Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough

Ultimate Assassin 3 is a new top down action shooter game from games121. In this game you are an assassin sent from a distant future to eliminate some certain targets, mostly green bad guys. In every level your mission is to take down the green guy and escape. It would be easy if not for the time limit that is based on the difficulty level of the mission. There are different sets of levels from easy to normal and from hard to even more insanely difficult ones.

Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough.

Like its predecessor games, this one is quite entertaining and offers neat gameplay and fairly challenging levels with plenty of achievements. Special abilities namely speed and invisibility are your best allies. Use them wisely specially in further and harder levels. Anyways, for Ultimate Assassin 3 walkthrough (UA3W) here are some videos I've collected so far.

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