Gilberd The Knight walkthrough

Gilberd the Knight is a the title of a new point and click adventure game from abroy. Its about a guy who knows what justice means and he's out to travel into the medieval times wearing heavy armor but not heavy enough to keep him from pursuing justice and taking out the baddies in order to bring back peace and harmony in the lives of his people.

Gilberd The Knight walkthrough.

Analyze each scenes, pick up objects and click on the right spot to interact with the game environment thus leading you the next level. If you got stuck at some point of this game but does not want to give on pursuing justice, see this Gilberd the Knight walkthrough showing the solution.

House of Dead Ninjas walkthrough

House of Dead Ninjas is a new platformer action pixel adventure game from adultswim. Play as a ninja warrior who somehow got trapped inside a seemingly infinite tower swarming with deadly enemies. Jump, stab, throw shuriken and bomb your way for as long as you can and as long as the clock ticks. Find backdoor passages to make shortcuts.

House Of Dead Ninjas walkthrough.

The tower is randomly generated and is different every time you play. Dive as deep as you can in this survival platformer game before the tower claims your little ninja soul. For some tips and tricks watch this House of Dead Ninjas walkthrough from some pretty awesome player.

Purple Invaders walkthrough

Purple Invaders is a new point and click physics based puzzler game from turbonuke. This game is loosely similar to the popular physics puzzle game called red remover. The objective is to keep the green smileys in the game while you strategically remove the purple baddies and other elements in the game screen.

Purple Invaders walkthrough.

There are only 30 levels in this game but it gets progressively harder you go further. If at some point you got stuck, here is Purple Invaders walkthrough showing us the complete solution to the game.

Hitstick 6 walkthrough

Hitstick 6 is a new point and click adventure game developed by pyrozen. Be the most unstoppable, undetectable, unpredictable and lethal living weapon created by some insane agency. Use clever disguises by grabbing clothes from downed guards or civilians and use stealthy tactics to identify and eliminate your targets.

Hitstick 6 walkthrough.

This game is equally entertaining like its other previous predecessor games. Missions namely; anesthesia, all in one, snow patrol and cashing out are fairly challenging. If you got stuck at some point, let this Hitstick 6 walkthrough show you how to beat the game.

Gods Eater Burst walkthrough

Gods Eater Burst is one of the newest action adventure game for the psp created by Bandai Namco. It features intense battles versus giant creatures, different types of weaponry and bullets that gives a battle variety, great atmospheric visuals and sound. The story line is also interesting setting on planet Earth but not the world you would recognize.

Gods Eater Burst walkthrough.

For more in depth review of this game, check out the first vid. As for the Gods Eater Burst walkthrough, jump to the second vid showing some boss battle gameplay.

Hands Of War 2 walkthrough

Hands of War Reign of the Black Council is a new point and click rpg adventure fantasy game on armorgames. In this game, the civil war has returned and the Heartstone is missing. Choose your side and battle your enemies on this one epic quest to unite once again the broken shards of the Heartstone. Choose your class and build attributes and increase abilities. Collect items, weapons and runes to make your character even more powerful. Raid dungeons and battle enemy bosses.

Hands Of War 2 walkthrough.

HOW II offers a nice story and lengthy gameplay with lots of side quests to do. Meanwhile, here is part of the Hands of War 2 walkthrough whilst we wait for the rest of it to be available.

Egg and Ghost

Egg and Ghost is a new action shooter platform point and click game from tequibo. The game presents a new and unique yet simple gameplay with quirky and funny characters. Defend the egg by shooting enemies like skulls with mustache, ghosts, angry enveloped and killer boxes who doesn't care about killing you but the egg. There are different power ups to utilize against funny looking egg assailants. There are also boss battles once in a while to make your life more challenging.

Egg and Ghost walkthrough.

Whilst we wait for the Egg and Ghost walkthrough to be online, let's watch this game trailer.

Wizard Hult walkthrough

Wizard Hult is a new adventure puzzle point and click platfomer game developed by miniclip. Conjure a super duper powerful magic spell to make the beautiful shiloh fall inlove with you - an aging wizard. Use sparkling magic to create bricks to form platforms and overcome obstacles in your way to your love. But be careful not to hurt yourself with those bricks and also use it wisely for every block of brick costs you mana points.

Wizard Hult walkthrough.

Miniclicp's WH offers nice graphics, art style and fairly challenging levels to beat. Though it is not the first on its genre it is still entertaining and fun. If at some point you got stuck or don't know how to figure out a level in this game, you can see Wizard Hult walkthrough for hints and solution.

Angel Escape 3 walkthrough

Angel Escape 3 is one of the latest point and click puzzle game created by 123bee. In this game, you are a part of a fairy tale. Apparently, you were sucked into it while reading its book and now you must get out of there and get back to the reality before you get completely lost into the void. Releasing the fairies in might help you.

Angel Escape 3 walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse. Find items and solve puzzles. Stuck on it? Find help in this Angel Escape 3 walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Fun Da Vinci walkthrough

Fun Da Vinci is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from armorgames. Help Leonardo da Vinci to configure the system of cannonball movement towards the designated urns with the help of subsidiary subjects. Game is controlled entirely by mouse.

Fun Da Vinci walkthrough.

Fun Da Vinci walkthrough

AntiCast walkthrough

Anticast is a point and click adventure game brought to us by gamepirate ye! Starring Leon, a regular student living a normal life until one day during his class in school an anomaly occurred and he was thrown into a different world known as Aura. No one knows exactly how he got there and why. Maybe a girl named Sara has the answer. It's up to you to find out.

Anti Cast walkthrough.

There are 2 possible endings for this game and one shown below is just one of them and it is the "to be continued" part. Anticast walkthrough after jump.

Plazma Burst 2 walkthrough

Plazma Burst 2 is a new sidescroller action shooter adventure game on coolbuddy. Basically, this is the sequel to the popular plazma burst game. This time, you have to find a lost time machine to prevent the coming of thousands of alien usurpers. Blast your way through levels swarming with enemy robots and other filthy creatures. Run, jump, shoot (an awful lot of shooting) and enjoy the awesomeness of the graphics and physics as you reach for the final level.

Plazma Burst 2 walkthrough.

The game features nice graphics, physics, a wide variety of weapons and upgrades. Also, there are 23 achievements to unlock for those who seek more challenge. Meanwhile, here are some Plazma Burst 2 walkthrough from some player - it's pretty awesome.

Ninja Time Trials walkthrough

Ninja Time Trials is a new point and click physics based game from bored. Swing your way from platform to platform as a caped stickman ninja. Ascend from hell to heaven in this ultimate swinging action platformer game. The game also has a banzai mode where the swinging is equally fun like in the ascend to heaven mode.

Ninja Time Trials walkthrough.

Anyways, as for some guide, tips and tricks for this game, here is Ninja Time Trials walkthrough that can be some sort of a guide.

Click Tribe walkthrough

Click Tribe is another adventure type point and click game on armorgames. Apparently, a tribe has a problem the plagues the people of it. As the leader of the tribe, you must find a way to solve this by finding items and solving puzzles. Navigate around using your mouse and use items in the right places.

Click Tribe walkthrough.

It features nice art style, good music background and well done animation. For the walkthrough, here is Click Tribe walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Tiger And Monster Hassle walkthrough

Tiger and Monster Hassle is another new physics based point & click game on physicsgame24. In the story of the game, the two main characters which are Tiger and Monster had a fight and they grew apart. Enter you, the player who does not delight seeing two cute game characters having a quarrel,  must bring them back together by strategically removing blocks in the right order.

Tiger and Monster Hassle walkthrough.

This one is quite entertaining and the physics elements are pretty good. The game is controlled entirely by mouse and there is brief tutorial at the start that should help you get started. Also, there is a solution button in the game screen that will lead you to the Tiger and Monster Hassle walkthrough video if ever you got stuck.

Red Dragon Rampage walkthrough 1

Red Dragon Rampage is a point and click tower defense on armorgames. It is a classic defense game with increasing difficulty in each wave. It also features plenty of upgrades and a really fast paced action. Grab everything except bosses and throw them high only to fall to pieces or just claw them to death. Collect gold coins which you can use to buy upgrades or hire mercenaries in the shop.

Red Dragon Rampage walkthrough.

RDR also has plenty of medals to earn, by the way. As for the tips and guide see the first part of Red Dragon Rampage walkthrough we have here.

Beneath the Waves walkthrough

Beneath The Waves is a new story based exploration platformer game by Gregory Weir about the sun and the sea once being lovers and the sun gave the sea eight great idols as gifts. As time went by, they grew apart and life emerged. That is when the sea shaped these idols into terrible monsters who wrecked terror before they died. The sun decided to take back his gifts and claim all of the earth for good.

Beneath The Waves walkthrough.

This game is also about jumping, running, climbing cliffs, exploration and an awful lot of exploration in a single world. Very good game and the music background is just awesome. Anyways, if you ever need a guide to this game, here is Beneath the Waves walkthrough from some good player.

Bestia Fabula walkthrough

Bestia Fabula is a funny point and click adventure game on mofunzone featuring a hilarious story and unique art style. The story sets in a quite place where a not so quite event is impending to occur. A friend come by to your house, asking for your help to save the trapped Mrs. Bunny in a collapsed mine. But some other things are about to be discovered as you go through the game.

Bestia Fabula walkthrough.

Solve puzzles in scenarios to gain access to other parts of the map reach the endings. There are different ending sequence here. Meanwhile, here is Bestia Fabula walkthrough if ever you need one.

Space Is Key walkthrough (Finished)

If you have been looking for ways how to beat the challenging platformer game called Space Is Key, or just wondering if is it really possible to finish it, well this one guy here shows it is really possible to beat this game with at least 500 deaths. Hit the Space Is Key walkthrough video below - it's pretty awesome.

Photon Zone walkthrough

Photon Zone is a new point and click puzzle game developed by soogames. The game is like Mastermind fused with Plinko. In this game, you are to conduct an experiment and these experiments are unconventiona, but the results may prove useful to the field of physics. Complete each phase of the experiment by capturing all the photons and we might solidify the neutrino theory of light.

Photon Zone walkthrough.

It features 15 mind twisting levels that you have to go through by dropping colored photons into the maze. As for some guide and solution, we found a couple of vids showing Photon Zone walkthrough for all levels.

Escape From The Room Surrounded By Bookshelves 2 walkthrough

Escape From The room Surrounded By Bookshelves 2 is a new point and click escaping game from Dghgbakufu and that title is a long one indeed. If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to beat this game and or stuck at some point of it or at the brink of losing your wits due to difficult puzzles and riddles that the game in question offers.

Escape from the Room surrounded by Bookshelves 2 walkthrough.

Well, we've got you covered. EFTRSBB is one entertaining room escape game but it also has significant amount of challenge in it to make your life difficult. So without further ado, here's Escape from the Room Surrounded by Bookshelves 2 walkthrough showing the full solution to the game.

Space Is Key

Space Is Key is a simple but very challenging platformer game from ChrissJeff on armorgames. The game is simple: you press spacebar on your keyboard to make the square character jump. Avoid obstacles or else you will respawn at last checkpoint. Collecting pixels may lead to activating other elements or obstacles in a level.

Space Is Key walkthrough.

This is some really difficult platform game we've seen in a while. Hand-eye coordination is the key to beating this game. Here is the game's trailer showing bits of the gameplay whilst we look around for some Space Is Key walkthrough.

Roadkill Revenge walkthrough

Roadkill Revenge is an action physics based point and click game from kizigames. The roadkill prone animals have had enough of us reckless driving humans and they're out to take vengeance. Did I mention that this game showcases an awful lot of explosion? Blow up cars, missile trucks, oil trucks, train and even F16 fighter planes. Each levels is a big chaos waiting to happen.

Roadkill Revenge walkthrough.

RR is very entertaining and has a lot of challenging levels to beat. Also, you can ulock 5 bonus levels if you can complete all challenges in every levels. Here is Roadkill Revenge walkthrough we found so far.

Ballz walkthrough

Ballz is another new platformer type adventure game from notdoppler. This game features a ball whose goal is to collect stars in each puzzling levels by rolling, bouncing, and transforming from light to a heavy steel ball. Avoid obstacles and try to collect all of the stars through all 25 challenging levels of this platform adventure game.

Ballz walkthrough.

The gameplay is good and levels are progressively challenging and also addicting. If you got stuck at some point of it, this Ballz walkthrough should get you through all of the levels.

The Squirrel Game walkthrough

The Squierel Game is another new action platformer adventure in flash from newgrounds. Like in most of the platform games in the universe, here you avoid obstacles, evade and smash enemies like dragons. According to the author, you'll never know where this adventure will take you or is if it is taking you somewhere at all because it does not make any sense. Watch the wackyness unfold in the story mode or compete for high scores in distance mode. You can also put your skills to the test by collecting all of the tricky medals.

The Squirrel Game walkthrough.

You should get the hang of it in a breeze with the help of the in game instructions. Anyways, here is a footage of The Squirrel Game walkthrough showing bits of the game.

Echoes Of Sorrow

Echoes of Sorrow is another new casual adventure game brought to us by Blitpop. In this game, you are not sure who you are, where you are from and where you are for the time being. That's not all, to make your life even more difficult a dark shadow follows you around, darkening your memory to make sure you wont remember anything. The game is a combination of free roaming and hidden object game with inventory puzzles in it.

Echoes Of Sorrow walkthrough.

EOS offers a lot of exploration and item gatherings but the twist is you are not sure what to do until the very last moment. As for the tips and guide we will cover Echoes of Sorrow walkthrough in the next update.

Jack The Doom Of Zombie walkthrough

Jack The Doom Of Zombie also known as The Scary of Zombies is and action platformer shooter game from funfastgame. Take control of the most awesome zombie destroyer in the post apocalyptic world of the undead and kill every walking walking corpse in your way. Utilize 3 different explosive weapons to send the dead to their graves and defeat enemy bosses.

Jack The Doom Of Zombie walkthrough.

This game offers nice gameplay of shooting and jumping with a neat background music and sound effects. As of now here is the first Jack The Doom of Zombie walkthrough

Zombie Physics walkthrough

Zombie Physics is another point and click physics based game on coolbuddy. In this game you have to use bombs or push heavy blocks to knock down zombie targets. You can set the timer for every move that you make. Throw all the ugly undead back to their grave and restore peace among the lives of the residents.

Zombie Physics walkthrough.

Getting the hang of the gameplay is a breeze through the help of the in game instruction and tutorial. If somehow you got stuck at some point see this Zombie Physics walkthrough for tips, hints, guide and solution

Felix Lost In Time walkthrough

Felix Lost In Time is a new point and click action adventure puzzler game on freeworldgroup. In this game,  you must help Felix get back from the past into the present by solving puzzles in all 19 levels. Each level will present unique and different puzzles that features familiar places and objects.

Felix Lost In Time walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse and has a reset button that you can use if something goes wrong. If at some point you think you are really stuck, you can find help in this (FLITw) Felix Lost In Time walkthrough showing all the solutions to all levels.

Poptropica Wimpy Wonderlan walkthrough

Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland is a new online game on poptropica's website. The game sets in a snowing day in a little town. All the kids are enjoying it except for Greg Heffley whose little brother Manny has gone missing. It's your job to find your missing brother but before you do that, you'll have to contend with other teenagers, crabby senior citizens and the whirley street kids.

Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland walkthrough.

Basically, you must complete tasks and solve situations before you can move on to new areas of the game. You will also find items in a card form such as carrots, bike, scrap of paper that contain codes and a lot more. Analyze closely to figure out where to use them. As for the guide and solution, see if this (PWWW) Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland Walkthrough can help you out.

arm Surgery 2 walkthrough

Arm Surgery 2 is a new point and click emergency room simulation game from agame. Follow the head nurse's instruction to conduct surgery on a woman's fractured arm. Precision and efficiency are the key to a successful operation but pay attention to the patient's vital signs or you might lose her.

Arm Surgery 2 walkthrough.

AS2 is not the first on its genre but it is still fun and entertaining. Anyways, if you need some help, tips or guide to this game, here is Arm Surgery 2 walkthrough from some yt user.

Cover Orange Players Pack 2 walkthrough

Cover Orange Players Pack 2 is another new point and click physics based game on notdoppler of which the levels are created by players. The game features a cute little helpless orange (though I wish it was the annoying orange) and other familiar fruits. Your objective is to secure them using given objects from the pesky rain cloud who makes rain of black pellets. Strategically place objects to cover orange and make sure that they live to see the next level.

Cover Orange Players Pack 2 walkthrough.

COPP2 is pretty entertaining which offers 50 unique levels to solve. Also, I think the game will be available for the iphone soon. Oh, let's just hope. Anyways, as for the solution to all the levels of this game, here is Cover Orange Players Pack 2 walkthrough video guide.

Chisel 2 walkthrough

Chisel 2 is a new action puzzle platformer game developed by one of our favorite game creators - nitrome. Drill, jump and destroy your way through a whole new galaxy of fun. Take control of the human drill and dig like a crazy digging machine through the soil of the little planetoids until it is 100 percent destroyed. Also, try to drill enemies off the ground for extra score.

Chisel 2 walkthrough.

Like other nitrome games, this one is also offers awesome art style, animation and addicting gameplay. There 30 unique levels in this game and several boss to defeat. If you need hints, tips, strategy and guide, here are the first wave of Chisel 2 walkthrough videos.

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble walkthrough

Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble is the third episode for the ST point and click adventure game from pastelgames. Like in the previous games, Sneak Thief 1 and 2, you must search, collect and escape! Navigate from room to room find items and codes. Analyze every scene to figure out puzzles. Some items can be fused with another - this can be done in your inventory.

Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble walkthrough.

The game presents nice art style along with interesting puzzles and also a bit of a challenge. Anyways if you got lost at some point and needed some tips, hints or guide, see the ST3TT Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble walkthrough showing the solution to it.

Owl's Nest walkthrough

Owls Nest is a new point and click adventure game set in the time of Nazis. In this game, you must search the underground laboratories where the secret weapons of Nazis are being produced. Search from room to room to find items that is necessary to solve puzzles in your way but also beware of the dangers that lurks in the darkness of this secret place i.e. zombies - yes, there are undead hungry for your brain.

Owl's Nest walkthrough. 

The game is controlled entirely by mouse so this is a sit back and relax game but it also have some significant challenge in it to get you stuck at some point. As for the tips, hints, tricks and guide, refer to Owl's Nest walkthrough from the armorgaems channel.

Criss Angel Saw Game walkthrough

Criss Angel Saw is another funny point and click adventure puzzle game from inkagames. In this game, you play as Criss minus the magic and you were kidnapped by pigsaw and being held in a room for some of his deadly games. Pigsaw wants to put you in several tests where you have to prove that you are a true escape artist.

Criss Angel Saw Game walkthrough.

CASG is not only funny but also quite of a challenge. If you think you can't figure this one out without magical powers, see if this Criss Angel Saw Game walkthrough we found can help you out.

In The Footsteps of Mayan Kings walkthrough

In the Footsteps of Mayan Kings is a new point and click escape game from abroy. Apparently, you are trapped inside a mayan themed house filled with items and stuff depicting the tribe's culture. You figure that the kings are not pleased with intruders like you so before they rain wrath on you, you better get going and try to get out as fast as you can.

In The Footsteps of Mayan Kings walkthrough.

ITFOMK is basically an escape game in which you have to figure out riddles and find things that can help you solve puzzles. If you got lost at some point, see In The Footsteps of Mayan Kings walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Black Thing walkthrough

Black Thing is a new unique platformer action adventure puzzler game from mofunzone. This game features an oey gooey black mucus who likes to paint environment with black goo so he can find the path to the next level and retrieve the lost parts of his robot. Aside from the interesting gameplay and concept of this game, it also has 15 achievements to unlock for those who seek more challenge.

Black Thing walkthrough.

As for those who's already stuck at some point of BT, you can find some hints, tips and guide in this Black Thing walkthrough from start to the last level.

PRIOR All 3 Endings walkthrough

If you have been playing the platformer adventure puzzler game PRIOR on armorgames and have been wondering how to get all of the three endings, all of them are shown in this video we have here. Basically, there is one room where the three endings diverge from.

PRIOR 3 Ending walkthrough.

For tips, hints and written guide, visit the link below. For a more comprehensive approach on the alternate endings, jump to the PRIOR Ending walkthrough below.

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Prior walkthrough

PRIOR is another new platformer adventure puzzler game developed by kranggames. The game features, uh, a black square that can walk, jump and do other things eventually who apparently has no idea who he is, where he is and why is he there. In short, he knows nothing and it's up to you to uncover mysteries in this game.

PRIOR walkthrough.

This game has interesting concept and fairly challenging puzzles in it plus the background music really makes you think that you know nothing lol!. Anyways, if you find yourself having your memories taken away, I mean you feel somehow stuck at some point, you may find some tips or hints in this super long Prior walkthrough guide in written form.

Room 1
You will find yourself trapped in a small cell. Wait for a few moments and an exit will open in the floor. Use the WASD keys on the keyboard to move left and right, jump, and crouch. Descend into the now-open hole, and proceed down the hallway and into the next room.

Room 2
There is a dormant machine on the far side of the room, with a wire leading from it. Follow the wire down into the room below you.

Room 3
Continue following the wire deeper into the facility. It will lead to another room, below you and to the left. Be sure to inspect anything in this room that seems odd, such as a scrap of paper lying about.

Room 4
This room is a dead-end, though it has one important feature - a button. Climb the room's central pillar by ascending the platforms at the far left side of the room. In case you missed the note in the last room, you can press [Q] to read any notes you find lying around. When you have reached the button, jump and press down [S] while in mid-air to push the button down, activating it. Once the button is activated, return the way you came.

Room 5
Once again, follow the wire, this time ascending back the way you came. Note that the wire is flashing - it seems you have activated some machinery.

Room 6
You'll notice that the elevator is now activated. Ride it up to the room's upper level. Once there, jump across the hanging light fixtures and enter the upper level of the adjacent left-hand room.

Room 7
You've already come a long way since you were trapped in that cell. Continue down the hall to the next room, but be sure to stop and inspect whatever you find intriguing.

Room 8
This room is itself a bit of a maze, but for now, there's only one way to go - down. Drop to the room's lowest level, and finally lower yourself into the room beneath you.

Room 10
Now that you've gained the ability to double-jump, this room has significantly opened up to you. Read any notes that you find lying around for further insight to the world around you. When you're done reading, head to the room to your left, further away from where you started. If at any point you find yourself getting lost, press [E] to view a map.

Room 11
The corridor at the far left side of this room is unaccessible to you... yet. For now, proceed upwards into the room above you.

Room 12
Here you can make a choice. You can ascend either side of this room, and move on accordingly. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will assume you go left, but do not let that stop you from going right if you so choose. Climbing up the shafts in this room can be difficult, but do not lose hope. Use your double jump ability, and climb to the top. Enter the room to the left, and continue to explore the facility.

Room 13
This room can be a little tricky. You must walk or jump off of the ledge in front of you, and time your mid-air double jump to bound you onto the extended platform below. If you fall into the pit, you can simply press [R] to return to the beginning of the room. Once you've made it onto the platform, proceed across the room and out through the lower-left corridor.

Room 14
This room is simply a matter of mastering your mid-air double jump ability. Climb to the top of the room, and enter the room above.

Room 15

Some traditional platforming. There's only one other exit in this room, and that is where you must go. Climb up the two suspended platforms into the enclosed area on the left, and then ascend the large vertical chamber. Cross the upper portion of the room, and then exit upon the far left wall, to the next area.

Room 16
Cross the top of the room - be sure to stop and read the note on the way. Fall into the pit below, and read the note here as well. Acquire the Z-7; "Grav Null" Device by jumping into it. You now have the ability to disable gravity! Press [SPACE] to toggle the Grav Null device. Use it to assist your rise and escape from the pit in which you're now trapped. Use the Grav-Null again to overcome the large obstruction in the room's central chamber. Finally, head through the remaining passages and exit through the bottom of the room.

Room 17
You might want to activate the switch beside you to open up a shortcut in this room. Once open, you can now easily return back the way you originally came, to the left.

Room 18
Drop to the lower level of this room. Assuming you didn't go there earlier, you must now climb up the right-hand side of the chamber. It's tricky, but definitely doable. Enter the room on to the right.

Room 19
There is a button here that must be activated. Press it, and return to the previous room.

Room 20
Drop down to the lowest level of this room, and exit back to the room below.

Room 21
Proceed back to the room on the right, through the short hallway.

Room 22
Jump onto the room's highest pillar, and use the Grav Null device to ascend to the room above you.

Room 23
In this large open chamber, use the Grav Null to hover into the area high above, and enter the room on the
right. If the corridor is blocked off, you still have to press the button in the small alcove above. Refer to
ROOM 18-20 in this walkthrough.

Room 24
You need to first press the button above you to open up this room's second chamber. Grav Null your way up, and hit the button. Proceed through the now-open corridor at the bottom of the room, and exit this room through the right.

Room 25
Here, you are presented with a choice - do you ascend, and try to reach the surface? Or do you go on ahead, and explore the facility further and deeper?

There are three different endings to this game, all of which can be reached from this point. Explore, discover, and finish the story of PRIOR.
PRIOR walkthrough video part 1

Carveola Incident walkthrough

Carveola Incident is a new point and click first person shooter game mixed with elements of tactical and management game from wootragames on armorgames. The game is set in the end of the first world war when Sgt. Kirley receives orders to join a special task force consisting of mixed allied and former enemy units to investigate a strange sightings of dead people walking and eating brains out of the living near deserted trench line.

Carveola Incident walkthrough.

Defend the trench as Sgt. Kirley and make use of infantry soldiers and artillery fire at your disposal. Unlock new weapons, medals achievements and more firepower as you prgress through many levels. Meanwhile, here is a CI Carveola Incident walkthrough showing bits of the game.

Reincarnation A Taste of Evil ATOE walkthrough

Reincarnation A Taste of Evil (ATOE) is another new sequel of the popular point and click adventure game series from bgroupproductions. The purple demon is out again to find and reclaim a reincarnated soul here on earth. Help this devil kin find his target and claim his soul.

Reincarnation A Taste of Evil ATOE walkthrough.

Like all other previous game in the series, RATOE is also funny and entertaining but can also be frustrating if you get lost at some point of it. Anyways, if that is the case, here is Reincarnation A Taste of Evil walkthrough showing the solution to the game (also some medals).

Eva Rescue Tom walkthrough

Eva Rescue Tom is a new side scrolling adventure platformer type game on gamesfree. In this game, you play as Eva the older sister of Tom who, apparently has been kidnapped by an evil witch who does lots of evil deeds such as kidnapping someone's little brother. The only way to save your little brother is to defeat his evil captor.

Eva Rescue Tom walkthrough.

The game offers a nice gameplay and fun adventure with elements from the all time favorite Mario game. Anyways, if ever you need some tips, hints or guide to this game, here is Eva Rescue Tom walkthrough showing the game completion.

Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace walkthrough

Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace is a new point and click strategy game from gamezhero. This game is basically the sequel to the first Tentacle Wars game which was released months ago. The microbial war continues and this time you have to face the fierce type of microbes - the purple ones.

Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace walkthrough.

These purple microbes may be the same color as Barney but they will show no mercy to any green colored embryo like you. Anyways, if you got stuck in this highly addicting game, it is time you see this Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace walkthrough showing the solution to all 20 levels.

The Sagittarian 2 walkthrough

The Sagittarian 2 is a new point and click decission making flash game with a compelling story set in a post zombie apocalypse. In the previous part of the game, the crew headed by Sage seek shelter in the stadium, the only place they think the zombie cannot overrun. But zombies blew up the walls so you have to take your crew and as much survivor as you can to find another place.

The Sagittarian 2 walkthrough.

Choose your adventure and choose wisely. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of the game, maybe TS2 The Sagittarian 2 walkthrough showing one of the solution to the game, will help you out.

Charlie Sheen Winning | The Charlie Sheen Game

Charlie Sheen Winning is a funny game from poxpower on newgrounds and it is based on the highly controversial actor as its title suggests. The game is an action type game where you play as Charlie riding a tap down sports car. Ramming into almost everything in the game is the objective, yes that includes pedestrians, but don't ram into roadblocks, other vehicles especially cop cars.

Charlie Sheen Game.

This game can be played in 4 difficulty modes - playing in the most difficult mode can earn you more points. Also medals and achievements to unlock are plenty. Since the game is about winning and just winning, it has no game over only winning overload. Meanwhile, here is a short walkthrough video showing bits of the Charlie Sheen game.

Die Hipster walkthrough with Ending

Die Hipster is a new action platformer adventure flash game created by wefail. The game features hipster puppets with references from other popular games like demon's souls and altered beast. The goal in this game is to collect all 7 trophies in order to win. The art style and graphics of the game plus the music on it makes it one unique fun game.

Die Hipster walkthrough ending.

DH is not only funny and entertaining it is also a little hard and challenging. So if you need some tips, hints and guide to winning this game, refer to the Die Hipster walkthrough with the ending.

Call of Bieber cheats

Call of Bieber is another funny parody action-shooter game featuring the face of the popular pop star Justin Bieber. In this game, the pop star mentioned above snaps and has gone literally ballistic on the cops. Survive waves of enemies, acquire new weapons and make upgrades to make them even more powerful.

Call of Bieber cheats.

Also, this game has a cheat feature where you can enter codes for cash, invincibility and midget mode - here is the video showing Call Of Bieber cheats.

Wooden Path 2 walkthrough

Wooden Path 2 is a new point and click puzzle game from remivision and kongregate. In this game, you are to bridge islands using wood materials. Other elements such as magic walls, mirrors, teleports, gold blocks and dynamites are present in specific levels. WP2 main features are as follows: 3 maps and 38 lands to discover, 54 challenging levels, 16 trophies and fairly long hours of gameplay.

Wooden Path 2 walkthrough.

This game is controlled entirely with mouse and the in game tutorial at the beginning will teach you everything you need know to get started. Anyways, if you find yourself stuck at some point of the game, here is Wooden Path 2 walkthrough found on YT.

Cactus McCoy walkthrough

Cactus McCoy is a new platform brawler flash game developed by Flipline Studios. It all started with a routine treasure hunt that goes awry and McCoy is transformed into a walking catus man by the power of the ancient curse casted upon him by a thorned emerald. Explore wild west world filled with rutless outlaws and secret treasures. Weild a huge variety of weapons being dropped by downed enemies. Run, jump and punch your way through army of enemigos sent by the monstrous Hex Hatfield.

Cactus McCoy walkthrough.

The game offers long hours of gameplay and many features like time trials, 60 area challenge and over 80 badges to earn. Anyways, here is the first video Cactus McCoy walkthrough (the rest up next).

Hugo The Hobo walkthrough

Hugo The Hobo is another funny point and click adventure puzzle flash game from abroy. Help poor guy Hugo get on his feet and bring his life in to the next level a little above being a homeless dude. This game is not only funny and challenging but there are times that you must think like a real hobo to figure out certain scenarios in the game.

Hugo The Hobo walkthrough.

But if you can only do a little of the thinking like a real hobo part and got really stuck at some part of the game, it is time to see this HTHW Hugo The Hobo walkthrough showing the complete solution for this game.