Days Of Monsters walkthrough

Days Of Monsters is a new action rampage style game on mofunzone. This is a game about hybrid monsters whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity together with its cruelty against nerds. Take on the role of a former battered, bullied and tormented child for no reason who grew up to be mankind's worst evil scientist that creates, well, uh super monsters like giant evil chicken, space bug and giant robot monsters. Rampage all over the world as you destroy city after city and bring heartbreaks to women, children, soldiers and mecha heroes.

This one is a cool game with lots of destruction and action (and trial and errors, too). There lots of upgrades and special abilities to customize your monster with. You should check the monster guide first before you buy something or you might end up with a weaker monster instead of stronger. Also achievements to unlock is so vast it would take you really long to figure out how to earn them. Anyways, for Days Of Monsters walkthrough I will be collecting videos of this game so expect them to be posted here anytime soon.

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