Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion walkthrough and Supernatural Specialty

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion walkthrough.Here's just another Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion walkthrough for Track 1 Hard mode showing amazingly gameplay without lives lost and without premium upgrade. BTD Expansion 4 is one of the most addicting tower defense games out there.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion walkthrough Track1 on Hard mode:

Next one shows how to unlock the supernatural specialty (includes super monkey and wizards).

The BTD4 Expansion Sun God Cheat (only works on normal mode).

Flaming Zambooka 2 walkthrough

In here you will see Flaming Zambooka 2 walkthrough showing how to beat all levels in the game while having a total score of over 323k. The game is a physics based zombie action game developed by turbo nuke. If you find killing zombies in different challenging ways, you will like this one.

Flaming Zambooka 2 walkthrough.

Take out zombies while avoiding hitting humans and utilizing other objects and elements in some levels to get a higher score. You can choose from four different characters to use in the game and make use of new weapons. Very entertaining but it can also be challenging specially when you get to further levels in the game. Here is a complete Flaming Zombooka 2 walkthrough from some cool dude that can serve as a guide to annihilating zombies in different ways.

Blue Knight walkthrough

Blue Knight walkthroughg.Blue Knight is another new action adventure point and click platformer game from mofunzone. Explore an alien planet in a mission to clear it of enemy threats, ready for a new human colony. Pixel rich game with cool twists. The game features a simple yet fun and interesting pixeled gameplay which will keep you playing it till you find and destroy all the gate keepers in the game.

Fulfill your mission as sworn Knight and destroy all enemy bosses. Some short Blue Knight walkthrough which covers the first part of the game.

13th Skull walkthrough guide

If you have been playing this downloadable point and click game from Mystery Case Files for quite some time now and keeps on getting stuck every time, maybe we can all learn a thing or two in this 11 minute 13th Skull walkthrough. Shortly after moving into a creepy mansion in Louisiana, Sara Lawson is struck with tragedy when her husband mysteriously disappears. Sara's daughter, Magnolia, believes her father was kidnapped by the ghost of a vengeful pirate seeking to protect his lost fortune. With the locals terrified of the pirate's curse, you are the family's last hope. Only a Master Detective with incredible Hidden Object skills can locate Marcus Lawson in Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull!
13th Skull walkthrough.

13th Skull walkthrough video after that short description..

Clear Vision 4.3 walkthrough

Clear Vision 4.3 walkthrough - The game is presented to us by addicitinggames; where games can get you hooked. It is the expansion for the point and click game CV4 where Jake - the hero of the game took on his enemies. This expansion still have the previous missions which you can play plus the all new missions only this time Jake is in a hospital bed and now executes deadly mission with his mind and trigger finger that constantly itches.
Clear Vision 4.3 walkthrough.

If your eye sight failed you this time, try looking at these Clear Vision 4.3 walkthrough covering the new missions including operation m3, wingcut and others.

Ant's Evening walkthrough

Just in case you missed the in game button for the Ant's Evening walkthrough and somehow landed here looking for it, I got you covered - it's down there below. The game is another new point and click adventure game from gamezhero depicting the quest of a regular everyday normal ant to his home sweet home ant hill.

Ant's Evening walkthrough.

As I said, if you have missed the Ant's Eveining walkthrough button in the game, here is the video guide where it leads to.

Demons Took My Daughter walkthrough

Demons Took My Daughter walkthrough covers a complete playthrough for this game by nerdook. There are several videos that will guide you with every mode of the game which includes wrath, survival, gluttony, lust, envy, greed and pride mode. Rescue your daughter from the evil (and adorable!) Demons in this hybrid platformer/defence game! Fight a wide variety of enemies (and the 7 Deadly Sins) on your epic quest!

Demons Took My Daughter walkthrough.

Demons Took My Daughter Wrath

DTMD Survival mode

Demons Took My Daughter Lust Mode Walkthrough

DTMD walkthrough: Gluttony

Demons Took My Daughter Pride walkthrough

Greed Mode walkthrough video

Demons Took my Daughter Envy walkthrough

Deadly Venom walkthrough

Deadly Venom walkthrough will show us how to play this point and click flash game by gamesfree. The game features slick and fine action-stealthy gameplay. Utilize throwing knives, tranquilizer weapons and superb hand to hand combat skills of a female secret agent to take down enemy soldiers.

Deadly Venom walkthrough.

The game reminds me of some action trigger game on some game console but I don't remember what exactly it is. Anyways, the game is entertaining and gets progressively challenging as you progress in it. If you got caught in a stop point in the game and don't know what to do next, this Deadly Venom walkthrough here might save you.

Puzzle Room Escape 41 walkthrough

Puzzle Room Escape 41 walkthrough - Puzzle Room Escape 41 is forty first episode of Puzzle Room Escape point and click room escape by games2rule. Test your intelligence and escape yourself from the puzzle room by solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun.
Puzzle Room Escape 41.
This one is quite entertaining and a bit of challenge for the brain especially the math puzzles in it. When you're really stuck on it, its time to see the Puzzle Room Escape 41 walkthrough for the solution and answers.

Related walkthrough: Puzzle Room Escape 29 walkthrough

Only Way To Escape walkthrough

Only Way to Escape walkthrough shows the exact solution and will guide you through this escape game. In the game, you try to escape by finding items and solving the puzzles and riddles that you will encounter. If you are playing this game and got stuck at some point of it, maybe its about time you seek for help. Perhaps the one and Only Way to Escape walkthrough is just fine.

No Door Escape 4 walkthrough

No Door Escape 4 walkthrough - Another installment in the No Door Escape point and click series game from Tasclab. Find items and solve the puzzles in this entertaining and challenging room escape game. Have fun!

No Door Escape 4 walkthrough

K.O.L.M. walkthrough

KOLM walkthrough - The game is about a story of a broken robot and his struggle to fix himself so he can please his mother as he gather his components scattered around deep inside a maze-like labyrinth and restore his abilities. You start off as a piece of scrap in the game - no legs, no eyes just a piece of useless metal that moves very slowly and lame. But you'll get your self fixed if you would only do as your mother told you.
KOLM walkthrough.

You will find K.O.L.M an interesting and entertaining game however it can also be devastating if you got stuck at some point of the game but you'll be rewarded with capabilities if you can manage you to find all of the robot components. Here is a full K.O.L.M. walkthrough from start to end.

Empire Island walkthrough

Empire Island walkthrough - The game is another new point and click management strategy game from armorgames. It features a many stuff to do such as upgrading and achievements to unlock. Build your empire in an island and defend it from waves of enemies attacking from sea and sky by building base defenses like catapults, harpoons, defensive blocks and spikes.

Empire Island walkthrough.

You start off from the dark age and upgrade up to the age of augmentation if you can survive the ever growing waves of enemy ships. When enemies comes in so great in numbers, an act of God can be your greatest ally if used wisely. The game is entertaining and can be a good challenge to your management skills and quick thinking. Anyways, here is an Empire Island walkthrough video found so far. Sit back whilst I look for some more.

GunBlood Cheats Walkthrough

GunBlood Cheats walkthrough -  The game is another addicting point and shoot game developed by wolfgames on newgrounds. GunBlood gets you in a wild west style duel - weapon on your hip, when countdown went dead - shoot! The one who lives will be the winner and be hailed as the fastest gunslinger or get executed if caught cheating.
GunBlood Cheats.

GunBlood Cheat codes with their description:

nohit - it gives you invulnerability
moreammo - it gives you unlimited ammo
fastfire - shoot insanely faster
pointer - changes your mouse pointer to pretty butterfly with bright colors.. just kidding - it gives your weapon a laser pointer for better aiming..
Level jump codes - simply type the level you want to play i.e. type level10 if you want to jump to the 10th level of the game. The same for bonus levels i.e. type bonus4 if you want to play the fourth bonus level.

ATM Escape 3 (Gazzyboy) walkthrough

Gazzyboy ATM Escape 3 walkthrough - This is another point and click room escaping game from the long list of popular gazzy games. The game sets in another room which is the ATM center where you would only withdraw some cash but unfortunately got trapped inside it. You will have to find your own way out by finding items, navigating around the game using the bars on the screen and solving puzzles along the way.

You know the drill - most escape games like this one can be really entertaining but also a pain if you got stuck at some point and don't know what to do next. Here is ATM Escape 3 walkthrough showing the solution for the game.

"Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike Walkthrough"

Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike walkthrough - This one is pastelgames' latest development for the Sneak Thief point and click game series. The game still features the hero ST but this time he's unfortunately trapped leagues under the sea. Build something to help him escape, perhaps a submarine that is capable of surfacing on the water.. or whatever.
Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike walkthrough.

The ST2 Second Strike walkthrough above shows the exact solution to beat the game. Enjoy your game!

Codeman Third Escape Walkthrough

Codeman Third Escape walkthrough - The game is the 3rd installment for the other two past codeman's escape games. The game sets in another room filled with puzzles to solve, what else. Search around the rooms and look closely to find items or objects that you will use in the right places. Figuring out one puzzle may lead to another item that you can use in other puzzles in the game. Good luck and enjoy your game!

Codeman Third Escape walkthrough.

Codeman Third Escape

Prizma Puzzle 3 walkthrough

Prizma Puzzle 3 walkthrough.Prizma Puzzle 3 is another point and click puzzle solving game from mofunzone. It is the third part for the popular sci-fi flash game series that now features a whole lot of puzzles and other features.

Prizma Puzzle 3 walkthrough

Trendy Room Escape walkthrough

Trendy Room Escape is another new point and click escaping game from 123 bee. You know the drill if you are familiar with these kind of escape games -  move from room to room using the navigation bar in the sides and at the bottom of the screen to search around for items that are needed to solve the puzzles in the game.
Trendy Room Escape walkthrough.

Some objects can be found in places where you least expect them to be so look closely and think out of the box. The entire game is a big puzzle to solve and it is a challenging one. For guide, tips and hints you can refer to Trendy Room Escape walkthrough right after the cut.

Casualty/Causality Turkey Terror Walkthrough

Causality Turkey Terror is another new point and click wreck havoc to the animated stick figure game from bored. Like the Casualty game where you the game objective is to turn the normal happy scenario to a huge mess by bring maximum mayhem in the scene. Analyze the game first and think like out of the box to figure out what you can do to ruin this supposedly happy celebration of thanksgiving.

Causality Casualty Turkey Terror walkthrough.

Seriously, Causality Turkey Terror, like it's predecessor games, are difficult to figure out specially if you're not familiar with the scenario i.e. you don't celebrate thanksgiving or games like this are new to you. Some actions must be done with the right timing to trigger something. Nevertheless, the series of Casualty games are entertaining. Anyways, here is Causality Casualty Turkey Terror walkthrough (its not yet complete though).


Turkey Liberation Front Escape 2 Walkthrough

Turkey Liberation Front 2 is the second installment for the TLF point and click series from by shatteredgames. As you may have already guessed, there is another turkey stuck in this sequel. Gather useful things you can find scattered around inside the garage to assemble your ultimate escape kit.

Turkey Liberation Front Escape 2 walkthrough.
TLFE 2 is basically an escape game so the first thing you might want to try is to pick up items that you can possibly use to improvise tools that you can use. Some items can combine with another to create a new object. If you have done all you can to finish the game on your own but still no good, it's time to use this Turkey Liberation Front Escape 2 walkthrough especially made for stuck people like you and me.

Great Dungeon in The Sky walkthrough

Great Dungeon in the Sky is another great platform adventure game on kongregate. The game feature hundreds of characters to be unlocked. From archer to goblins and many other creature and class. Each character have different skills and unique abilities that can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on what level you are playing. Take out as many enemies as you can in your way and make use of the new characters that you unlock that can proved to be useful in specific levels.

Great Dungeon in the Sky walkthrough.
The game is created with old school pixels giving you the environment of old NES games. The gameplay requires some quick fingers for quick attacking, jumping and dodging aggressive enemy however, the range class characters can be more cunning than the melee ones. Some gameplay in action in the Great Dungeon in The Sky walkthrough after the cut.

The ending battle with the final boss in Great Dungeon in The Sky walkthrough.

Chess Puzzle Escape walkthrough

Chess Puzzle Escape is another roctuc point and click escaping game sets in another weird room. Move from room to room using the navigation bars at bottom and sides of the game screen. Search around and look closely to every corner to find hints and items such as keys, gloves and knife. There puzzles in the game that needed to be solved first before you get to have some keys.

Chess Puzzle Escape walkthrough.

Keep in mind that you are in a room somewhat dedicated to the popular board game Chess - that means the puzzles in the game are possibly related to it. Anyways, aside from this game being entertaining, it is also a difficult one point or another so here is the full Chess Puzzle Escape walkthrough to help those who are extremely stuck in the game.

Grizzly Escape walkthrough

Grizzly Escape walkthrough.Grizzly Escape is another one of gamershood's point and click room escape game puzzle sets in an awkward looking kitchen in the middle nowhere. The objective in the game is simple - get out of that weird place after you figure out how you can do it not being eaten by the three vicious bears just outside the balcony.

There's another way aside from the balcony where grizzlies are waiting for someone to jump out of there. It's the most utilized passage that ordinary people use to get in and out of rooms commonly referred to as door. But the problem is it is locked and you need to open it up in one way or another. Search every room to find items that can be useful and solve puzzles in the game. Still stuck in the game? Try Grizzly Escape walkthrough which covers the full solution to it.

Polar PWND 2 walkthrough

Polar PWND 2 walkthrough -  This is the second part for the physics based topple the little penguins like dominoes puzzle game on kongregate. The game features 26 different challenging levels with different dangerous looking contraption in it such as giant propellers, military trucks and amusement park rides where you can crash your Russian bear to and utilize them to victory.

Polar Pwnd 2 walkthrough.

The villain from the prequel: Polar Pwnd which is Der Feather is back for revenge and have his new army to help him carry it out. Now it is you job to face off with him as Boris the bear with new items in your inventory such as rubber boxes, balloons, rockets and floating board at your disposal. If those insanely deadly objects in your arsenal is not enough for you to beat the game, here's a secret weapon called Polar PWND 2 walkthrough which includes the solution for the last level.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition (iphone)

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition is adultswim's way of celebrating the holidays which also serves as a treat to fans of RUA iphone game. The xmas edition is priced at 99 cents (so technically it's not a free treat). Anyways, the gameplay of this one is indetical to the Heavy Metal Edition version only it is a Christmas themed one which means you'll see a lot of holiday stuff on it's levels including but not limited to; snow, pine tree, gift boxes and colorful candies with cameo appearance of lemmings - Santa's helpers.

Robot Unicorn Christmas Edition iphone game walkthrough.
This yuletide season iphone game is complimented with The Darkness tracks you can hear in the music background while you dash and leap cliffs. The game is also compatible for ipod touch and ipad, requires iOS 3.1 or later and is currently on version 1.0 with a file size of 15.6MB. If you have no idea what the game looks like in action, see video of Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition below whilst we hunt walkthrough for this one.

Tentacle Wars walkthrough

Tentacle Wars walkthrough - This game is another point and click strategy game from gamerzhero. It features 20 different levels with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game. You control microbes in the game and the objective is to conquer enemy microbes by attacking them with your tentacles. Each microbe you infected will become yours to control and can be used to overpower the enemy.
Tentacle Wars walkthrough.

The game is pretty entertaining specially if you are a tactician type of gamer and a fan of precision. You won't see some special bright special effects on this one though. It's all about strategy and outnumbering the opponent. There are in game hints at the top of the screen by the way. Either ways, if you are currently playing this game and got stuck at some point of it, the Tentacle Wars walkthrough which caters all the levels in the game.

Here is the waltkhrough for the last levels of Tentacle Wars.

Snail Bob Complete Walkthrough

Snail Bob walkthrough.Here are a couple of videos showing the new point and click puzzle physics based game Snail Bob Completed Walkthrough. The game is about a slimy but spirited snail who got thrown far away out of his home by a monstrous demolition machine. Now he's ready to move on and journey to find his new home But... he can't make it alone so you have to help go through obstacles in his way.

Snail Bob features a nice and smooth graphics and animation complimented with good sound effects and background music. There are a variety of obstacle objects in the way that you can interact with in which timing and sequence matters a lot. On to the show, here are a couple of clips for the Snail Bob walkthrough all levels (1 to 20).

Grayscale Ecape Series 6 - The Studio walkthrough

Grayscale Escape Series 6 The Studio walkthrough - This is the latest episode thus far in the point and click room escape game series from rooms2escape. The game now sets in a colorless music studio. You are not familiar with the place and so you must find a way to get out of there before you get lost in it forever.

Grayscale Escape series 6 the studio walkthrough.
Look around to find different things that you can use to escape from the greyscale world. Look closely and try to analyze every room. The whole game is basically a puzzle and solving one will lead to solving the others. Here is Grayscale Escape Series 6 The Studio walkthrough showing the solution to it.

Gazzyboy Evil Escape walkthrough

Evil Escape walkthrough - This is another point and click thriller escape puzzle game created by gazzyboy. In the game, you have unlimited ammo to take out hordes of zombies in your way. Keep your eyes open and watch for objects scattered around and make use of them to overrun zombies and reach your destination.

Evil Escape walkthrough.

The game offers a different kind of room escape game experience as it mixed with a little shooting though not that intense - and enemies won't fire back at you so you can take your time to get a good aim. Anyways, Evil Escape is quite short if you know where to go but solving the puzzles in the game can be a pain. If for some reason you have given up to beat the game by yourself, refer to the official Evil Escape walkthrough for some hints, help and guide.

Anbot Walkthrough

Anbot walkthrough.Anbot walkthrough - The game is another point and click adventure puzzle game developed by pencil kids - you can also play the game pretty much on most of the game portals around. Help Anbot escape the factory by guiding him with the less possible number of clicks.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse which means it is a sit back and play type but you'll have to think before you click if you want to beat the game with just few clicks as possible. Here's Anbot walkthrough showing how to finish with 167 moves.

Radio Zed walkthrough

Radio Zed Walkthrough - This one is another great point and click hold off the zombie defense-shooter action game on armogames. You and a couple of friends must protect a radio transmitter at all cost from a zombie apocalypse that just break loose in the city. That transmitter is your only hope of salvation but the zombie seems to be attracted by its signal. Use all the firepower you got to stop the zombies wave after wave.

Radio Zed walkthrough.
For every level you survive, you will get a chance yo make upgrades to your weapons, barricade and characters' attribute like speed, accuracy, damage and health. Each weapon has an upgrade but you need purchase the weapon before you can upgrade it to an even more damage dealing gun. Here is a couple of Radio Zed walkthrough videos I found.

Modern Mystery walkthrough

Modern Mystery walkthrough.
Modern Mystery is another of abroy's new point and click room escape game that is probably now playable in many places on the web. The game is simple, you search around and figure out how you can escape from there. Hint: the way out is through a secret door but you must solve the puzzles in the game first and remember to use the items in the right places because, what, nobody knows what will happen if you use it in places where it is not meant to be used in.

Anyways, chances are you're already stuck in this one and came here looking for a guide or a Modern Mystery walkthrough just like the one down there =).

Closed In Addendum walkthrough

Closed In Addendum walkthrough.Closed In Addendum walkthrough - The video I found and ninja embedded down there shows the full playthrough of the game including both of the endings - yes, there are two endings as far as I know. The game is categorized as simulation and is basically an expansion to nofatenet's previous game titled "Closed In".

The game, in my opinion, is kinda sad (sob). Overall it is an entertaining one and the little story revealed in the game is interesting and very meaningful. Anyways, here's Closed In Addendum walkthrough for you to watch whilst I, uh, eat chocolate or whatever nearest sweet objects my hands can get on.

The Puzzling War

Puzzling War another interesting sliding puzzle game from gamezhero and produced by tempalabs. You play as a tactician who must conquer a forgotten kingdom far in the north continent. The game features 15 levels each with different and unique environment, enemy types and difficulty. Match more than 2 units of the same type to dispatch them and send in even more powerful units by matching more than 3 of the same kind. Players can also buy items in the in-game shop menu and use it by matching them in the battle.

The Puzzling War.

Puzzling War is an excellent and progressively challenging as you play further through the game. The game also features highscore and achievements to unlock for players seeking more challenge off the game. You can get notified when we post Puzzling War walkthrough by subscribing to this post.

Madness Retaliation walkthrough

Madness Retaliation walkthrough - A great turn based strategy game with amazing concepts and long gameplay developed by revolverroach. Command all 4 specialists and infiltrate a cloning facility to retrieve DNA vials being used by an evil organization to create stronger agents. Shooting and stabbing your way to masses of ever improving enemies as you collect weapons, armors and items to enhance your team's awesomeness.

Madness Retaliation walkthrough.
The game features action point mechanic which means every move costs a point making you think and fight wisely. Try to defeat all the enemies each battle as quickly as possible - attack and take out as many as you can in the first move so when it is their turn to attack you'll be inflicted less casualty giving you a greater chance to counter in the turn. There are invaluable armor, weapons and suits you can find in certain rooms so exploring the whole facility can be worth it and it is also something to be done to achieve specific medals (there are 4 secret medals, by the way). Some enemies drop items that can be useful to win difficult battles. MR is an entertaining game packed with lengthy gameplay. For guide, tips and hints purposes, eye the Madness Retaliation walkthrough videos I stumbled across.

Boss battle: The Savior:

The final battle:

Giant Lock Room Escape walkthrough

Giant Lock Room Escape walkthrough.Giant Lock Room Escape is one of the newest point and click game created by ggmagenta. The game is controlled entirely by mouse -  that means you will only have to click or drag things in the game. Move from room to room by clicking the navigation bar on the sides and at the bottom of the screen. Look around and find items that will help you figure out the puzzles in this escape game.

Already stuck in the game and need some hints or guide? Don't worry - there are kind people who shares Giant Lock Room Escape walkthrough for everyone to see.

Super Treadmill Walkthrough

Super Treadmill walkthrough - The game is another challenging yet addicting game created by nitrome. You play as a fat kid who wants to be just like his awesome uncle who tons of awards for being awesomely fit. That's when his Uncle introduced to him the stupidly dangerous fat burning machine - Super Treadmill. ST features 28 progressively challenging levels each with varying difficulty. Expect higher levels to be very hard and may require you some strategy and a few trials and error.

Nitrome Super Treadmill walkthrough.
Anyways, as I mentioned above, the game is so addicting but can be a bit of a challenge specially with the further levels so for guide, tips and hints purposes (and as personal collection cos I really like the game) I will try to compile some videos of Super Treadmill walkthrough that I found.

Levels 1,2 and 3.

Super Treadmill levels 4, 5 first photo and 7.

Levels 8 to 11.

Pirates House 4 walkthrough

Hello people stuck in the point and click hidden object game by puzzlegames24 which comes with the title Pirates House 4. In this game, you must find every pirate, not in a ship sailing on the high seas but inside a house. They could be anywhere in the house hidden well like a precious treasure or perhaps just camouflaged in the environment.

Pirates House 4 walkthrough.

There are a dozen of pirates hiding - go find them all! Oh I forgot that you are most likely to be already stuck in the game and came here searching for... Tada! Pirates House 4 walkthrough!

Youda Farmer 2 Save the Village

Youda Farmer 2 Save the Village is one of the latest time management casual game part two to the previous Youda Farmer. In this sequel, you have to beat the big boss if you are to save the whole village. This evil big boss we are protruding is planning to cast evil things in your land including but not limited to establishing parking garage. The game offers a whole new farming adventure with an even bigger environment than the previous one. Packed with over 70 challenging levels and mini games to stop the big boss.

Youda Farmer 2 Save The Village walkthrough.
Rebuild the farm by collecting woods and stones then outsmart this big boss and grow crops in this fantastic management game. Whilst we wait for a full Youda Farmer 2: Save The Village walkthrough, here is the official trailer of the game.

Happy Wheels walkthrough

Happy Wheels walkthrough -  The game is a physics based motocross game with a unique concept developed by Jim Bonacci of totalkerkface. It features extreme motocross gameplay, with "extreme" means: get to the finish line even if it cost you horrible death.

Happy Wheels walkthrough.

The game may not be suitable for kids and with people easily offended by seeing and irresponsible dad playing motocross then falling down the cliff with his toddler or seeing a cripple on a wheelchair equipped with nitro booster being squished by a giant gear. That sort of morbidly extreme things can be found on this awesome game. Anyways, I intend to embed here videos of Happy Wheels walkthrough and gameplays so expect that I will update this post every now and then.

A Happy Wheels Full Version(?)

Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough

Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough - The iconic ape returns after many years of being not seen much in the video game limbo. Now his back again with his sidekick Diddy with jetpack on his back for another jungle adventure on your Nintendo Wii. Kong can do different abilities in the game such as pounding the ground that stuns enemies, breaking stones and blowing various plants to find items on them.

Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough.
Finding secret puzzle pieces is one of the fun things to do in this Donkey Kong game which are hidden inside rocks, behind boulders and trees. The game is equally if not more entertaining game since Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Anyways, here are a couple of Donkey Kong Returns walkthrough : The Rhino and Cart of Doom.

Cart of Doom walkthrough

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time the flash version is a new point and click physics based game from ubisoft. The game features fun and challenging levels to play controlled entirely with the mouse. Aim and throw explosive toilet paper rolls to caveman targets before the time runs out.

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time walkthrough.
The game is some sort of a tribute for the release of the ubisofts Raving Rabbids Travel in Time for nintendo Wii. You can play the mini flash version on newgrounds and other flash game portals around. While we wait for the full Raving Rabbids Travel in Time walkthrough, let's watch some random funny game trailer for the official Wii game.

Doodle Devil walkthrough for All Elements

Doodle Devil walkthrough - The game is from the makers of the hit iphone game doodle god, JoyBits. Created to maintain the balance in the universe and messed up with Doodle God's business. Invent everything from four basics elements that you have and destroy everything to the ground. Wreak havoc and create foul creatures that will be your minions for bringing mayhem to the universe.

Doodle Devil walkthrough.
 You will find a list of all the combinations of elements in this Doodle Devil walkthrough

Air = Starting element
Ash = Fire + House
Earth = Starting element
Energy = Air + Fire
Fire = Starting element
Lava = Earth + Fire
Metal = Stone + Fire
Steam = Water + Fire
Stone = Water + Lava
Water = Starting element

Bat = Vampire + Air
Beast = Starting element
Dove = Rat + Air
Egg = Magic + Stone
Fish = Beast + Water
Piranha = Fish + Weapon
Rat = Beast + Diseases
Snake = Egg + Worm
Wolf = Beast + Wrath
Worm = Magic + Man

Chaos = Starting element
Darkness = Starting element
Death = Human + Life
Diseases = Tobacco + Man
Inferno = Human + Murder
Magic = Demon + Energy
Sect = Heresy + Religion
Sin = Human + Apple
Styx = Water + Death
Suffering = Fire + House

Angel = Life = Light
Friendship = Human + Human
Heavens = Fire + Witch
Life = Man + Woman
Light = Starting element
Order = Starting element
Prayer = Angel + Human
Religion = Human + Prayer
Resurrection = Soul + Corpse
Soul = Demon + Human

A.I. = Computer + Life
Car = Oil + Mechanism
Cellphone = Radio Wave + Computer
Computer = TV + Book
Cyborg = AI + Robot
Electricity = Energy + Metal
Internet = Computer + Computer
Radio Wave = Electricity + Air
Robot = Mechanism + Computer
TV = Mechanism + Demon

Blood = Weapon + Beast
Corpse = Human + Murder
Food = Weapon + Beast
Human = Starting element
Lawyer = Human + Copyright
Politician = Human + Pride
Man = Starting element
Sekz = Man + Woman
Witch = Woman + Magic
Woman = Starting element

Cerberus = Beast + Death
Cthulhu = Demon + Water
Demon = Beast + Darkness
Dragon = Magic + Egg
Frankenstein = Corpse + electricity
Hydra = Snake + Beast
Mutant = Human + Darkness
Vampire = Blood + Human
Werewolf = Man + Beast
Zombie = Life + Corpse

Apple = Starting Element
Coffee = Seeds + Energy
Grass = Earth + Seeds
Mushroom = Earth + Seeds
Seeds = Apple + Earth
Tobacco = Grass + Fire
Tree = Earth + Seeds

Envy = Sin + Greed
Gluttony = Sin + Food
Greed = Sin + Money
Heresy = Religion + Sin
Lust = Sin + Sekz
Murder = Sin + Corpse
Pride = Sin + Sin
Sloth = Sin + Work
Theft = Sin + Money
Wrath = Sin + Weapon

Atheism = Human + Heresy
Book = Human + Knowledge
Censored = Mechanism + Sekz
Copyright = Demon + Order
Gambling = Human + Greed
Knowledge = Human + Apple
Money = Soul + Demon
Psychology = Human + Heresy
War = Politician + Pride
Work = Man + Money

Acid = Water + Sulfur
Bomb = TNT + Metal
House = Stone + Human
Mechanism = Metal + Work
Nuclear Bomb = Bomb + Mushroom
Oil = Earth + Knowledge
Poison = Tobacco + Coffee
Sulfur = Inferno + Air
TNT = Oil + Acid
Weapon = Human + Metal

All of the combination of elements shown in the Doodle Evil walkthrough can be done with trial and error.

Super Pixelknight

Super Pixelknight is another sequel for the platformer action pixelknight game series created by knarrenheinz. The game features 16 action packed levels with 15 different unique monsters to battle, 3 enemy bosses and lots of magic attacks and weapons. Sound effects and music background are also good.

Super Pixelknight walkthrough.

Super Pixelknight is quite an impressive adventure game, really entertaining. The different types of weapons and magic makes it not repetitive at all. Shuriken and axe are the best weapon in the game by the way. Here's the game preview while we wait for someone to upload a full Super Pixelknight walkthrough video.

Origami Apples

Origami Apples walkthrough.
Origami Apples is another new point and click physics based launch game sponsored by glowmonkey. The game features an environment made out of paper that makes it look unique. The objective in the game is simple - launch the paper skier and knock down all the apples in the level. It may sound easy but there a lot of levels and a bunch of obstacles to make it challenging.

Hold the mouse button to power up your launch and go farther but first identify the location of the targets or you may overshoot the apples. You can also give the skier an extra boost while mid air to make him go farther. Here is a gameplay video of the game while we wait for Origami Apples walkthrough and achievements guide.

APOKALYX walkthrough

Apokalyx walkthrough - The game is a new turn based arena fighting RPG which features full custom gladiator characters with post apocalyptic armors and weaponry. The characters in the game also has supernatural abilities, different special powers with 3 different path to choose to go with. The game consists of 3 arenas to play 60 battles in against over a hundred different opponent gladiators.

APOKALYX walkthrough.
Apokalyx is controlled entirely by mouse since it is a point and click game. The story of the game is pretty entertaining delivered by fully voice acted dialogue between characters. However, you may want to buy yourself some time if you are going to play for it could take you for as long as 10 hours of gameplay. If you got lost at some point in the game, check out the full guide for the game in apokalyx's main site --every thing is explained there from starting the game to strategies and tips.

Here are a couple of videos including Apokalyx walkthrough: beating last boss and the ending cinematics(?)

10 Doors 3 Walkthrough

10 Doors 3 walkthrough -- The third part of the point and click series Ten Doors escape game from MiyaB. The game is controlled entirely by mouse. Try to figure out how to open each of the 10 doors in the game. You may find use items to in the game by clicking or dragging it to interact with other objects.

10 Doors 3 walkthrough.
 This one is simple but entertaining flash game however, the game has language other than English in it so language barrier may be an issue for some. Anyways, here is 10 Doors 3 walkthrough I found so far.

Gray Matter Walkthrough Video

Gray Mater Walkthrough -- If you are looking for it, I got you covered (at least a little). It is a new point and click adventure game developed by WizardBox this time for PC and the  Xbox 360 console. The game features good quality of graphics, environment, animation and entertaining story line.

Gray Matter walkthrough
It started several years later from the death of Dr. David Styles' wife in a terrible accident. He moved in to a new home in an English manor where he spend his days. Things suddenly took its turn when mentalist Samantha Everett moved in to the estate unexpectedly and gave you a headache figuring out the game. So here are some Gray Matter walkthrough game guides from some youtube user.

Asylum 3 Walkthrough

Asylum 3 walkthrough -- This another new point and click adventure game created by melting mindz. The game sets in a mental asylum that has been shut down because of a doctor who was suspected to be doing horrible crimes to the patients. Now the place is being feared by everyone because rumors has it that some of the patients and victims of the mad criminal doctor are still roaming the place.

Asylum 3 walkthrough
You play as an adventurous individual who always enjoyed exploring dark and mysterious places and your stop is the haunted asylum but you were locked down inside the moment you entered its doors. Uncover the mysteries in the game using a flashlight and a map. If both of those things is not enough, the Asylum 3 walkthrough will show you the way.