Combo Factory walkthrough

Combo Factory is a new action stick animation brawler game from stickpage. It's about performing fancy awesome combo moves using different weapons and items. You play as the orange stick dude with raging power and excellent skills in  wielding both melee and range weapons. Try to earn money buy defeating endless waves of enemies that gets more challenging as you progress. Make use of your hard earned money to purchase weapons at the store. Each weapon enables you to perform unique combos. But they also have disadvantages. For example, heavy weapons can deal large amount of damage to enemies but they attack slow.

Combo Factory walkthrough.

The gameplay is quite addicting but there are some flaws regarding the weapons. I find it very difficult to switch between weapons while you are being beaten by dozens of enemies. But when you get to master it, you can pretty much own anyone. Nonetheless, it's another entertaining game from stickpage. Anyways, if you're having trouble with the game, mostly wondering how you can get a weapon out and use it, and the in-game controls instructions doesn't help much, to use a weapon : press D to put up the weapon slot then choose a weapon from the slot then press D again then by pressing the Z key you can perform the weapon attack. Meanwhile, I've collected videos of Combo Factory walkthrough for everyone to see.

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