Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough

Jigsaw Killer Reborn is new point and click escape game from games2rule. We heard that this is the 100th escape game they made and because of that this game has two possible way to escape. You know the drill if you saw the other Saw inspired games - you have to escape from the trap set up for you this time by a new Jigsaw Killer.

Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough.

It's another entertaining yet challenging (if not frustrating for some lol) escape game brought to us by the awesomeness of game2rule. Also, let's congratulate them for releasing their 100th room escape game. Anyways, if you came here in search of help or guide how to achieve the first and second ending of this game, Jigsaw Killer Reborn walkthrough here should shed some light.

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