Dillo Hills walkthrough

Dillo Hills is a new physics based side scrolling action flight game from the awesomeness of FexLabs. You see, there's this tiny armadillo whose biggest dream is to fly high through the air like birds. But like any other normal armadillo, he has no wings so he'll have to improvised if is to reach his literally high dreams. Slide along hills to gather up speed the launch to the skies and soar. You can buy upgrades like crystal boost, drop speed, time bonus and damage reduction. There's this Hats achievements also where you get to unlock different hats when you reach specific milestones or new zones.

Dillo Hills walkthrough.

The author said this is inspired by another game called wavespark - the same game that was the inspiration of the Tiny Wings game. Anyways, you can also get this Dillo Hills for android and will also be available for the iphone (iOS) soon. For Dillo Hills walkthrough I will be collecting videos and put them here.

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