Feed Us Lost Island Cheats Walkthrough

Feed Us Lost Island Cheats.Feed Us Lost Island is the latest in the man eating fish monster game series from pyrozen. This time, the piranha is back for more flesh! Prey on unsuspecting victims as you develop your body to the ultimate monster in the water that takes pleasure on bone munching, boat sinking and just plain wrecking havoc upon tourists in a remote island paradise.

However, you will need blood to be completely beast in this game and will require you to take some time. But if you want to speed up things,  you may use the cheat codes provided below.
WARNING - Deactivate warnings.
WAR - Every human throw spears.
PEACE - No humans throw spears.
DEADARMY - Enable human skeletons.
BEAST - Become invincible.
SLOWCOW - Slow down enemies.
TRAVEL - Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
TINY - Become tiny main piranha.
MASSIVE - Become a very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - You jump higher.
POPOUT - Unlock all in the shop except Air Strikes.
APPETITE - 2x more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
To learn where to put those Feed Us Lost Island cheats please follow the video guide demonstrating how to do so.

Easy Joe 2 walkthrough

Easy Joe 2 walkthrough.Easy Joe 2 is a point and click minimalist puzzle game from begamer. You play as a little green dude who, for unknown reasons need to keep moving and pass through many obstacles in life like being chased by the police and trying to figure out how to get into the winners party. Whatever that party is. Anyways, the game is about finding the logic in a given scenario. The goal is to advance by interacting with other elements and objects in a given scene.

Here is a complete Easy Joe 2 walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay.

Escape Game Hospital Escape app walkthrough

Hospital Escape app walkthrough.Escape Game Hospital Escape app for android is another new point and click room escaping game from neodots creations. In this game your goal is to get out of the hospital by finding clues and unlocking code protected safes. The game design in general is very simple and not really attractive but the level of challenge it offers is quite decent. Although, it is a bit short it can eat up some time even for veteran escape games fanatics.

You are probably here in search of a guiding light that will give you hints to solve your game so I have prepared a short guide for everyone who's got their faces stuck in this challenging puzzle game. The Escape Game Hospital Escape app walkthrough below shows exact solutions i.e. what to pick up and how to figure out puzzles.

Drawfender walkthrough

Drawfender walkthrough.Drawfender is a physics based puzzle game from notdoppler in which the objective is to block the attacks of two amateur assassins and protect a famous philanthropist as he travels the world. The assassins will use cannon balls and lasers to take out the philanthropist and your only means of repelling their attack is by drawing wooden blocks to shield their target.

There are thirty cleverly designed levels in this game and some of them are more challenging than others. If you need help solving all of them you may find solutions in Drawfender walkthrough I created below.

How Smart Are You walkthrough

How Smart Are You walkthrough.
How Smart Are You is top down puzzle game from Entertainment Forge designed to test your IQ. The game is set in a distant future when all of humanity is wiped out from the face of the planet. Only ruins are what remains and perhaps solving the puzzles they left is the only way to learn their real story. While the game is well designed in terms of visuals and mechanics, the puzzle aspect of it also presents a real brain teaser that is both challenging and fun to do.

However, since all of us has different levels of IQ, one might get stuck at some point of it while some will just beat it with no sweat. That being said, I offer my own How Smart Are You walkthrough which shows exact doors to enter in each of the level in the game.

You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 Walkthrough, Review

You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 walkthrough.
You Must Escape Level 15 and Level 16 are now available. Many fans of escape games now are solving these new levels now as I type this up. My review? Well, I think both of them are kind of short and easier to solve than the earlier levels. But it is still fun and most of all it's responsive as ever in terms of touch. I hope that the developer will continue to bring us more of this stuff.

Anyways, here are a couple of videos of my gameplay showing Level 15 and 16 walkthrough of You Must Escape game for Android being solved and completed and that includes the number codes that may be your biggest problem in completing them.

Dead Trigger 2 APK Download

Dead Trigger 2 APK Download.
Dead Trigger 2 is now out just in time for the coming Halloween. One of the most popular shooter games for Android and iOS has got it's most awaited sequel has been made available by Mad Fingers October 24.

It features more zombies to shoot and new weapons to shoot with. Do you like heavy weapons? You got it. What's more and new in this game is the real time story development where you take part in the global resistance as the story develops directly influenced by the participation of every single player.

The challenge it presents just got vamped up with kamikaze, vomitron and other new bosses that are powerful zombies. You like chickens? You like grenades? How about Grenade Chickens? It's awesome, not only the chicken weapons but the game itself is really engaging and has intuitive gameplay. But don't take my word for it, go get it from Google Play or download Dead Trigger 2 apk here.

Please note that after you download the APK, you will have to connect to wifi to download additional data needed to launch the game.

Zombie Trapper 2 Tips and Tricks walkthrough

Zombie Tips and Tricks walkthrough.Zombie Trapper 2 is a defense strategy shooter game from miniclip. Do you ever feel the need to shoot zombies and impale them with various kinds of booby traps? Well, this game allows you all of those things. You are a lone cop in a zombie ridden world whose only mission is to protect the air purifier from being destroyed by the horde. Utilize different traps and wield different kinds of weapons to deal with them.

Not all zombies are created equal in this game. Some of them are dogs, some are mummified and some of them can use lawn mower. To deal with a variety of undead enemies you must implement a variety of weapons and traps from classic foot snapper traps to more advance tesla coils. Yeah, that's how we roll in this game. Pistols, dual pistols and heavy weapons are what you are going to be shooting with in this game.

Some tips and tricks.

When a new weapon comes available for purchase, get it. Make purchasing powerful weapons your top priority. Don't spend too much money on foot snapper traps because you can get many of them from bonus rounds. The mine trap is useful for taking out large group of zombies. Instead of placing them at the start of battle, save them and use them on groups of zombies. That way, you can maximize its potential. The first machine pistol is quite more accurate than dual pistols perfect for making headshots. Cars explodes too so if you might want to use its explosion to your advantage by making them explode when a group of zombies are around it. Also always save money to buy dog food so you'll have the dog King fighting by your side.

Want to see it, go watch my winning Zombie Trapper 2 gameplay walkthrough video I have down below.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.6 APK Free Download

Minecraft 0.7.6 APK Free Download.Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.7.6 is now available so you might want to update your game via play store or download an APK of it. This version includes a few realms and stability fixes and if you want your building, mining and crafting go smoother, you must have it.

While you may update via play store if you already have the paid app, you can also download it free from pretty much everywhere. You can also check out the video below for more info where to download Minecraft 0.7.6 APK free.

Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 cheats

Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 cheats.Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 is another sequel to one of the best action stick shooter game for browser. In this game,  you have to accomplish missions deadly as ever. Wield different weapons and fight baddies in a point and click and shooter format at the same time.

Here are the list of Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 cheats code if you want to ahead of your game although it may greatly spoil the natural challenge the game presents.
GAM - ammo.
UNLOCK - unlock stuff.
DAOLER - no reload
EVOM - move faster.
REWOP - more powerful weapons.

Earth Taken Secrets Location

Earth Taken Secrets Location.Earth Taken is another platformer shooter game from seething swarm. The game is set in an apocalyptic Earth where the aliens have taken over and conspired with the government. You play as a survivor that found out that the government cannot be trusted and is planning to eliminate the resistance with nuclear strikes.

The game is fun overall although it only has a very simple shooting mechanics. The art and animation is good but you are not here to read that. You are here for a guide that will show you all the Earth Taken Secrets Location walkthrough from my recorded gameplay.

Zombotron 2 Time Machine walkthrough

Zombotron 2 Time Machine walkthrough.Zombotron 2 Time Machine is the sequel to the the platformer shooter game from antkarlov. For those who don't know yet, it's one of my favorite platformer shooter flash game because it has nice graphics style, excellent sound effects and good physics elements in it. It is where I get to shoot a lot of types of enemies from sword wielding skeleton warriors to ant lion babies to robot miners and of course zombies. But this part 2 game has some more enemy types in it like giant rats, giant mech and soldiers.

You will also get to play in a stage where your mission is to drive behemoth vehicle that can crash everything in its path. Want to see the gameplay? Go watch Zombotron 2 Time Machine walkthrough I have down below.

Submarine Escape App walkthrough

Submarine Escape app walkthrough.Submarine Escape is a new point and click room puzzle game from mobest media for Android and iphone. In this game, your purpose is to get out of different rooms inside a submarine. Navigate yourself around a single view of each room to pick up items or find clues that will help you open the vault that will lead you to another room with a different kind of puzzle is waiting for you to be solved.

Like any other creations of mobest, this too is fun and challenging that can take a good chunk of your brain cells if you play it. That said, I have here is Submarine Escape app walkthrough where all of the current puzzles are solved and demonstrated.

Cyber Chaser All Boss walkthrough

Cyber Chaser all boss walkthrough.Cyber Chaser is side scrolling sci-fi shooter game from silengames. In this game, your mission is to defeat three bosses in an epic battle with the help of upgrades and powerful weapons. Your enemies include both melee and range type robots that will attack at will. Gather gems, coins and fuel to get the advantage in each stages.

Cyber Chaser walkthrough to all bosses in my gameplay video below.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough.Red Ball Volume 3 is another new platformer physics based puzzle game from notdoppler. Roll and jump your way through a deadly factory riddled with dangerous enemy blocks, lasers and pitfalls.

This game offers a really good platforming gameplay experience but it also presents lots of decent challenging jump puzzles which will inevitably have you go through a lot of trials and errors. If you think beating this game impossible due to it's level of difficulty learn from the Red Ball 4 Volume 3 walkthrough laid out below the techniques you have to do.

Zombie Tsunami Android App cheats

Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats.Zombie Tsunami is a one button side scrolling running game from mobigame and for some reason it's kind of addicting. In the game, you control horde of green skin zombies that is out to infect all humans in their path. However, it is somewhat not that easy to take over the world if you don't have the upgrades to your skills which apparently costs coins. To earn coins, you must get them but it's not easy either thanks to the moving cars, bombs and holes conveniently placed everywhere.

You can make an in app purchase if you have the money of course or you can try a slightly shady way of getting ahead of this game. And that is by downloading the mod. It's the same game but with more than enough coins to buy everything in the game. Check out Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats below to learn how to get it.

Deeper Sleep walkthrough

Deeper Sleep walkthrough.Deeper Sleep is the sequel to the eerie point and click escape adventure game from scriptwelder. In this game you play as the guy who became obsessed with his lucid dreams and took off to the library to find out more about the shadow people but it turns out that you are still dreaming and you have to get away from the shadow people before they get you. You have no choice but to go deeper.

This game presents a challenging puzzle and the fact that it is kind of scary makes it more difficult to beat. You can play the game here or watch the Deeper Sleep walkthrough I made for all of you having trouble completing the game or finding all the 15 pieces of papers/notes.

The Telekinetic Incident walkthrough

The Telekinetic Incident walkthrough.The Telekinetic Incident is a new platformer physics based puzzle game from Mathew Fearington. In this game your goal is to pass 30 levels riddled with blocks and laser activated doors while keeping yourself alive. Occasionally, you will have to also help another nameless person to get to his exit before you can exit yourself. The physics of this platformer is quite good the laser puzzles are quite clever and challenging at times.

As per the story, it has an intriguing one that is told in a humorous manner by a funny voice actor whose name is Fred. This unseen character will guide you throught game explaining you the basics and everything you need to know in order to survive and pass each level. Anyways, as this game is a puzzler it's most likely that one of you reading here have already been stuck on some point of it. Well, I did get stuck at some levels of this game but fortunately I managed to overcome it and record The Telekinetic Incident Game walkthrough out of it which I am sharing with you now!

Lazors Tinier walkthrough

Lazors Tinier walkthrough.Lazors Tinier among with other new set of levels are the new additions to this challenging puzzle game about reflecting rays of light by pyrosphere. It's a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors which offers hundreds of levels that present unique puzzle that teases the brain. It has intuitive gameplay a hint system if you feel you cannot solve a level on your own and game center achievements. The goal in the game is to hit all targets by moving blocks and reflecting laser beams.

Now let us solve this game for you! These images here is just to give you an idea what should the final blocks arrangement look like.

We have 9 solved levels (because you probably already figured level 1 out yourself) for Lazors Tinier walkthrough which comes in the form of images revealing the right arrangements and positions to meet the goal.

Rokilot Walkthrough Boss Battle

Rokilot walkthroughRokilot: The New World is another top down sci-fi shooter game from witus. In this game you are a heavy armed trooper on a mission to eliminate enemies across 20 challenging levels and an alien wizard boss. Yes, that villain looked like an alien and a wizard that should be stopped from doing stuff that will probably be evil.

In this gameplay video, I will show you the final boss battle in which of course I won. Without further ado here is Rokilot walkthrough showing a strategy to beat the last stage.

Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough.Obama Crazy Escape is point and click puzzle adventure game from inkagames. In this game, you play as the president who has gone into an unknown place where minotaurs and ogres resides. Think outside the box, very far outside the box to solve the puzzles in this game. Avoid getting choked by baddies and outsmart them using the items that you pick up from the rooms.

Anyways, if you are stuck at some point of it which is probably most likely because you are here, you may refer to the Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Click Death Park walkthrough

Click Death Park walkthrough.
Click Death Park is another new point and click stick figure puzzle game from bored. This is one of the newest in the series of mayhem causing stick game but this time the setting is a peaceful park. A perfect place for barbecues, picnic, recreation and blood. Like any other ClickDeath games, this one tend to be challenging but nothing is impossible for a clever evil mind and nothing is stopping you from delivering the poor stick men to their demise.

You will even use this Click Death Park walkthrough that I have prepared if need be.

Dwarf Coins walkthrough

Dwarf Coins walkthrough.Dwarf Coins is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from A10. Your objective in the game is get the gold coin to the mining cart in each level. However, there are obstacles in the coin's path which you need to overcome. That is where your cleverness is needed. Break blocks and make use of the other elements such as explosives, conveyor belt and planks wisely.

There are thirty levels in this game each presenting a unique kind of puzzle and each of them is more challenging and difficult after the other. If ever you got stuck on it at some point, you can use the Dwarf Coins walkthrough demonstrating how to perfectly complete the game.

Monkey GO Happy Guess Answers

Monkey Go Happy Go Guess is a ne  point and click quiz game from pencilkids. This game is a shoot off from the popular monkey go happy game series and this time your goal is not to find items or solve skill based puzzles. Instead you are to answer a bunch of brain teasing word quizzes.
Monkey GO Happy Guess Answers

You are probably here searching for help or a cheat perhaps that will enable you to get pass a certain level or beat the game altogether easily for the sake of making that sad baby monkey incredibly happy.

Well, you're lucky because what I am sharing today are Monkey Go Happy Guess answers which will be your guide to help you progress in your game.

Caribbean Admiral walkthrough

Caribbean Admiral walkthrough.Caribbean Admiral is another point and click action adventure game from Vogd. Your goal in this game is to rebuild a once powerful fleet and defeat a ghost ship called The Flying Dutchman. You just have to do it because that mysterious ship took your sister's life. There 12 different ships in this game with lots of upgrades. Start from a small and humble ship and upgrade to bigger powerful ones as you trade and fight off pirates along the way.

Free and conquer 10 towns to obtain the location of the final boss. Defeat him using your dynamite shots. Yes, that is a protip for you. See the Caribbean Admiral walkthrough guide below to learn how to beat the final boss.

Mini Bunker Escape walkthrough

Mini Bunker Escape is another new little room escape type of point and click game developed by Ainars. The scenario is this, you found yourself locked inside an unknown bunker and like any other sane person in this world that will be trapped inside a creepy shelter,  you will have to find your way out. How? Just explore each view, gather items that can be picked up, and solve some puzzles using them.

Mini Bunker Escape walkthrough
Good luck because you'll need it but do you know what you need more than just luck in order to finish this game? Yes a Mini Bunker Escape walkthrough which apparently, shows how to do all the stuff that needs to be done in this game.

Bad Ice Cream 2 walkthrough

Bad Ice Cream 2 walkthroughBad Ice Cream 2 is nitromes' sequel to their arcade action game that features flavored frozen treats. Your goal in this game hasn't change from the original game; nab all fruits on each level which is apparently full of enemies. Smash ice and and get all of the fruits before the level ends. The challenge is avoiding the enemies with ice cubes that you can magically spit out but be sure you use this skill to your advantage.

Meanwhile, here is Bad Ice Cream 2 walkthrough showing how to beat each stages including the final level.