Flopad walkthrough

Flopad is a new point and click adventure game from flonga. Apparently, you have been selected to be a part of the awesomeness of floteam. And that means you will have to follow Tony's clues and find the missing anti-virus. Utilize your amazing gadget called Flopad and use GPS feature to travel around the world.

Flopad walkthrough.

Anyways, if you have been stuck at some point and needed some help but missed help button just below the description of the game, I got you covered. Below is the written guide of the game and a video of Flopad walkthrough I gathered.

Start by entering your name. This is your first day as our lead detective. You have been issued our latest in gadgetry, a Flopad! Check your email on your Flopad, it contains your first mission. Good luck and welcome to the team!
Pick up the Flopad from your desk. Click it inside of your inventory to open it. You will have an email alert, check your email. “Welcome to the team, your first mission will require you to follow a lead we received regarding the location of an anti-virus that needs recovered. This anti-virus is of extreme value. Tony Chan knows where the anti-virus will be delivered but he has disappeared. You will need to travel to Chinatown and search Tony's apartment for clues. Once you retrieve the anti-virus, bring it back immediately! I added Tony to your contacts. Use the GPS feature on your Flopad to travel. Good luck!”
Click on the Flopad’s home button to return to the main screen. Click on the GPS icon and then click on the Chinatown, New York pin. Then once in Chinatown, click the 32 Eldridge St pin.
Walk up stairs through the stairwell, and then click the door to find that it is jammed. Move the crate next to the door to find a hook, take the hook.
Head back down stairs, take the broom handle, and attach the hook to the broom handle. Take a look at the sticker on the crate; it could be a clue so take a picture with the camera on your Flopad.
Use the broom handle with the hook to pull down the ladder, and then climb up the ladder.
Move the bonsai tree aside to find some matches, take the matches. Next click on the sand box on the floor next to the door. Move the stones on the top right to reveal a key, take the key. Click around the dark circle in the center of the stones to reveal a stone with a symbol on it. Take a photo of the stone.
Open your Flopad and click on the translator icon to open the visual translator. Move through the photos until you reach the photo of the stone that contains the symbol. Press the select button, you will get back a result that the symbol translates to “tiger”

Next take a look at the photo you took outside, there are 4 colors on the bottom. Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue. Click on the bookcase in the back of the room. Click on the books in the order above, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue and the bottom green book will fall revealing a SD card. Take the SD card and insert it into the SD slot on your Flopad. Click on the SD icon on the home screen. Click on the Document Folder, next it will ask for a password, enter the password from the symbol “tiger”. The document reads “Meet me at this address immediately! 26 Vico Noce, Naples Italy. Click the address to add it to your contacts and GPS.
Click on the GPS icon and travel to Naples, Italy and then click on 26 Vico Noce Street. Use the key that you found under the stone to unlock the door and then enter inside.
Click on the second dresser drawer from the top, move the shirt to reveal a crow bar.
Move to the right, click on the chair to take a closer look, there is something in the left crack; click it to reveal a butter knife.
Now turn left and use the butter knife to open the cabinet doors. Inside you will find a light bulb, take it and place it in the lamp on the cabinet that is missing a bulb. You will see some writing on the carpet, take a photo of this.
Click on the painting to reveal a small wall safe. You will see a series of buttons, you must press the buttons in the order from the photo that you took in Tony’s apartment. Here is the order that you press the buttons,


Once the safe is open you will find an access card, take it. The access card has GBS Labs on it. Open your Flopad and click on the search icon to open the search application. Enter gbs labs into the search box and click search. It will show you the address of GBS Labs, 5214 Lange St. Berlin, Germany. Click the add contact button to add the contact to your contacts and GPS.
Open the GPS application to travel to Berlin, Germany and then click on the 5214 Lange St. pin to travel there.
The door is locked, use the crowbar to open the man hole and then climb down inside.
Turn right and then climb up the ladder, enter the door on the left. Take a look at the books on the desk; this could be a clue so take a photo of it.
Click on the door to the right. You will need to use the access card to enter into the room.

There are lasers blocking things, so now you need to find a way to turn them off.
Click on the folder next to the door. Open the folder, and then move the papers to reveal a key. Take the key and then leave through the door.
Click back to go back to the room your first entered from. Click on the panel that is right of the flashing lights; use the key to unlock the panel door. Then you will find another panel that says “Armed”. You will need the clue you took from the carpet earlier. You should change the buttons to red that correspond to the X’s. It will look like this:

Red, Black, Red
Black, Red, Black
Black, Red, Black

The panel will then read “Disarmed” Turn left, and then enter back into the room on the right.
Now click on the refrigerator that is locked. Now you will need the clue from the books you took a photo of. Click the yellow button 3 times until the third light from the left is lit. Click the green button 2 times so the second light is lit. Click the red button 4 times to the fourth button is lit. Click the blue button 1 time so the first light is lit. Now click the lever to open the fridge.
Inside you will find the anti-virus, take the anti-virus. Open the GPS application to return back to Miami to your office.

Flopad walkthrough video showing game completion.

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