Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough

Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough.
Tokyo Guinea Pop is a new point and click puzzle game from longanimals where your objective is to cover animals with bubble gum. While that may sound kind of a weird objective in a game, it is surprisingly fun to do. After all it is for the sake of those zoo animals because they are being abducted by the a zoo wrangler so covering them with bubble gum blown by cute little guinea pigs is just reasonable.

There are 50 levels in this game and four boss fights. Some downloadable that a player can unlock is also featured here. Meanwhile, here is Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough showing different levels beaten in the game.

Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough

Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough.
Mystery Escape 2 is another new point and click puzzle game from selfdefiant. You find yourself in a mysterious place once again, now like any other person trapped in an unfamiliar place you know deep down in your soul that you have to, well, escape. If you are not familiar with escape games, this type of game is played using the mouse: click on objects to interact with them of pick them up. You have to search for clues and solve puzzles along the way.

For those who came here for the Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough, here is a demonstration of the gameplay showing spoilers and everything you need to finish the game.

Azew walkthrough

Azew walkthrough.
Azew is another new platform puzzle game from ticklebot in which your objective is to find a signal throughout the castle so your father may continue to browse the royal network. Rotate the platforms left or right to guide the round character to the opening of the room.

While Azew's concept and style may be as simple as it seem, some of its levels are really hard to solve. This game is consist of 28 levels each presents unique puzzle. Meanwhile, here is Azew walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Escape Tiny Island walkthrough

Escape Tiny Island walkthrough.
Escape Tiny Island is another new point and click game from selfdefiant. Apparently, you find yourself in a strange and mysterious little island. Without any clue to your whereabouts, you must find useful items to aid your escape.

Gameplay is controlled esily by mouse: just click on items to pick them up and use the sides of the screen for navigating around the place. The graphics has the same feel like in most Sneaky games while the puzzle aspect is quite challenging. Meanwhile, here is Escape Tiny Island walkthrough revealing spoilers.

Car Workshop Escape walkthrough

Car Workshop Escape.
Car Workshop Escape is a point and click puzzle game from EscapeGames24 in which you find yourself locked down in automobile workshop. Try to escape by finding items that will help you solve puzzles inside it. This game is played entirely using the mouse. Navigate using the sides of the screen and click on objects to interact with them.

For hints, tips or cheats, you can check discussion below. Meanwhile, here is a full Car Workshop Escape walkthrough showing how to complete the game.