ClickDeath Arctic walkthrough

ClickDeath Arctic walkthrough.ClickDeath Arctic is a new point and click stick men puzzle game from bored. We have seen many different tragedy in different places and this time it's time to see what it looks like in the cold icy Arctic.

This game is played entirely by mouse - just click on the right spot and the right time to make a chain of reactions and cause mayhem on the stickmen. Meanwhile, here is ClickDeath Arctic walkthrough guide showing solution.

Troll Face Quest walkthrough

Trollface Quest walkthrough.
Trollface Quest is a new point and click puzzle game from pitergames. It features 20 different levels to solve and a bunch of troll faces all over it. Analyze scenarios and click on the right spot to interact with the environment.

This game is extremely entertaining especially if you are familiar with the internet culture these days. Art style and animation is just perfect for the game's concept. Puzzle wise, some levels are actually difficult to solve. Meanwhile, here is Trollface Quest walkthrough showing solution.

Making Monkeys walkthrough

Making Monkeys walkthrough.Making Monkeys is a new devious platformer puzzle game from greganims. In the beginnings, the curious monkey spotted something perched upon a ledge which grabbed his attention and before he realize it, he's now searching for other things that apparently dropped from the skies and so he can now create monkeys from his gun.

Use WASD to move your monkey around; Spacebar to pick up or throw your gun and mouse to aim and fire it. You have limited of clone monkeys that you can fire so use them wisely. This game present a moderately challenging and fun gameplay. Meanwhile, here is Making Monkeys walkthrough guide showing all levels beaten.

Scarlet Stranger walkthrough

Scarlet Stranger walkthrough.Scarlet Stranger is a new hack and slash fantasy adventure game from armorgames. There was a count who lived at Castle Chameleon, a cruel man named Thrashwoode who's been holding a princess as his captive. Your objective is to defeat this evil count and rescue the princess.

This game is played with arrow keys to move with X and Z keys to use sword and shield. What's interesting in this game is that it's levels change within a certain time which presents new gameplay every once in a while. Meanwhile, here is Scarlet Stranger walkthrough showing the game being played.

Adventure Story walkthrough

Adventure Story walkthrough.Adventure Story is a new side scroller action game from the maker of Epic Battle Fantasy series kupo707. Explore the mystifying world while battling swarms of enemies, learning powerful magic spells and collecting new equipment to gear up your hero. You will also face massive bosses like giant ice rocks, bush monsters among others. If you seek more challenge, you can go for the achievement medals that you can get by accomplishing certain feats.

This game is played with arrow keys for moving and jumping around, A to jump, S to attack, D to open up spell menu, Q W E for magic hotkeys. You can perform amazing combos by combining the attack with directional buttons. It offers a quite addicting gameplay that we all love about side scrollers. Art style and animation are nice and neat plus boss battles are epic. Meanwhile, here is Adventure Story walkthrough guide showing the game in action.

Where is 2012 walkthrough

Where is 2012 walkthrough.Where is 2012 is the latest point and click puzzle game from Mateusz Skutnik. Your goal is this game is to help santa find the apparently gone missing new year. It's a really weird thing to happen but you will have to face it and hopefully solve it or we all get stuck in 2011.

It has a funny looking character in it and a nice art style. It also has a fairly challenging puzzle that will test your wits. Meanwhile, to give you the solution here is Where is 2012 walkthrough guide.

This Is The Only Level 3 walkthrough

This Is The Only Level 3 walkthrough.
This is The Only Level 3 is another new puzzle platformer game from jmtb02. This game is consist of thirty new permutations of brand new level and artwork from jimp. It offers a completely new challenge more interesting than its predecessors. This is where you think outside of the box a lot.

This game is played with arrow keys for moving and jumping around. Also at some point you will need your mouse click. Meanwhile, check This Is The Only Level 3 walkthrough guide showing some spoilers in a speedrun.

William And Sly 2 walkthrough

William And Sly 2 walkthrough.William And Sly 2 is a new platformer exploration fantasy game from Lucas Paakh. Apparently, the gnomes have stolen William's journal and scattered its pages all over the mountain side. Good thing he knows a certain fox that can help him - Sly. Your goal is to find all the pages of the journal, munch every mushrooms in your way, search and defrost frozen pixies, activate teleportation stones, break dissolution spells and restore ahmnis to their correct pedestals.

This game features fantastic art work, graphics and animation. Gameplay is quite addicting and extremely fun. Finding all of the mushrooms, journals, fairyfly, bombs, 4 pixies and keys location can be quite challenging as you play further. But don't worry, there are some abilities you can gain like the teleportation, ahmni sight and sprite jump which enables you to easily locate treasures and jump higher to reach high places. Meanwhile, here is William And Sly 2 walkthrough guide showing gameplay.

Zomblast walkthrough

Zomblast walkthrough.Zomblast is a new drag and drop physics based zombie puzzle game from bigdino. Like most of the zombie games, here your objective is to explode them undead without mercy. Just strategically place grenades to blow them sky high.

This game is played with mouse for placing and detonating grenades while arrow keys or mouse wheel is for rotating the frag direction. This game also contains zombie slurs and humor but not only that - it's got some great animation and gameplay. Meanwhile, here is Zomblast walkthrough guide showing levels' solution.

Rubble Trouble Moscow walkthrough

Rubble Trouble Moscow walkthrough.Rubble Trouble Moscow is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from nitrome. Your favorite demolition team is back, Garry, Larry, Barry and this time to demolish infrastructures in the city of Moscow in Russia. Also, there are some brand new tools that you have at your disposal that makes this the most fun Rubble Trouble game so far.

This one offers pure fun and pretty challenging objectives. The gameplay is still as addicting as before and it packs some 30 awesome levels. Another job well done for nitrome. Meanwhile, here is (RTMw) Rubble Trouble Moscow walkthrough guide showing all levels completed.

Gravistation 2 walkthrough

Gravistation 2 walkthrough.
Gravistation 2 is another new physics based space themed puzzle game from elmortem. This game features some 45 levels, unusual gravity puzzle and a simple level editor where you can create your own levels.

This game is as entertaining as the original and the gameplay is still as addictive as before. Meanwhile, here is Gravistation 2 walkthrough guide showing easy, normal and hard levels beaten.

Verge walkthrough

Verge walkthrough.
Verge is a new artsy platformer puzzle adventure game from Kyle Pulver. This game revolves around a mechanic involving life and death. By that, the author means journey does not end even when the character dies. Sometimes the key to solving a puzzle in this game is through the deadly spikes.

This game is played by wasd or arrow keys for moving and jumping. It's a simple puzzle platformer with a pretty clever plot and gameplay. Surprisingly, some levels contains complex puzzles that can be solved by simple controls. Meanwhile, here is Verge walkthrough guide showing solutions.

Dusty Monsters Christmas walkthrough

Dusty Monsters Christmas walkthrough and guide.
Dusty Monsters Christmas is a new point and click holiday themed physics based game from bored. Your general goal in this game is to feed the green monster with candy treats. You can do this by replacing objects with presents and shapes among other things.

This game offers a nice Xmas graphics and feel complete with Santa hats and other colorful decorations. The gameplay is quite good, unique and pretty challenging as you go to higher levels. Meanwhile, here is the Dusty Monsters Christmas walkthrough guide showing solution to all of its 30 levels.

Causality Stickmas walkthrough

Causality Stickmas walkthrough.
Causality Stickmas is a new Christmas themed point and click puzzle game from bored. It's Christmas time in the land of causality but it won't be that merry at least for the stick people. Eliminate all the sticks without them noticing what is happening. It your job to make sure they will not ever wake up to see new year.

This game is played entirely by mouse - just click on the right spots and at the right time to make a chain of reactions. Meanwhile, here is Causality Stickmas walkthrough guide showing the solution.

Playroom 2 walkthrough

Playroom 2 walkthrough.Playroom 2 is a new point and click room escape game from kayzerfish. This colorful little game is bound to occupy you for a while with its challenging puzzles. If you are not familiar how to play games like this one, this is played entirely by mouse - just mouse over something and click on it to use it or examine it.

It's been quite a while since the original game but it's worth the wait. This one, I think, is more charming and has more challenging puzzle than the first one. Meanwhile, here is Playroom 2 walkthrough guide showing spoilers and solution.

Causality 5 walkthrough

Causality 5 walkthrough.
Causality 5 is a new point and click stick men puzzle game from bored. This is the newest, craziest and funnest Causality so far. If you are not familiar with the series, your objective is simple, eliminate all the the stickman and spare no one. There is only one rule though and that is no stickman should see another one dies.

This game is packed with three different levels set in different environments. It's animation, art style and fun gameplay is as awesome as its predecessors so its worth the play. Meanwhile, here is Causality 5 walkthrough guide showing the solution to all levels.

Mass Mayhem 4 cheats

Mass Mayhem 4 cheats.
If you have been playing  MM4 from gamesfree and wondering if there are cheats of some sort to that awesome game, then wonder no more. Here are some Mass Mayhem 4 cheats you can enter to the cheats field in the game's menu.
All weapons: SHLICK,
all upgrades: SHLACK,
invincible to explosions: MYBOOM,
run faster: MYBOOTS,
infinite jetpack: BIRD,
low gravity: ONMOON,
giant kamikaze: GODZILLA.

To see these cheat codes in effect, here is Mass Mayhem 4 cheats video.

Mass Mayhem 4 walkthrough

Mass Mayhem 4 walkthrough.Mass Mayhem 4 is a new platformer explosive game from gamesfree. If you are not familiar with the series, this is game where your objective is to fulfill missions that involves self sacrificing and awesome weapons. This is the fourth installment in the series and now with more firepower, bigger upgrades and badder costumes.

It is packed with 40 objectives to complete which includes underground passages, nuclear plant and busy freeway. Meanwhile, here is Mass Mayhem 4 walkthrough guide showing all objectives completed.

Isoball X1 walkthrough

Isoball X1 walkthrough.Isoball X-1 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from candyflame. This is an expansion to the original isoball game that adds 36 new levels, 18 hidden achievements, bonus animations and a complex sandbox mode among other surprises along the way.

If you are not familiar with the series, you may want to take your time understanding the animated tutorials that are provided within the game. This is the most challenging installment so far so expect lots of mind stretching play. Meanwhile, here is Isoball X-1 walkthrough guide showing all levels' solution.

Pixel Quest The Lost Gifts walkthrough

Pixel Quest The Lost Gifts walkthrough.
Pixel Quest The Lost Gifts is a new Christmas themed platformer adventure game from hardcircle. Your objective is to retrieve the lost gifts and toys that was supposed to be delivered to the world's children on xmas eve. You will have to overcome heavy snow, ice and whatever else the Arctic can throw at you while you find every present. Time is short so you have to hurry or there will be no gifts delivered this Christmas.

Running, air dashing, wall jumping - all of those are just what we all need for a platformer game. This is definitely one of those great platforming puzzle game out there. Meanwhile, here is Pixel Quest The Lost Gifts walkthrough guide showing levels beaten.

Lockehorn walkthrough

Lockehorn walkthrough and ending.Lockehorn is a new winter themed action arcade puzzle adventure game from nitrome. In a world long past, the big freeze came to engulf the innocent tribe of Elk. Unfortunately, only one survived that mayhem and his name was Lockehorn. Help him defrost his tribe from the big freeze.

This game is played with arrow keys to move and push ice slabs around. You must also take precautions - there are evil snow spirits lurking in the frozen temples. To beat this bad spirits, you must push an ice slab at speed to crush them into walls. Once you cleared a level off enemies, place the slab on the altar to advance to the next level. Meanwhile, here is Lockehorn walkthrough showing some levels beaten and the ending.

Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack walkthrough

Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack walkthrough guide.
Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack is a new physics based point and click Christmas themed game from buagaga. Your general goal in this game is to get Christmas ornaments into the holiday gnome's bag. To do just that, you must wisely and timely cut ropes that hangs these ornaments. There's a lot of achievements and challenges through thirty levels which includes enemies and lots of obstacles.

The art style of this game is really good and the physics is quite smooth. Overall gameplay is quite fun and addicting. Meanwhile, here is Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack walkthrough guide showing all levels solved.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense 5 walkthrough btd5.
Bloons Tower Defense 5 is new point and click tower defense strategy game from ninjakiwi. Bloons TD5 includes all your favorite towers from BTD4 with 8 fantastic upgrades each. There are also a couple of brand new never before seen tower types. You're gonna need all the power you can get to defeat swarms of balloons so you can earn monkey money to buy cool special agent towers and other goodies.

It's the best BTD so far and the stuff you can do just got larger which is great for tower defense games like this. Meanwhile, here is (BTD5w) Bloons Tower Defense 5 walkthrough guide showing easy and hard mode beaten.

Robot Mom walkthrough

Robot Mom walkthrough.
Robot Mom is a new point and click chain reaction adventure game from begamer. In this game, you are a little robot who is trying to find his robotic mother. To accomplish this goal you must first escape from a facility sitting on the moon. Analyze areas and click on the right spots to make a chain of reactions to advance to the next level.

As per the animation, art style and gameplay this one kind of good and the difficulty is progressively challenging as you go further which is great. Meanwhile, here is Robot Mom walkthrough guide showing the entire solution.

Wake Up The Box 3 walkthrough

Wake Up The Box 3 walkthrough.
Wake Up The Box 3 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from Eugene Karataev. The sleepy boxes are back again and they are still sleeping. Your general goal is to wake them up using the objects given in each level. Knocking them off the play-field will most likely wake them up.

This game is played entirely using your mouse - just drag and drop objects anywhere in the screen you think they should be placed. The animation and art style now just got more beautiful and the physics elements I think is smoother now. Some further levels are quite challenging but not impossible to beat. Meanwhile, here is Wake Up The Box 3 walkthrough guide showing solution to all levels.

Coins walkthrough

Coins walkthrough.
Coins is the title of monosynth's new point and click sliding puzzle game. In this game, your objective is to place the wooden tokens in their proper place while following simple placement rules. It contains very easy to learn puzzles but kind of hard to master.

This game is played entirely by mouse - just drag and drop the coins. The first few levels serves as the tutorial and introduction to the rules while the next sets of levels will give you some challenging puzzles and additional rules. Meanwhile, here is Coins walkthrough showing some levels beaten.

Dibbles 2 Winter Woes walkthrough

Dibbles 2 Winter Woes walkthrough.
Dibbles 2 Winter Woes is another new point and click puzzle game from thepodgegames. The cute little self sacrificing dibbles are back but this time they are trekking across the snowy lands of the North Pole. Give them commands so that they can sacrifice themselves in order to make a safe path for their king.

It features a brand new winter theme, new animations, 44 all new levels and snow effects. The music is great and kinda gives you the guilt feeling - oh if only there's another way to save the king without sacrificing. Anyways, it's as good as the original game and also fairly challenging. Meanwhile, here is Dibbles 2 Winter Woes walkthrough guide for all levels.

Imperfect Balance 3 walkthrough

Imperfect Balance 3 walkthrough guide.
Imperfect Balance 3 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from ttursas. This is by far the greatest addition to the imperfect balance series. The destruction of the many shapes continues and this time with 45 new constructions. By the way, it's also available for the iphone and ipad.

This game is played by mouse for picking and dropping of shapes around. To rotate shapes you can use either the mouse wheel or keys A and D. Your general goal is to clear all the colorful blocks off the screen. Meanwhile, here is Imperfect Balance 3 walkthrough showing levels' guide and solution.

Robots Can't Think walkthrough

Robot's Can't Think walkthrough.Robots Can't Think is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from myplayyard. This is where you control a little robot that has the ability to walk, jump, climb walls and lift objects but cannot think so you have to do the thinking for him in order to progress.

This game is played by arrow keys on your keyboard for moving, jumping and lifting objects while the x and c is for activating the translocator and time warp. It offers a surprisingly challenging yet fun gameplay complete with good music background and sound effects. Meanwhile here is Robots Can't Think walkthrough showing the game solution.

Greens Survive Only When Reds Die walkthrough

Greens Survive Only When Reds Die walkthrough.
Greens Survive Only When Reds Die is a new platformer puzzle game from friedpixelgames. The reds and greens are stuck in a hazardous planet and the only way to survive is to sacrifice one - sadly the reds becomes the sacrifice in order to save the greens. There are 28 levels in this game each has a door that leads to the next stage but it only opens when you killed all the red ones. You can eliminate them by having step on spikes but you must also be careful not to endanger the green ones.

This one is definitely another simple yet so fun and challenging platformer. It's so easy to start with but a little hard to master. Definitely a great game to test your thinking and skill. Meanwhile, here is Greens Survive Only When Reds Die walkthrough showing all levels solution.

Sugar Sugar the Christmas Special walkthrough

Sugar Sugar the Christmas Xmas Special walkthrough.
Sugar Sugar The Christmas Special is a new holiday themed point and click physics based from bartbonte. Your general goal is to direct grains of sugar to their respective containers by drawing lines to make paths.

This game is simply addicting and challenging at the same time plus you get the spirit of Xmas. Meanwhile, here is Sugar Sugar the Christmas Special walkthrough showing all levels' solution.

Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough

Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough.
The Causality Story Part 1 is another new point and click stickmen puzzle game from bored. This is bored's newest game about wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent stickmen. But this time it's a little different because stick dudes now are starting to realize that something or someone is killing them and that means they are now aware, alert and scared. Yeah I know, that sounds more fun to you, right? Congratulations, you're going to hell for that (joke).

The gameplay hasn't change from the previous causalities however there is only one rule you must not break and that is don't let a stick man see another one die or you lose. Meanwhile, here is Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough showing how to solve levels 1, 2 and 3.

Home Sheep Home 2 walkthrough

Home Sheep Home 2 walkthrough and guide.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In London is another new platformer adventure physics puzzle game from aardman. This is basically the official sequel to the smash hit platformer game released not so long ago. In this game, you must help the 3 little sheep work together to overcome the obstacles the busy streets of London has and return home. Make good use of their unique skills and abilities to help you solve puzzles in each level.

The storyline, the characters, the art style and the physics elements just fits perfectly in this game. Definitely a great sequel. Meanwhile, here is Home Sheep Home 2 walkthrough showing all levels beaten with three star rating.

Binga 2 walkthrough

Binga 2 walkthrough.Binga 2 is a new point and click brain teaser and puzzle skill game from ninjadoodle. If you are not familiar, this is the follow up sequel to the last binga game wherein many players broke their finga. In each level you are presented a unique puzzle to solve it may be timed or not just figure it out as fast as you can to get high score.

We love this game as much as the first one. The puzzles here are also cleverly thought out. BTW the password to view the rewards is fingabrokeagain. Meanwhile here is Binga 2 walkthrough showing all rounds and levels solution.

Long Way walkthrough

Long Way walkthrough.
Long Way is a new wild west themed tower defense strategy game from meetreengames. This is where you bring out the six guns and your cowboy hat as you enter the wild west in this western themed strategy defense game. There are quests to be completed, cowboys to recruit and items to buy and upgrade your defenses with. And oh yeah, your defending your bulls.

This game includes many types of enemies, upgrades and challenging bosses. It also has a wild western type of music background. Meanwhile, here is Long Way walkthrough showing how to beat its levels.

Asylum V walkthrough

Asylum V walkthrough.Asylum V is the 5th and newest point and click adventure game from selfdefiant. This time you must explore yet another massive abandoned asylum, solve puzzles in it, acquire useful items and collect orbs. Once you are inside you can never get out unless you complete the tasks.

It's another great, challenging escape game and it kinda gives you the chills. Meanwhile, here is Asylum V walkthrough showing game completion and full solution.

The Visitor Returns walkthrough with all 6 endings

The Visitor Returns walkthrough will show you how to beat this game and get all 6 endings. If you are not familiar, this is a game written and animated by zeebarf and programmed by Steve Castro. It's a point and click horror adventure game filled with bloody scenes and has six possible endings depending on your actions.

The Visitor Returns walkthrough all endings.

Many have waited for so long to see this sequel and it's been worth the wait. More horrific than ever and more bloody awesome. Not suitable for young players though. Meanwhile, here is The Visitor Returns walkthrough showing how to get all endings.

Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find walkthrough

Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find walkthrough.
Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find is a new point and click hidden objects puzzle escape game from pastelgames. This is basically the fourth in this artsy escape game series and probably the best among them so far. Find hidden objects inside a floating vehicle to open doors and solve puzzles.

The art style as always is sweet and the animation is kinda cool. That alone will keep you pasted in this game until the end. Definitely a great game. Meanwhile, here is ST4FFw Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find walkthrough showing the entire solution.

Captain Blox Lost Coins walkthrough

Captain Blox Lost Coins is a new platformer adventure game from gametator. This game is about jumping from platform to platform while you collect coins and keys to open doors and chests. A lot of times you will encounter enemies who you can defeat by stomping on their heads. Sometimes, you will have to complete mini puzzle games in order to progress.

Captain Blox Lost Coins walkthrough.

This game is very simple yet entertaining and requires some timing and precision skills. It has some 30 levels in the basic play and more awaits in the exclusive that is yet to be unlocked upon completing the former. Meanwhile, here is Captain Blox Lost Coins walkthrough showing levels beaten.

Joe Destructo walkthrough

Joe Destructo walkthrough cheats.
Joe Destructo is a new action packed shooter game from miniclip. You were summoned by Mayor Pompous and gave your the mission to get rid of heavily armed criminals in the new world city. Engage in a seemingly endless shooting mayhem using different weapons that you will unlock the more you destroy.

It's a fast paced shooter with simple neat art style, great animation and awesome graphics. It also features some achievements to unlock if you seek more challenge. It's no doubt another one helluva fun little game from miniclip. Meanwhile, if you came here for the Joe Destructo walkthrough here is some videos we gathered.

Helmet Bombers 3 walkthrough

Helmet Bombers 3 walkthrough.Helmet Bombers 3 is a new aim and shoot physics game from agame. Your general goal is to destroy all the enemy soldiers in each level with as few bombs as possible to score enough points and advance to the next level. However, you will have to rely on your physics skill to find a way to overcome obstacles blocking your target and also keep the guys waving flags alive.

This game features 21 unique levels and each of them can be beaten with a 5 star rating. Meanwhile, here is Helmet Bombers 3 walkthrough showing all levels completed.

Super Santa Kicker 2 walkthrough

Super Santa Kicker 2 walkthrough guide and review.
Super Santa Kicker 2 is another holiday themed point and click ragdoll physics game from gameshot. Your objective is to get Santa into chimneys by kicking him where it hurts the most. The gameplay hasn't change that much aside that this one has new challenges with presents, fans, bouncy trees, moving platforms among others.

Christmas time is coming and these kind of games are expected to be all over the place. But aside from being timely, this one offers addicting gameplay and fairly challenging puzzles. Meanwhile, here is Super Santa Kicker 2 walkthrough showing all solutions.

Leave Cthulhu Alone walkthrough

Leave Cthulhu Alone walkthrough.Leave Cthulhu Alone is a new strategy tower defense action game from loservilleexpress. Your goal is to keep your loyal cultist safe from waves of enemy humans. They want to stop Cthulhu's ascension so they won't be turned into awesome but ugly monsters to serve him.

This game is played with left and right arrow keys to move and pressing spacebar enables you to capture and mutate humans so you can use them to kill each other. However, you cannot mutate until your power bar is full so use it wisely. Meanwhile, here is Leave Cthulhu Alone walkthrough showing levels beaten.

Tumble Fruit walkthrough

Tumble Fruit walkthrough.
Tumble Fruit is a new point and click plinko puzzle game from godvilgames. Your objective is to feed all the animals in each level to unlock the next. It is consist of 25 unique levels and as you go further the difficulty increases.

It has nice art style and I must say that the animal characters are cute. The gameplay is both addicting and challenging specially if you are trying to hit the all pins bonus. Meanwhile, here is Tumble Fruit walkthrough showing all solutions.

Random Heroes walkthrough

Random Heroes walkthrough guide and review.
Random Heroes is a new action platformer shooter game from woblyware. Your objective in this game is to defeat the zombie alien invasion that started because of routine tipping over of tombs gone wrong in the cemetery just outside the city. Shoot your way through 18 levels swarming with alien invaders as you collect coins and upgrade your weapons for more firepower.

This game is played with WASD or arrow keys for moving while L and C is for shooting. You can access the shop by clicking the button at the top right corner of the screen or by pressing U on your keyboard. This is no doubt another great pixel action shooter game to get your hands on. Meanwhile, here we collect Random Heroes walkthrough for those who need it.

Dummy Never Fails 2 walkthrough

Dummy Never Fails 2 walkthrough.
Dummy Never Fails 2 is the new expanded version of the 2010 original physics game developed by tanoku. It features 60 brand new levels and some 50 new dummy skins to unlock. Plus there's an all new level and dummy editor that will enable you to share your creation with your friends.

For those who are not familiar, this game is where you use a cannon to blast crash test dummies at different targets while ensuring that they only sustain the least damage possible. What makes it a challenge is the new gravity manipulator and a ton of other obstacles that was put there to make your life difficult. Meanwhile, here is Dummy Never Fails 2 walkthrough showing all levels solution.

Earn To Die walkthrough

Earn To Die walkthrough.
Earn To Die is a new zombie razing action car game from toffeegames. When there is a zombie uprising and the only escape chopper is through a horde of undead, you'll need a car, just any car to run them down. Don't worry cause you will earn money if you kill enough zombies to upgrade your car with better parts.

This game is pretty addicting - not to slow to get the upgrades. It's like potty racers only with cars, trucks with big wheels and zombies. The art style is great and neat. The physics elements is quite okay. The game itself is a lot of fun nonetheless. Meanwhile, here is Earn To Die walkthrough showing some action.

2 Slices walkthrough for 3 Slices

2 Slices walkthrough for 3 Slices.If you played that physics puzzle game called 3 Slices and managed to unlock the 2 slices mode challenge but having problems feeling feelings of frustration of some sort due to its intense level of difficulty here's the solution. The 2 Slices walkthrough for 3 Slices.

Zipzip Secret Dimension walkthrough

Zipzip Secret Dimension walkthrough.
Zipzip Secret Dimension is a new puzzle platformer game from ttrkaya. In this game, you play as a simple person the one who is simply round with no legs, arms or torso - just round with a face. You live in a simple world of odd looking people ruled by queen and some soldiers. In other words it's a pretty weird world. Just go with the flow of the game and see the story unfold.

This game is played with arrow keys for moving and mouse to interact with green colored objects. The game itself is pretty simple in many ways, from the art style to the animation down to it's physics elements. It's not bad at all. Meanwhile, here is Zipzip Secret Dimension walkthrough showing solution.

Goblin walkthrough

Goblin walkthrough guide and review.
Goblin is another new point and click escape game developed by cobcris. It's an interdimensional journey in a puzzle box where your objective is to look for the color eating little goblin who stole the colors of moon and sun. You must capture him before it's too late to go to sleep.

Although this is the first ever game released by the author, it's impressive and entertaining nonetheless. The animation and music is great and the puzzle aspect is quite challenging. Meanwhile, here is Goblin walkthrough showing the solution for both easy and challenge mode.