Ninja Pi Ro walkthrough video guide

A new puzzle room point and click game from pencilkids wherein you can play as a pirate, a ninja or a robot. That is why it's titled Ninjapiro/Ninja-pi-ro. In this adventurous game, a highly valuable stolen diamond must be retrieved at all cost and that is your mission. Check out this cool Ninjapiro Walkthrough video if you need some sort of a guide when you're stuck at some point in the game.

Creeping Walkthrough

Oooh yeah! I'm back to blogging again. I just got back from my long vacation and now I'm writing again on this blog. As for a comeback blowout, here's a part of a video walkthrough of a teleportin', shootin' and sneakin' game titled Creeping. You just push play and the video should, uh, play. LOL! I'll post the full video here if I'm lucky enough to find one.

It's good to be back online. Cheers!