Dibbles For The Greater Good walkthrough

Dibbles For The Greater Good is a new point and click puzzle game from thepodge. This is a game where your objective is to secure and guide the king to safety by giving out orders to his followers which are the dibles. These little lemmings like creatures will carry out any order that you give them even if it costs them their very own lives. It's basically starting from point A and going to point B but with twists and turns.

Dibbles For The Greater Good walkthrough.

The puzzle side of this game is fine, it reminds me of the Lemmings game. I like it when you get to think that a specific level is going to be easy but then you will find yourself doing the trial and error routine as you fail to beat that level in one try. The game packs 33 challenging levels where a lot of dibbles sacrifices is needed. Anyways, if you came here for the Dibbles walkthrough aka Dibbles For The Greater Good video guide, I got you covered.

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