Cloud Control walkthrough Level 11 Guide (Solved)

Cloud Control walkthrough; this is a puzzle game on newgrounds which is created by some dude that goes by the name Radix. At first look, you might think that it's a about controlling clouds to pour rain to the a world below, but it's not like that. It's more of a touch that goal object while avoiding obstacles type of flash game. Use arrow keys to navigate the around your clouds and touch the blue clouds to make them one of the white ones. Storm clouds here serves as an obstacle that you must avoid touching. Here's Cloud Control walkthrough for level 11 - probably one of the difficult to solve (truth is I can't find anything else other than this).

Train Station Escape walkthrough

Train Station Escape walkthrough; it's a point and click flash game from the developer named Rotuc. In this room escape game, you will have to find items and solve puzzles that will eventually lead to your lost ticket which is the only way to escape the train station wherein you are tapped. Must hurry before you miss the train. Here is a little help for those who are stuck at some point in the game. Let this video of Train Station Escape be your guide.

Gotmail The Pool Walkthrough

Gotmail The Pool Walkthrough; it's a Japanese themed point and click game from gotmail. The game sets in a room with a swimming pool in it. You are trapped inside this room and your objective is to get out by finding items hidden around the room and use them to solve the puzzles which is the only way for you to escape. Here's an unofficial help guide to this game.

Coastal Super Combat Iphone Game Review

Coastal Super Combat is an action shooter game compatible for iphone, ipod touch and ipad. It was release by the Triniti Interactive Limited and is currently in version 1.0. It's basically a base defense game wherein you have to cut down the advancing enemies from the shore to your town. Utilize the 10 standard weapons and 3 special weapons to defend your base through 100 different levels against 11 enemy types that consists of various infantry, heavy weapon guys and armored vehicles. It does not have super special effects but the cute cartoon art graphics are really cool and fits the gameplay well.

Coastal Super Combat walkthrough: online soon.

Pirates Cave Escape

Pirates Cave Escape Walkthrough; a quick guide on how to beat the point and click game from rotuc. You are trapped inside a cave of the pirates and only have limited air to breathe. You must get out by solving the mystery of the cave and it's treasure. Pick up items that you can utilize for your escape. If you need some help or hints, see the video below.

Vertical Drop Heroes

Its them again, the goblins, took and held the princesses captive and leaving the entire kingdom without a hero to turn to so the king figured that he has no other option but to send you to rescue the poor princess. This is not your usual adventure flash game that is always side scrolling, in this game you go downwards. That is why it's titled Vertical Drop Heroes. You start at the top and work your way down to the very bottom of the game, collecting treasures along the way and saving other captured heroes while overcoming the enemies. At the end of most of the levels you will find the key that you need to access the temples where the princesses are being held prisoner but sometimes you may also get lost to something else like surprise powerful enemies or  game over. It's one fun adventure game. You can play this game by going here. Vertical Drop Heroes walkthrough is coming soon, just hang tight.

Causality/Casualty 3 walkthrough

Causality 3 walkthrough; often mistaken as Casualty 3, this game is another installment for the series of point and click havoc wreaking game that is fairly fun to play. The fall of all the stickmen in this game is the ultimate goal. So go on and figure out how you will be able to inflict the maximum damage thus beating the game.

Casualty 3 guide here for everyone!

5xMan Walkthrough for all the Hard Rooms

Here is a video of 5xman walkthrough for the hard rooms. This guide shows how to beat all of the most difficult rooms in this game that probably are the ones that had you lost and scratching your head. Enjoy and share!

5xman Walkthrough

5xMan is an online platforming puzzle type game that you can play for free on Bored.The goal is to get your five man team out of every level that have different kinds of obstacles. Collect as many coins as possible before the time limit goes off.

Here is the tutorial for the easy levels.
5xman walkthrough for medium difficulty levels.

For 5xman hard rooms walkthrough. this way please.

Potty Racers 2 walkthrough: Stage 4 Unlock

Potty Racers 2 walkthrough will show you how to beat all of the levels in this fun build and fly game from gonzogames and addictinggames. To unlock the level 4 of the game, you must gain money amounting to 200, 000. You can make to that point easily by flying higher and keep on reaching above ten thousand feet or you can simply follow the instructions in the video of Potty Racers 2 below.

Live Escape Basement Walkthrough

Live Escape Basement Walkthrough is the official guide to help anyone that will be lost at their new developed point and click game, which is the Live Escape - Basemen. Basically, you will have to find objects in this game and make use of them in solving the puzzles in your way. In this type of games, sometimes you will have to find codes or to combine items to make a new object that will be essential to your escape.

Escape the Ladies Room Walkthrough

Escape The Ladies Room Walkthrough; because a lot of you people are looking for a guide on how to beat that escape game from addicting games. I will only give you two insrtructions. First, press play button of the video walkthrough below which is from some cool dude over at youtube. Second, share this post to your friends (fb this, twitter this, etc.) using the share buttons at the bottom of this post. On to the show after the jump.

Small Lounge Escape walkthrough

Small Lounge Escape walkthrough; it's another short but fun point and click game by gamershood you can play for free online. The game is basically a room escape game where you have to find items and use them to figure out the puzzles in the game so that you will be able to escape. These kind of games can be difficult for others so here's a little help if got lost at some point and nowhere to go.

Bambino Room Escape Walkthrough

Bambino Room Escape walkthrough is a quick guide to help those who got stuck in this point and click game from 123bee. It's an escape game wherein you are trapped in a somewhat child's play room full of toys. Make use of the toys around to solve puzzles that you will encounter as you progress. Here is Bambino Room Escape solution in under 4 minutes.

Reincarnation Let The Evil Times Roll Walkthrough

Reincarnation Let The Evil Times Roll walkthrough video will show you how to beat the latest installment of the Reincarnation series from B group Productions - RLTETR. This time, you will need to take three souls back to hell to fully complete the game.

Here's how to beat Reincarnation Let The Evil Times Roll:

Escape in Okinawa walkthrough, Guide and Review


Escape in Okinawa walkthrough will help you find the solution to the point and click flash game that was created by Cabeza. It's a Japanese themed room escape puzzle game where in you have to find items that will be essential in solving the puzzles of the game. The walkthrough video for Escape in Okinawa will guide you through the game.

Old Shop Escape walkthrough

Old Shop Escape walkthrough; shows the complete solution for the point and click flash game from Rotuc. You are stuck in an old shop in this game and you have to find hidden objects that you can utilize to escape from the room you were trapped in. By now you are probably having a hard time beating this game especially on that 8 digit code so here's Old Shop Escape walkthrough to help you out.

One Button Arthur walkthrough


You play as King Arthur in this game and just like in the game One Button Bob (you can also play on ArmorGames), you will have to finish all levels with as few clicks as possible. It can be addicting for it will test your reflexes as you try to make the perfect timing to click. The one who finish the game with smallest number of clicks will be crowned the One Button King. No, I just made that up. Anyways, here's a video of some dude who recorded a One Button Arthur walkthrough.

Fish Castle Escape Walkthrough to Help You Solve the Puzzles

Fish Castle Escape walkthrough is a guide that will help you complete the Fish Castle Escape game that was created by 123bee for us to play online for free. This game objective is to prove the innocence of the fish that has been unjustly jailed. Bring the culprit fish to justice by finding items and clues that leads to solving the puzzles as the game progress.

Fish Castle Escape walkthrough:

Liferaft Zero walkthrough level Guide


Liferaft Zero Walkthrough; it's a platform game featuring a little girl that utilizes a grappling hook to swing around and bounce off from wall to wall avoiding spikes and overcoming obstacles in each level. Yes, it's that nice game from MikenGreg. Anyways, here's the regular Liferaft Zero Walkthrough in case you need some sort of a guide to help you out with some levels. It does not include tricks to get candy, no bonus levels or alternate secret ending.

Grow Valley walkthrough (Maximum Growth)


Grow Valley walkthrough shows us how to beat the fun point and click puzzle game to the best growth possible. You will start with nothing but a boring valley that you will have to develop as you progress through the game. For good insights, the Grow Valley walkthrough can help you.

Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets

Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets is a point and click hidden object game mixed up with some adventure elements and now it's on DS. So what's with that? Nah, just want to break the news to you in case you didn't know. Anyway, here's the details and a brief summary of the game:

Publisher and developer is CokeM Interactive. It's a puzzle type which was released on Nintendo DS in August 20, 2010.

Synopsis: What was intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia for Claire Donnelly, quickly turned into one of adventure and mystery! Upon her arrival, Claire started experiencing unusual visions, which grew to vivid depictions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah. Help Claire explain these terrifying visions in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire's Secrets, a dark Hidden Object Adventure game.
Some short gameplay video of the game.

Updates on this post regarding Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets walkthrough that haven't found of any yet.

Save My Robotos Walkthrough Solution Video

Save My Robotos walkthrough videos below will definitely show us all what we have to know to beat this amazing point and click game from Hooda Math. In this game, you will be able to program robots to make them do things that are of course, only significant and possible in the game (no you can't program them to make you a sandwich). Now on to the show.. Here are some videos showing the solution to Save My Robotos.

Levels 5 to 10.

Save My Robotos walkthrough for levels 11 to 15 is next.

Levels 16 to 20.. (will update this in a little bit with the rest of the video walkthroughs for Save My Robotos).

Bobulous Walkthrough

Bobulous walkthrough will show how to beat the hard mode of this addicting game you can play for free at The basic rules seems easy which is to eat the smaller creatures and avoid the bigger ones but it really gets difficult as you progress through the game. You may obtain power ups like bombs and other energy stuff that you can use in case of emergency. On to the show, here is some Bobulous walkthrough showing how to complete the very hard final battle level.

Kaitai Dismantlement Toaster Walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement Toaster walkthrough; it's the latest release on its game series. The screwdriver is your ultimate tool in this game. Use it to dismantle and unlock more units that can give you hints to solve the puzzles as you progress through the game. It's a lot of fun but may also be difficult to beat. See the video below for some guide and help.

Kaitai Dismantlement Chapter Toaster Walkthrough

I Want To Eat Breakfast walkthrough

I Want To Eat Breakfast walkthrough will help you beat the new point and click game from flash512. You were once again locked inside a room one morning and you have to get before you starve to death. Finding items and solving puzzles using those items are the basics. If you failed in this game and have already gave up, you can use the walkthrough for I want to Eat Breakfast game below.

Baby Sister Escape Guide Walkthrough

Baby Sister Escape walkthrough will guide you on how you can beat the new point and click game from games2girls. Escape from the room by finding different items hidden in every scene and make use of them to solve the puzzles as you progress.

Baby Sister Escape walkthrough for your pleasure.

Antrim Escape The Walkthrough

Antrim Escape walkthrough; it's probably one the best puzzle game on iphone so far though it may be very challenging for others because of its very well thought out puzzles that makes good use of the iphone's hardware features. Anyways, if you are trying to find some Atrim Escap walkthrough of some kind, you're in luck buddy, I found this video that shows how to beat Atrim iphone game.

Antrim Escape walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem part 12 Walkthrough Guide, Solution for Free

Treasure of Big Totem 12 walkthrough is the guide to the twelfth episode in Federico Rutenberg's series of flash escape game. The game is centered in to finding the next scroll that you need to find the treasure that you were searching for so long now. If you are in a hurry and just want to know how you can beat this game fast and easy or you're simply just stuck at some point of the game and refuse to accept defeat, well, you are in the right place.

"Treasure of Big Totem 12 walkthrough"

The Depict1 Alternate Ending Walkthrough

 Here's a video of the second alternate ending of Depict1 walkthrough. Hope this satisfies you now. Always remember; I only want what's best for us.

For the normal ending walkthrough of Depict1, check that older post.

Snark Busters Welcome to the Club

Snark Busters Welcome to the Club is one of the new downloadable hidden objects game from Alawar. The game sets in common places for these kind of games, which includes haunted mansions and old abandoned castle. It has a storyline like any other hidden objects game should have. But that's not the point of this post. I'm writing this because my seven year old nephew keeps on bugging me to give birth to a Snark Buster Welcome to the Club walkthrough, of which, obviously, I am not capable of doing. So I just promised him that I will put it in this blog as soon as I found one. Now he hopes tomorrow will be a good day for him. Good job to my brother for downloading the game.

Goose Gold Minoto walkthrough

Goose Gold walkthrough; it's some sort of a solution to the cute and lovable yet puzzling game from Minoto - a fairly popular flash game creator and his cute panda really gets all the loving from the fans. Anyways, Goose Gold can be pretty difficult to beat and especially the puzzles are sometimes hard to solve. Find items and use them in appropriate scene and place and everything will be alright. But if you're still stuck after all your efforts or you simply just wanna brag to your friends that you found a Goose Gold walkthrough, well you're in luck.

Golden Dragon Mystery Walkthrough and Solution Plus Guide

Golden Dragon Mystery walkthrough; a guide that will show you how to beat abroy's point and click escape game in question. Before anything else, if you are stuck at some point where you are trying to find an item that you think is well hidden, you can try mad clicking around the game. If that fails, cry.. Or refer to Golden Dragon Mystery walkthrough right down there and face tomorrow with a smile.

Winter Night Escape walkthrough

Winter Night Escape walkthrough; it is a guide that will show you how to beat this game from 123bee. It is basically a point and click escape game but this time you're not trying to get out of a room where you are locked down instead you must find a room, a safe shelter to hide and escape the freezing cold of the winter night. If you are looking for some sort of a guide to the Winter Night Escape game, you've come to right place on this side of the galaxy. A video walkthrough after the jump..

Critical Escape Walkthrough

Critical Escape Walkthrough; it's basically a point and click flash game from a fairly known developer Games2rule. In this game, you are once again trapped for some unknown or significant reasons inside an office. You must somehow escape from the room by collecting items found around the office and make use of them to solve puzzles that you will encounter as you progress. Guess what? The Critical Escape Walkthrough for 'ya baby!

Pleasant Room Escape walkthrough

Pleasant Room Escape walkthrough; it's the new point and click game from the now huge archives of challenging escape games of the popular developer Gazzyboy. The game sets in a room, this time it is indeed a pleasant room to be in but nonetheless being trapped and locked down in a place is not good. The basics are collecting of items cluttered all around the place and sometimes well hidden and solving puzzles. Anyway, if you got here searching for help on how you can beat Pleasant Room Escape, you're being lucky because right down there is the video walkthrough of the game. So enjoy, lucky one!

Asha's Adventure 4 The Roman Fountain walkthrough

Asha's Adventure Part 4 The Roman Fountain walkthrough; it's the fourth successor of the point and click game series you can play on website. You know the rules, collect items and utilize on those items you collected and stored in your inventory to solve every scene. It's a puzzle game so be prepared for some brain twisting action. If you got stuck at some point after mad clicking all around the screen, it's time to look at the walkthrough video of Asha's Adventure Part 4 we've ninja borrowed on a video site, before you loose all sanity.

Mars Escape walkthrough

Mars Escape walkthrough; It's a new point and click game from the well known developer that goes by the name Gazzyboy. This time it's totally out of this world because the game sets on another planet called Mars, the neighboring planetary body of our own planet Earth. A team of scientists were formed and sent out to an expedition but they were so excited they have forgotten to bring along enough fuel to return home. Enter you, the escapey gamey, figure out how you can work around to help the scientists escape from Mars. Can't do any better? Here's help for your pleasure baby.

Mars Escape walkthrough.

Cogito Ergo Sum Hot Escape walkthrough

Before we go to Cogito Ergo Sum Hot Escape walkthrough, let me explain first what does those words mean. Eherm, it's a Latin philosophical statement from that later on became a fundamental part of the Western Philosophy. Do you want me to elaborate more? No? Alright, on to the show, baby.

...and oh it is "I think, therefore I am" in English.

Catapult Madness Walkthrough

Catapult Madness walkthrough; it's the new point and click physics based launch game. The game sets in a castle under siege by seemingly unending horde of trolls. While under attack, the king figured out that the only way to survive the siege is to send a commoner to a neighboring castle to get help that apparently is seated some 50,000 feet across the battle field. So the king tinkered and figured that a catapult will do the trick to launch a commoner past across the horde of trolls to get help from a neighboring castle. Anyways, if you are looking for some strategies or some sort of techniques and tricks to get to the 50, 000 feet goal within the shortest number of throws, you're in luck.Watch the 10 minute walkthrough for Catapult Madness right down there.

Harry Quantum TV Go Home Walkthrough

Harry Quantum TV Go Home walkthrough; it's a new adventure game by turbonuke and presented by kongregate. It's basically a point and click game so you will only have to use your mouse for the controls and you might also use that same mouse to scroll down a little more and click play on the video below.

Save The Birds Walkthrough

Save the Birds walkthrough; It's a physics based game involving poor little hungry birds that you must feed by catapulting apples to them. Feed them so they can regain their strength to fly again. You can play for free at  Anyway, here's a 13 minute walkthrough video of save the birds game. Enjoy!

Space Escape

Space Escape is a point and click game you can play online. It requires no download because it is a playable web browser game powered by flash. Why did I say those things?? I have no idea... On to the show folks...

Space Escape Walkthrough

Depict1 walkthrough

Depict1 is another new platformer puzzle game we can all play for free at kongregate and pretty much on all of the other flash game sites in the galaxy. This game is packed with 30 different deceiving levels. It's interesting because there was a caption in that suppose to guide or deceive you. The caption will try to give you instructions on every levels and it is up to you if you're following them or not. The ending may vary depending on how you play each level of Depict1.

Depict1 walkthrough for your pleasure..

The Other Side Walkthrough

The Other Side is the sequel to the platformer puzzle game One Step Back. It is basically a run and figure out how to get to the goal type of game. But don't underestimate this one cause some levels may prove to be very difficult to solve. Mistakes can be done by choosing the wrong direction to walk or just by switching on or off the light and leave you restarting the level over again. Here are some The Other Side walkthrough I found.
Below is the part one of the video. There is a second one after the jump.

These vids shows The Other Side walkthrough as to guide how to finish every level of the game. You may find other ways to beat the game other than what is shown on the walkthrough videos above.

Micro Escape walkthrough

Micro Escape is one of the newest point and click game from Gamershood. Game objective is to get out of a room where you were, for some reason, trapped. Find the items and solve the puzzles that will come your way as you progress through this flash game. For Micro Escape walkthrough, hints and tips, refer to the video below for a comprehensive approach of how you can beat this game.

Halloween Escape Gazzyboy Walkthrough

Halloween Escape may be an advance treat from gazzyboy to point and click gamers. In this game, you basically have to find items i.e. stone, axe, spider key, ladder, skull, glowing pumpkin etc., that you can use to make your escape. You can also try to combine two different items to form a new object that could prove to be essential to beat the game. Anyways, if you've already tried everything you've got and yet still no good, you can simply break down and cry for your failure.. or better yet check out this Halloween Escape walkthrough and try to beat the game again.

Live Escape Bed Room Walkthrough

Live Escape Bed Room is probably one of the latest game from games2rule where the games rule you. Use your intelligence in this puzzling game to escape from the room you are bound to be kept sleeping for the rest of your life if you don't get out real fast. Yes, I just made that part up where you are to be put to sleep. Anyways, here's Live Escape Bed Room walkthrough showing how you can beat the game under a minute.

Puzzle Escape 3 Walkthrough Tutorial

Puzzle Escape 3 is one of the latest point and click free flash game brought to us by a Japanese developer that goes by a Russian name: Yuuri. Well, I don't really know if it is a Russian name or not but anyways, you might probably got stuck on this room escape game yet once again and now seeking help so here I am to rescue your sad stuck faces. hehe (as if I didn't get trapped on this one earlier.. But I am not going to tell you that of course.. oops, I already did?.)

Puzzle Escape 3 Walkthrough quick tutorial shows how to beat the game in under 3 mins.

Little Pony Escape Walkthrough | How to Beat Guide and Solution

Little Pony Escape is one of the latest point and click flash game developed by 123bee to give you some puzzle solving pleasure and/or headache if you got stuck. The story of this game revolves around a little pony that somehow got trapped inside a flag house. The objective is to help the pony escape by finding items that you can make use of to solve the puzzles in the game. If you are still stuck in this game, you can always look at the Little Pony Escape walkthrough here that shows how you can beat the game.

Bird Escape By Bonte Games Walkthrough

Developed by bonte games - Bird Escape is another point and click game that you can play for free in your favorite flash game places on the 'net. You don't have to find a way to free the caged bird because the objective is to free yourself who's also in the cage with the sad bird. Make the bird happy and by that you'll be able to escape the cage. Hurry before you get a bird flu. Here's Bird Escape walkthrough to save you from brid flu. =)

Operation Blackknife

Operation Blackknife is one of the latest sci-fi platform flash game from LoneWolfProductions that will take you to the deepest and darkest part of the universe. But don't expect that it will be quiet there and finally you will find peace deep into the void; because there are missions for you to accomplished and enemies to shoot down. In this game, you are the pilot of the prototype experimental craft, the X1 Delta; it's armed with weapons defense mechanism which you can upgrade as you progress in the game. The controls are easy to cope up with; use the arrow keys or WASD to maneuver your spaceship; mouse to aim and left click to fire weapon; spacebar to fire the secondary weapo; shift to activate afterburners. You can use an auxiliary power by holding down "C" on your keyboard. Anyways, currently, I can't find an Operation Balckknife walkthrough video or written guide so I'm still stuck to playing and enjoying the game. But I will definitely post here if ever I found one so stick around.

League of Evil Walkthrough for Level 1- 40

League of Evil is a very, very difficult, at least for me, platformer flash game you can play for free at playhub. It's amazing how tass beat it. Bouncing from wall to wall avoiding the electric spikes is something that may take some time to practice and finally master. Anyways, here's League of Evil Walkthrough to show you how to beat all the levels from 1 to 25 and 26 to 40.

Now that's some complete League of Evil walkthrough.

Happy Fun Balloon Time Walkthrough

If you just played Happy Fun Balloon Time in 2games' website and somehow got stuck on it, then chances are you landed here looking for a guide or walkthrough of some sort. I can't blame you, for this 35 level point and click game can be difficult at some point. In fact, myself failed to solve some of the levels and only got passed through it after a several trials and errors. Anyways, since you are here for the game walkthrough, here's Happy Fun Balloon Time walkthrough for all of us.

Swimming Pool Escape Walkthrough

Swimming Pool Escape is another point and click creation of the known developer in the flash games industry - Gazzyboy. And if it's a gazzy game, chances are it will get many players go looking for some hints, spoilers and even a full guide walkthrough of some sort so I thought I could be of help to you. I played this one and after a few minutes, I found myself in the same place as you were in - stuck. To be more specific, I can't get past the part where you have to climb down the ladder but first must stop light at the top from moving before you can go back down. Anyways, here's the complete game guide video I referred to when I decided to give up.
Swimming Pool Escape Walkthrough for your pleasure..

Escape the 13th floor Walkthrough

Welcome to this side of the interwebs, people who are stuck in the flash game Escape the 13th Floor - developed by Melting-Mindz. First of all, if you have been to this walkthrough resource site more than once before, maybe it's time for you to subscribe to our feeds and or bookmark us or twitter us or facebook us or whatever, for you may have now known that we occasionally provide here your game guide needs such as of this Escape the 13 Floor Walkthrough video.

Mechanism 3 Walkthrough

Mechanism 3 is another of coolbudy's point and click game you can play for free at pretty much all of the flash game sites on the web. In this physics game, you use a laser sharp blade to cut the glowing wires and blocks and make the goal objects touch. It's kinda difficult and I must apologized because I only found a walkthrough of this game for the easy levels and haven't found yet the solutions for the rest of the levels. I'm still searching though, so just hang tight.
Mechanism 3 Walkthrough, baby!

Escape from Boss Room Walkthrough

Escape From Boss Room is one of teshi-e's flash games creation you can play for free on his website and pretty much other gaming places on the internet. Once in a while, alright, maybe everyday you are at work you wished you could escape the wrath of your boss. Unfortunately, this video guide of Escape From Boss Room walkthrough is not intended for use in real life. So keep living in the fantasy that there is chance where you can get away from your superior at job.

Reincarnation The Clergy of Unholy Walkthrough

Reincarnation The Clergy of Unholy is the latest installment in the series of Reincarnation which is created and brought to us by bgproductions. In this game, you once again play as little evil Barney the purple.. Oh wait, it's not barney. Okay, you play as a purple devil who's out to a church to take back another reincarnated escaped soul - this time as priest which will end up dying by falling off the bell tower of his church. Now that's a hint. Anyways, if things get tricky and you can get to the ending, here's a fine Reincarnation The Clergy of Unholy Walkthrough solution.

Escape The Noddy Walkthrough

Escape The Noddy is probably one of the latest point and click game from Gazzyboy. In this game, you must find a way to get the imprisoned Noddy to break out of the cell where the villain goblins have detained him unjustly. Basically, you must make use of the objects you can find and since this is a gazzy game, expect the unexpected; like getting stuck. If that happens, refer to the guide below.

Escape The Noddy Walkthrough for your pleasure..

Winery Escape walkthrough

Hello Winery Escape stuck ups! What I am about to show you is the Winery Escape Walkthrough that will guide you on how you can beat the said gazzy game. I will give you only two steps in order to beat this game. First step: Click on the nearest left hand door and; Second, watch the video below. Enjoy!

Oh, there is a third step; subscribe to our feeds or share this page to your friends. Thanks!

Dark Nebula Episode 2 on Iphone

Dark Nebula Episode 2 is the second part of its installment of its iphone series and it's twice as long as its predecessor. You be tilting your device to move your character through the levels where you will have to avoid the traps, open the doors, bounce and slide but not fall off - it is pretty much of a skill based game so you will need several tries to master and beat the whole game. Watch Dark Nebula Episode Two in an Iphone gameplay after the jump.

Dark Nebula Ep. 2 is currently priced at $0.99 so I think it's worth it. Expect walkthrough videos of this game here soon.

Escape from the Haunted House Walkthrough

Escape from the Haunted House is one free point and click flash game that I just played and finished just a couple of minutes ago. I find it pretty easy... No, not really. I was stuck and had to look at the video guide solution for it. Shocking colors really hurt my eyes argh. But anyways, it's over. Thanks to the Escape from the Haunted House walkthrough video.

Cannibal Escape Gazzyboy Walkthrough

Cannibal Escape is one of the latest point and click games from non other than Gzzyboy. In this game, you will have to eat your other players.... Okay, just kidding. It's basically a room escape flash game where you must find items and make use of them to solve the puzzles within the game. Objects you will find in the game includes keys, stones etc. You may also need to combine items to make a new one that is necessary for your escape. To make the long story short, here's a Cannibal Escape walkthrough for your pleasure.

Color Theory Walkthrough

Color Theory is a free flash game that will bring you the world of blue, red, green and other both beautiful and lame colors. It a platformer game from the developer that call themselves Bgames. On to the game.. You have to harness the power of manipulating and mixing of the colors and achieve the highest color excellence; the double rainbow. Alright, I'm kidding about the rainbow. Here's a Color Theory walkthrough for your pleasure.
Your guide to levels 1 to 10 is shown below.

11-20 down there..

The video below shows how to beat levels 21 to 30 of Color Theory.

Asylum 2 walkthrough

This Asylum 2 flash game is from the developer Melting-Mindz and it's basically a point and click adventure type. The game sets in your walk to your home late at night when you see a strange light from the old abandoned asylum. Curiosity pushed you to check it out and the adventure begins. I played this one and it only got  me to obtaining two notes and a black key then went over to see the Asylum 2 walkthrough.

Castlevania Harmony of Despair Walkthrough

Watching videos of Castlevania Harmony of Despair brings me back the memories of the good old Playstation game Symphony of the Night. I've beaten that game multiple times! Back to the new Xbox360 game - Harmony of Despair, The good and new: I've learned that multiplayer mode is available in this game which can allow up to six players and I think that was just so awesome for a Castlevania game although fans of the game are used to it's solitary adventure in a massive castle gameplay. Basically, you can choose from five different previous characters: Alucard, Jonathan Morris, Soma Cuz, Charlotte Aulin and Shanoa. Each with unique abilities and skills. Of course there are new bosses to beat and achievements to unlock. The Bad Side: Some say that some areas in are seem too focused on multiplayer and the controls are a little loose. Anyways, if you're out here looking for some Castlevania Harmony of Despair walkthrough, I embedded some videos of its random chapters.
Chapter 1.

Ch. 1 pt. 2.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

I'll add the other chapters of Castlevania Harmony of Despair walkthrough in a little bit to complete all chapters. Special thanks to the one who uploaded them.

Bar Escape Stoneagegames Walkthrough

The story of this game Bar Escape from SAG goes like: You went to the bar for some drink and when you are about to leave you realized that you don't have money to pay for the drinks you had. So have to find a way to escape but you must passed through the security guards first. The solution for this game is shown in the video below.

Metal Junk Yard Escape Walkthrough

Hey there Metal Junk Yard Escape players and stuck ups! There's a video below that will show you how to beat this game from StoneAgeGames - where flash games are sometimes hard as stone. Sorry for the bad pun. Anyways, once again you found yourself in a deserted place and as you try to escape you got lost into something else like being stuck. So here's a guide for your pleasure..
Metal Junk Yard Escape Walkthrough.

Land Of Chaos Online LOCO Review

Land of Chaos Online is a new 3D fantasy MMO type of game of which the game play is a lot like of a mix of Savage 2 and League of Legends. LOCO is brought to you by Alaplaya - the same company behind the other mmos like Avalon Heroes and S4 League. For screenshots, detailed review and other video clips of the LOCO, you can check out their official page. Meanwhile, here's a quick first look review at Land Of Chaos Online.

Milkey's Escape 3 Walkthrough

Milkey's Escape 3 is probably the sequel to this point and click game from the flash game developer who happened to be named Milkey as well. It's easy to play for you will only have to find items using the click of a mouse but solving the puzzles is difficult and most likely you'll get stuck at some point of the game especially if you're new to these kind of flash games.

That's the video of Milkey's Escape 3 walkthrough that can serve as a guide for you.

Achievement Unlocked 2 walkthrough

Hello there Achievement Unlocked 2 fans, players and stuck ups! Before we get to the walkthrough, let me spit out some intro first okay? Achievement Unlocked 2 is a puzzle platformer flash game you can play for free at armorgames dot com- and by the way, it's also developed by them. Okay, that's enough. On to the show..

Achievement Unlocked 2 walkthrough for your pleasure.

Actually, I messed up on playing this one. Glad tass did it again. Another job well done for this Achievement Unlocked 2 walkthrough guide. If you have any further questions, you can go directly to his youtube page by clicking the video above and ask him in the comments. Don't worry, I think his a nice guy.

The Fog Fall 3 Walkthrough

The Fog Fall 3 is an adventure point and click game created by Pastel Games which you can play for free in almost every flash game sites on the interwebs. It is a challenge that brings you to a journey to find lost Cupertown.

The Fog Fall 3 walkthrough for your pleasure.

Alien Planet Escape 2 Walkthrough

You're lucky if you came here searching for the Alien Planet Escape 2 walkthrough coz if you would just scroll down a little bit, you will see the video showing how you can beat Alien Planet Escape 2. I am talking about the point and click game from 123bee where you find items and solve puzzles. Anyways, here's the video walkthrough after the jump.

If you have questions about the Alien Planet Escape 2 walkthrough you just saw above, it's free to ask.

Farmhouse Escape Walkthrough

Farmhouse Escape is a point and click game that I just played and finished just a minute ago on EG24. Guess whay? Yes, I solved the game without cheating i.e. looking at a guide or some sort of Farmhouse Escape walkthrough video like the one shown below. hehe.

Since you are here reading this, I bet you just gave up on the game and decided to find the Farmhouse Escape Walkthrough and ended up in here. You're so lucky. Come on, subscribe!

The Dreamerz Guide Walkthrough

The new point and click adventure game from Bubblebox you might be playing right now is The Dreamerz. and I bet you're having a hard time getting that dream machine to a working state again so here are some video guides of the game that can help you out solve the mysteries and restore you dream machine.

The Dreamerz walkthrough vidz after the jump.

That's all folks. Enjoy the game.

Green Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

Now this one's from Gamershood and it's called Green Bedroom Escape, another point and click flash games, of course. You know the basic of these types of game, don't you? If not, then let me tell you that it is basically a room escape game wherein you will have to find items and solve the puzzles you will encounter through the game. Most of the time you will need to combine some 2 or more items to make another object. Objects may or may not interact with each other. In case you are stuck with this specific game, follow the Green Bedroom Escape walkthrough shown below.

Satanorium Walkthrough

Satanorium is a horror adventure point and click game created by belugerin and brought to you by PlayHub. What else could be more horrific than having your car broke down in a creepy abandoned mental hospital where apparently some girls were trapped in such horrible place. The situation leaves you no choice but to wander around and find items that can help you make the car work again. Anyways, here's Satanorium walkthrough -a video of Mr. Tasselfoot beating the game in under 8 minutes.

Tiny House Escape Walkthrough

Here's a little help for your sad stuck faces in Tiny House Escape from 123bee. This game is also mistakenly called or refer to as Tiny Room Escape. Anyways, on to the show.. here's a video walkthrough.

But I think you would not even need this Tiny House Escape walkthrough because in my humble opinion, this game was pretty easy and quick.