No Exit 2 walkthrough

No Exit 2 Leo Himura's The Classroom Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from lifpoint1. This is basically the sequel to the previous No Exit game from 4 years ago. It offers neat art style and very challenging puzzles to crack. Your role is a dude named Leo Himura who finds himself stuck in a strange room. Help him find his way out by figuring things out. Navigate around rooms and corners to find items and tools that will lead to clues for solving riddles and puzzles.

No Exit 2 walkthrough.

This one is well thought out like its predeccessor game but I think its really hard and only few will succeed without peeking on the hints and NE2 walkthrough video. Anyways, I took the liberty of pasting the written No Exit 2 walkthrough here followed by the video version.
This is how to turn on the data pad:
1. Pick up the CHALK from the PISCES sign (bottom right) on the side wall with all the zodiac signs.
2. Use the CHALK on the BLACK BOARD. Make sure you carefully cover all the area!
3. See that formula there? Put the numbers together according to what's on the board. The numbers are randomly generated.
4. Click on the DATA PAD and put in the number you just received.
5. By activating the DATA PAD, you also managed to activate the BENTO/FOOD HEATER

Solving the zodia puzzle on the side wall:
1. See the ANNUAL SCHOOL SCHEDULE on the back of the wall?
2. Look closely at the dates. They're are completely out of order. That must mean....
3. Each date represents a zodiac, and the order of the list is the order of input on the side wall.
4. You can refer the dates with the ZODIAC CHART in your DATA PAD. Write the order down with your DATA PAD NOTE PAD if you want.
5. The correct order is: 1. Virgo, 2. Scropio, 3. Aries, 4. Sagittarius, 5. Cancer, 6. Gemini, 7. Aquaris, 8. Libra, 9. Pisces, 10. Taurus, 11. Capricorn, 12. Leo
6. Messed up the order? There's a RESET BUTTON just on the desk table in front of the chart.

All food items locations:
1. TEMPURA is in the PODIUM at the front of the class.
2. ICE CREAM is in the ZODIAC PUZZLE view.
3. BENTO is on a plate in the BACK WALL VIEW.
5. Once you solved the ZODIAC PUZZLE, click on SAGITTARIUS to get CARROT.

Clues for the food/seating order puzzle:
1. First clue and 10th clue are nicely placed there when your KID is activated. You can capture the clues by using the KID while they are in view.
2. Use the WET TOWEL on the SECOND WINDOW FROM THE RIGHT ON THE 3RD ROW to get the 2nd clue.
3. See the subtle CUT on the top left? Use the SCISSORS to cut open the PATCHED POSTER on the wall to get the 3rd clue.
4. 4th clue is provided when ZODIA PUZZLE is solved.
5. 5th clue is provided when ZODIA PUZZLE is solved.
6. 6th clue is in the FIRST DRAWER ON THE LEFT in the PODIUM VIEW.
7. 7th clue is in the PODIUM.
8. 8th clue is on the BACK WALL. Click on it to see a closer view.
9. 9th clue is on the DOOR SIGN.
10. 10th clue is given to you when all other clues are gathered!

Finding all the cardboard cutouts:
1. Catrina is right in front of the PODIUM
2. Yoshimi and Keigo are in the BACK WALL VIEW.
3. There is one more there. Slide the storage door to find a HEADLESS TOMA.
4. Slide on the SECOND FROM THE LEFT WINDOW on the THIRD ROW to get Toma's HEAD.
5. Check the FIRST DRAWER ON THE LEFT in the PODIUM VIEW to get the DRY GLUE.
6. DRY GLUE won't work! Put it in the BENTO HEATER, wait for the light to turn blue, now the clue is good!
7. Click around your inventory to glue back Toma's head!
8. Are you still missing one person? Click on the right desk in the Back Wall View to make Leo stand in his seat!

How to solve the food seating order puzzle:
1. Study all the clues to figure out the correct order of students and food items. 2. The correct order of food is (from left to right): Tempura, Carrot, Fish Cakes, Ice Cream, Bento.
3. The correct seating chart is: Yoshimi, Keigo, Toma, Catrina, Leo.

Finally, this is how to get out of the room:
1. You get the RUBBER TEDDY BEAR once you solved the FOOD PUZZLE.
2. Time to grill the RUBBER TEDDY BEAR! Roast him in the BENTO HEATER like you did with the glue, and you will get the KEY.
3. Where else can you use the KEY on? Try the DOOR perhaps?

And now the No Exit 2 walkthrough video showing the game beaten.


  1. This was confusing... until I watched the video. Then it all made sense!!! :D

  2. confusing... at the passcode.. idk how it can 598??

  3. Cnat gte the password even i minus and add it!!!!!!!!!!!! Stress

  4. am still confused on the passcode


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