Clear Vision 5 walkthrough

Clear Vision 5 walkthrough.
Clear Vision 5 is a point and click action shooter game from DPFlashes Studios in which you play the role of a sniper. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to eliminate specific targets from afar. You are Tyler, an ordinary guy whose patience gets pushed too far and became a professional clean up guy. This however is also the beginning of social decline, false friends and a spiral deception so you better watch your back for you can't trust anyone.

There are some tasks you need to accomplish in different missions and failure to comply with it will result in game over. The art style are as simple as before but the animation got more awesome since the 4.5 version of this game. Meanwhile, here is Clear Vision 5 walkthrough showing all missions accomplished.

Solar Ball walkthrough

Solar Ball walkthrough.
Solar Ball is another point and click physics based platformer puzzle game brought to us by coolbudy. The objective in this game is to get the little ball into the goal line by hurling across different obstacles. It is basically a mini golf type of game without the club and has some puzzles.

It is not the first in its genre but this little golf flash game offers unique play with its well thought out levels. The elements like portals, push buttons and magnets really adds up to fun. Meanwhile, here is Solar Ball walkthrough showing all levels' solution.

Blockgineer 2 walkthrough

Blockgineer 2 walkthrough.
Blockgineer 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from Submu Entertainment in which your objective is to guide the colored smileys to the their respective doors by placing blocks strategically in the field. You are given different kinds of shapes that you can utilize to build ramps or fill gaps so that smileys will be able to go around obstacles and get to the right door.

The first Blockgineer game is good but this sequel is way better in terms of art style and animation. Plus I think the physics aspects just got smoother in this one. The level of difficulty is intermediate to hard but not impossible to beat -- if you can make it through a few trials and errors, you should get right in the end. What's cool about this game is that you can share your solutions via the solution code. Meanwhile, here is a full Blockgineer 2 walkthrough showing how to beat it with 3 stars.

Greedy Pirates walkthrough

Greedy Pirates walkthrough.
Greedy Pirates is a physics based point and click skill game from playhub in which your objective is to protect your treasures from other thieves. You don't have to worry if you are the type of pirate that does not like violence because you will only have to toss your gold through the treasure chest in order to hide them and pass a level.

Greedy Pirates is an easy to play but hard to master type of game. While it's art style and animation may not be all that colorful and crisp, the gameplay is somewhat addicting and at the same time challenging which are great about physics based games. Meanwhile, here I collect GPW Greedy Pirates walkthrough so you don't have to and it shows all the levels beaten.

Heroestick walkthrough

Heroestick walkthrough.
Heroestick is a new point and resource management strategy defense game from belugerin. Choose your kingdom and conquer the stick world with help of soldiers, wizards, archers and even zombies at your disposal.

This game can be played entirely by mouse but there are some handy hot keys that you can use to make the gameplay easier though you may still find the game a little glitchy but the author of it is working them so it will be okay soon. Play the campaign and beat the blue and red kingdom to unlock the other two kingdoms. While Meanwhile, I collect Heroestick walkthrough and have them here so you don't have to.

Emerald Den Escape walkthrough

Emerald Den Escape walkthrough.
Emerald Den Escape is a new online room escape game brought to us by TeraLumina. It just so happen that one day you were strolling down the beach, you came across an empty room. Out of curiosity, you went in through it's open door. But the door mysteriously shut closed behind. Good thing you are familiar with escape games so you know that you just have to explore the whole place and gather items that may help you solve puzzles in it and find the exit.

If you are not familiar with this types of games, let me explain the controls. To navigate around around rooms just click on the sides or bottom of the screen. Scan the scene with your mouse cursor and look for interactive areas for possible clues or useful objects and of course emeralds - there are twenty of them to collect here. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point of it and need help, here is Emerald Den Escape walkthrough showing the solution.

Raptus walkthrough with Two Endings

Raptus walkthrough two endings.
Raptus is a new retro pixel style interactive game/story from from Allan Zucconi. Find out if a single mistake can destroy everything that you have and how far would you go to make up for your sins. In other words, just click away on the game to unfold a compelling story.

While the art style and music just fits perfect in this game, the actions are a bit slow that somehow breaks the mood. But it's a great story nonetheless. Meanwhile, here is Raptus walkthrough showing both endings.

Little Mosquito cheats walkthrough

Little Mosquito cheats walkthrough.
Little Mosquito is a new funny point and click game about being an annoying insect from gamesfree. This is your time to scour the skies as a little blood feeding mosquito hunting human and avoiding their death slap while you feed on their blood. As you go further, you will have the chance to upgrade your different skills enabling you to become faster, better and stronger.

There are 4 levels in the game but you must beat them accordingly to unlock them. Moving on to Little Mosquito walkthrough here is a list of codes and a video. Type the following Little Mosquito cheats codes into the cheat field: Jumbo - bigger you; MINIME - tiny you; ARMORALL - you can crash anywhere; BLOODYMARY - added 300 drops to your account; HALFTIME - start with half energy; RAMBO - unlock all upgrades.

Papa's Pancakeria walkthrough

Papa's Pancakeria walkthrough.
Papa's Pancakeria is a new point and click food serving simulation game from flipline studios. Papa Louie is back and he is still not working but to hire you to run his pancakeria bussiness. Help Prudence or Cooper run this little pancake store. Your duty is to cook and stack pancakes, french toast and waffles in this another great time management game.

Arranging toppings, stacking pancakes and pouring syrup is not an easy task to do but it is fun to do. You don't only earn cash from satisfied customers, you also get tickets to seven mini game show by Foodini where you can win prizes that you can use to improve your overall score. Analysis: despite the fact that this game offers challenge that requires you to push the limits of your multitasking prowess, the gameplay gets repetitive but before you know it, the game already took many hours of your life and you don't regret it even a bit. Meanwhile, I collect Papa's Pancakeria walkthrough so you don't have to.

Boom Balloon walkthrough

Boom Balloon walkthrough.
Boom Balloon is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from gamezhero. The goal in this game is to pop balloons by guiding them to float towards the spikes. You must not let a single balloon go float into the sky or you will have to restart the level.

There are 24 levels in this game each with unique puzzle to solve. One general tip is to always use the momentum of the balloons by dragging them. Meanwhile, here is Boom Balloon walkthrough with the solution to all levels.

Mari0 walkthrough (Mario Portal)

Mari0 walkthrough.
Mari0 is Mario Bros mixed with the popular puzzle platformer Portal. It's an indie game from stabyourself and you can download it has a version for linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This game pretty much explains what will happen if you give Mario a portal gun. What's great in this crossover game is it lets you play through custom stages based on Portal's levels as well as create your own stages using level editor.

Mixing games with one another gives players a new kind of gameplay but it sometimes it also gives more challenge. In Mari0's case, it is the control scheme that makes it hard. Moving Mario plus aiming and shooting a portal gun is really handful. Other than that, it's a great Mario slash Portal game! Meanwhile, I collect Mari0 walkthrough so you don't have to.

Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 walkthrough

Spikes Tend To Kill You 2 walkthrough.
Spikes Tend To Kill You 2 is a new platform skill based action game from noxioushamster. This is the latest installment to the  hardcore platformer game entitled "Spikes Tend To Kill you that was release some time ago and man it sure did bring frustration to many players. What's new in this sequel is that it got crazier. It's more ridiculously challenging than before so be forewarned that this game is difficult.. but it's a great game.

This game is so hard that I am compelled to search the web for Spikes Tend To Kill You 2 walkthrough so you don't have to (you're welcome).