Zombus walkthrough

Zombus is a new tap down action shooter zombie game from game launch project. This is a game where you drive a bus customized to take on zombies. Your mission is to search and rescue survivors and get to the safe zone before the zombies have their feast on your brain. As you progress you will be faced with more brain hungry zombies and that means faster, tougher and bigger zombies trying to wreck your bus. But don't worry, as you kill zombies and finish levels, you will earn gear points that you can use to purchase upgrades such as killer bumpers for more armor durability and a shooter which you can use to take down walking dead from a distance.

Zombus walkthrough.

When tanks and other military vehicles failed to exterminate hordes of rotting zombies, the Zombus will do the job! It offers a good and neat gameplay experience but I think it could have more levels and more upgrades. Nonetheless, it's one neat tap down shooter zombie game. For some Zombus walkthrough I am currently following a video guide.

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