Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 cheats

Pyrozen just released Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 and just as the usual it packs great shooter action. As far as the story goes, Vinnie and his team are being confronted with a vengeful powerful clan. The main character even got in jail this time but with the aid of the team, he escaped in the baddest way possible: shooting guards and inmates alike. This installment has evolved the SH gameplay and so far we are liking it. The gameplay is way smoother now and less glitchy. It has bonus content and of course a cheat mode feature is one of them.
Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 cheats.

In case you did not notice the list of codes that you can use to have better advantage in your gameplay, allow me to teach you so. Below are the codes that you can implement in the game by going to 'bonus content' menu.
EVOM - Increase movement speed.
REWOP - Weapons are more powerful.
UNLOCK - Unlocks all chapters.
GAM - double the amount of ammo picked up from enemies.
DAOLER - Enable for faster reload.
TFIS - You become bulletproof.

That's all to it and I hope that these Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 cheats will help you get ahead of your game.

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem is the newest point and click mini puzzle game from pencilkids. It's about making little sad monkeys happy by making things happen in the background that will translate to fun. For example, opening a treasure box. Yeah, sad primates are easy to cheer up. There are some thirty levels in this game, all of them played entirely using your mouse clicks. Many of them are way too easy and only a few are moderately-ish in terms of difficulty.
Monkey Go Happy Mayhem walkthrough.

If you happen to get stuck at some point of this cute, fun little game, maybe this Monkey GO Happy Mayhem walkthrough I did will help you out.

Fragment of Dejavu walkthrough (Both Endings)

Fragment of Dejavu walkthroughFragment of Dejavu is ReMind's new point and click puzzle game in which the player's objective is to prevent an airliner from crashing. To do that, you must travel back in time using a time machine and change the course of fate. Why would you do that? Because your girlfriend is a passenger in that plane and she's with a terrorist armed with a bomb.

This game's concept is really good and it is almost like the movie Source Code but instead of train as the setting, it's an airplane. It looks good and all but it feels like it needs to be more complex and it needs to have much more things to interact with. But anyway, I'm not supposed to complain here, I am posting a guide so here is Fragment of Dejavu walkthrough showing both normal and alternate endings.

Hitstick Rebirth cheats

Hitstick Rebirth cheats.
Hitstick Rebirth is a point and click shooter game from pyrozen. The objective is to take down high profile targets as quietly as possible. As you progress, you will have access to more advanced and powerful weapons that you will need in your future missions.

This game is a lot of fun but if you want to add more fun to it, you can always activate a cheat or two. Below is a video of Hitstick Rebirth cheats showing us how to enter the codes.