Hazmat walkthrough

Hazmat is a new action adventure platformer game by Alternative Indie Game. This is a game about going through a series of hazard filled levels or is it about jumping precision, perhaps both. Your goal is to get to the exit to unlock the next stage. There are 36 challenging levels in this game by the way. It's like one ultimate test for your pixel jumping skills.

Hazmat walkthrough.

If you think your awesomeness can handle this then you may want to go for the three stars rating in each level for more challenge. Anyways, I'm in the process of collecting Hazmat walkthrough so expect this to be updated when new videos goes live.

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  1. Hey! I'm insertwittyuser on youtube that posted the walkthrough! Thanks for linking it to your website. I'm fairly to new to make walkthroughs and I'll be upload more from now on. So if you have any specific ones, let me know!. Also, I uploaded levels 13-17 on my account too. Check it



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