Escape Space walkthrough

Escape Space is another game by Melting Mindz from a far, far away galaxy called Flonga. In this flash escape game you are inside a spacecraft seated deep in outer space. No one knows how you get there, even yourself. But there's only one thing you must do, and that is to get back to solid ground: Earth. Since you do not know how you got up there and have no idea how in the universe you were suppose to go back down here with us Earthlings, let me show you this (brace yourself) Escape Space Walkthrough Tutorial Video for noobs who's lost in space and needed some sort of escape guide. Yeah, here it is.

Yeah yeah, I know you can't thank me enough for this Escape Space walkthrough, but stop crying will ya? Everything will be fine, you'll be home soon. hehe.

Baby Escape by Gazzyboy

Another Baby Escape game, but this time it's from Gazzyboy. The objective is to help the baby escape. From what? From dying! Fail to help the baby and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Appearing at the feet of your bed every 3 am. That scared you, right? No? Okay. Just let me know if you found a walkthrough for Baby Escape game. I just can't find one today. Thanks. Play the game here.

Escape From The Piano Room Walkthrough Tutorial

Escape From The Piano Room is another teshi-m flash point and click game to use your observation skills on. This is not your usual do re mi lesson, you'll have to solve puzzles and find usable items and hints as well to beat this game. You might get stuck in this game at some point like other escape games did to you (and me :p) so I searched around the web found this Escape From The Piano Room Walkthrough video, to save you sad escapeygamey faces. So yeah, here it is.

Geez, that tutorial video of Escape From The Piano Room Walkthrough really thought me the do re mis of this game. hehe. Cheers!

Hello Worlds Walkthrough

Hello Worlds, it's not I am actually greeting the planet Earth, that's simply the title of the flash game you can play at Kongregate. Anyways, this game really made my eye go anywhere, to tell the truth, I don't know where to look at. Oh yeah, you know what I mean. You might also be lost or stuck in this game that's why you are here.. hehe. Alright, enough chitchat. Here's Hello Worlds Walkthrough you came here for.

If this videos of Hello Worlds Walkthrough did not cover all the levels for the game, please check other walkthrough resources. and uh, kindly share it too here. Thanks.

Age of War 2 Walkthrough Hacks and Cheats

 A mix between a strategy game and a defense game, Age of War 2 is the sequel of the popular AOW1 from MaxGames. Your goal is to destroy the enemy base while you defend your own. Build turret defenses and units to attack the enemies. As you progress through the game, you will evolve and be able to unlock some new units and defenses. This is basically a point and click game so learning the controls will be easy. Anyways, I gathered here some videos of uploaded by players of Age of War 2. Let's start with this Age of War 2 Insane Difficulty Mode Walkthrough.

And of course, you may want to see this Age of War 2 Cheats and Hacks (the xp and money hack). I know you want it.

To use this hack, you must use Mozilla Firefox as your browser and must download Cheat Engine latest version. Alright guys, that's it for now. If you know of any other Age of War 2 walkthrough, you can share it down there in the comments... and yeah, if you also knew other Age of War 2 cheats and hacks, we want it! hehe. That's all folks.

Murder in Hotel Walkthrough

Play as a detective in the gruesome crime scene in Murder in Hotel- a point and click game from, uh, that is your first assignment as a detective. Go find out who created this game. ^^. Anyways, it's really simple to play, just find some hidden items and solve the mysteries. But in case you are not the type of person that do well in finding hidden items and solving mysteries, better check out this Murder in the Hotel Walkthrough evidence footage. hehe.

Now you will be able to solve the mystery behind this crime. Thanks to Murder in Hotel Walkthrough, the truth shall escape at last

Balcony Escape Walkthrough

Ah, I finally found a Balcony Escape Walkthrough, yes, I am talking about the flash game from Rouge Joker. And yeah, it's here now so be sad no more. I think this was uploaded by one of the guys from EG24. He's very kind for sharing this to us *wink wink*.

This video of Balcony Escape walkthrough made my day. Now I can go to sleep.. zzZZzz.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yoshi Star | Saddle Up With Yoshi Walkthrough

This is a video of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yoshi Star Saddle Up With Yoshi walkthrough. I'll post the other videos for another level later.

Stay tuned for the next video of Super Mario Galaxy 2 walkthrough. I'll post the rest later. I'm just busy now.

Bank Escape Walkthrough | Gazzyboy Bank Escape

This is another point and click game that comes in the title "Bank Escape" but this time, its from Gazzyboy. In reality, escaping from a bank can be really difficult. If bank robbers can just watch a walkthrough for escaping the bank they rob, what do you think would happen? Nah, I'm talking non-sense again. Anyways, here's Gazzyboy's Bank Escape Walkthrough.

Geez, I can't stop thinking about a Bank Escape walkthrough for robbers. lol.

Sneaky Sniper Walkthrough

Another point and click shooting game from AddictingGames, here is Sneaky Sniper. In case you mess up on shooting down targets, you refer to this snipy guide for noob snipers lol. Here's Sneaky Sniper Walkthrough video found the popular video site in the planet. Yes, its youtube.

Geez, this Sneaky Sniper walkthrough video really helps me noob snipers like me. lol. Cheers!

Walkthrough For Evening Time Game

This is just a quick post about Evening Time Walkthrough before I go offline today. I'll be out doing something else.So yeah, here's walkthrough for that point and click type adventure game from Minoto. I found this on youtube. Enjoy!

Hope that video of Evening Time Walkthrough helps you out with the game. Later folks.

Find The Escape Men 8 in the Hotel Walkthrough (video)

Another Japanese flash game, Find The Escape Men 8 In The Hotel is a point and click type from No1Game. Find 10 men to finish the game You might find this game difficult just like I do so here's Find The Escape Men 8 in the Hotel Walkthrough that could be a lot of help if ever you got stuck at some point in this game. So yeah, here it is.

Geez, it's really a good thing I found this Find The Escape Men 8 in the Hotel Walkthrough video on youtube. Isn't it?

Shut Island Escape Walkthrough

Shut Island Escape is the latest point and click game from Games2Rule wherein you supposedly entered into the island called Shut apparently to explore its mysteries. While you're in the middle of your exploration, you were suddenly trapped by an unknown force into a room. You must escape using the objects found within the room. You know the drill if you're used to play escape games. however, you might still get stuck at some point. If that happens, watch the Shut Island Escape Walkthrough video below and enjoy.

Geez, this Shut Island Escape Walkthrough really helped me finish the game. Later folks. Cheers.

Boro Apartment Room 203 Escape Walkthrough

A sequel to the Japanese point and click game Apartment Room 101 created by Miroe, here comes Boro Apartment Room 203 Escape, another flash game today that I luckily found a walkthrough for. I tried to play this one but the language barrier won't let me continue. So looking for a video guide of some sort is inevitable (making excuses again lol). Anyways, here's Boro Apartment Room 203 Escape Walkthrough for all of us to enjoy! Thanks to the uploader for sharing this.

Geez, videos like this Boro Apartment Room 203 Escape Walkthrough really helps us play language barrier protected games. Cheers!

Numb Escape 2.1 Walkthrough | Numbescape Room 2.1 Guide

Numbescape Room 2.1, this point and click game is from Minispeles, and what can i say, it's a fun challenging flash game. It made me look for a walkthrough and luckily I found one. So I'm posting it here on my blog so I could share it with the rest of the world full of point and click noobs like me lol. Just kidding guys. Anyways, here's Numb Escape Room 2.1 walkthrough video I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

Geez, videos like this Numbescape Room 2.1 Walkthrough are really good things to have around. Cheers!

Tempo Escape 2 Walkthrough

Tempo Escape 2 is another point and click game from Gazzyboy that makes you wander the net right now to find some sort of a guide, hints or even a full walkthrough. The good news is you've come to the right place now. Because what we have here is the video of Tempo Escape 2 walkthrough that will save you from getting stuck in this Gazzyboy game. Just watch the video and everything will be alright so stop crying lol. So yeah, here's the vide. Enjoy!

Geez, that Tempo Escape 2 Walkthrough video really helped a lot. Later folks.

Old Bar Escape Walkthrough

Old Bar Escape is another point and click game from Petee that makes you scratch your head right now that is why you are here, in hopes that you will find some sort of a guide or walkthrough. Guess what, you've come to the right place. So yeah, here's Old Bar Escape walkthrough, just push play and the video should go well, and hey, it's free.

I bet this Old Bar Escape video walkthrough saved your scalp from getting scratched too hard lol.

Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Walkthrough

The next chapter in the fan favorite Sands of Time universe, here's Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. Yes, it has been officially released by Ubisoft and now spreading through out the world to the anxious fanatics of these game. If you are not used to playing Prince of Persia and you find the game difficult, here are few Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands walkthrough videos that might help you out with the game.
The Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Geez, that's another video marathon for Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands walkthrough. Cheers!

Slicerix Walkthrough | Cracking All 25 Levels!

Oh yeah, Slicerix is another physics based game from Bubblebox. This one is a tricky and challenging puzzle game so you might as well end up scratching your head and looking for a walkthrough or some sort of a guide for you to be able to finish all levels of this game, like what I did. Yes, I failed on this one lol. Thanks to a dude who uploaded this videos of Slicerix Walkthrough on youtube, it surely saved my as* from total failure. So yeah, here are the vids. Enjoy!

For levels 1 to 13.

For levels 14-25.

Geez, these videos of Slicerix walkthrough really rocks! Later folks. Cheers!

Alan Wake Nightmare walkthrough (10 videos)

Alan Wake features fantastic combat with creeping atmosphere and a clever storytelling that makes your quest so thrilling from start to end. Since many people are looking for an Alan Wake Nightmare walkthrough, I thought that I should post some videos about it here in this site. So yea, here are the 10  Alan Wake Walkthrough videos I found Enjoy!

Geez, that was an Alan Wake Nightmare walkthrough Episode 2 video marathon lol. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!

Plink Walkthrough video

Plink is physics based shoot that eerie glowing light bulb in the dark point and click game from Agame. Played this one earlier but finished only a few levels. I'll try again later. Right now I am watching this Plink walkthrough video I found on youtube. Physics based games is my favorite type of point and click games but I think I'm not ready to shoot glowing bulbs in the dark lol. Anyways, here's the video.

I think this Plink walkthrough is incomplete. Not all levels are covered. I'll try to look around for the rest of the levels.

Parking Shuffle Walkthrough Levels 1 to 20

We have here another walkthrough for the puzzle game from candystand called Parking Shuffle. Your goal is to move the blue car out of the parking lot to the direction the arrows are pointing. To do so, you must rearrange the cars but you can only move each car forward and backwards. No turnings and maneuvers. I played this and after a good 5 minutes, I looked for a walkthrough. Yes, the sound is a killer. LOL. (just making excuses). Alright, here's Parking Shuffle Walkthrough.

For levels 1 to 10.

For levels 11-20

That's about it for the Parking Shuffle walkthrough. Until next time. Later folks. Cheers.

Chef vs Panda cute walkthrough (video)

Way to go for Minoto for another cute and funny point and click adventure game called Chef vs Panda. No pandas were hurt in this game nor any chef lol. I already played this game and finished it. Thanks to this Chef vs versus Panda walkthrough video I found Check it out.

Special thanks to the uploader of this Chef vs Panda walkthrough video. I could have not finish the game without you. huhu..

3D Dot Game Heroes walkthrough videos

3D Dot Game Heroes is the game for those of you who long for some old school adventure. I know what old timers feel when you see a game that is made up of pixels -yes those tiny blocks in different colors that reminds you of the Nintendo time. So don't cry reminiscing the old times because 3D Dot Game Heroes is here and ready to be played in your kid's game console, the PS3. So here's the video walkthroughs of  3d dot game heroes in case you ever need a game guide.

There are your 3D Dot Game Heroes Walkthrough vids, still not complete, I'm still looking around though. So if you know or have your own walkthrough video of this game, sharing it with us will be awesome.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Character Special Moves

I was checking Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 for some gameplay action and I stumbled upon this video on youtube and thought, "hey I like to post this on my blog", so yeah, here's Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 all characters special moves.

I'm not really a big fan of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 but I think I would like to have this one for PSP.

The Alien's Adventure Flash Game Walkthrough

The Alien's Adventure is a new point and click flash game from infuoWEB. In this escape game, need to find some items, bolts, spanner, etc. to fix the broken door of your house. You will also have to solve some puzzles to finish this game. You know what to do and won't get stcuk if you are a experienced and addict point and click gamer but in case you're not, here's The Alien's Adventure Walkthrough video to stop you from scratching your head.

Diamond Room Escape 2 video walkthrough guide

I'm watching a movie right now so this Diamond Room Escape 2 post will be really quick. I played this point and click game earlier and finished it already. But I thought I'd still post a walkthrough of it for sharing sake. So here it is, a video walkthrough of Diamond Room Escape 2 walkthrough. Enjoy guys. Later.

Lost Planet 2 Review and Walkthrough of the Demo Version Plus Multiplayer Trailer

Lost Planet 2 kind suck out much of the fun, yes the sci-fi sequel on your PS3 machines had this awful mission design, the friend/enemy AI sucks too but the good things are it has lots of online content, variety of gameplay and the competitive play can be fun. The multiplayer mode is full of goodies like unlockables and shimmering, shining splendid flairs- yes the visual design is quite impressive. The explosions are tasty. Anyway, to see what's going on with this game is to watch this Lost Planet 2 PS3 walkthrough video. It's only the demo version and not the full game walkthrough of Lost Planet 2.

This one here is the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer video.

...and it's awesome!

There is No Door Escape 5 walkthrough: The Video

I played this game that comes in the title There is No Door Escape 5 but apparently I got stuck on it and
needed some sort of a walkthrough or guide so I searched the interrwebs and stumbled upon this video of There is No Door Escape 5 walkthrough on utube (I won't correct that typo haha). So yeah, here it is. Enjoy!

Cursed Treasure walkthrough | Don't Touch My Gems Video Guide

I found this video of Cursed Treasure Don't Touch My Gems walkthrough on youtube and thought I would share it to you guys as I know there are a lot of you addicted in this tower defense game from iriysoft. So, yeah, here's the video. Enjoy and have fun.

And hey, please also share your own Cursed Treasure walkthrough with us here. Thanks.

Blocky Walkthrough Guide

So you've met Blocky already eh. He's that cute little block with a smiling face who needs your help to flip his way to his home block. I tried to play this point and click game but it happened that I needed a guide so I did a little search and found this Blocky Walkthrough. And now I'm posting it here so others may see it. It's a level 1 to 20 guide. Enjoy people!

Iron Man 2 Walkthrough Videos for PS3 and XBox360

I'm in no mood to write some sort of a strategy guide for Iron Man 2 game (PS3 & xbox360). I could have embed the videos of it here but the owner of the videos disabled the embedding thing so, yeah, here's the link to the part 1 of the walkthrough. TheMediaCow is the youtube account name where you can see, all 17 (i think) Iron Man 2 walkthrough videos and the upgrade videos.

Escape From The House of Evil Walkthrough

A game created by Thom Sip from Daa Studios, Escape From The House Of Evil is another point and click game in which you are yet again locked inside a creepy house and must get out of it before the house gets more creepier  swallow you forever. There tools which you have to find and make use of to escape from that house of evil. And yeah, you'll most likely be distracted after that zombie screamed on your face thus weakened your resolve.

So here's a video of a, uh, Escape From The House of Evil walkthrough to help you finish the spooky game. LOL.

If you have something to say about this Escape From The House Of Evil walkthrough, feel free to do so.

Take It Down Walkthrough [video]

A quick post for Take It Down Walkthrough before I go to bed. This is a physics based game wherein the goal is to take infrastructure and buildings down to the goal line without hurting that dude on top of the structure. Oh by the way, this one is from Funky Physics where you can play physics based games such as this one. Now that I'm really sleepy, I'll just let you watch this Take It Down Walkthrough video. Enjoy guys! Have fun!

Treasure Isle Cheats Tips Tricks Hacks and Exploits

The newest Zynga game on facebook that I know is Treasure Isle (it was launched on April 1, 2010) and I will share here with you some tricks, cheats (see videos below) hacks and tips on how you can get started on it. Basically, it is a type of game that combines the idea and concept of farming and treasure hunting. So here are tips for Treasure Isle beginners to to get you started.

Given that you have installed the game appllication, the first thing you will have to do is create your character.You can personalize your treasure hunter the way you want it. Click on your character and at the bottom part you can see the button for the outfit, face, eyes and hair of your character. Once done, you are ready to go treasure hunting. Search for rare items like gems and artifacts that can be found on different islands in the game. Travel from island to island by clicking the map or boat icon at the bottom part of your window/interface then the map should show you different island you can go to and choose by clicking the island you want to explore.

When treasure hunting, dig on the dark areas of land to search for treasure items. Digging on these dark patches requires more energy than digging on plain land. Energy is the key in Treasure Isle. It is the very important thing in your hunt. If your energy runs out, you can't dig anymore.You can monitor your energy in the energy bar at the top of game window. Good news is there are few ways to recharge your energy. You can simply wait for your energy to replenish itself. One energy point for every five minutes. Yeah, that will take long to be fully recharged. The second way is much better. Eating fruits that you have found while treasure hunting can replenish your energy. If you happened to run out of fruits, you can ask some from your friends to spare you some. That is one social aspect of the game.Leveling up can also restore your energy instantly. To level up fast, visit all of your friends' islands and offer them help so you get lots of extra experience points. In your own island, you have two plots where you can grow fruits that you can use as source of energy. Take advantage of this feature and apply your Farmville skills on it. Each type of seed has equivalent amount of energy that it can give. So be wise to choose what to grow in your plots. If you have bunch of island cash, you can use it to purchase energy refill at the store and it will restore your energy the fastest.

Unlockables. There are certain part of the island that requires a rare gem to be unlocked. I'm sure you know how this works. Make friends a lot so you can receive lots of help unlocking these unlockables. Once you complete a treasure set, you can redeem it for some prize.

At first, you have to save your money for fruit seeds and tools and when the time you reached the point that you have plenty of cash to spend, then it's time for decorating your island.

Now for the Treasure Isle hacks..
The Level Hack. Execute at your own risk.

The Glitched Chest Exploit..

Treasure Isle Money Cheat via Cheat Engine 5.6

So I guess that's about it for now. You can share us anything regarding these Treasure Isle Tips Tricks Cheats Hacks and Exploits. Thanks.

Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday Walkthrough Guide

Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday: This game is another sequel to series of Reincarnation, a point and click adventure game. If you played the previous, you can easily point and click your way through this one. But if at some point you get stuck in this game and needed some sort of a guide, let us present this Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday walkthrough to you.

  • Click on the pink flowers to the left of the man to make smoke come out.
  • Click on the spoon, and after it comes out of the fire, click on the beehive above his head.
He burns his hand and walks away.
Turn right.
  • Click on the key in his pocket, then on the lock of the small house.
  • Click on the door to open it and discover a bound woman.
Turn left.
  • Click on the red axe and then on the beehive to make it fall down.
  • Click on the red berries in the bush to the left and a berry will fall down.
A squirrel then comes and eats the berry... the man returns.
Turn right.
A bear comes.
  • Click on the bucket on the well, that should make the bear move.
Turn left and it's end of the game…
Thanks to the comments over at EG24. It helped me with this Reincarnation Hillbilly Holiday walkthrough.

Treasure of Big Totem 5 Walkthrough (VIDEO)

Here's a quick post for esklavos' Treasure of Big Totem 5, obviously the 5th installment for its series where Victoria the must reveal the mystery behind a mysterious waterfall as she continue her quest for the Big Totem. I'll try to post another game walkthrough video guide later if i find time. For now here's for Treasure of Big Totem 5.