RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough

Rpg Shooter Starwish is a unique new blend of shooting, role playing, visual novel and dating sim game from anonyousd studios on kongregate. This is a game about shooting enemies side scroller style, upgrading your character stats together with your space ship and its vast array of weapons. Occasionally, you will get to laugh to yourself while reading the story that it has. That is if you read dialogues in a game. But I suggest you do read them - you'll be entertained. There are multiple endings each depends on your actions.

RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough.

It doesn't only pack long playing hours but also a set of of custom soundtrack exclusive for this game. If you play hard mode, you will have the chance to earn extra goodies and get a special ending - I think it's the happy one. Anyways, for the complete game guide you can go to the author's website via the game itself. Here you will find the build strategy guide (ninja borrowed from the official guide) to help us all manage our stats.

The Build Strategy Guide:

If you're starting out, I recommend maximizing Offense and Defense, then putting the rest of the points in whatever you deem fit. Offense will let you nail things that much quicker, and Defense will significantly improve your survivability if you stack health mods.

Some other fun experimental builds: The Power Leveler:
Max Luck and Max Intelligence. This is the power leveler. You will get significant experience and moola gains. You'll see many power-ups, which in turn are amplified. Take the Insurance skill and extra Defense with Health mods for even more money. As an added bonus, you'll crit significantly often and crit harder!

The problem with this build is its mediocre offense and defense. You'll have some decent shielding, but shields won't keep you alive nearly as well as health mods. The somewhat low damage output will require you to throw more bullets at enemies.

Captain Average:
All stats kept average. Well, it's nothing special. It should work, but might not be as effective as the other builds.

The Defense Monger:
Max Defense and Max Intel. This works reasonably well. You give up some damage output for faster leveling and good defense. This build really shines if you pick up the Defensive Shielding skill. Suddenly your shields will be surprisingly useful! For sheer survivability, this is hard to top.

Max Defense and Max Luck. Luck will drop more power-ups (among which include Overdrive power-ups), which will be amplified by your Defense. If you take Overdrive I and II, you can expect to see many Overdrives.

If you find you cannot cope with the speed degradation due to damage, you may wish to invest heavily in Agility. Maxing out Agility means your ship will never slow down due to damage.

As for the final boss walkthrough i.e "how to beat the last boss?" guide, we will cover that in another entry. Also, I will be collecting video versions of RPG Shooter Starwish walkthrough so expect them to be here when they go live or as soon as I find them.

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