game is yet to be released. Meanwhile, here is Sift Heads Street Wars Prologue walkthrough whilst we wait for the game cheats.

Memohuntress walkthrough

Memohuntress walkthrough all items.
Memohuntress is another point and click adventure game from enterskies entertainment and presented by newgrounds. In this game you play as a stow away young girl named Sellar Dore who is desperate to stop her parents from constant fighting. Now years later, she learns her village has been struck by a disaster. She wanted to return home however she is going to raise the money needed to get back there. Collect all items across the Factory, Floating Forest, Rose Inn and Emerald Sea to complete quest. Spoilers: Items in the forest are plastic roses, fake snakes, box of seeds, silver lighter, camera, violin, book true loves kiss, dagger, flare gun, secret map, wallet and hidden emblem. Rose Inn items are room keys, 6 golden music box, 9 special souvenirs, 5 guest slippers, one diploma, 9 love letters, 6 clean socks, a diamond ring, 4 albino bat toy, 5 pen kits together with gold chains and a hidden emblem. Watch the video foo all other items.

Memohuntress walkthrough and all emblem locations guide

Swindler walkthrough

Swindler walkthrough.Swindler The Great Drop n Roller is a new physics based platformer puzzle game developed by nitrome. Complete levels by dropping, tangling and rolling your way through a great puzzle filled adventure. You are green ninja like creature whose objective is to collect stars by swinging onto them using your rope. Avoid yellow substances, they are dangerous to the health of green ninja like creatures.

Nitrome Swindler walkthrough.

Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough

Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough.
Here we will cover Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough but some intro first for those who are not familiar with the game. It is a new run and gun shooter game from scimitargames where an evil wizard has taken over London and with an army of zombies to do his bidding, he becomes pretty tough. It's a good thing that there is Rupert Whitewater, a man who stands up tp the evil reign of that wizard. Survive waves of brain hungry undead, buy perks to upgrade your efficiency and learn more effective  special moves to strike down your foes even harder.

Moving forward to some tips, you may want to upgrade first all the marksman perks and after that upgrade your movement speed. After you obtained those upgrades you don't have to worry anymore about battling levels with 50 plus zombies, you can make it most of the time if you would only spend those health boxes wisely and master the art of surfing zombies. To surf them, you must first remove their arms and press kick button on them. It's a great tactic if implemented correctly. And now the video guide for Rupert's Zombie Diary game (updated as usual when new video walkthrough goes online).

Let's Make A Game walkthrough

Let's Make A Game walkthrough.
Let's Make A Game is another new platformer based puzzle game from keybol. This game is about making a game starting from a stick figure and a line to walk on. From there you will be told what to do, just follow the directions. You will find pretty much everything your need to make a game in here from movable boxes, bottomless pits, razor saws and double jump skill.

Let's Make A Game aka How To Make A Game is overall pretty good - simple yet fun and challenging at the same time which are important factors for platformer puzzle games. I personally love the twists where you will have to focus really hard in order to pass the level. Meanwhile, here is Let's Make A Game walkthrough showing all levels solution.

Duck Life 4 walkthrough

Duck Life 4 walkthrough.
Duck Life 4 is a new animal raising simulation game from Wixgames. As the title suggests, it's about a certain kind of bird, the duck and its life. One year after the ban of genetically modified ducks, one duck racer reigns supreme and now it is up to you to beat him.

Train your team of ducks and do all you can to reach the top of the duck racing sports championship. Increase skill levels of you duck by doing training in order to be fit to join tournaments which are sets of three races in a row, without breaks. You can also buy upgrades or even new ducks at the shop. Meanwhile, I look for Duck Life 4 walkthrough and have them here so you don't have to, you're welcome.

Flopad Supercharged Walkthrough


Flopad Supercharged is another new point and click adventure game created by Flonga. As one of the most skilled agent from the Floteam, this is your third mission and you must do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Use your handy dandy flopad to travel through Paris and infiltrate a top secret facility located at Tour du Guet. Your main objective is to find the server room and load the supercharge virus to wipe out their system. Always remember to check your mails regularly for that will help you a lot in accomplishing this mission.

So yeah, Flopad Supercharged walkthrough here to help you out.

Shrink It 2 walkthrough

Shrink It 2 walkthrough.
Shrink It 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from npgames. This game is about an octagonal smiley whose objective is to get in touch with the star in every level. But being an octagonal smiley with no arms nor legs, it's not so easy to accomplish that feat so you will have to shrink down platforms and rely on the physics to roll, swing and hurl yourself into the star.

This game is played entirely by mouse click - just point on the object that you want to shrink and click on it. You have to plan ahead of your action to because there is a limit to the number of clicks that you can make. Meanwhile, here is Shrink It 2 walkthrough showing all 40 levels beaten.

Porcupyre walkthrough

Porcupyre walkthrough.Porcupyre is a new point and click physics based puzzler from labugames. It's a fun little game where your goal is to fry up the members of the croc gang by strategically clicking spots in order to set fire to the platforms. However, you must not let the flames touch friendly porcupines that most of the time stands in your way.

Aside from cute cuddly characters, this game features some nice music that puts the player in the mood for burning crocs. It has 48 unique levels with a puzzle difficulty that increases as you progress. Meanwhile, here is Porcupyre walkthrough showing the game's levels solved.

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing walkthrough

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing walkthrough.
Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing is a new side scroller car simulation game from turbonuke. Your name is Rod Hot and with a name like that, you are too embarrassed to do anything else but hot rod racing. With that being said, your objective is to become the Hot Rod champion of the world and to just that you have to go over 24 levels while you unlock and ride 12 different cars. You start off with your cheap tornado car but as you win races you will earn money which you can then use to purchase upgrades for your car or buy a more powerful and brand new one.

I have played many side scrolling car racing games before but what makes this one hold its own is the car suspension set up alterations where you can tweak your car's tires, springs and ride height in order to cope up with terrain that you are going to race in. At first you may find it a bit too easy to flip over but some little experiments on your car's ride height and wheel size and you will get the knack of it. One tip I can give is that if you are racing in rough terrain, set your ride height low to lessen the bounce. Meanwhile, here is Rod Hots Hot Rod walkthrough with the gameplay.

Suspense walkthrough

Suspense walkthrough.Suspense is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from Black Square studio. If you are an individual who enjoys traveling through time then you will like this game. But heck, we all enjoy time traveling so you will probably love this game. There's a problem in this game, though. You can just press a button and boom! you're instantly teleported to the same spot where you stand but in distant past or future and regardless of weather there was once deadly spikes below or some laser traps on that same spot. So being careful all the time will help you a lot (count the pixels if you must).

Main features of this game aside from time traveling awesomeness are the amazingly squarey graphics, even your character is squarey which is good for square loving persons like me (nice job BlackSquare!) and the puzzles are really well thought out or maybe this is just the first time that I play a game with this kind of gameplay. Anyways, it really entertained me down to the last strand of my hair that I pulled. Yes, I won't be able to finish this game if not for the help of the Suspense walkthrough for all levels.

Hot Tub Heist walkthrough

Hot Tub Heist walkthrough.
Hot Tub Heist is a new retro pixel style action game from candystand. It is called Hot Tub Heist because aliens came to destroy everything on the surface of the Earth and they starts with the building where a grooving is chilling in a hot tub on its rooftop. You play as that groovy guy and your objective is to find a shelter safe from alien beams and that is the subway. That means you have to go down but must overcome those desperate people grabbing you out of desperation - just perform a roundhouse kick them and they should get off you.

Other features of this game aside from hot tubs and aliens are great pixel graphics, great sounds and a really simple yet addictive gameplay though at first you might find the controls a little too slippery but you will get the hang of it soon. Meanwhile, here is Hot Tub Heist walkthrough showing game played.

Vanish Rain walkthrough

Vanish Rain walkthrough.
Vanish Rain is a new zombie blasting action shooter game from origaming. In Vanish Rain prologue the story revolves around Anna, one of the little survivors of the Vanish Rain incident. She is somehow immune to the virus, yes the one that will turn a person into walking dead that eats human flesh, and she manged to survive. However, the only reason for her to live is to find her lost brother. Maybe he's already dead but she decided to wait for him to show up at the place where they last parted and survive for the next 15 days before the impending bombardment.

Main features of this game are 15 different weapons, 15 different zombies and a big boss, challenge levels where you can test your skills and the survival mode where you have to last up to 30 days. Anyways, I played this one and got to beat the game in one sitting with only 4 weapon types and I must say that it is a good one. One tip is that you max out first your first gun then the second smg. The shotgun, I think, have their attributes a little off balanced. The reload speed for me is more important than the damage. But that's only for me. Meanwhile, here is Vanish Rain walkthrough other people because I forgot to record my gameplay so forgive me.

Dino Panic walkthrough

Dino Panic walkthrough.
Dino Panic The Adventures of Barog and Tora is a new fast paced run and jump reaction game with a multi tasking twist on the side from godseed. In the game, you control a fast running cave man, Barog and his pteranondon pet at the same time. Your objective is to get to the finish line whil you collect gems along the way to increase your score but there are obstacles to make your life a bit too difficult like boulders of rocks floating around if not standing in your way, pitfalls and the ever hungry trex constantly trying to eat you.

The gameplay is a bit challenging so it may take you more practice just to finish your first run alive. Anyways, you can set your game to simple mode or check on the no pits option to make the game a little easy. Meanwhile, here is Dino Panic walkthrough with some gameplay awesomeness.

Super Samurai Sweeper cheats walkthrough

Super Samurai Sweeper cheats walkthrough.
Super Samurai Sweeper is a new point and click action fighting puzzle game from nerdook. This the game where swords slashing samurai meets minesweeper. Your objective is to save the dying land by defeating its bloodthirsty ruler shogun and his daimyos. In your campaign, you will have deal with the 7 daimyos fist before facing the shogun kobayashi.

You will have the chance to buy upgrades in between battles using the experience points you earned. Tips: always engage mooks when you see them, avoid forests unless you already have the upgrade to heal from them and save the healing ricefields for when you need them most. Meanwhile, here is a Super Samurai Sweeper cheats walkthrough via cheatengine if you think you need it.

Tetris Battle T Spin Tutorial

Tetris Battle T-Spin tutorial.
Tetris Battle T Spin is a great technique if implemented right for topping out your opponent in Facebook effectively. Basically, you will have to build your blocks in a way that the right side is one line higher than the left side while leaving a gap at the right where the head of T block will fit.

I am not a master of T-spinning and I don't know if the blocks' colors matters so here is someone's Tetris Battle T-Spin tutorial if you want to learn how it is done (it's pretty awesome).

Rainbogeddon walkthrough

Rainbogeddon walkthrough.
Rainbogeddon The Spectrum Maze Adventures is a new maze munching game from one of our favorites, nitrome. In this game you drill through the level with the drill attachment, create protective bubble zones to hide in, teleport away from enemies with teleporter placements and more cool stuff. The gameplay is like pacman in which you munch on pixels while you avoid monsters through different maze.

What's more cool in this one is that you can counter attack monsters with different power ups popping around like bombs or avoid them more effectively using bubble shields and teleporters. The gameplay is smooth as all other nitrome games and levels becomes more challenging as you progress. Meanwhile, here is Rainbogeddon walkthrough which also shows the ending for those who need it.

Crash The Robot 2 walkthrough

Crash The Robot 2 walkthrough.Crash The Robot 2 Explosive Edition is a new physics based point and click puzzle game from tamasgames. This version is basically the new level pack to the original Crash the Robot physics puzzler. There are new features and a lot of brand new ways to destroy the robot.

Your general objective is to destroy the standing robot by using bombs and other objects to bring different mechanisms to operation in correct sequence to destroy the robot. There are 40 levels and 5 bonus levels each with unique challenging puzzle. While the graphics and animation of this game is really great, you may find some certain levels to be a bit difficult though not impossible to beat. Here is Crash The Robot 2 walkthrough with the solution.

The Sun Goes To Space walkthrough

The Sun Goes To Space walkthrough.
The Sun Goes To Space is another point and click physics-skill based puzzle game from point38. Your goal in this game is to guide the sun on a quest to rescue it's nine planets that was kidnapped apparently. As the mother star of these planets, you must take them back and to do just that you must collect stars in each level to advance.

Analysis: this game features a cool crayon art style for the graphics through some 54 challenging levels and 8 bonus levels. It may take a few trial and errors to get the hang of the physics but the tutorial will guide you through. Being a sun and rescuing planets is not an easy feat perform. So here is The Sun Goes To Space walkthrough showing gameplay playthrough.

Lava Climber walkthrough

Lava Climber walkthrough.
Lava Climber is a new retro platform adventure game from chman and fei. As the story say,the devil himself stole your girlfriend and sent you down to the bottom of the Earth, a place dominated by extremely hot lava, spikes and evil monkeys. Your general objective is to climb back through 18 challenging levels to the top where your girlfriend is held captive by the ugly devil.

The game features a retro classic pixel style graphics complete with NES like sound effects and background music. It is played with left/right arrow keys for moving, down key to crouch and up to jump. Analysis: while the game as a whole can be so enjoyable due to its sheer retro awesomeness flavor, it can also be a bit frustrating because of its well placed hazards and the pressure of the rising lava. It's a great play nonetheless. Meanwhile, here is Lava Climber walkthrough for those who need it.

kungfu Grandpa walkthrough

Kungfu Grandpa walkthrough.Kungfu Grandpa is a side scrolling action fighting game from aliza. You are the grand master of kungfu for old people and now your excellent fighting skill is needed to clean the neighborhood off noisy baddies for the sake of good night sleep.

The game is played using arrow keys for moving, ZXC for attacking and spacebar to jump. Basically, you only need to attack enemies before they attack you. Jump away when you got surrounded by baddies to dodge their attacks. Look out for weapon drops to boost your power. Meanwhile, here is Kungfu Grandpa walkthrough showing gameplay.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 Secret Songs

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 secret songs.Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 is sigames' fourth and latest sequel to one of the best music games. It is by far the most successful series today in the music genre. In this game, you play as a little stick figure who rocks out with his mighty guitar to songs composed by several different musicians. It includes tracks that are good to listen to and is implemented and incorporated into the gameplay very well.

Moving forward to our topic which is a tutorial on how to unlock all SCGMD4 secret songs in this game, here we go. The first secret song is titled Hole in The Ground which can be unlocked by selecting the guitar Solid-G. You can obtain Solid-G by by accomplishing the first horizontal row of achievements. The second secret song is Toys and Us which will be unlocked by selecting Timmy Toy Time which is unlocked upon completing the second horizontal row of achievements. The third secret song is Guitar vs Piano which is unlocked by selecting guitar name needed, get this guitar by completing the fourth row of achievements. Meanwhile, here is a video of SCGMD4 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 secret songs with pure awesomeness.

Netbots walkthrough

Netbots walkthrough.
Netbots is a science fiction point and click puzzle game from sunrizegames. It features challenging puzzles with well balanced levels and a not bad at all storyline. Apparently, the scientists from the netbots laboratory need your help thus you connect the dots to make figures that are given to you.

This game is played entirely by mouse dragging and clicking to place a shape by drawing it directly on the netbots. Meanwhile, here is a Netbots walkthrough in case you missed out on the hint feature.

Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini walkthrough

Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini walkthrough.Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini is a casual adventure game from mumbojumbo. Houdini's wife comes to you in a a final plea to unravel the mysterious passing of Houdini himself. When he promised that he would try to reach for her from the afterlife, it was seen as the ultimate stunt that will ever be done. But years passed and the promise is still unkept. It is up to you now to reunite him with his wife.

This game features beautiful graphics, interesting story line and some fair to moderately challenging puzzles to solve. For those who need help, I will be collecting here Midnight Mysteries Haunted Houdini walkthrough so you don't have to (you're welcome).

Jan Jan Escape walkthrough

Jan Jan Escape walkthrough.Jan Jan Escape is a new point and click room escape browser game from dentarou. Like other room escape games you might have played in the past, here you have some puzzle to solve and a room you must get out of or there will be consequences.

If there is one word to describe this game that would be surreal. Why is that? Well, ask koala man and the man-plant hybrid creature in a pot swatting flying insects. Being surreal is what makes all dentarou games awesome - though in a weird way, Meanwhile, here is Jan Jan Escape walkthrough with the solution.

Puzzle Trap 8 walkthrough

Puzzle Trap 8 walkthrough.
Puzzle Trap 8 is another new point and click room escape game from cafecafegames. In this game, your objective is to escape from a place by solving the puzzles along the way with the aid of objects that are scattered around the place. Find all the pieces of the puzzles to escape the room.

Puzzle Trap 8 walkthrough

Shatter Bot walkthrough

Shatter Bot walkthrough:Shatter Bot is a new robotic platformer adventure game from overworld labs and flonga. In this game you take control of yellow robot being tested by a certain Dr. Arkadian on the course. Your objective is to destroy all the drones along the way and get to the exit door of each level. You might think that it will all be like blast and dash like a normal robot game but it's not because your energy has its limits.

Meanwhile, here is Shatter Bot walkthrough to help you beat the game.

Crazy Hangover 2 walkthrough

Crazy Hangover 2 is a new humorous point and click sequel to one of the most funniest games from gamesfreeca. Your objective in this game is very simple and that is to find your costume so you can go to work. Sounds easy but what gets in your way is just ridiculously challenging and crazy.

Crazy Hangover 2 walkthrough:

The game starts off with you waking up hanging from the ceiling inside a messed up room with a leashed alligator. You start to wonder what happened last night and started checking out other rooms to find clues only to be greeted with crazier scenarios. Meanwhile, here is Crazy Hangover 2 walkthrough if you can't solve the game due to excessive laughing.

Burrito Bison Revenge walkthrough

Burito Bison Revenge is a game in which you can unleash your rage against gummi bears. Thanks to juicybeast for making this sequel to the critically acclaimed launch game possible. So what we can expect from this sequel? Well, from what I see, the gameplay is somewhat refined, there are new enemies, achievements and it's quite more fast paced than before.

Burrito Bison Revenge walkthrough:

This game is really great if you just need to kill some time. It's a sit back and watch and body slam those gummi bears kind of game. Meanwhile, here is Burrito Bison Revenge walkthrough for those who needs to see the game in action.

Color Pic a Pix Light walkthrough

Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 1 is a new point and click brain teaser pixel art style puzzle game from conceptis. The objective is to reveal a hidden picture by painting blocks in each row and column so their length, color and sequences corresponds to the clues. There is at least one empty square between adjacent same colored blocks.
Color Pic-a-Pix Light walkthrough:

This game features really nice puzzles in it but it does not mean that they are all easy to solve. Each of them has only one unique solution and that means there's no other way to solve them. Meanwhile, to help you find a solution I decided to collect Color Pic a Pix Light walkthrough so you don't have to and so far I got these.

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Answers walkthrough

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Answers walkthrough.
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Back To The Spatula Future is a new funny puzzle game from Clenn Rodes. The game asks you something and you answer - it's pretty simple and easy if you know the correct answer or you are going to lose one life for every mistake you make. Many questions in this quiz is a reference to the chapters 1 and 2 of the game so playing them may do some help.

There are also these quizzes in which you use your keyboard to type a word for the correct answer or sometimes you will have to click on something to make something happen which will then be the solution. Meanwhile, I collected The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 answers walkthrough (written and video) so you don't have to and got this:

Answers in written form:
102: Click on the zigzag line.
104: 2002.
105: answer is Four.
107: 2004.
108: Type "Bang"
110: The hieroglyphs spell "bomb" - click bomb.
114: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Stroke Chris and you make a paradox, ending in a Game Over.
118: Reference to The Impossible Quiz 2. Pick up "a penguin" and clicking the rift beneath is incorrect.
120: Click nyancat like crazy to make a rainbow.
121: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Clicking the exclamation mark at the end of the question is incorrect.
123: "C" is 100 in Roman Numerals. Also, look for the fusestopper.
124: Double reference. The original question (Click the answer) is from the original quiz, but how you make an elephant appear is from the sequel - remove the mouse from the window.
130: You don't need to reveal the options first.
133: Type "W" as in "double ewe".
138: How does someone do this without the fusestopper? Reference to The Impossible Quiz. If you actually do charge the laser, you "shoop da whoop" your way to an instant Game Over.
139: Click the valve to get this chapter's Skip.
140: Since each option cycles through 4 answers from the history of the Impossible Quiz, you can click the lower left option and still get it incorrect. In addition, the question is straight from The Impossible Quiz 2.
141: Only the second-to-last portal sends you forward. Choosing an incorrect portal removes 1 life from you and sends you back to a previous question. (I have been sent back to Q101 before.) If you used up your fusestopper and are warped to before Q123, you can get the fusestopper back, so look out for it.
142: The new arrangement of numbers means that the actual 42nd 42 is 2 places to the right of where it was in The Impossible Quiz. Note that the 1st 42 is in the question's hint.
144: "Y"... just "Y"?
145: See Q102.
146: Mash exclamation marks to win.
148: Yes, this again. Blue, red, blue, yellow - as revealed in The Impossible Quiz.
149: 30 (Prototype) + 110 (Original) + 120 (Sequel) + 150 (Book) = 410 Questions
150: Choosing to sacrifice your lives results in an instant Game Over. You have to wipe the Impossible Quiz from history.