The Ninja Game walkthrough

The Ninja Game is another point and click evade and get to the goal while avoiding tons of enemy fire and spiky obstacle kind of game on armorgames. Hop around as the tiniest ultimate ninja and get to the portal in one piece - that is if you can avoid lasers, heat seeking rockets and burning lasers.

The Ninja Game walkthrough.
The game is controlled entirely by mouse so you will only have to ninja click your way to the end of each levels. There are 4 worlds in this game each are consist of progressively challenging levels. Random tip: You may want to master your knife throwing skills - this is your only ally against heat seekers. If you need more hints and strategy, try TNGw The Ninja Game walkthrough from some amazing yt user which covers world 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the game.

Hack Slash Crawl walkthrough

Hack Slash Crawl is another point and click dungeon raiding adventure game about swords, armor, magic spells and leveling up on armorgames. The game features a wide variety of character classes each with different attributes and abilities.There are also lots of magical items you can find in every level of HSC including fire, entangle, critical strikes, charge, charm spells, massive swarm and many more.

Hack Slash Crawl walkthrough.
The game is controlled entirely by mouse but you can also keys 1 to 8 for spell shortcuts. You can carry as much as 32 items in your inventory and you can break items you don't need to become mana pearls. Here is Hack Slash Crawl walkthrough we have in the meantime - we'll definitely post more when we get the chance to do so.

Snoring walkthrough

If you want to know how to minimize your snoring so you won't disturb other people around you trying to get some sleep, this article is not what you are looking for. But if you are looking for the solution to the game entitled Snoring which from agame, we've got you covered.

Snoring Walkthrough.
Before anything  else, this is a logical fun, fun physics based puzzle game about an elephant that needs to be waken from his inconvenient slumber. Use the animals to wake this monstrosity and stop his loud snoring that echoes within the jungle. Basically, the gameplay is similar to wake up the box game. On to the show, here is SW Snoring Walkthrough which covers all of its levels. Enjoy your game guys!

American Football walkthrough

American Football is one of miniclip's newest point and click sports game. Like in real life football, use your wisdom to execute the right game plan. Make the pass to the best positioned teammate and run for the touch down. Avoid getting tackled along the way ramming every man on your path is the key to victory!

American Football walkthrough.
If you can aim well, going for the "long" tactics can be an advantage. Tip: Ram is your friend, use it well. Anyways, here is Miniclip (AFw) American Football walkthrough from some awesome yt user.

The Tricky Tumblers walkthrough

The Tricky Tumblers is another mind boggling puzzle game developed by coffingames. Complete each level by filling the target volume of liquid into the target container i.e. tumbler with the target color. You start off with plain water then as you progress, the game expands to include colored water which is the mixing part comes in, which further expands into using magic wands.

The Tricky Tumblers walkthrough.
TTT is consist of 18 levels including 3 bonus stages all with decent difficulty. In fact, you can get lost at some point of the game so here is The Tricky Tumbler walkthrough for the solution.

Belial Chapter 2.5 walkthrough

Belial Chapter 2.5 is another point and click puzzle game from keybol. This is the author's supporting chapter for the hit series of Belial games. This time, Belial must work with a scantily clad and hot female demon and Beelzebub to unleash Baal from within his innerself. The game is controlled entirely by mouse so you only have to click or drag things to interact with it.

Like the previous Belial games, BC2.5 is equally entertaining and has a enough difficulty and challenge plus the artwork and animation is good as well as its background music. Anyways, if you need help, hints, solution or tips to solve the puzzles or beat the game itself, here is Belial Chapter 2.5 walkthrough, once again, brought to us by tass' awesomeness.

Soul Redeemer walkthrough

Soul Redeemer is a new action shooter with rpg elements game on arcadebomb. This game features 6 action packed stages with lots of different enemy types including 6 epic boss battles. Wield 5 different weapons and items to upgrade you stats and abilities in an rpg styled inventory. You can choose to double weild a weapon or equip one hand with a shield and the other the weapon of your choice.

Soul Redeemer walkthrough.
The game is basically a shoot and evade type where attacking quickly is the advantage. There are also 6 achievements to unlock in this game. In another light, The graphics are good and the gameplay is simply awesome. Anyway, if you need some guide, tips or hints on how to beat this game, particularly the bosses, here is SRw Soul Redeemer walkthrough showing all boss battles.

Halo and Pixy walkthrough

Halo and Pixy is another point and click adventure puzzle game pastlegames. In this game, you are to guide the little green character to rescue the cat who is stuck at the tree branch. Click on the right spots in the environment to interact with the game.

Halo and Pixy walkthrough.

Also, search from room to room to find items that you can use to solve puzzles. The game features cute characters, nice animation and enough challenge. But in case you got really stuck at some point, here is Halo and Pixy walkthrough to help you solve the game.

Eddie's Lament walkthrough

Eddie's Lament is another new point and click adventure game you can play on kongregate. It's a classic clickity adventure except it is all done in rhymes. Help Eddie boy overcome his grief for his lost love and save himself from the living dead. Wait. What? Zombies?! Yeah, this has a zombie factor in it and that makes it more interesting. Collect seemingly useless junk we like to call "items" just like in any other adventure games and use them to make your escape.

Eddie's Lament walkthrough.
Point and click adventure games with zombies in them like this one which feature a guy with a broken heart can be really entertaining but could also be a bit pain if you get stuck every time so yeah, here is a written ELw Eddie's Lament walkthrough we stumbled upon.

Click on the laptop.
Go right, and click on the keys.
Go right again, open the drawer.
Go up, use the paperclip on the lock.
Then use the cough drop on the person in the mirror.
Go down, and then left. Use the crowbar on the window.
Go up, then up again.
Use the toy penguin on the bird, then go down, then right, then up.
Use the USB flash drive next to the "lights" fuse, below the label "TV".
Go down, left, down, right. Click on the TV.
After the second part, click to leave.
Go right, then click on the door until the zombie is shown.
Now that you have the aim, you can use the shotgun on the zombies head.
Walk through the door, then use the keys on the car.

That's all for Eddie's Lament walkthrough folks! 

Sarcastic Cat Escape walkthrough

Sarcastic Cat Escape is another new point and click room escaping game on addictinggames. In this game, you are to explore an awkward looking world to find your missing cat. Your oddest escaping skills will be put to test on this one. Find hidden objects to unlock new areas of the game.

Sarcastic Cat Escape walkthrough.

SCE is quite an entertaining puzzle game with enough difficulty to sometimes give you significant amount of head scratching moments. If the scratching persist, consult Sarcastic Cat Escape walkthrough below.

Nightmare on the Pacific walkthrough

Nightmare on The Pacific is another interactive hidden object game from little games company. You probably know the basics of the game which is to point,click and drag objects to interact with the game. Now on to the show, here we will cover Nightmare on The Pacific walkthrough chapter 1 Jimmy and the rest of the chapters in future posts.
Nightmare on the Pacific walkthrough.
Click on the red toolbox on the right and click again to open it.
Take the CONTROL LIGHT, CARD and TWEEZER from the toolbox.
Click on the blue door and enter the next room.
Click on the yellow box on the railing.
Use the CONTROL LIGHT from inventory on the broken bulb.
Push the greenbutton to turn on the lights.
Click on the locker  and use the CARD on the left edge to open it.
Take the PIPE and DOOR HANDLE from inside the locker.
Click on the suitcase in the water and note that you need a key to open it.
Click on the submerged door and use the DOOR HANDLE on it.
Click on the door and pass through to the next room.
Click on vent to the right and note you need a tool to open.
Click on the iron gate in the far left of the room.
Use the PIPE on the iron gate and enter through.
Click on the open vent on the left of the room.
Use the TWEEZERS to get the SUITCASE KEYS from the grate.
Exit the scene via the bottom of the screen two times.
Use the SUITCASE KEYS on the suitcase floating in the water to trigger a hidden object scene.
Find all the items listed and get a SCREWDRIVER, HACKSAW, SWITCH and FLARE GUN.
Head straight through the doorway one time.
Click on the grate on the right.
Use the SCREWDRIVER on the red screw on the upper right.
Assemble the wheel and automatically turn the water off when complete.
Head through the iron gates in the left rear.
Click on the open vent on the left two times to find Jimmy.

Here is NOTPw Nightmare on the Pacific walkthrough for chapter 1 Jimmy.

Dungeon Developer walkthrough

Dungeon Developer is a strategy adventure game by kongregate. In the game, you are to design the best dungeon, outfit its adventurers and equip them with a variety of magic items then finally slay the red dragon on the lowest level of the dungeon as soon as you can.

Dungeon Developer walkthrough.

Build each floor of the dungeon by purchasing tiles in thus connecting the entry to the exit. You can also connect minion along the way so that you can earn exp from it. Different enemies are vulnerable to different attacks so equip your adventurers weapons and magic wisely. Earn enough gold to unlock the next levels and reach 15th floor where the final boss is. By the way, there is also a dungeon crawl mode on this game where you can play as a single adventurer and explore the dungeon you have made but you only get one life and you cannot build or change anything. Also there are badges and rating to earn namely; Platinum, Silver, Gold and Bronze rating which determines how many days you've completed the quest. Meanwhile, here is a video of DDw Dungeon Developer walkthrough from some awesome guy on yt.

Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance walkthrough

Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance is another action zombie shooter game created by twotowersgames. Run down and shoot zombies using 6 types of weapons with 6 upgrades for type. There are also upgrades for your tractor such as life, armor and speed which can be accessed by pressing the shop button on the top of the screen. Don't let the zombies crash the gates or you will lose.

Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance walkthrough.
Take down fat zombies from a distance and never let them get near you - they can cause heavy damage. Killing bosses and cannons can gain you good money. Upgrade your speed first and purchase the hatson shotgun to make short work of the demons and cannons. There are 6 large levels in the game with increasing difficulty. Meanwhile, here is JVAVw Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance walkthrough for tips and strategy.

Mecharon 2 Survival walkthrough

Mecharon 2 Survival is another action shooter defense game from moonmana. Pilot a mighty mechanaught walker robot and deal with waves of enemy creatures using a variety of weapons. Start of with a single shot firearm and pick up new and even more powerful weapons such as shotgun and grenade launcher. You can also upgrade your base defense and the amount of damage it can do to enememies. It fires at any creeping foe within its line of sight.
Mecharon 2 Survival walkthrough.
When you level up, you can choose what attributes to upgrade by accessing the upgrade menu upon pressing space bar. The game can be really addicting so consider yourself warned =). Meanwhile, here is MS2W Mecharon 2 Survival walkthrough in the meantime - we'll try to post the rest in the next update.

Kaitai Dismantlement Chapter Barber's Pole walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement Chapter Barber Pole is a new point and click puzzle game brought to us by gameebb. As the title suggests, the game is about dismantling a barber shop pole - that twisting blue, red and white object. It may sound difficult to do if this is the first barber pole you are gonna dismantle but the good news is you can use a tool, a screwdriver. Bad news is only the screwdriver is at your disposal. So good luck.

Kaitai Dismantlement Chapter Barbers Pole walkthrough.

Just click around and zoom in on places to find hints and puzzles to solve. If all else fail, you can see this KDCBPw Kaitai Dismantlement Chapter Barber's Pole walkthrough showing the solution for the game.

Xeno Defense walkthrough

Xeno Defense is a new point and click defensive shooter from armorgames. In this game, you play as a lone soldier who protects a small research outpost from invading waves of aliens. Strategically upgrade your base and weaponry to survive the next waves of enemies.

Xeno Defense walkthrough.
You will earn resource pointts every after round which you can use to make upgrades to your defenses. Artillery and gas attack will be available further in the game. When you get defeated, simply press continue and you will have the chance to still make upgrades using the points you earned from that level you have been defeated. Meanwhile, here is short XD Xeno Defense walkthrough for the time being.

Dump Escape walkthrough

Dump Escape is another fast paced action platform shooter game on armorgames. Its about jumping, running, swimming, flying and lots of shooting. Start off as a bottle throwing dude, a little crab and insect then upgrade yourself to an even more cunning character and monstrosity.

Dump Escape walkthrough.
The game requires no strategy or critical thinking - just shoot, evade and survive for as long as you can. Meanwhile, here is DEW Dump Escape walkthrough to see the game in action.

Seashore Room Escape walkthrough

Seashore Room Escape walkthrough - This game is another point and click puzzle escape game brought to us by games2rule. In the game, you are trapped inside a room by the seashore and what's worse is that there is no one is nearby to help you. You can expect to end up in catastrophe if you don't get out of there soon.

Seashore Room Escape walkthrough.
Explore the rooms, find items and use your wits to figure out how you can utilize those objects for your escape. Look closely in every room to find hints but if you got really stuck at some point, its time to see the SREW Seashore Room Escape walkthrough below.

K.O.L.M.I.A.M. walkthrough (KOLMIAM)

KOLMIAM is a puzzle type adventure platform mini version of KOLM game from armorgames. Levels in this game are in tiny portions wherein you have to solve each level within a minute. That is why it is called KOLM in a minute or K.O.L.M.I.A.M.. Enjoy lots of micro adventures with your favorite emo robot in this fast action take on the original version.

This game features cool pixel graphics and smooth animation complemented with nice background music and neat sound effects. Meanwhile, here is a KOLMIAM walkthrough to watch.

Deadly Venom 2 Origins walkthrough cheats

Deadly Venom 2 Origins is another new point and click action adventure game from gamesfree. It is an action prequel to the hit stealth assassin game featuring a seductive heroine. Employ close combat tactics, throwing knife skills and special weapons in all new missions.

Deadly Venom 2 Origins walkthrough cheats.

There are new weapons to use and a lot more stealthy action experience on this one than the first one. Anyways, if you find this more difficult and got stuck on it at some point, these Deadly Venom 2 Origins walkthrough guides will help you out. Also watch out for Deadly Venom cheats on the next update.

Colliderix II (2) walkthrough

Coliderix II 2 is another fun physics based point and click puzzle game on addictinggames. The objective in this game is to eliminate the yellow and pink colored shapes by making them collide with each other by clicking on the orange shapes.

Colliderix II 2 walkthrough.

Colliderix 2 is equally entertaining like the previous game but it can also be a bit of a challenge for some. So here is a Colliderix II 2 walkthrough for some of its further levels.

Tractor Mania walkthrough

Tractor Mania is another fun physics based point A to point B delivery driving game on maxgames. Your goal is to successfully deliver different cargo to the finish line without getting your tractor wrecked while driving through different contours of each level.

Tractor Mania walkthrough.
 Complete 24 unique levels with different task to accomplish and obstacles to overcome. Unlock 3 other tractors with better capabilities such as speed, tire grip and more health. Anyways, here is some video of TMW Tractor Mania walkthrough we've run into.

GOF Glory of Fellowland walkthrough

GOF Glory of Fellowland is another strategy fantasy browser based multiplayer game set in medieval times. Build a small village and grow to a glorious empire as you go through a world of quests and epic battles. The game also allows you to cooperate with friends, trade and make alliances to fight side by side against a foe. Plot the demise of your rivals and conquer all those who stands in your way to glory!

GOF Glory of Fellowland walkthrough cheats.

The game is not the first of its kind though it has some uniqueness in it, so you may find it difficult to start things off in GOF like building structures, using village items and researching new sciences which are required in the first quest in this game. So yeah, here is a the best videos of GOF Glory of Fellowland walkthrough showing the basics in the game.

PS. If you are looking for GOF Glory of Fellowland Cheats, you can try checking back often. We are still looking around to find the REAL ones - yes a lot of fake cheats are spawning everywhere.

Age of Defense 3 walkthrough

Age of Defense 3 is the latest installment in the hit point and click strategy game from belugerin. In this game, you battle through 32 kinds of units each with uniqe skill to unlock. You can make upgrades using the tree based upgrade system in between battles.

Age of Defense 3 walkthrough.

There are over 100 levels in the game and each with new challenge and different tactic to employ with. Though the range units are the most effective ones so try to unlock and upgrade these kinds of units early on. Anyways, here is an AOD3W Age of Defense 3 walkthrough to learn something from.

Cuboy Quest walkthrough

Cuboy Quest is another colorful platform puzzle skill game about a little 8 bit cowboy on a quest. Or is it about jumping, shooting balloons and things to unlock the gate to the next level. Very entertaining and is progressively challenging. It's a kinda short though.

Cuboy Quest walkthrough.
Also, there are 10 achievements to unlock in this game by doing specific actions. Anyways, here is a short video of CQW Cuboy Quest walkthrough in the meantime.

Groundhog D Day walkthrough

Groundhog D Day is a new point and click physics based launch game from miniclip. Dooms Day is upon us and those squirrels have declared war against us! Use the mighty cannon to knock out them and stop them from invading the world.

The game is controlled by mouse and WASD like any other launching game but what makes unique are the graphics, cute characters and good animation. Also, there upgrades you can make to make it more fun and they are hilarious too. Meanwhile, for tips and tricks, here is a GDDW Groundhog D-Day walkthrough from some cool guy over at yt.

Ornament Key walkthrough

Ornament Key is a new point and click time attack puzzle game from coolbuddy. In this game, you have to drag and drop the puzzle pieces in the correct places to assemble ornaments and unlock the next gate until the last one. There are 7 Egypt themed levels and 7 Mayan themed.

Ornament Key walkthrough.
Ornament Key game is really entertaining and if you want more challenge you can adjust the difficulty to hard mode which has fast timer but higher score points to earn. Meanwhile, here is an Ornament Key walkthrough we found so far.

Tesla Death Ray walkthrough

Tesla Death Ray is another point and click action game on stickpage. Take control of the mighty tesla coil weapon and take on waves of enemy soldiers, tanks and aircraft. Make upgrades in between levels to make your tesla tower more cunning and electrifying.

Tesla Death Ray walkthrough.
The game is controlled entirely by mouse - just aim and click to shoot electricity on enemies. Upgrading first the energy capacity and the chain lighting can be an advantage. Anyways, here is part of TDRW Tesla Death Ray walkthrough including the last wave.

Remember Myself Escape walkthrough

Remember Myself Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from stoneagegames. To escape from oblivion you must find your identity by finding hidden objects tips and clues. Solve the puzzles that you will see as you play further. This escape game is fun but can also be a bit of a challenge so if you find yourself stuck at some point on it, you may try to consider looking for hints or solution.
Remember Myself Escape walkthrough.

Its a good thing we found this Remember Myself Escape walkthrough showing how to solve the game.

Over The Border walkthrough

Over The Border is another addicting physics based launch game from bubblebox. The game sets in the Mexican and American border which Bandito must cross. Launching the dummy and making it bounce for as long as possible is cool but what's cooler is the shooting action while bouncing and using tequila time to slow down time. You can also earn cash and use it to make upgrades to your weapons, weights and armor that will improve your efficiency thus getting you closer to crossing over the border.

Over The Border walkthrough.

Tip: upgrade first the weight to cover more distance that will make you earn gold faster. Meanwhile, here is short video of Over The Border walkthrough to learn something from.

Super Mega Bot

Super Mega Bot is another fun and challenging platforming game created by yzigames. In this game, you platform jumping skills will be put to test in its 21 levels filled with spikes, bombs, lasers and enemies that will make your life difficult.

Super Mega Bot walkthrough.
If you want challenge, then this game got you covered from head to toe. Meanwhile, whilst we look around for a complete Super Mega Bot walkthrough that will show the techniques to finish each of its levels, let's watch this SMB gameplay.

Click Play 3 walkthrough

Click Play 3 is the latest installment for the point and click puzzle game series by ninjadoodle. The play button has gone missing again and like in the previous parts of this game, you have to find it by solving puzzles in each level.

Click Play 3 walkthrough.
Each level welcomes you to a scene where you have to think outside the box to find the play button. Levels are progressively difficult so there is a big chance you'll get stuck at further levels. Anyways, here is CP3 Click Play 3 walkthrough we found.

Level 01 (Oh Mona) – Click on the Mona Lisa painting.
Level 02 (Drink Up) – Hold down on the liquid or the straw until all the liquid is gone.
Level 03 (Balloon Party) – Click on the pin holding the flyer up, then drag the pin over the balloons to pop them.
Level 04 (Party Pooper) – Drag the cereal and milk onto the monster. Once the monster does it’s business, drag it aside.
Level 05 (Round n’ Round) – Spin all the windmills. Once the light come on, drag up the roof of the small house.
Level 06 (Screwed Up) – Hold on the broken light bulb to unscrew it, then drag the new light bulb on the the light-shade.
Level 07 (Sunny Day) – Click all the sunflower petals.
Level 08 (Mazed In) – Grab the maze to twist and turn it until you get the ball out.
Level 09 (Hole in the Wall) – Memorize the numbers and click them in order.
Level 10 (Paintball) – Click when the cross-hair is over the balloons.
Level 11 (Voodoo) – Drag the four pins to the body parts shown on top.
Level 12 (In the Bin) – Drag all the pieces into the v-shape: 3rd piece from the right 1st, 2nd piece 2nd, 4th piece 3rd and 1st piece last.
Level 13 (Magic Touch) – Drag all the stars into the hat. Click the wand. Drag up the bunny ears.
Level 14 (Balls Away) – Click on a ball then its twin until all balls are gone.
Level 15 (Breedathon) – Drag one of the aliens to the other in order to breed some eyeballs. Keep breeding until the play button pops out.
Level 16 (Stack ‘em) – Drag the boxes to the right and stack them in the shaft to create space for more boxes to fall.
Level 17 (Arrow Madness) – Click on the flashing arrow, then click the tile that the current tile is pointing to. If the current tile has 2 arrows, then skip a tile.
Level 18 (Who nose) – Look at the noses of the parents, then click on the children until you have the in between shade.
Level 19 (In The Dark) – Look in the corners for clues. The clue will show you the corner to go to and the desired pattern. Click the buttons until you have the right combo.
Level 20 (Good Luck) – Hold the mouse button down long enough so you make it to the other side using only 7 clicks without dropping the crates.
Level 21 (Gnomies) – Roll over the gnomes to see how many times they blink. Click them in order from 1 – 7.
Level 22 (Alpha Doors) – Click on the doors until the objects spell PLAY. Pear / Ladder / Apple / Yin-Yang.
Level 23 (Big Bite) – Click on the 3rd / biggest bite to hook the play button.
Level 24 (Fling it) – Click on the pipe in their upper left to drop a bomb. Fling the bomb towards the boxes until they are all destroyed.

That's all about it for Click Play 3 walkthrough folks. Happy gaming!

Helicops Territories walkthrough

Helicops Territories is a new tap down strategic aircraft shooter simulation game from armorgames. 20 years ago, the kingdom of Marcrodobia was stolen from your father. Take it back at all cost or prepare to be obliterated. Tag territory to earn money and force the enemy out of the border of your land.

Helicops Territories walkthrough.

The game is controlled with WASD to move your unit and mouse for aiming and shooting. You can choose the number of units to use and fuels to allot before the start of battle but take note of the fund available to you. Here is a video of HTW Helicops Territories walkthrough for some of its earlier levels in the meantime.

Microcosmic Shooter walkthrough

Microcosmic Shooter is another point and click adventure puzzle game from gameslist. In this game, you see a mosquito while you are brushing - you are annoyed by it so you try to kill it but something happened that shrunk your body. Now that you are tiny, it will take more than just a slap to take on the mosquito.

Microcosmic Shooter walkthrough.

Collect items and tools that you will need to battle the flying pesky insect and figure out how you can get back to your normal size. Meanwhile here is a Microcosmic Shooter walkthrough to show you the solution in the game.

Sticks walkthrough

If you are looking for the Sticks walkthrough - the one that shows the exact solution to the challenging point and click physics based game from armorgames, we got you covered! Yes, that game where the goal is to make the coin touch the a hobo, no, a corporate zombie who recently got fired from his job and is going to be a hobo. Utilize the limited sticks provided in every level as a bridge for the coin to touch the poor guy and make him happy.

Sticks walkthrough.

On to the show.. here is the complete Sticks walkthrough showing how to beat all of its levels! Enjoy!

Shattered Colony walkthrough

Shattered Colony is another point and click defense and management zombie game on arcadebomb. The game sets in a world where, you guessed it right, infested with zombies! Build base camp for the survivors, extract resources from abandoned buildings and defend against hordes of undead caused by somewhat mysterious global outbreak of brain affecting virus.

Shattered Colony walkthrough.
It has nice features including tower defense action and resources management with lengthy gameplay. Anyways, here is a SC Shattered Colony wlakthrough whilst we wait for a complete one.

Hostage Crisis walkthrough

Hostage Crisis is another explosive action shooter game on armomrgame. Your mission is to rescue hostages from armed captors using different weapons and explosives. Blow up walls to make passage and get the bad guys before they get you. Always remember that civilian casualty is not an option.

Hostage Crisis walkthrough.
The game features a unique concept, fun gameplay and pretty good environment where every objects can be destroyed with explosions and bullets. Also, it has enough to difficulty that makes it progressively challenging as you advance to further levels. Meanwhile, here is a Hostage Crisis walkthrough we have in the meantime.

Corporate Wars walkthrough

Corporate Wars is another point and click tower defence game from arcadebomb. Build base in a futuristic setting and defend it using different gun enplacments and other weapons. You will open accsess to new towers as you progress in the game. Strategically place defensive turrets and take advantage of the intelligence ability to make preparations more efficient.

Corporate Wars walkthrough.

This game features good graphics and animation with enough progressive difficulty as play. Meanwhile, here is the first part of the CW Corporate Wars walkthrough we have so far.

Path of Honor Chapter 1

Path of Honor Chapter 1 is another RPG game from dream forge studios and minijuegos. Prepare for long hours of gamplay in this exploration adventure role playing game. Fight lots of monsters as you do quests and discover new places and characters while uncovering the story of the game. Utilize different weapons from bows to plasma guns and make upgrades on them. Also accquire new skills as you level up!

Path of Honor walkthrough.
Here is a short gameplay video whilst we wait for a Path of Honor Chapter 1 walkthrough to be available.

Lofty Tower 2 walkthrough

Lofty Tower 2 is the sequel to the physics based point and click puzzle game Lofty Tower 1. In this game, you are to build a tower to the skies. You will be given pieces with different shapes to be used to stack and build a balanced tower.

Lofty Tower 2 walkthrough.

Use the pieces properly and make sure your structure is strong enough to stand high with all the parts stacked to advance to the next level. Anyways, if you need help, tips and hints you can see the solution for all levels of the game in the LT2 Lofty Tower 2 walkthrough below.

I am The Man walkthrough

I'm The Man is a fast paced action shooter run and gun game authored by xdgames. Aimlessly shoot hordes of zombies trying to eat your brain and upgrade your weapons after every each roun using the cash you earn. Also watch how you shoot - headshots and accuracy can give you bonus scores.

Pick up ammo in your way and make good use of the fuel barrels to neutralize the zombies when they come in huge numbers. Anyways, here is a short clip showing I am The Man walkthrough for some of its stages.

No Time To Explain walkthrough

No Time To Explain is another funny action platformer game from aracadebomb. The game features amazing concept and animation complemented with good background music. In the game, you will find yourself chasing a giant crab claw who took away another guy. using some random object you will shoot massive laser that can propel you to leap platforms and obstacles in the game.

No Time To Explain walkthrough.

This game offers simple gameplay but can also be puzzling and challenging in some parts of it. Anyways, if you got stuck or don't know what to do next, follow what is shown in this NTTE No Time To Explain walkthrough from start to ending.

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse walkthrough

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse is an action shooter horizontal fighting game packed with simplicity and awesomeness created by team moose on newgrounds. Take control of a mini attack helicopter and battle the gigantic enemy that turns everything into ice. The game features simple yet fun gameplay with nice graphics and animation. There are eleven achievements and 1 secret medal to earn upon accomplishing certain actions.

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse walkthrough.

M.I. A. can be extremely fun to play but it can also give you significant amount of pain in the neck with its difficulty so here is a short Mechanical Ice Apocalypse walkthrough to learn something from.

Armor Mayhem walkthrough

Armor Mayhem is another action platformer shooter game on armorgames. In the game, humanity is at a turning point i.e. energy has been depleted and they journey into a neighboring planet to find an infinite source of energy - crystals that looks very much like kryptonite and tiberium.

Armor Mayhem walkthrough.

The game features a huge variety of weapons and maps to unlock as you progress in it. Also graphics and animation are quite neat - you'll surely enjoy the gameplay. Controls are easy to get the hang of plus you can configure them in the main menu to redefine the jump, action, adrenaline button and others. Meanwhile, here is AM Armor Mayhem walkthrough for some random level of the game and watch out for the cheats.

Johnny Finder 2 walkthrough

Johnny Finder 2 and the Crystal Skull is another point and click adventure game created by abroy. This basically the sequel to JF part 1 which is equally fun as this one. Johnny is back to face yet another exciting adventure - the quest to retrieve a sacred artifact, a mysterious crystal skull.

Johnny Finder 2 walkthrough.

The game features cute nice graphics and good animation with challenging puzzles and scenarios to solve. There are items in each levels which are essential to solving that level your are on. Just analyze each level carefully and think outside the box. Anyways, if you need some help, hints and tips you can see the solution to beat this game in the JF2 Johnny Finder 2 walkthrough we have here.

Lose The Heat walkthrough

Lose The Heat is another fast paced car racing flash game from agame. The police are hot on your trail and so its time to lose them and make them eat your dust. Pick up missions at the local bar and evade cop cars while picking up money on your way.

Lose The Heat walkthrough.

Run through the orange highlighted spot on the road to create obstacles for those chasing you thus giving you room to escape the chase. The meter on the right side of the screens displays your distance from your destination. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some LTH Lose The Heat walkthrough you can see the video below showing how to beat a specific mission in the game.

Plain Escape walkthrough

Plain Escape walkthrough.Plain Escape is another point and click puzzle game created by gamesmount. Your objective is to plainly escape from the house with shortest time possible. Pretty simple but you will have to find items and clues to solve the riddles in your way. Navigate around by using the bars on the side and bottom of the screen.

This game is basically a room escape game so you will only have to play using the mouse. Meanwhile, here is a (PE) Plain Escape walkthrough if you need some hints or tips to finish the game.

Agent Freeride walkthrough

Agent Freeride is another addicting flash game with nice graphics on miniclip. In this gaem, you are to use advanced state of the art technology that only you, the special secret agent has been granted with to escape the headquarters of the criminal organization on your snowboard. Use your maneuvering skills and death defying stunts and gadgets to outrun and deflect enemy attacks.

The gameplay and graphics are sweet and smooth with progressivel challenging levels. Though you may find some glitches in the edges of some levels. Here is a short Agent Freerid walkthrough for one of its level.

Grayscale Escape Series The Living Room walkthrough

Grayscale Escape The Living Room is another installment for the point and click puzzle game series from rooms2escape. The objective in the game is to find a way out of the colorless living room where you are trapped inside. Navigate from scene to scene using the bars at the sides and bottom of the screen while looking around to find and pick up items that you can use to solve riddles in the game.

Grayscale Escape The Living Room walkthrough.

Study each room and see where the items in your inventory will fit in. If you got stuck on this one and don't know what to do next, follow the solution in this Grayscale Escape Series The Living Room walkthrough.

Sierra 7 walkthrough

Sierra 7 is a new flash first person shooter game from simonhanson on armorgames. The game pins you in a world wide war between private militia companies out for government targeted violence and carnage. In the game, you play as the 7th special operative in the unit code named Sierra which is tasked to neutralize the militia forces with you superior skills and special tactics.

Sierra 7 walkthrough.

The game features awesome gameplay with well done sound effects. Also, the tutorial in the beginning of the game will give you everything you need to learn about the controls. Very neat! Meanwhile, here is a S7 Sierra 7 walkthrough we have in the meantime (includes the sniper level and machinegun turret at the end).