Submarine Escape App walkthrough

Submarine Escape app walkthrough.Submarine Escape is a new point and click room puzzle game from mobest media for Android and iphone. In this game, your purpose is to get out of different rooms inside a submarine. Navigate yourself around a single view of each room to pick up items or find clues that will help you open the vault that will lead you to another room with a different kind of puzzle is waiting for you to be solved.

Like any other creations of mobest, this too is fun and challenging that can take a good chunk of your brain cells if you play it. That said, I have here is Submarine Escape app walkthrough where all of the current puzzles are solved and demonstrated.

Cyber Chaser All Boss walkthrough

Cyber Chaser all boss walkthrough.Cyber Chaser is side scrolling sci-fi shooter game from silengames. In this game, your mission is to defeat three bosses in an epic battle with the help of upgrades and powerful weapons. Your enemies include both melee and range type robots that will attack at will. Gather gems, coins and fuel to get the advantage in each stages.

Cyber Chaser walkthrough to all bosses in my gameplay video below.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough.Red Ball Volume 3 is another new platformer physics based puzzle game from notdoppler. Roll and jump your way through a deadly factory riddled with dangerous enemy blocks, lasers and pitfalls.

This game offers a really good platforming gameplay experience but it also presents lots of decent challenging jump puzzles which will inevitably have you go through a lot of trials and errors. If you think beating this game impossible due to it's level of difficulty learn from the Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough laid out below the techniques you have to do.

Zombie Tsunami Android App cheats

Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats.Zombie Tsunami is a one button side scrolling running game from mobigame and for some reason it's kind of addicting. In the game, you control horde of green skin zombies that is out to infect all humans in their path. However, it is somewhat not that easy to take over the world if you don't have the upgrades to your skills which apparently costs coins. To earn coins, you must get them but it's not easy either thanks to the moving cars, bombs and holes conveniently placed everywhere.

You can make an in app purchase if you have the money of course or you can try a slightly shady way of getting ahead of this game. And that is by downloading the mod. It's the same game but with more than enough coins to buy everything in the game. Check out Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats below to learn how to get it.

Deeper Sleep walkthrough

Deeper Sleep walkthrough.Deeper Sleep is the sequel to the eerie point and click escape adventure game from scriptwelder. In this game you play as the guy who became obsessed with his lucid dreams and took off to the library to find out more about the shadow people but it turns out that you are still dreaming and you have to get away from the shadow people before they get you. You have no choice but to go deeper.

This game presents a challenging puzzle and the fact that it is kind of scary makes it more difficult to beat. You can play the game here or watch the Deeper Sleep walkthrough I made for all of you having trouble completing the game or finding all the 15 pieces of papers/notes.

The Telekinetic Incident walkthrough

The Telekinetic Incident walkthrough.The Telekinetic Incident is a new platformer physics based puzzle game from Mathew Fearington. In this game your goal is to pass 30 levels riddled with blocks and laser activated doors while keeping yourself alive. Occasionally, you will have to also help another nameless person to get to his exit before you can exit yourself. The physics of this platformer is quite good the laser puzzles are quite clever and challenging at times.

As per the story, it has an intriguing one that is told in a humorous manner by a funny voice actor whose name is Fred. This unseen character will guide you throught game explaining you the basics and everything you need to know in order to survive and pass each level. Anyways, as this game is a puzzler it's most likely that one of you reading here have already been stuck on some point of it. Well, I did get stuck at some levels of this game but fortunately I managed to overcome it and record The Telekinetic Incident Game walkthrough out of it which I am sharing with you now!