Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough

Battle For Wayland Keep a Prelude Story to Ortus is a new action tower defense rpg game from jazza studios and armorgames. In this game, you must defend the wayland keep at all cost. Take on the role of the first legendary hero of Candor, Argus. Survive 12 weeks of battle as the enemy eastern empire invades through the wailing wastes. Shall the wall of the fort fall down then all of your people wil go down with it. But you can start over again at the last checkpoint.

Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough.

The story of the game is quite compelling enough to be interesting. As for the gameplay, it's kind of repititive but as you learn new magic spells and skills you'll find hard to not to take those newly learned abilities into battle. Pretty addictive I must say. As you progress through levels you will be faced with more challenging enemies that will force you to think of new strategies and utilize magical skills. Anyways, I will collect Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough videos to help you out with tactics and will update this when new videos and other materials come up.

Crazy Over Goo walkthrough

Crazy Over Goo is a new point and click physics based puzzle platformer game from Banov. The game features 63 unique levels that gets progressively difficult as you go further. The levels in this game are relatively hard so you may like to use the skip feature from time to time or if you suffer from severe head scratching syndrome due to frustration. To do this, press S on your keyboard and you will be automatically directed to the next level where another frustration might or might not start. But there's a bad news for quiters - you can only skip 3 levels at max. If you go back and finish the level you previously skipped then you'll get one skip ability back.

Crazy Over Goo walkthrough.

Another feature of this game is the level editor in which you can make your own levels and share them with the online community. Collect as many medals as you can to unlock dozen of items, bonus levels and customizations. Well, the game is kinda little hard but it's what makes it challenging and fun. As for some help and tips, let's follow this Crazy Over Goo walkthrough showing all levels beaten plus a quick level editor guide.

Star Forge walkthrough

Star Forge is a new strategy defense space shooter point and click game from hero interactive. Defend the star forge from seemingly endless waves of enemy space crafts by deploying defensive towers. Strategically place them and upgrade them to be more effective. Beat the normal mode to unlock other game modes like insane mode and survival.

Star Forge walkthrough.

Features addicting gameplay but may require you some time to master and beat just the normal mode. Nonetheless, it is pretty entertaining. Anyways, for Star Forge walkthrough here is a video that will be updated when new videos goes online.

Soul Brother walkthrough

Soul Brother is a new retro style platform adventure game from Jasper Byrne on adultswim. It is generally about jumping, exploring, avoiding obstacles like spikes and saws while collecting gems. It sounds like any other platformer but in this one you can switch to other characters by hurting and killing your present body thus reincarnating your soul into the closest living thing. Different characters has different abilities that you can use to your advantage. Reach for the sky and meet your maker - the Being who will give you awards (mostly fruits) for various achievements that you made throughout the game and be granted your original form.

Soul Brother walkthrough.

I find this game unique and entertaining. The visuals, sound and music are just retro the way most of us like. Anyways, if you need some sort of guide or help for this game, see these clips of Soul Brother walkthrough (SBW) I've collected.

Catopult walkthrough

Catopult is a new point and click aim and shoot physics based game coming out on notdoppler. The game features a cannon and fat round orange cat which you shoot through obstacles to collect all kinds of food within sight. Your score will be determined by the number of shots you made throughout the game so basically your objective is to take out levels with as few shots as possible.

Catopult walkthrough.

If you got stuck at some point and need something that will guide you through, don't curl up and cry, here's Catopult walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

Anbot 2 walkthrough

Anbot 2 is a new point and click action adventure game created by pencilkids. Well, our hero, a little red robot is back for a new adventure. Apparently, his girl has been kidnapped and he has been thrown into a wrecker where he should be doomed for good. Help him escape and rescue his girl in this all new action game.

Anbot 2 walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse which -  you only have to click on objects and locations on the screen to interact with the game and progress. Anyways, if you got here trying to find some solution on how to beat this game, see this Anbot 2 walkthrough for help.

Mayaboom walkthrough

Mayaboom is a new point and click physics based puzzle explode the badies out of the screen kind of game on mofunzone. Strategically place bombs around to get rid of the bad guys while keeping the good guys safe. There are 12 achievements to unlock and 40 unique levels in the game that gets more and more difficult as you go further.

Mayaboom walkthrough.

This one is not the first of its genre but its still relatively entertaining. Plus the voice acting and the little characters (especially the tiny yodas) itself are, I think, funny. Very good game. Anyways, I got stuck at some point playing this game but so I looked for help and found this Mayaboom walkthrough showing all the levels beaten.

DN8 walkthrough

DN8 is a new retro style space shooter game created by gamingyourway. Well, this game is a bullet hell shooter wich features procedurally generated enemies meaning millions of possible baddie images that makes every game looks different. The game is controlled entirely by mouse and auto fires. You can choose from two paths to take as you progress - the shield path or the double shot path.

DN8 walkthrough.

Each path provides unique power up giving the player multiple options to play through the game. But I personally prefer shield path because I'm not a good at dodging bullets. Anyways, here is a DN8 walkthrough showing full run of the shield path and the double shot.

Cubium walkthrough

Cubium is a new physics based point and click puzzle from godvilgames. It's about taking out cubes skillfully using invisible slingshot and a set of bullets that varies in size and effects on targets. There are 30 levels in this game and each has a unique challenge which can be viewed by clicking on the challenge button at the upper right corner of the game screen. These challenge are not necessary to advance to the next level wherein you only need to acquire the amount of point required to unlock the next stage.

Cubium walkthrough.

This is not the first in its genre but it is still very entertaining to play and some of the challenges are quite hard to achieve but not impossible though. Anyways, for some strategies, tips and solution here is Cubium walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

UpBot Goes Up walkthrough

Upbot Goes Up is another challenging point and click sliding puzzle on kongregate. The game is consist of 32 well thought out brilliant puzzles that is deffinitely hard to crack. Okay, you can go through the first several levels with no sweat but as you go further you will be faced with more challenging ones.

UpBot Goes Up walkthrough.

This game is one of the most difficult puzzler I've come across for a while now. Anyways, let's follow this UpBot Goes Up walkthrough that I will update from time to time when new solutions goes online.

Bad Kid's Homework walkthrough

Bad Kid's Homework is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from physicsgame24. The game is about helping bad kid earn more allowance each week by trying to complete all 28 challenging levels throughout the game.

Bad Kid's Homework walkthrough.

Your objective is to get the coin to the kid by strategically removing platforms and objects that hinders the path of the coin. In some levels there are objects that you can use to your advantage or in the contrary make your life more difficult. If you need help to solve this game, follow the Bad Kid's Homework walkthrough embedded below.

Thermobox walkthrough

Thermobox is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from maxgames. It's about breaking stones and heating up beams and melt down ice blocks holding a super lightweight box strategicall. In short, your objective is to get the frozen boxes in each level to the goal zone.

Thermobox walkthrough.

This is a good one in terms of physics puzzle and it has increasing difficulty as you progress that makes it challenging and fun. Meanwhile, here is Thermobox walkthrough for those who need it.

Flagstaff Chapter Two (2) walkthrough

Flagstaff Chapter Two (2) is a new turn based tactical game from joesler on armorgames. It is where the adventure from flagstaff 1 continues as the five heroes emerge from a portal of some sort to confront the King's arch nemesis - the pun. Take control of a party of five heroes that has their own unique abilities and skills as yo usearch for the truth behind an outbreak of madness amongst the king's royal guards.

Flagstaff Chapter Two 2 walkthrough.

Strategy is the key to winning every battle in this game. Plan ahead and take note of your enemies capabilites and health. You may also wanna count the tiles before you move your party. Protect your healer unit at all cost and make use of your range units wisely. Meanwhile, here is Flagstaff Chapter Two walkthrough that is updated when new videos goes online.

Mass Mayhem 3 cheats

If you are playing Mass Mayhem 3 and wondering if there is anyway that you can get more out of its sheer awesomeness like a bonus of some sort, well you may be interested with what we have here. Here is a short list of cheat codes for the game. Go to the game's bonus menu and enter the codes into the text field.

All Weapons - 42611
Full Ammo - 65876
Full Speed - 23991
10 000 Cash - 09183
Unlock Wild Zone - 38471

Mass Mayhem 3 cheats.

Mass Mayhem 3 cheats

Mass Mayhem 3 walkthrough

Mass Mayhem 3 is a new explosive platformer from pyrozen and gamesfree about bombing, dealing damage to anything and terrorizing everyone including zombies. In short it's one of those effing awesome games around now. This is basically the third in the series and now it features new levels, new zones, new weapons and bigger explosions. So if you have a rage inside you and you need weapons to kill virtual people with, this game is for you. Peace!

Mass Mayhem 3 walkthrough.

Anyways, the game has two zones - urban zone and wild zone. To get to the Wild Zone, you need to complete all the objectives in the objectives list. However, if you are to complete all of the task in there, obtaining all weapons first might help you. For more tips and guide about the matter here is Mass Mayhem 3 walkthrough (MM3) beating urban and wild zone.

Workaholic Enigma walkthrough

Workaholic Enigma is a new point and click escape game created by abroy. This game is about a workaholic person who one night stayed a little very late at work and got locked down by the building utility staff. Just you are about to go home and sleep after a long hours of work, here you are solving the puzzles in the workplace to find the way out or you'll be sleeping on your work desk.

Workaholic Enigma walkthrough.

Explore rooms, find items and make use of them in the right places. Good luck. Stuck? Here's Workaholic Enigma walkthrough for your pleasure. You're welcome.

Steamlands (Nitrome) walkthrough

Steamlands is another awesome adventure game created by one of our personal favorites, nitrome. The game is about building steam powered tanks from salvaged parts and bringing it to battle to prove that it is the most awesome steam tank in the new britania. I never thought driving and building your battle fortress while trying to hit the enemy's weakspot all at once can be this fun. Well, as always, nitrome surprised us once again.

Steamlands walkthrough.

Easy to learn controls but hard to master specially when you're in the middle of a battle but that makes it so exciting. There's no doubt that this will be another hit game from nitrome. If you need a guide, help or tips for this game, see this Steamlands walkthrough which is updated when new videos goes live.

Magi The Fallen World walkthrough

Magi The Fallen World is a new point and click fantasy rpg game ageofgames. If you like game about fullfiling quests, exploring dungeons, fighting powerful monsters, discovering lost treasures and plaing seemingly endless adventures, then chances are you will like this one too. Set in a large world randomly created at the start of every new game.

Well, what I like about this game is its wide variety of weapons, armor and items that you can mix and match to gain the rigth attribute for your characters and the ability to upgrade a specific weapon by fusing it with soulstones. But the gameplay gets repetitive very quickly. Nonetheless, its pretty entertaining. For guide, help, tips and tricks, here is a video of Magi The Fallen World walkthrough (MTFWW) which I will update when new videos goes online.

Whispers Room 6 walkthrough

Whispers Room 6 is a point and click adventure game about finding missing family members on addictinggames. Apparently, you are staying at the creepiest hotel you have checked into yout entire life. Then like in most creepy hotels, horrible things happened such as family gone missing. Its up to you to explore the haunted rooms, find your family and get them out of there.

Whispers Room 6 walkthrough.

This game is a challenging one rather than addicting. Nonetheless, it is pretty entertaining. For solution to this game, see Whispers Room 6 walkthrough (WR6W) after this paragraph.

Transylvania walkthrough

Transylvania is another point and click adventure game about a sleepwalking potato from fastgames. Apparently, mysterious forces can sometimes guide a sleeping potato to driving into strange places, crashing his car and finding himself in a place somewhat swarming with potato demons and other strange creatures. Help Mr. Potato get back home by clicking on the right spots in each level.

Transylvania walkthrough.

The game is without a doubt, the funniest game about sleepwalking potatoes so far. Nice art style and animation with potatoish background music. It has fair difficulty, well, you can expect to die several times in some levels. Anyways, here is Transylvania walkthrough if ever you need some help.

My Little Army walkthrough

My Little Army is a new point and click side scrolling fantasy strategy defense game created by rudy sudarto. In this game, heroes are fighting to conquer all of Myth Balls. Who will win is in your hands. Play the adventures of three different curious heroes and their cute but cunning little army. Earn gold after every victory in battle and use it to gain access to more spells and for upgrading your mercenaries. There 8 unique classes, 48 characters and 96 weapons to mix and match them with. Dozens of missions in each scenario and other rewarding side quests. Plus there are 10 achievements to unlock for those who seek more challenge.

My Little Army walkthrough.

Well, art style is just cute and the animation is smooth and good complemented with epic background music. Slightly addicting gameplay and fairly interesting and funny storyline. Strategy aspect is good. A simple change in the weapons of your army can turn the tide of a battle and that is what I like about the game. Very entertaining with a lengthy gameplay. Anyways, if you are looking for My Little Army walkthrough (MLAW) and final boss battle, here are some videos we've collected so far.

Zombie Cats walkthrough

Zombie Cats is another funny adventure puzzle point and click game from fastgames. Apparently, zombie apocalypse broke loose and zombifying disease has already infected the cats. You are a dog and it is up to you to save the city from the brain hungry undead kittehs!

Zombie Cats walkthrough.

Click on the right spot to interact with the environment and don't ever let any single cat get near the dog. Anyways, the game is kinda cute and funny so that makes it entertaining. For some tutorial on how to beat this game, see this Zombie Cats walkthrough showing the solution.

Friday The Game walkthrough

Friday The Game is another text based Rebecca Black parody game from manly chicken. In this game, you type words to go to places or use items. For example; you type the word kitchen if you want to go to the kitchen and cereal if you want to get cereal. You must make it to your friends waiting outside kicking in backseat and in the front seat of a convertible car for kids lol!

Friday The Game walkthrough.

Hilariously entertaining. Anyways, there are medals in this game namely; burn baby burn, cereal killer, derp, have a nice trip, oh poop, road kill, suicide, zap, going viral, partyin partyin no, winaholic, loseaholic, partyin partyin' yeah and one secret medal achievement. For some Friday The Game walkthrough here is a video.

Subtle Energy walkthrough

Subtle Energy is a new point and click mind and physics game from bgames. It's about logging into meditation mode, opening your chakras like in your favorite ninja anime, and embracing the power of subtle energy! Or is it about connecting and mixing pretty colors and watching them emmit colorful particles like fireworks in the sky. Whichever it is about, it has pretty colors and offers relaxing gameplay.

subtle Energy walkthrough.

If at some point you got lost in this game's beautiful colors, i mean at some levels, see this Subtle Energy walkthrough from bgames channel.

Gladiators (Miniclip) walkthrough

Gladiators is a new 3D fighting game from miniclip. A short but awesome deathmatch game featuring gladiators. Choose from 4 different gladiators, whether a Thracian, Iberian, Hellenic or Numidan. Just make sure you entertain the audience at the arena. Use special attacks to defeat your opponent or you can challenge other players from the top high scorers board.

Gladiators Miniclip walkthrough.
As always, another fine game from miniclip. Pretty entertaining with 3d visuals and good sound effects. Jump to the Gladiators walkthrough video below to see some gameplay action.

Protector IV.V (4.5) walkthrough

Protector IV.V or 4.5 is a new point and click tower defense strategy game from undefined. Basically, it is the follow up expansion to the Protector 4 game packed with it is a whole host of fresh and new content. Featuring 7 new storyline campaigns and several individual storyline quests and other side quests. Choose your humble background between travelling merchant, noble's squire, street urchin, wandering bard, studen of magic or forest dweller and begin your journey towards greatness. Choose your heroes, equiped them with mystical items and upgrade their skills as you progress.

Protector IV.V walkthrough.

This game is not the first in its genre but still it pretty entertaining game with good story. Strategy aspect is fine. I love it when you get to know the weakness of an enemy then planning to attack it. Anyways, for Protector IV.V walkthrough, here's what we found so far (we will update this if we can find more).

Rolling Tires 2 walkthrough

Rolling Tires 2 is a another addicting point and click physics based game from coolbuddy. Once again you have to strategically remove objects in ceratain order and sometimes with excellent timeing and precission to roll the spare tire to the goal which is a vehicle with a missing tire.

Rolling Tires 2 walkthrough.

This game's key features are, the physics seems to be better on this one than the previous game and the graphics are smoother. There are 20 levels with increasing difficulty as you progress. For Rolling Tires 2 walkthrough we put a some videos we gathered from around the universe.

Drop Dead 3 walkthrough

Drop Dead 3 is another addicting point and click physics based puzzle game produced by ttursas. Apparently, the king has been kidnapped so that mean you need to drop dead. I don't know if it make sense but will you just fling ragdolls around and watch explode, bleed, drown, shatter to piece and dissapear after all that agony. The key features of this game are, it contains more blood and explosion than the previous ones and wait, there are missiles, I know you, you love missiles! There are 15 playable characters now, some boss fights and in game editor.

Drop Dead 3 walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse and spacebar, so drag and drop the ragdoll to send it flying to sharp objects, bombs, gravity fields and other stuff that can hurt ragdolls and when out of pulls, press space to jump. Unlockables? It has plenty! For Drop Dead 3 walkthrough, just tune in to video below that we will update from time to time.

Clowning Around walkthrough

Clowning Around walkthrough.Clowning Around is another point and click puzzle game with physics elements in it. This game is from aceviral and is currently also available for the iphone and ipod touch. You are in a circus but you control the show. Send everyone's favorite act which are the clowns, flying using cannons, tilt them in seesaws, teleport them with the aid of magicians and bounce them real high using trampoline online to fall right down the barrel.

Well, the game's environment is colorful, physics are good, tutorial at the beginning is brief and easy to follow and levels are fairly challenging. If you want more fun, you can create your own level using the level editor or play others' custom levels online. There are 5 sets of difficulties namely; Clown College, Tightrope Trials, Cannon Calamity, Magic Misfortunes and the Grand Finale, each contains 15 levels to unlock by beating one after another. For some help on beating some levels, refer to the Clowning Around walkthrough and enjoy the show folks.

Shadow Agent walkthrough

Shadow Agent walkthrough.Shadow Agent is another point and click sniper game from gamershood. Read your missions order carefully then shoot the right targets. In each level you are given a task which involves shooting targets, mostly suspicious people, in order to save the public from terrorism and other horrific acts from bad guys who are mostly members of bad organization that does very bad things.

This game is another of those good games to practice your steady hands while shooting the right targets. Anyways, for some guide to this, perhaps Shadow Agent walkthrough showing all of its levels beaten can help you.

Portal 2 walkthrough (clips)

Portal 2 is an action platformer puzzle game from valve, you know them, the company who brought us epic pc games like HL and the this game's predecessor called Portal. Now, P2 comes to ps3 and xbox360 perhaps to reach the growing numbers of these game consoles players. From the looks of it, the game kind of evolved to a new level, higher quality of graphics, sound effects and the game's environment looks even more vast than ever.

Portal 2 walkthrough.

You play as Chell, the once test subject that is now an escapee from Aperture. For some gameplay footage, here is Portal 2 walkthrough from the youtubes (to be updated when a knew vid comes out).

WWE All Stars walkthrough (PS3, Xbox360)

WWE All Stars is one of the latest wrestling game release for the gaming console ps3. This game lets players pit both renowned wrestling legends and prominent superstars of today's wrestling era. A really good way for fans to determine the greatest and most awesome competitors of all time.

WWE All Stars walkthrough.

Perhaps, this one is the greatest treat for WWE fans so far. Anyways, for some WWE All Stars walkthrough for both ps3 and xbox360, hit the playlist just below.

Blockgineer walkthrough

Blockgineer walkthrough.
Blockgineer is a new challenging physics based puzzle point and click game from mathnook. In this game, you place blocks, angles and speed arrows to get the correct colored balls into their corresponding exits. Featuring 32 progressively challenging levels, you'll be scratching your head a lot, an awful lot in this physics based puzzle.

Note: if you are looking for the Blockgineer 2 walkthrough just follow that link.

I am assuming that I am not the only one having trouble with some of the levels of this game due to its high level of difficulty that's why there is no video guide about this one yet. Anyways, for those stuck at levels 23 and below, let me share you some real Blockgineer walkthrough - not yet complete but I'll see what I can do about it later.

Crash The Robot walkthrough

Crash The Robot is another point and click physics based game by tamasgames. This game is about crashing a funny yellow robot in any way possible using the tools that are given in each of the 45 unique levels. Use bombs to bring the different mechanism around in to operation that may help do the robot destruction.

Crash The Robot Walkthrough.

The game features nice art style, a funny charater and smooth gameplay with fairly challenging levels. Here is a complete CTRW Crash The Robot Walkthrough showing how to beat the game.

Red Menace 2 walkthrough

Red Menace 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game developed by godvilgames. Using your mouse get your red shapes on to the platform as you remove the green ones carefully. This game features 33 different levels that are progressively challenging. Once you beat all levels, you can enter the sprint mode. Load and save custom levels using the level editor. There are also achievements to unlock on this one, they are not that hard to get though.

Red Menace 2 walkthrough.

RM2 has smooth graphics and pretty nice physics. Further stages can be really tricky and difficult so here is Red Menace 2 walkthrough to be your guide if you got stuck.

Domino Frenzy 2 walkthrough

Domino Frenzy 2 is a new point and click chain reaction physics based game from FWG. This is a game where you can create awesome domino chains, solve puzzles, activate machines with the goal in mind of getting the dominoes to the end. When you are finished with challenge levels, you can create your own level design in free play mode and customize your own epic chain reaction effects.

Domino Frenzy 2 walkthrough.

The game's pretty entertaining if you are a fan of chain reaction games and dominoes. Anyways, if you need some help about this one, perhaps this Domino Frenzy 2 walkthrough can help you out.

This is A Work of Fiction Last Levels walkthrough

Here is a video of This is a Work of Fiction walkthrough showing the answers and solution to the last levels, thanks you.

Related articles

Pirates Conflict

Pirates Conflict is new epic point and clic strategy naval war game from smallfarmstudios. Recruit crews and captains with different skills that you can use as advantage over other pirate ships that you will face at sea. As you play further, you will earn gold for every battle you won and you can use those gold to buy new and larger ships that can board more crews. You can sail three ships at max.

Pirates Conflict walkthrough.

This is a good game for strategy type fans. It's like steambirds but on sea and the attacks are sideways plus. Also, engaging to a duel when you get too close to an enemy adds up to the strategy. Meanwhile, here are bits of the gameplay showing some levels while we wait for a full Pirates Conflict walkthrough to be online.

Spy walkthrough

Spy is a new mix of skill, puzzle and 'get the mission done stealthily' type of game from filipe sheepwolf on armorgames. In this game, you control a special robot unit called spy, a little robotic square that is capable of stealthily breaking through heavily guarde facilities that make lethal viruses that can wipe out masses with just a small sample. Your mission is to steal this lethal virus before it gets to the wrong hands in order to save the world from a new threat.

Spy walkthrough.

The game has smooth graphics, gameplay and control. I must say, voice acting in this one is good too. Levels are progressively challenging as you play. For some guide and tutorials, here is a top secret Spy walkthrough from a secret video arachives =).

Temple of Death

Temple of Death is a new tap down shooter game from paranoia on newgrounds. In an ancient ruins of a temple you've found the relic you were looking for but there's trouble that comes with it. Escape from a horde of horrific and merciless creatures coming after you. Utilize 5 different guns and blast your way through the final boss battle in this short but exciting tap down shooter game!

Temple of Death walkthrough.

Some bits of the game and a speedrun of the final boss fight in the Temple of Death walkthrough video next.

Monster Castle Defense

Monster Castle Defense is a new point and click strategy TD game from fliptic. Protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters to defend the castle from the enemy invasion. Upgrade the, evolve and create your powerful army to defend the castle from this seemingly endless horde.

Monster Castle Defense walkthrough.

Monster Castle Defense walkthrough in the next update. Here's a preview of the game in the meantime.

Bela Kovacs and The Trail Of Blood walkthrough

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood is a point and click puzzle detective game from extropia. Basically, your objective is to solve a murder case by finding clues in crime scenes and investigating people. For guide and tips just keep on reading or jump to the video at the bottom which will guide you till the ending.

Bela Kovacs And The Trail Of Blood walkthrough.

You need to find the 13 clues, they are from right to left:
– The bloody footprint on the windowsill
– The laptop
– The mouse attached to the laptop
– The picture next to the carpet and partly behind the plant
– The ashtray on the table
– The wristwatch on the table
– The glasses on the table
– The blood on the sofa
– The broken champagne bottle
– The apartment door
You can reach the bathroom through the door behind the sofa, the last 3 clues are here:
– The shower
– The washbasin
– The heater
You need to pick the correct answers. There are multiple ways to solve this minigame, one of them is to always choose the first answer.
1. Click on the fingerprint icon in your inventory and then on the scanner on the left.
2. Click on the dustbin.
3. Click on the case files next to the blue monitor.
4. Click on the monitors to sit down to a computer.
5. The OS password is random, but always one of these: MISSING, MONDAY, WANTED, KIDNAPPED and DRACULA.
6. The database password is need to be hacked. The hacking minigame works in a same way as a hanging game, you have to guess the password letter by letter. The solution is also random, but always a five-letter female name.
7. In the case file database (middle icon) type PM751816 or PM750816.
8. In the press database (right icon) type Bogdan.
9. Select 1978. 08. 17.
Again, you need to pick the correct answers. The solution is: first, first, first, second, second.
Question the old lady about the murder. This dialogue can’t be failed, choose whatever option you like.
Once again, you have to find all clues, this time 10. These are, from right to left:
– The sleeping bag
– The chair
– The orange cloth
– The remains of the campfire – they also contain a jigsaw minigame you need to solve
– The blood splatter next to the campfire
– The windows
– The saw at the bottom of the screen
– The top of one the metal barrels in the middle
– The crate with a green plastic bag in it
– The lone plastic can near the bottom left corner
1. Talk to the bartendress
2. Click on one of the UV-paint bottles
3. Collect 3 more UV bottles
4. Collect all the cocktail glasses
5. Visit the toilet (the door is next to Lili, the pink-haired girl)
6. Get the vodka and the toilet paper from the left closet
7. Open the right closet, get the last UV bottle
8. Use the toilet paper on the toilet in the right closet
9. Talk to the bartendress
10. Get the cocktail shaker from the bar
11. Click on the bar, get the worchester sauce
12. Talk to the DJ. There are multiple ways to solve this minigame, one of them is: first, second, first, first. You get some tomato juice.
13. Mix the cocktail by pulling the ingredients on the shaker. The correct sequence is: vodka, tomato juice, cocktail glasses, worchester sauce, UV paint.
14. Use the cocktail on Lili
1. Collect the cable, the glue and the cloth
2. Talk to the bum. There are multiple ways to solve this minigame, one of them is: first, first, second. You get a blanket.
3. Use the blanket on the barbed wire
4. Click on the blanket to get to the next scene
1. Collect the steel rod, the cigarette box and the old newspaper.
2. Combine the old newspaper and the glue, then use it on the door.
3. Use the steel rod on the door.
4. Click on the door to get to the next scene
1. Click on both of the wood sheets
2. Get the gas can.
3. Combine the gas can with the cloth, then the cloth with the steel rod, then use the lighter on your makeshift torch to light it
4. Use the torch on the pit
5. Use the cable on the pit
6. Click on the pit to get to the next scene
Break the electronic lock. The four-digit code is random generated, but always consists of the numbers 1, 5 and 7. A good way to solve this minigame is to enter four sevens, remember the location of sevens in the code, then try to fill the gaps with ones and fives. When you open the door, the game is complete.

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood walkthrough (BKATOB) showing game completion.

Randy's Empire walkthrough

Randy's Empire is a point and click game brought to you by fog. Randy is free from prison and he's back to his villainous deeds becoming a top dog of the criminal underworld. But his position is jeopardized when a bunch of thugs break into his headquarters while his boys are away, and tried to take him down. Your job is to help Randy escape their clutches and find out who is behind this assassination attempt.

Randy's Empire walkthrough.

Basically, you are presented a situation and you are given some options what you to do. The outcome of the choice you make are different from the others. That means it may be bad or good. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of, see if this Randy's Empire walkthrough can help.

This is a Work of Fiction walkthrough (Riddle Answers)

This is a Work of Fiction is a new point and click puzzle brain twister game by elip piilonen. It contains 20 challenging puzzles and enormous conspiracy theory in it. Some levels are played using the mouse and some using the keyboard. There 5 categories inside the game namely; route, riot, river, riddle and rotary.

This Is A Work Of Fiction walkthrough.

The game is very good for its puzzle and riddle aspect though and if your brain got tired in solving them riddles and want some skill based game to relax with, you can try the riot category for a change. It's pretty hard though and not relaxing not all. This one will totally twist your brain in one way or another. For the riddle answers and solution, let's watch This Is A Work Of Fiction walkthrough which is pretty helpful.

Fighter Patrol 42 Miniclip

Fighter Patrol 42 is a new point and click arcade flying simulation game from miniclip. The game sets in the battle of Britain where you are a pilot of an air patrol. The question is how big your role will be in this great battle. Shoot and evade enemy fire to live to see the next mission. Upgrade your plane at the shop menu.

Fighter Patrol 42 walkthrough.

FP42 is controlled entirely by mouse and is really easy to play though further levels are sort of hard to beat. Meanwhile, here is a video related to Fighter Patrol 42 walkthrough showing bits of the game.

It's Like Gravity walkthrough

Its Like Gravity is another new point and click physics based flash game developed by coffingames. Your objective is to make the ball reach the flag by altering the force of gravity in the environment after you remove objects hinders the ball to float in the right direction.

It's Like Gravity walkthrough.

If you got stuck at some point of this game, go hit the It's Like Gravity walkthrough showing all levels below.

Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough

Pokemon Tower Defense is another point and click defensive strategy game based on the popular rpg game. In the game you will be given a chance to choose which pokemon to start off with and which version to play, red or blue. The story: When a pack of wild Rattata attack Professor Oak's lab, it is up to you to stop them. Set out on your own Pokemon journey, to catch and train all pokemon and try to solve the mystery behind these attacks. Featuring the original 151 pokemon!

Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse so it is easy to play and the commands are easy to learn. If you need some strategies and techniques, maybe this Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough can help us all out.

Copy N Paste walkthrough

Copy N Paste is another platformer adventure game from fastgames. Venture out on a journey for inglorious cookie, fight through 20 grewling levels in this simple yet challenging unique puzzle platformer. Harness the power of duplicating objects to beat all levels but beware of the cowboys cactus.


Fairly challenging and entertaining but some glitches may spoil the game. Copy N Paste walkthrough next.

Epic Charlie walkthrough

Epic Charlie is a challenging platformer adventure skill game from lebox about a young apprenctice who is being suspected for killing his master. But you will find that is more like about running, climbing, shooting, wall jumping, collecting diamonds and rubies whose locations are hard to find, and defeating pierce enemy bosses. Presented with good art style, graphics, physics and great sound effects. Find the evil marguen and defeat him and his forces if you can pass through 3 zones and 16 levels, that is.

Epic Charlie walkthrough.

This gameplay is just smooth and the visuals are great. Also, finding all ruby locations is an extra challenge. For some guide and tips, let's follow this dude on his Epic Charlie walkthrough which is pretty awesome.

Puzzle Trap 7 walkthrough

Puzzle Trap 7 is another point and click room escape game created by Michael Hilbert for cafecafegames. Like in the previous PT games, you interact with the game's environment by clicking on objects and sometimes draging them. Basically, you must find all of the puzzle pieces to be put on together in one place later in the game.

Puzzle Trap 7 walkthrough.

For tips, hints and solution to this game, see our Puzzle Trap 7 walkthrough below this line.

Humbug Secret Items walkthrough

Hello, I just want to let you know that the video we have here is the Humbug Secret Items walkthrough, showing how to get all of the secret items in the game. Thank you.

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Humbug walkthrough

Humbug is a new challenging platform game created by pixel continuous. Your main objective in this game is to break through the castle and then get out of it alive going through obstacles and insane puzzles where the rules of logic doesn't count. Indeed a very challenging platformer which pushes the player to really think out of the box.

Humbug walkthrough.

Presented with a nice art style and well thought out puzzles, this game is both addictive and challenging at the same time. If you got lost at some point, in which I can't blame you due to the game's difficulty, here is Humbug walkthrough to help you out.