Crush The Castle TD walkthrough

Crush The Castle TD is a point and click tower defense game from armorgames. This is essentially based on the hit physics game on iphone and ipod touch. Long ago, the ruler of the Redvonian empire conquered the lands with the help of his loyal and cunning siege master who vanquished all those who opposed his king by toppling down their castles. All of the king's enemies were buried beneath rubble and debris except for one formidable foe - King Blutias. This vengeful king has amassed a terrifying army and marched toward the Redvonian empire with intention of destroying every castle in his path. Now the siege master is called upon once again but this time to initiate defense.

Crush The Castle TD walkthrough.

Like other tower defense games from Armor, this one is also cool with crisp, simple graphics and smooth animation. Tactical and resource management skills are required specially in further levels. You better read the tips in the preloader screen for it has many useful hints. This game also has a simple research tree that will allow you to upgrade your abilities provided that you have enough research points which are earned through XP and leveling up. Meanwhile, we've gathered some Crush The Castle TD walkthrough showing gameplays and strategies for islands Daneefly, Gurun Plains, Tasselvania and Minovia.

Kingdom Rush walkthrough

Kingdom Rush is a new point and click tower defense game from ironhidegames. Apparently, the kingdom is under attack and you have to defend it against hordes of trolls, orcs, evil wizards and a host of other nasty fiends with a mighty arsenal of warriors and powerful mages of your own. Take on battles that takes place on forests, wastelands and mountains in this tower defense game.

Kingdom Rush walkthrough.

Build defensive towers and upgrade them with special abilities, shower your enemies with fire, summon brave troops, recruit agile elven warriors and face vicious legendary monsters. It has nice art style, neat animation, funny voice acting and it also packs lots of achievements to unlock for those who seek more challenge. In short, its a great game, it is fun and fairly challenging. Meanwhile, for Kingdom Rush walkthrough (showing gameplays in farmlands, Pagras, Silver Oak outpost, Southport  Heroic and iron challenge, Twin Rivers, Lozagon, Royal Bridge, Ruins of Aearoth, Forsaken Valley, Dead Lands, Stormcloud Temple, Coldstep Mines, Icewind Pass, Valardul Waste, Rotten Forest, Otil, Lineria, Frozen Highlands, Coldstep Mines, Sarelaz Lair, Hammerhold, Rift of Cinders and other levels etc.) we gathered some videos.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough

Rubble Trouble Tokyo is a new point and click physics based game from a popular developer called Nitrome. This is basically a sequel or a shoot off if we may call it, for the very successful demolition simulation game. Use all of the tools at your disposal now includes new multi dynamite, friendly sumo wrestlers and mecha-saur to demolish the building in this cool new nitrome  game.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough.

This game features 30 brand new levels guaranteed to give you tons of explosions and awesome physics elements together with the nitromish art style that we all love. New tools gives us a wide variety of ways to demolish buildings, though further levels can be really challenging and requires some planning (like a real professional demolition expert). Meanwhile, if you need help in finishing this game, see (RTTW) Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough which shows how to beat it down to the last level.

The Last Stand Union City walkthrough

The Last Stand Union City is a new zombie rpg shooting game from Conartist. This is the latest installment for the popular and successful zombie game series. It sets where the last game ends - Union City where you hope to find salvation in the zombie chaos. Scavenge, search, shoot and survive your way through this vast city. There are two modes in this game; Run n Gun in which all you need to do is blast your way to freedom and then there's the survivor mode for a more realistic experience where the need for sleep and food will be added to your survival requirements.

The Last Stand Union City walkthrough.

Unlike the previous TLS game where you play the defense, here you wander the city in search of useful items, weapons and safe houses taking out every undead that gets in your way. It took some time for this sequel to come out but it's worth the wait. Now, let's all enjoy its awesomeness. Meanwhile, I am collecting videos The Last Stand Union City walkthrough (TLSUCw) for everyone to see so visit often to check for new updates.

Balloon's Mail walkthrough

Balloon's Mail is a new point and click physics based game from turbonuke. This is a little charming puzzle game where your goal is to deliver the post via your hot air balloon. Navigate your balloon using thrusters and clouds that blows wind to maneuver your way around each level.

Balloon's Mail walkthrough.

There are 30 unique levels in this game and the difficulty increases as you progress. Though the stars are numbered which allows you to know what to get first, it is still a fair challenge especially in the later levels, mainly because of the time limit. Nonetheless, it's a really entertaining game and actually a little addicting. If you got stuck at some point, you can view the Balloon's Mail walkthrough showing solution to all levels.

Reincarnation The Evil Next Door walkthrough

Reincarnation The Evil Next Door is a new adventure point and click game from Bgroup Production. This is basically a mini Reincarnation game that tend to hold us over till the next larger one comes out. The series itself is a big hit in the point and click adventure genre and this particular mini version is as awesome as its predecessor games. This one is short but it has all the elements we all loved from the Reincarnation games - nice art style, outstanding voice acting and the little purple demon.

Reincarnation The Evil Next Door walkthrough.

If you got stuck at some point and want to know how to beat this game so badly, (RTENDw) Reincarnation The Evil Next Door walkthrough should help us all complete the game.

Mega Miner walkthrough

Mega Miner is a new arcade ground drilling adventure game from Alillm. You drive a drilling miner machine and your goal is to mine minerals and other valuable ores and elements to sell them for cash. You can also complete missions which will earn you extra money. Upgrade your equipment so you can dig deeper and find more valuable items. But keep an eye on your cargo capacity and fuel dials - if they run out, that hole you dig will be your grave.

Mega Miner walkthrough.

This game presents simple pixel art graphics and animation and it also offers addicting gameplay. It's a good game and a good time waster since it also offers lengthy gameplay. Meanwhile, for Mega Miner walkthrough you will see them here as they go live.

Stealing The Diamond walkthrough

Stealing The Diamond is another point and click game from Puffball United. This is basically the sequel to the game called Escaping the Prison which did pretty good, too. This time you are back on the offense. The precious Tunisian Diamond is on display in the museum and it's up to you how you will steal it or fail on doing so. There are 3 different ways that you can succeed in stealing it and many more ways to fail. You can win the Undetected way, the epic way or the aggressive way.

Stealing The Diamond.

It has funny looking characters, neat simple stick animation and nice sound track and it's hilariously fun and entertaining. All praises to the author for entertaining, uhm, at least me if not everybody. Meanwhile, if you need some help regarding how you can beat the game in all ways possible, see Stealing The Diamond walkthrough showing the solution.

Ruby Loft Escape walkthrough

Ruby Loft Escape is another new point and click puzzle escape game from Bored. You are somewhat stuck inside a luxurious looking loft. Like any normal person that is trapped alone inside such luxurious loft, you will have to find your way out with all the precious rubies that you can pick up, of course.

Ruby Loft Escape walkthrough.

It's another entertaining and challenging escape game to test all our wits with. Search around, pick up items and tools that you will use to crack different puzzles. Anyways, if you end up scratching your head and totally lost, Bored put up a Ruby Loft Escape walkthrough that should show all of us how to beat this one.

Zomblower walkthrough

Zomblower is another point and click physics based game from wolferion entertainment. This the battle between grenades and zombies, luckily you're on the winning side - the grenades. Make proper use of your ample supply of high explosive grenades to turn those undead into bloody sprinkles. You must avoid uninfected humans though or you'll lose the level. Always remember to zomblow safely.

Zomblower walkthrough.

There are four difficulty modes in this game, namely; easy, normal, hard and insane with 40 unique and challenging levels. Upgrades are awaits for you if you earn enough points. There are also perks and achievements to unlock by accomplishing specific tasks or milestones. Meanwhile, to help you out beat the game, here's Zomblower walkthrough which I believe is from the author of this game.

Cuboy Quest 2 walkthrough

Cuboy Quest 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from Flazm. This basically the sequel to the successful game Cuboy Quest released some time ago. The same rules applies like in the previous game which is to shoot, jump, unlock door and get to it - alive of course. But this time you will play in all new levels and with a more difficult ones if I may say.

Cuboy Quest 2 walkthrough.

Gotta like the simple art style and physics elements in this game. Puzzles are progressively challenging especially higher levels. By the way, if you got stuck at some specific stages of the game, there's a button in the game's menu that will bring you to the Cuboy Quest 2 walkthrough but since you're here already, head over to the video at the bottom.

Stickshot 2 walkthrough

Stickshot 2 is a new point and click sniper shooting game from mofunzone. Once again, take on the role of the rogue hitman and snipe down enemies from afar to earn points and cash that you can use to purchase even more powerful weapons. Your steady hands will be once again put to test in this sequel to the successful Stick Shot game.

Stickshot 2 walkthrough.

As yo progress, a compelling story will unfold and the mission objectives will vary together with its level of difficulty. Meanwhile, if you need some help, see the Stickshot 2 walkthrough explaining how to beat the game to the final level.

Rolling Hero 3 walkthrough

Rolling Hero 3 is a new physics based puzzle game coming out soon on gamesnitro. It plays the same rules and but with all new levels. Rotate and roll your way to the portal while you try to collect all coins in each level.

Rolling Hero 3 walkthrough.

Looks like this will be a great puzzle game like its predecessors so let's stick around and wait for its release. Meanwhile, see the game in action in the Rolling Hero 3 walkthrough which shows game completion with all coins.

Totally Odd walkthrough

Totally Odd is a new point and click puzzle game made from clay animation from gamezhero. Expect thick jungle, a strange deserted and so many old computers. What's with all those things, you ask? Well it's for you to find out and solve.

Totally Odd walkthrough.

This game is a neat puzzler with really interesting and unique style of animation. Meanwhile, Totally Odd walkthrough is here showing complete solution to help you finish the game if you got really stuck.

Rejoin walkthrough

Rejoin is a new ambidextrous puzzle type platformer game from armorgames. You are Legion, a once powerful demon from the past but apparently just a spark now. To regain your power back you will have to rejoin with your missing soul parts scattered around the shadowlands. And that means you have to jump, avoid spikes, leap over weak blocks that break under your feet, alter gravity and use teleportation  means to be rejoined with your souls.

Rejoin walkthrough.

This game is a really neat, fun, entertaining game and is very challenging. By that I mean, really challenging as in a lot of timing calculations needed. Meanwhile, I found a video of Rejoin walkthrough from some awesome player which might help us all beat the game.

Zombotron walkthrough

Zombotron is a new platformer adventure zombie shooting game from Ant Karlov on armorgames. This is set in a planet called zombotron where mutants and zombies live. Apparently, nobody knows where they came from or what is their purpose in the universe but one thing is for sure - they will destroy everything that moves including bio robots like yourself. Rid the planet off these zombies and other hosts of unpleasant creatures.

Zombotron walkthrough.

This game is one fun shooter which features neat graphics, animation and physics elements too. Zombies, explosions, lots of shooting action and secret chests, bags and head hunting all in this one good game. It packs 10 levels which contains 3 different additional missions in each. Meanwhile, here on Earth I am in the process of collecting videos of Zombotron walkthrough which wil show bits of the game and other stuff about it like secrets, etc.

The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough

The Sagittarian 3 is a new point and click text based choose your own adventure game from Hyptosis. It is basically a zombie game with lots of surprises and morbidly entertaining humor in it. There are 4 possible endings namely, A Man in the Wilderness (Anna died/Anna lived), Fu-kin' America and Gambling Fever in which you get to choose from at the beginning of the game. It does not have the tension of graphical animated zombie games out there but it's totally entertaining in it's own way and its funny too.

The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough.

It does not only showcases sheer awesomeness it also contains a pack of blues music that goes in the background to keep your head banging while you weave your adventure. Meanwhile, I am collecting videos of The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough showing game completion with different endings.

Impasse walkthrough

Impasse is a new challenging puzzle mixed with maze game from wanderlands. This is basically a minimalist puzzle game where you discover the rules as you go further and make your way to the goal point in each level. The game is controlled entirely with arrow keys on your keyboard and you'll find the tutorial in the beggining surprisingly very easy to follow and start off with.

Impasse walkthrough.

This game is quite addicting but gets very difficult if not extremely hard as you progress. Some levels may take a lot of minutes for some  to figure it out but not impossible to crack. For those who got really stuck at some certain levels, I found an Impasse walkthrough showing complete solutions for all levels including the final level.

Private Eye Escape walkthrough

Private Eye Escape is a new point and click room escape game brought to us by games2rule. You work in a detective agency office and apparently, your partner left the key inside a drawer where the case files are stored. So like any other normal person when locked down alone inside an office, you have to escape. The exit may lie in the hands of the objects and hints that you can find around the place.

Private Eye Escape walkthrough.

This one is good for your daily dose of escape game. Both seasoned escape gamers and newbies in the genre will like this. It's quite challenging but there's Private Eye Escape walkthrough to help those who got stuck at some point so don't worry.

I Wanna Win walkthrough

I Wanna Win is a new point and click puzzle game from mofunzone. It includes a lot different kinds of puzzles and skill game that you are familiar with. It showcases 25 levels each with unique difficulty. There are also achievements and star rating that depends on how you beat certain levels.

I Wanna Win walkthrough.

The game offers a sit back, relax and play kind of gameplay but levels just get tougher and tougher that sometimes you will find yourself scratching your head. Very entertaining and fairly challenging. Anyways, if you want to win, here's I Wanna Win walkthrough which I believe is this game's official video guide for winning.

Unreal Flash 3 cheats

Unreal Flash 3 cheats.
Unreal Flash 3 is a new action shooting game from maxgames. This is basically the latest in the Unreal Flash series and the best among them so far. Shoot down enemies using a variety of weapons that spawn around the level. Choose team from several different races and customize them the way you want. In the story mode you will get to play all different modes including capture the flag, deathmatch and a one shot one kill type.

This game has a good ragdoll physics elements in it though it is not the best out there but it still entertaining enough to make me stay and finish the game altogether in one sitting. Very fun indeed. Anyways, I have listed all of Unreal Flash 3 cheats that you can enter at the cheat menu.

WHOARETHEMASTERS - Secret Team Unlocked.
WHEREAMI Secret - Secret Map Unlocked.
ENTERTHEMATRIX - Matrix Mode Activated (slow motion mode)
IMFROMIRONMAN - play as Ironman
ILOVECRASHING - play as crash test dummy
ITSAMEMARIO - play as Mario.

100th walkthrough

100th is a puzzle platformer in retro style pixel graphics from freeworldgroup. Essentially, it has a fairly simple difficulty curve with optional and difficult challenge branches for those who feel so inclined. It is not difficult to complete virtually but there are tons of secrets to dig up.

100th walkthrough.

You play as small character with a balloon companion, there are no enemies only obstacles and environmental hazards. You jump, explore and get to the end of the game but must have a balloon with you and you'll prove to be more awesome if you can complete it with a red balloon. If you wanna know how this is done, see 100th walkthrough which also shows completion with 10 gifts.

FiM Story of The Blanks walkthrough

FiM Story of the Blanks i a new funny pixel adventure game from Donitz. It's basically a short My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game created in Adobe Flash. Some will find this game interesting and some will find a little creepy or maybe a little bit scary at some point. You play as Appleboom, a little pony who got wandered a little far from his companion in their way back to home.

FiM Story of The Blanks walkthrough.

The game is short but it's fun and interesting enough to make you stay until the end. For some guide and gameplay bits, I've collected FiM story of The Blanks walkthrough showing game completion.

Egyptian Tale walkthrough

Egyptian Tales is another beat 'em up adventure game from miniclip. You play as a princess whose king father had been taken off the throne by her evil uncle. Battle evil minions and save this tale from having a horrible ending. There dozens of types of weapons that you can pick up, from daggers, arrows and spears that you can use to your advantage.

Egyptian Tale walkthrough.

This game offers an old school brawler type of game and addicting combo moves. What I like the most about this are the challenging boss battles. Anyways, I will be collecting videos of Egyptian Tale walkthrough and so far here's what we have (updated when new videos are found).

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon walkthrough

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon is a new sci-fi shooter game from D3Publisher for the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles. The giant bugs are back and its no ordinary fly swatting time for the worlds defense agencies and best elite soldiers stopping them. This game offers an intense experience that gives the player the ability to destroy thousands upon thousands of gigantic insects and turn an entire city and to nothing but rubble on the ground. The campaign mode allows up to three players to team up over online connectivity to battle side by side against the alien insects inside a completely destroyable city. There are over 150 weapons to wield and four upgradeable sets of body armor.

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon walkthrough.

If you came here for Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon walkthrough (EDFIAW), well, see the video by some random awesome people.

Asylum Rehash walkthrough

Asylum Rehash is a new point and click escape game developed by selfdefiant. Apparently, nightmares of an asylum keep haunting you and you're going nuts that you can't tell what is real anymore. But one thing went through your mind to make it stop, that is to find the source of these dreams and destroy it. You will have to enter a massive asylum with over 70 areas to explore and mingle with many trapped spirits that will help you along the way.

Asylum Rehash walkthrough.

This game has this thrilling and scary factor that makes it uniquely interesting and fun. Puzzle aspect are good and actually a bit challenging that even seasoned escape gamers will have a head-scratching moment. This is a beautifully done escape game. If you were stuck at some point of the game and came here for Asylum Rehash walkthrough, here the video guide which I believe is from the game's author.

Super Robot War walkthrough

Super Robot War is a new mechanaught action adventure game from miniclip. Play as the robot gifted with nerves of steel and ability to transform set on a mission to destroy the evil machines who are trying to turn the citizens of the world into slaves. Use your skills and pick up weapons to outgun your enemies and when the going gets tough, transform and roll out!

Super Robot War walkthrough.

We love robots especially those who can transform into some sort of awesome vehicles and this game has it. A lot of metal brawling and cannon shooting action. It also has lots of epic boss battles at the end of each mission. Meanwhile, here are some of Super Robot War walkthrough we've collected so far (will add the rest when they go live).

Solarmax walkthrough

Solarmax is a new point and click space based real time strategy game from bubblebox. This is a game where you take on the role of futuristic mankind exploring the vast universe and colonizing other worlds while battling alien forces. Colonize other planets while you defend yours from alien ships and win the universe. In some levels there are warps, lasers and shipyard that can turn the tide of battle when utilized properly.

Solarmax walkthrough.

This game is one of the neatest strategy flash game we've come across so far. Graphics are cool their own way and the soundtrack makes you feel that you're in a science fiction movie. Meanwhile, if you have been stuck at some very difficult levels that you can't seem to beat, I bet it's those levels with motherships, the Solarmax walkthrough we gathered might help you out.

Douchebag Life cheats

Douchebag Life is a new funny point and click time management adventure game from gamesfree. This game is about doucheness - building your body muscles, pimping up your crib, tuning up your ride and scoring chicks in the club. Your goal is to be the ultimate douchebag in the beach party that will be held in 14 days.

Douchebag Life cheats.

It's hilariously fun but if you entered these Douchebag Life cheats you will not be able to submit your highscore but you will beat the game. So yeah, we've got some Douchebag Life cheats :

press Shift S on your keyboard to get instant money,
press Shift U to go back an hour in the day,
press Shift I to fast-forward time.

Tumblestump 2 walkthrough

Tumblestump 2 is a new platform action adventure game from miniclip. Apparently, the world has been consumed by darkness and you are the world's last hope to its salvation. That means you have to shoot your way through infinite darkness with your torch as your only light. Beware of scary monsters, obstacles like spiked pits and dangerous jumps. When in doubt, always shoot before moving on.

Tumblestump 2 walkthrough.

This game has the thrilling factor in it where those who are faint hearted will not make it through lols. Anyways, it has nice pixel art graphics and eerie background music and sound effects perfect for the game's context. Meanwhile, I looked up some Tumblestump 2 walkthrough and here's what I found so far.

Mr Vengeance Act 1 walkthrough

Mr Vengeance Act 1 is a new point and click action first person shooter game from armogames. This is just the beginning of Mr Vengeance's story. It all started 3 years ago when his family was murdered by a criminal group. He set on a mission to cast his vengeance and penetrated the biggest clan in the mafioso world in search of Fiero - the one he suspect that is behind the murder of his loved ones.

It's a shooter game where you shoot at black stick men. We love this kind of stuff. But there are still plenty of room for improvements in terms of sound effects and graphics. Nonetheless, it's pretty entertaining. I actually played it from start to finish. There are 3 difficulty modes namely easy, normal and hard but the later two is yet to be unlocked. Meanwhile, I will collect videos of Mr. Vengeance Act 1 walkthrough showing how to beat the final boss in normal mode.