Warp Game walkthrough

Warp Game is a new puzzle platformer fantasy game from aidanr on armorgames. In this game, you will be warping yourself around 30 levels of beautiful and strange new world. You take on the role of a black silhouette guy that has the ability to warp when falling off the edges of the game screen. For example, if you jump down in to a pit you'll be falling from the hole on the ceiling. In some levels you will have to do more than just warping around i.e. you have to activate switches that looks like light bulb to reveal the exit or sometimes you will have to deal with casper looking white character. He's dangerous, you'll when you touch him but just like most of the villains in the world of video games, his weakness is on his head. Hence, you only have to step on his head to kill him that will turn him to ghost so that makes him a ghost within a ghost equals ghostception lol!.

Warp Game walkthrough.

This game offers simple graphics but amazing puzzle levels that is well thought out plus tasks to unlock. I only wish it had more levels but alas, it has a user levels features where you can load levels created by other real persons or create your own and share it with others. Anyways, for guide purposes, let's follow this Warp Game walkthrough I found on the youtubes.


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