Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough

Bowmaster Winter Storm is the sequel to the popular point and click archery game by lostvector. In this game, you will be faced with elemental beasts, large and small, enemy grunts, rangers, giant spiders, gigantic stone golems and dragons. Yes dragons that spit fires, poisonous green stuff and ice bombs. What better weapon to wield when facing such a nasty host of enemies? Of course, a magical bow that shoots different kinds of arrows. Cast destruction from afar and rain down havoc upon the incoming enemy army with a wide variety of skills and spell.
Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough

The game is very entertaining although you will it repetitive before you get to half of it. But this is one of those games that is fun to repeat. The only bad in this game is the intensity of lag. To lessen the laggish gameplay, I advice that you lower your graphic details in the settings menu. Anyway, here is the Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough showing us how the last dragon boss got owned by a lot of fire arrows.

Submachine 9 The Temple walkthrough

Submachine 8 The Temple walkthrough.Submachine 9 The Temple the most awaited sequel to the point and click escape game series from mateusz skutnik is now here. And it's giving fans, both old and new, a mix of emotions probably a feeling of being entertained and being challenged. If you are new to this type of game, it is played entirely with the click of your mouse. Click things to interact or pick items which are to be used only in their proper place. That is where the challenge is: figuring out where to use an item and what passages it will open or what mechanism it will trigger. The game is set in a somewhat ancient and strange civilization starting off with only having a hammer and broken electronic device of some sort in your inventory.

Since this one is difficult to solve, I've taken the liberty to write a guide which will thoroughly detail step by step actions to beat this game.

At the beginning, right until you can't go any further.
Take the brass rod that look like a spear. You will find it beside the elephant statues.
Use the rod on the brass rectangle located to the left of the elephants.
Go left once and go inside the now opened door.
Once inside, go right until you can't go any further then take the brass jug/pitcher.
Go left and left until you are outside of the structure and proceed to the fountain.
In the fountain, use the jug on the fountain's faucet to fill it up with green stuff.
Now that you have the jug filled with green stuff apparently called karmic water, go back into the structure.
Go right twice until you get to the room where there is a brass bowl. Pour the jug into it.
That green stuff will cause a magical structure growing. Put your jug back in your inventor and then click on the circular glowing object in the top middle. It's the green cog wheel.
Now go left once and enter that half-dark room. Pour karmic water in the bowl so that another pattern will appear on the wall.
Put the green cog wheel from you inventor in to the pattern on the wall.
It will form a key-like shape. Click on the bottom of it and see to it that it animates.

Holy sheep! I just realized that this is going to be very lengthy if I try to write it down so here is Submachine 9 The Temple walkthrough guide vid which shows full winning  gameplay.

Nothing to Hide walkthrough

Nothing to Hide walkthrough.Nothing to Hide is an anti-stealth flash game from ncase which features an interesting story line and complex puzzles. In the game, you take control of a young girl who wants to escape the all seeing eye of the world she live in. You are tired of these watchful eyes and just wanted to be yourself but to do that, you must runaway from your father and seek freedom. The real freedom where privacy is allowed.

This game is currently under development and as of this writing it only has 8 levels, the demo version. Should this game gets enough funding, we can expect more levels. Meanwhile, here is Nothing to Hide walkthrough showing all current levels beaten.