Gathe Escape Narrow Room walkthrough

Gathe Escape Narrow Room is a new point and click escaping game from games2gather. Apparently, you are trapped in a strange place this time inside a somewhat narrow room. It's too strange and narrow that it looks like a bathroom or maybe it is really a bathroom. Anyways, you know the drill, find items that may be useful and solve the puzzles in it.

Gathe Escape Narrow Room walkthrough.

It's another short but challenging and fun escape game to indulge ourselves today. Meanwhile, we found a Gathe Escape Narrow Room walkthrough showing solution.

Factory Balls 4 walkthrough

Factory Balls 4 is another point and click puzzle game from bontegames. This is the game where you produce different kinds of balls. In each level you are given an example of what kind of ball you have to produce from the materials and tools available. It varies as you progress and gets more and more difficult.

Factory Balls 4 walkthrough.

It's no doubt one unique puzzler in terms concept and it's pretty challenging. Meanwhile, we have gathered some Factory Balls 4 walkthrough showing all 30 levels beaten plus the bonus ending.

Thelemite walkthrough

Thelemite is a new platformer mutant ninja retro fighting game from SOS. Basically, you hit everything that you see using your super mutant ninja abilities of course. Just follow the mission control's instruction and you should be okay, or not. Take down other mutants, soldiers, giant mutants, gigantic laser beaming spiders or any civilians that you think need some love from your abilities. Exploded enemies will drop gems which can be used to purchase upgrades for your abilities.

Thelemite walkthrough.

This one is a fast paced action packed mega ultra super atomic game that will blow you away and your time so you won't be able to get things done on whatever work you have. It's simple yet so epic. It's rampage but the mutant ninja way. Meanwhile, we have here a Thelemite walkthrough showing the game being played.

Leila and The Magic Ball walkthrough

Leila and The Magic Ball is a new platformer physics game from Paul Gene Thompson. It all revolves around the little toddler named Leila whose kind of adventure is one that involves collecting bottles, jumping platforms, solving clever puzzles, collecting stars and a bouncing magic ball that is always ready to destroy anything in its path.

Leila And The Magic Ball walkthrough.

There are 20 cleverly designed levels in this game and as you progress it gets more and more challenging. Platforming and physics are great together, they should make more games like this. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of collecting Leila and the Magic Ball walkthrough which pretty much cover all levels.

Monster Island walkthrough

Monster Island is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from miniclip (also on iphone). You play as a cute yellow monster that looks like a teletubbie as you get rid of monster thugs who are harassing the peaceful inhabitants of your colorful world. Getting rid of this unwanted visitors means you have to throw mini monster bombs on them.

Monster Island walkthrough.

The game has 48 well crafted levels with neat graphics and character animation. Each level can be beaten with a 3 star rating and that makes it more challenging and fun. Meanwhile, we have collected Monster Island walkthrough showing different levels completed with 3 stars.

Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough

Diamond Hollow 2 is another new retro platformer action shooter game from pegasgames. You play as a young boy who one day, woke up alone at a massive hazardous cave. Confused of what is going on and frightened by mysterious creatures, you found a slime gun. You started shooting enemies and collecting diamonds of different colors which turned out to be valuable in upgrading your weapons and abilities.

Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough.

It is no doubt one of the retro games out there that is worth playing. With it's lengthy story mode, mini games, boss rush and escape mode, it will surely have you occupied for long and prevent you from getting any work done - very entertaining indeed.  It's easy to get into plus the gameplay and feel of it gives kids of the 90s a trip down memory lane with it's pixel art style and nes like audio. The game also has lots of achievements to unlock and secret areas to locate for those who seek more challenge. Meanwhile, what we have gathered here is a collection of Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough showing different chapters (updated when new vids goes live as usual).

Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime is the latest installment for the HS series created by nekogames. It features all new levels where your objective is to find the stars. The gameplay is similar to the other game called Click Play only on this one you are looking for a star instead of the play button.

Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough.
Levels are well thought out and cleverly crafted thus making it simply addicting and fairly challenging. Meanwhile, here is a collection of written and video of Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough showing solution to different levels.
Stage 76: After you open the panel located on the left, turn all of the lights on then rotate them each pointing to the painting in the middle until the light forms a star.
Stage 77: Rearrange the blocks by pushing them in or out to form a star. See the video for the exact arrangement of the blocks.
Stage 78: Click on the stars until you find the correct one.
Stage 79: Hover your mouse on the lamp and rub it repeatedly and the star should appear.
Stage 80: After you drag out the snake in the bottom left corner in and around the field, click the tail segment a bunch of times. The star appears.
Stage 81: Hold and drag the little arrow down to reveal one point of the star the drag from the middle to reveal the rest.

The solution for the rest of the stages will be added to the video later (that is if I dont get lazy). But if you are reading this and you have your own solution, you can add them down in the comments section. Whoever gives a solution wins bragging rights. Meanwhile, the Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough is partially completed (updated whenever I find time^^).

Raze 2 walkthrough

Raze 2 is a new side scrolling platformer action shooting game from Justin Goncalves. Prepare for an awesome shooting mayhem with a vast array of weapons, abilities and equipment. Fight off the alien forces and save the human race or become the villain and outgun the heroes to it's destruction.

Raze 2 walkthrough.

The game features two campaign - human  and alien and a quick match mode which you can use to earn more credits. In the menu, you can manage your abilities, player profile, weapons and equipments by accessing the armory. In the achievements menu you can view which of them you have already unlocked. Meanwhile, we have here is a collection of Raze 2 walkthrough showing different levels of the game played.

Creeper World User Space walkthrough

Creeper World User Space is a new science fiction strategy game from knuckle cracker. This is the game where you blow away the creeping blue stuff using different weapons which includes mortars, blaster, drones and surface to air missiles. It has twelve awesome and challenging missions that guarantees addicting gameplay. This is basically the second shoot off from the original one so if you are not familiar with the gameplay, I suggest you go through the tutorial first.

Creeper World User Space walkthrough.

It's the same great game as the original that will most likely prevent you from getting any work done :). Meanwhile, I found some Creeper World User Space walkthrough (CWUS)showing different levels played.

Tamus And Mita Adventures walkthrough

Tamus and Mita Adventures is a new platformer adventure game from LartarGames. The game features cute characters that explores dangerous mines, fighting treacherous creatures and solve the mystery behind the sun's disappearance. The people, which are also animals, of the mountain are counting on you.
Tamus and Mita Adventures walkthrough.

Just follow the in game instruction and you will be ready to explore the mines, collect candy, search lost toys and bring the sun back in just a bit. Meanwhile, here is Tamus and Mita Adventures walkthrough showing bits of the game.

Escape 3D (E3D) The Vault walkthrough

Escape 3D Vault is another new point and click puzzle game developed by bored. You are an awesome thief who steals precious gems for a living and when the bank of a far, far away land of Boredmerica announced that they have the world's most precious gem stored in their vault, you didn't think twice and immediately came up with a plan to steal it. Unfortunately, the door shut closed in the middle of the heist and you must escape before you run out of air to breathe.

Escape 3D The Vault walkthrough.

It's another cool escape game with 3d graphics all over it and challenging scenarios to solve. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point of the game, here is (E3D) Escape 3D The Vault walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Bob The Robber walkthrough

Bob The Robber is another platformer action arcade game from flazm. The game is about a fair robber, Bob, who declares war on mafia and corruption. He then starts a crusade for evidences that will take them down.

Bob The Robber walkthrough.

The game features neat graphics, art style, appropriate background music and 5 different levels with moderate difficulty. Meanwhile, we have here a Bob The Robber walkthrough showing how to beat all of its 5 levels.

Hood Episode 1 walkthrough

Hood Episode 1 is a new point and click mystery solving adventure game from Hyptosis. In this game, you play as a detective investigating a case, a witchy kind of case where you must find a girl who is said to have been united as one with one of the shades and now has a dark heart who hexes everyone she crosses now. Roam the village and seek out information or items that will lead to the solving of the mystery.

Hood Episode 1 walkthrough.

The game has some nice art style and that reminds me of The Sagittarian and it also has some interesting plot. Meanwhile, if you need help solving the game, here's Hood Episode 1 walkthrough showing completion.

Roly Poly Eliminator 2 walkthrough

Roly Poly Eliminator 2 is another new physics based point and click puzzle game from notdoppler. Your objective in this game is to strategically remove, slice and explode objects on the field to bring about a violent end to the evil characters. Starring a handful of morbidly cute and funny animated characters and featuring 50 unique levels, this game is a good one.

Roly Poly Eliminator 2 walkthrough.

It has many well thought out levels, the physics is great and the art style is great. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some specific levels, here is Roly Poly Eliminator 2 walkthrough showing all levels beaten to death (plus the all stars solution).

Siege Hero Viking Vengeance walkthrough

Siege Hero Viking Vengeance is a new point and click physics based game from armorgames. This is basically a shoot off from the popular siege hero game where you smash idle vikings down to rubble using your first person catapult. This game has 35 unique levels in it but if you can't get enough of the addictive gameplay it has, you can go to the app store and get the version for iphone to play over 150 levels.

Siege Hero Viking Vengeance walkthrough.

This looks like a promo version but it packs awesome physics puzzle fun. Meanwhile, if you need help achieving all gold in all levels, here is Siege Hero Viking Vengeance walkthrough showing all 35 levels completed.

Blocks That Matter walkthrough

Blocks That Matter is a new indie puzzle game created by swing swing submarine (Mac, Windows and Linux). It's yet another game heavily inspired by Tetris and Minecraft. Play as Tetrobot, the unfinished creation of two indie game developers, apparently kidnapped and being held in an isolated cabin in a forest of pines. You are their only hope to be saved. Make use of your abilities which is mostly drilling blocks around turning them into pieces of material you can use to build things up and solve puzzles with.

Blocks That Matter walkthrough.

This game is definitely one those games that is worth of your penny. It has turned some of the most popular games in history into something new so this one is also bound to be remembered for very long time. Meanwhile, if you are already yawning at what you have been reading here, here is Blocks That Matter walkthrough that you are looking for.

Escape 3D Classroom walkthrough

Escape 3D Classroom is another new point and click room escaping game from bored. In this game, you play as a lazy student whose goal in life is to exercise absolute slacking in life. In order to achieve this you must stay away from reading, arithmetic and pretty much everything that involves learning and productivity - that includes places like schools and their classrooms.

Escape 3D Classroom walkthrough.

The game offers relatively challenging puzzles and a nice crisp 3 dimensional graphics. Meanwhile, if you got lost at some point and not sure anymore if you will be able to achieve absolute slacking or just fail, here's Escape 3D Classroom walkthrough (E3DC) showing solution.

Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough

Sleepy Stu's Adventure is another new platformer puzzle adventure game from paradoxongames. Meet Stu, a very sleepy person but is deprived from even taking a nap because of the noise of the city he live in. Help him get his well deserved peaceful rest by going through 70 well thought out levels. The game has 3 moral paths to follow and 3 possible endings which are affected by good or bad deeds and karma.

Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough.

If you want to play the game with achievements, you must play it on mofunzone. Anyway, art style is great, music is great and the gameplay is addicting and challenging at the same time. Meanwhile, if you are trying to find a guide of some sort for this one, I am collecting Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough and this is what we have so far (updated when new videos goes live).

Gluey 2 walkthrough

Gluey 2 is another new point and click puzzle flash game on notdoppler. This is a game where your objective is to clear each level by removing clusters of like colored blobs. Overfilling with blobs in the game screen will result to blobs overload - in other words, failure. So you better be good at strategic thinking to outsmart this cool game.

Gluey 2 walkthrough.

There are 20 regular levels and two unlockables in the game. The gameplay is quite addictive so I am warning you that playing this one may lead you to not having any work done in your office :). Meanwhile, here is Gluey 2 walkthrough showing tips and tricks on how to achieve and excellent score.

The King's League walkthrough

The King's League is another new point and click rpg strategy game from Kurechii Studio. Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Kurestal. It has prospered under the diligent reign of its mighty King. However, the current king is already very old of age and has no heir to his throne. The only solution he come up with is to hold a league where whoever emerges the champion shall be the one to battle him and take his throne as the next king.

The King's League walkthrough.

Armored knights, mages and archers are the main attraction of the game. Manage resources wisely and rise through ranks of your opponents and quests as victorious and become the champion of the league. Meanwhile, if what I just wrote didn't help, well then, here's some awesome guy showing The King's League walkthrough with commentary on the side.

Cut And Kill walkthrough

Cut And Kill is a new physics based point and click puzzle game from myplayyard. Your goal is to eliminate the monsters by cutting wood they are on making drop into spikes through 36 unique levels. If you seek more challenge then you aim to complete all levels with max stars rating to unlock all achievements.

Cut And Kill walkthrough.

This game boasts excellent physics puzzles with nice graphics and neat animation. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some levels, which is probably the case that's why you are here, the Cut And Kill walkthrough here shows all the solution for those who need it.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure preview

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure preview.
 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is another upcoming new fantasy game for 3ds, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. In this game, players will take on the role of a powerful portal master who controls over 32 unique and different characters including a mystical fire breathing dragon named Spyro. They will embark on a journey through an amazing world, exploring mythical lands and battling formidable creatures. Collecting gold, solving puzzles and hunting treasures is also there - all of these on a quest to save the world from an evil Portal Master, Kaos.

Meanwhile, here is a video of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure preview where the executive producer from Toys For Bob talks about some stuff to expect from this upcoming game.

Brother walkthrough

Brother is a new point and click adventure game from Luke Thompson. It is a cute and weird game in which you explore the vast mountains and solve puzzles along the way in order to save your fellow brothers and sisters. The story is set in a snowy and mountainous world where danger is everywhere.

Brother walkthrough.

Well, while the game is entertaining many will find it difficult and a bit frustrating at some point due to its level of difficulty. For those who got stuck at some point here's Brother walkthrough showing solution and saving you from attempting to jump off a nearest cliff.

Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough

Zombie Outbreak 2 is a new top down shooter game from Gokhan Tarcan. Apparently, the inevitable zombie apocalypse has began and is consuming just about everyone. Infecting people and turning them into brain hungry zombies. You play as a survivor and you must shoot your way using weapons that you will find through 10 levels crawling with hundreds of undead trying to eat you. Find supplies and upgrade your weapons to be more effective against the walking dead.

Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough.

This game has also 3 challenge levels including sniper, rocket launcher and minigun challenge. With good effects, both visual and audio, added to the intense - sometimes extremely intense - gameplay, you will surely enjoy this one from start to finish. Meanwhile, here's a compilation of videos of Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough showing the game beaten.

Toys Vs Nightmares walkthrough

Toys Vs Nightmare is another plants vs zombie inspired point and click strategy tower defense game from xplored. This game features great stuff including but not limited to, great gameplay, lots of medals/achievements to unlock, catchy music and a ton of entertainment especially for those fans of the TD genre.

Toys Vs Nightmares walkthrough.

It may not be the first on its style and genre but it is still a highly entertaining game everyone can enjoy. Meanwhile, if you are having trouble beating some certain levels of this game especially in the nightmare mode, I took the time searching for some good material and come up with this Toys Vs Nightmares walkthrough from some awesome player (video showing level 11 and 12 in nightmare mode beaten).

Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough

Revert to Growth 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from aethosgames. This is basically the 2nd but unfortunately also the last in the what I think a good series of awesome puzzle game. This game has tons more awesomeness than the first one having 3 different environments that each have their own play style. What other special features of this game are the level editor and sharing where you get to share your own custom levels with other players.

Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough.

Art here is good and both music and sound effects makes the audio even better. There are 3 different environments namely Tundra, Volcano and Forest each consist of 10 unique levels and difficulty level - definitely a good play. Meanwhile, here is Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough showing game completion in par time and moves.

Linx walkthrough

Linx is a another brain twisting point and click puzzle game from retrocade. It's basically a logical game where your objective is to connect all the same colored blocks with a path. Sounds easy but the catch is no two paths of different color can intersect. Not to mention the pits in some levels in which no path can cross.

Linx walkthrough.

There are 3 level set for this game each consist of 40 unique levels. Meanwhile, here is Linx walkthrough I found showing the normal level set solution (I will try to put up the easy and hard levelset later).

Dynamite Blast 2 walkthrough

Dynamite Blast 2 is a new physics based point and click puzzle game from bibagames. Destroy buildings, bridges and a lot of other structures using high explosive dynamite in order to complete each level's goal. It features 35 unique levels with different goals needed to be accomplished by blowing things up.

Dynamite Blast 2 walkthrough.

If you seek more challenge you go for 5 stars rating - the less explosive you use to complete the mission the higher your star rating will be. Meanwhile, here is a Dynamite Blast 2 walkthrough showing all levels solution.

Checkmate Room Escape walkthrough

Checkmate Room Escape is another new point and click game from a developer who goes by the name Ahmed El-Monofy. This is basically an escape game where the ultimate goal of the player is to escape by analyzing the environment and solving the puzzles in it. Navigate from room to room and find items that will lead you into solving the game. Each item is only usable in the correct spots and places.

Checkmate Room Escape walkthrough.

It's nonetheless another great escape game for you to solve and possibly prevent you from getting any work done today lulz. It's moderately challenging for the seasoned escape gamers but quite difficult for those new to this kind of games. Meanwhile, if you got really stuck at some point, a Checkmate Room Escape walkthrough will always come in handy.

Vexation 2 walkthrough

Vexation 2 is another great platformer game from stickstudios. Run, jump and overcome deadly obstacles that causes gory death to any stick figure person. This is one of the hardest platformer games around today so whatever happens do not smash your computer. Seriously, it's really hard but not impossible to beat. There's a video showing the game beaten in gold medal rating if you would just scroll down a little bit.

Vexation 2 walkthrough.

If you came here for proof that this game is indeed beatable, well here is Vexation 2 walkthrough which also show how to get perfect and gold on all stages (act 1 to act 8).

The Stupid Test Ultimatum walkthrough

The Stupid Test Ultimatum is the latest brain teaser quiz puzzle game from zforcegames. It is by far the ultimate test to determine how genius you are, really. Standard and other means of measuring the intelligence quotient of a person will look like a picnic if compared to this game (lol).

The Stupid Test Ultimatum walkthrough.

It's another job well done to the maker of this series. I've heard that over 40 million people took the previous test and there's no doubt that this one will also make it that far. Meanwhile, here is The Stupid Test Ultimatum walkthrough where some random genius beats the game and shows the answers.

Helios And The Spartan walkthrough

Helios And The Spartan walkthrough.Helios and The Spartan is another new hack and slash adventure game from armorgames. The game is set in the underworld of Greek mythology where you play as Helios and a random Spartan fighting your way through thirty levels swarming with undead warriors while you play breakout (lolwut?).

Battling skeleton warriors while you keep the bouncing ball off the ground at the same time gives us just the right tension in throughout the game. Very cleverly well done and entertaining. Meanwhile, back here on earth, I found this Helios and The Spartan walkthrough showing some levels beaten.

Dead Metal walkthrough

Dead Metal walkthrough.Dead Metal is a new top down space shooter game developed by hero interactive. It features the art style of Star Forge the smooth gameplay of Bubble Tanks combined. It has over 30 unique enemy types with different weapons across 5 different races and 10 avatar ships with varied weapons.

The last level is a survival mission where you must survive for as long as you can against waves of enemy ships and get the best score possible. Meanwhile, here is a Dead Metal walkthrough showing the game in action.

Legends Of Ooo walkthrough

Legends Of Ooo is a new point and click adventure game aimed at children from cartoonnetwork. If you are not familiar with Adventure Time, it is time you get out from under that rock you are living in. Seriously, it's a game version of the cartoon network series. It features Finn and Jake whose mission is to rescue different kinds of princess from the clutches of an evil Ice King whose gig is marrying a princess. Save these damsels in distress by pointing and clicking your way through objects and interacting with the environment.

Legends Of Ooo walkthrough.

Though it may be a game designed for kids, it's still a great and long game for adults to enjoy also. If it proves to be a bit too challenging for you despite of your mathematical prowess, maybe this Legends Of Ooo walkthrough can help you nail it down to the end.

Kiss The Darts walkthrough

Kiss The Darts is another physics based point and click game from gamezhero. This is a game where you fire little monsters from a cannon of some sort as you try to hit the dartboard in each level. Actually, the gameplay is similar to those of ragdoll cannon series. It is a fun, addictive and fast paced physics puzzle game.

This game also have achievements to unlock if you play it on some places like mofunzone. There are other games like it but it's still worth a play - actually it's also a bit challenging so here are some Kiss The Darts walkthrough I've gathered.

Homer Simpson Saw Game walkthrough

Homer Simpson Saw Game is another new point and click adventure game from inkagames. The story is this; Homer's family has been kidnapped by the annoying evil puppet, keeping them captive somewhere in Springfield. Your job is to help Homer rescue Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie from the clutches of their evil captor.

Homer Simpson Saw Game walkthrough.

This is a one great crossover - very clever and challenging too. It could take a while to finish the whole game altogether even for the seasoned point and click gamers out there. If you need some help beating this here is Homer Simpson Saw Game walkthrough showing solution.

Click Death 2 walkthrough

Click Death 2 is a new point and click stick men game from bored. The gameplay is similar to the other game called causality so that means your objective is to wreack havoc and cause mayhem upon these innocent stick men. story is not that important but for the plot's sake here it is; The Stickmen discovered massive oil fields and rushed to set up a gigantic oil rig to pump out the profits. But their greed caused them not to exercise proper safety precautions and that is where you come in.

Click Death 2 walkthrough.

Cleverness and timing is the key to winning the game. But if you don't have ample supply of those, try the Click Death 2 walkthrough instead (click the guy with pick axe, when boat comes click the harness on the man working on the crane, click on the tip of the fire, click guy on the crane to make him fall into the boat, click guy with clipboard, click the closest metal pole holding the rail thus making him fall and cupsize the boat causing infernal flames; click the guy next to drill to shred him to bits; when chopper comes keep clicking the harness on the crane).

Scuba walkthrough

Scuba is a new platformer adventure game developed by louissi. In this game, you are a space explorer who's out to space to discover new worlds. Apparently, your ship was damaged and crash landed on an unknown planet. You now have to explore this planet and make use of its environment to repair your damaged space ship. The game is heavily inspired by Terraria and Minecraft so fans of these games' genre will surely also enjoy this one.

Scuba walkthrough.

If you are new to this kind of game you'll probably get lost to how it is played i.e. the controls and crafting recipes but you will get the hang of it you continue playing. For some Scuba walkthrough let me share with you this review I found on youtube.

Saving The Company walkthrough

Saving The Company is a new platformer adventure puzzle game developed by Christopher Gregorio. Apparently, the company you are working for is about to go under and you must save the day by going to a trap infested castle to retrieve the treasure. Oh yeah, that plot is just very, very interesting, right? This game packs many different levels which becomes more difficult to solve as you go further.

Saving The Company walkthrough.

The game also offers some brain twisting riddles and challenging levels where you must avoid spikes, invisible spikes, lava and a lot more of other hazards that brings death. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point, probably in the level called control freak, just click the CTRL in your keyboard a lot of times. If you are at some other level, you can see Saving The Company walkthrough which shows game completion and boss level.

Monkey Go Happy 4 walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy 4 is the fourth installment to the popular hit puzzle game from pencilkids. Your goal is simple - make those cute sad orange monkeys happy. But sometimes it is not easy to do because it may require you to think as one of them lol. Anyways, the game packs 15 unique stages which you have to solve with least possible number of clicks you can.

Monkey Go Happy 4 walkthrough.

It's been a while since the part 3 of this game and now they're back to tell you that it is worht the wait. Meanwhile, if you got really stuck at some point or level, check the video of Monkey Go Happy 4 walkthrough (MGH4w) showing game completion in just 134 clicks.

Swap walkthrough

Swap is a new platformer adventure puzzle game developed by gamesfree. Its a multi-level puzzle game where you need to find the exit to advance to the next level. Run, jump, and swap objects including floors to your advantage.

Swap walkthrough.

The game packs 12 unique and progressively challenging levels. Further levels can prove to be very difficult for some so here is Swap walkthrough showing how to finish the whole game.

Bullet 2 walkthrough

Bullet 2 is a new point and click first person shooter game from gamesfree. It is basically a virtual shooting range where you shoot targets, other snipers and complete intense challenges plus a cool slow motion bloody effect.

Bullet 2 walkthrough.

This game offers quite a good shooting experience and fun gameplay. The challenges are not that difficult though. But it's still a great shooter game - quite addicting actually. Meanwhile, here is a Bullet 2 walkthrough showing game completion.