Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough

Cargo Bridge 2 is the latest sequel to the popular bridge building physics puzzle from Limex Games. This is where your construction skills will be put to test once again. Featuring more challenging levels and more building materials and different types of cargo that varies in sizes and weight.

Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough.

The game's mechanics is simple: the player just have to build a bridge strong enough to hold the workers and cargo that will pass on it using given materials. Trial and error has always been the player's friend.

While the game is all that fun and challenging like its predecessor, one minor thing I want to add and that is the ability to re-adjust the pieces when I make a mistake so I don't have to erase it and start over. Nonetheless, it's another great puzzle and I hope to see this on the iphone and ipad.

Meanwhile, here is Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough showing the best solutions covering all levels in areas Green Hills, The Moon and The Construction Site.

Stupid Jerks Walkthrough

All stupid jerks must be removed, that is the one simple goal in this new physics puzzle game by NPGames. Although this game has many levels to keep up with the time you have to kill, they are relatively easy not challenging. But it is quite entertaining to keep you playing til the end.

Stupid Jerks Walkthrough

There are many ways to remove the jerks off the screen but this video of Stupid Jerks walkthrough shows one of the best way to do it.

Unperfect walkthrough

Unperfect Game Screenshot
Unperfect is Kotubukimedia's platform puzzle game following a story of a father and son relationship. One word to describe this game: challenging. Things get difficult as early as level 3. It's gameplay is quite promising where you have to use your mouse to interact and solve scenarios, giving the player the impression that it is not a regular platformer where you only use arrow keys.

The story it tell is not only interesting but it can be a clue to solving puzzles as well, though not always. Meanwhile, here is Unperfect walkthrough demonstrating how to beat all levels because chances are you're stuck in it that's why you are here.

Zombies in Central Park Walkthrough

Zombies in Central Park walkthrough.Zombies in Central Park is a new point and click 'find the characters' game from gamezhero. If you didn't know, once a year the corpses become really bored in their cramped one room underground apartments, they go out to have a little fun and this time the place for their party in the central park.

Some well-known guests from all over the world are expected to attend this party. Can you spot them all? Or finding them is your problem that is why you are here in the first place? Well, in that case, here is Zombies in Central Park walkthrough revealing all their locations.

Droid Land walkthrough

Droid Land walkthrough.Droid Land is another new point and click escape game from Evil Lemon. It's a very good looking game with all the nice art style and feel but it is really difficult to beat. I played it but gave up and cheated by looking at the walkthrough provided by Evil Lemon which I copied and pasted below.

Warning: Guide contains spoilers so only use it if you are super extra sure that you are stuck.

Level 1:

click the oil can [A3] to grab it (it’s empty for now)
The barrel contains oil but you can’t use it unless you grab the oil can first.
click the barrel to fill the oil can
Now the oil can is full and you can use it.
click Alf to pour oil on his joints.
Now Alf can move but he still needs his toolbox to leave the scene
click the pillow and you’ll see a key under it. Grab the key.
There’s a drawer under the bed, now you can unlock it with the key
click the drawer and then get the toolbox.
You’re now ready to go!
Click the sky to get to scene 2.

Level 2:

Now you need to access the basement, but the door is locked
Click the toolbox and grab the hammer
You’ll need this hammer to open the mailbox (which is stuck) in the previous scene
click at the leftmost side of the scene to go back to scene 1
click the mailbox [A2] on the wall behind Alf to open it
You can now open the mailbox
click the key in the mailbox
You’ve just got the key to open the basement
click the sky to get back to scene 2
now click the door to the basement to get to scene 3.

Level 3:

Here you need to activate the machine and power up the generator by finding the 2 missing fuses.
Click the fusebox on the back wall
Notice you can’t pull the switch unless you find the missing fuses
Click the ceiling opening to go back to scene 2
You can now collect the fuse [B2] at the left of Alf’s leg. (It’s that round object)
Click at the left side of the scene to get to scene 1
Click the fuse [A1] at the top of the mailbox
You now have both fuses and can power up the generator
Click the sky to get back to scene 2
Click the tape [B1] on the floor at the left of the inventor to learn how the machine needs to be configured.
Click the door to the basement to go to scene 3
Now you have all you need to finish the game
Click the fusebox again, notice the collected fuses are now in place and you can now pull the switch to power up the machine.
Click the keyboard on the machine and pull the switches according to the scheme you saw on the tape.
From the left to the right and top to bottom: down, up, up, down, up, down
Now push the button and it will turn green.
Click Alf.

A video of Droid Land walkthrough

Bieb Blaster 2 walkthrough

Bieb Blaster 2 is another point and click physics game from Mouse City in which you only have one goal: to blast the Bieb. This game has 30 levels and in each of them that character that looks like a female pop singer is there to annoy you, so you must shoot it with a cannon.
Bieb Blaster 2 Walkthrough.
Bieb Blaster 2 image only, do not click

Aim with your mouse and fire if you think you got the right angle projectile power which is shown in an arrow bar.

Meanwhile, I embedded a Bieb Blaster 2 walkthrough showing all levels solution so you don't have to. You're welcome.