Christmas Escape Toy walkthrough

Christmas Escape Toy walkthrough
Christmas Escape Toy is another holiday themed room escape game created by neutral. You are trapped in a nice little room but however nice the room is, you wish to escape from it. You must find items, clues and solve puzzles along the way by just using the mouse and your wits of course.

A clever mind will often save you from getting stuck in this types of puzzle games but in case your brain failed you this time, you can just consult Christmas Escape Toy walkthrough down below which shows you how to beat the game.

Humbug 2 walkthrough | Where to find Secret Hidden Items

Humbug 2 walkthroughThe clever prisoner Ziggy is back in Humbug 2, yet another platformer puzzle game from pixel continuous. As usual, the genius author of this game once again tries to bend the logic of videos games with his cleverness. You are convict here that needs to escape to freedom but you are confined in not so regular prison where everything seems to be strange. Think out of the box and don't let your eyes fool you.

Anyways, since I know that you came here for the solutions to the mind numbing puzzles this game has. So here is Humbug 2 guide demonstrating how to beat the game.

Where and how to find the hidden items in Humbug 2 written guide:

There is a gem that can be found on the menu screen. Just above the poster there is an arrow drawn on the brick wall. Click the brick to the very right of the arrow tip a bunch of times until the blue diamond falls off.

On stage 4, go to the vending machine and key in the following code: 5369. After you enter the code press space to interact with the area where it says 'unlocked'.

On stage 6, you must have the pole-ax and walk in exact time with the knights. I repeat, in the very exact time with the knights.

In stage 8, when you are floating up using the balloon turn your power to zero in order to receive the harp. When you reach the angel you will need to put your power back up so you live once more and take the harp. Restart the level to get out of the scene.

On stage 12, after you pull the brick out from the turret quickly press Q to pause. Then place the brick so you can jump on it and pull out another brick from the turret. Your objective is to climb to the top of the level and get the white diamond from the cloud hanging on the far right.

On level 13, you must pause the game just when the bridge has been drawn halfway. Then climb halfway up the clock-tower to jump onto the bridge and get the bat. You can then press Q again to resume the game so you may proceed.

On level 16, at the very beginning of the level, jump up and down eight times in a row. You must do this at the very start of the level.

That's all folks. Also see Humbug walkthrough, the original version which is equally challenging as this one.

War Copter walkthrough

War Copter walkthroughWar Copter is another point and click shooter game from miniclip. You play as the gunner of an attack helicopter. Armed with chain-gun and missile launcher, fire over the bad guys and blow them to oblivion in this amazing 3D third person shooter game.

If you ever need a guide for this game here is War Copter walkthrough showing full gameplay.

Escape The Mall walkthrough

escape the mall walkthroughEscape The Mall is another challenging point and click puzzle game from shatterdgames and addictinggames. This is played entirely by your mouse; pointing and clicking all around the place to navigate and pick up items that could be of use. With all the awfulness, cleverly funny puzzles to solve and all the code decoding it brings to shoppers, this is probably the worst mall ever (or most awesome?).

Meanwhile, if you are really stuck at some point of it, this Escape The Mall walkthrough will surely will help you out a lot but I suggest you only look at the parts where you got stuck to avoid spoiling the game.

Root Factory Work Escape walkthrough


Root Factory Work Escape is another new point and click room-escaping game. It features simple graphics and moderately to hard difficulty on its puzzles. Navigate around the room by using the sides and bottom of the screen. This type of games is played entirely using mouse. Find clues and pick up items that are essential to solve the puzzles that will lead you to the exit door.

Root Factory Work Escape walkthrough

Here is Root Factory Work Escape walkthrough guide showing solutions to the game.

Angry Animals 2 walkthrough

Angry Animals 2 walkthrough.Angry Animals 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from townden. Your goal is to eliminate aliens off each levels to progress to next stages. In case you haven't played the original game, this is a little fun angry bird like game where you launch animal characters with different abilities.

Your success will depend on your skills and how you handle levels each presenting different situations. Meanwhile, here is Angry Animals 2 walkthrough showing how to beat all levels in the game.

Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough

Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough
Trick or Treat '12 is a new point and click Halloween themed escape game from twinkle. Halloween 2012 is almost here and escape game developers has their own treats for us. This is one of them, but one may also consider this some sort of a trick because it's quite challenging.

Anyways, since I don't want to trick people into reading a long ass review about the game while they are in fact in search of Trick or Treat '12 walkthrough, here's a video guide publicly available on the youtubes.

Submarine Mystery walkthrough

Submarine Mystery is another new point and click room escape game from abroy. No, you are not trapped inside a submersible ship on this one but you are locked up inside a house that seem to have a theme around underseas and submarines. As usual, wander around and pick up items then go figure where you may use them all in your efforts to find the exit and win.

submarine mystery walkthrough.

Just in case you are stuck at some point of the game, which is not unlikely to happen due to the natural difficulty of room escape games, here is Submarine Mystery walkthrough showing us how to beat the game.

Portal 2D walkthrough

Portal 2D walkthrough.
Portal 2D is a platformer puzzle game from sims5000. It was created as a tribute to Valve's popular console puzzle called Portal 2. This 2D game uses almost every feature of the original 25 epic levels. So if you are a fan of the original then chances are you will appreciate this one too.

For those who are not familiar, this game is played using [WASD] or arrow keys for moving the character around, [Q] to shoot primary, [E] for secondary, [F] to use or interact with object and [K] to restart. By the way, the story line of this game is a bit different from the original one. Your quest here is all about chasing a delicious looking sandwich. Meanwhile, here is Portal 2D walkthrough showing gameplay completion and solution for all levels.

Little Life walkthrough

Little Life is another new platformer puzzle from Prasan Games. He wishes he was not so small. Apparently, eating diamonds is the key to spectacular growth. So level on up and keep eating the diamonds to unlock the green door. Which leads to the next level, where you will find more diamonds. You see where we are going with this.

This game features 30 levels  filled with treasures to collect but the ultimate solution to your small problem can only be found once you cleared all of the levels. While this game has cuteness in it, it also has some moderate to fairly difficult levels that at times can trigger the rage mode in you. One other thing that is worth a mention is the musical scoring, it kinda tears your heart and soul pushing you to keep going until you reach your goal.

Little Life walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion:

Fire's Revenge walkthrough demonstrating how to beat all levels

fire's revenge walkthrough
Fire's Revenge is another new physics based point and click game from nextplay. This game is hot right now and borderline pyromaniacs are playing this as I type this. The player's goal is to build the largest fire the city has ever witnessed and prove all the other fire persons that you are the most fiery of them all. Yes, you are the flame in this game so act like one.

There are thirty levels in it including the tutorials that will walk you through the controls and mechanics. There are achievements for those who love to achieve something for extra challenge. With the goal that you have to touch as many planks as you can in order to get higher rating, some levels in this game are relatively difficult but not impossible. It's just that you will have a lot of trial and error moments. Here is Fire's Revenge walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Botanist Mystery walkthrough, cheats and solution

botanist mystery walkthrough
Botanist Mystery is a new point and click room escape type of game from abroy. You are trapped once again, inside a house that look like it is owned by a scientist who study stuff about plants. Find items that you can pick up and use to crack puzzles and reveal clues that will lead to uncovering a mystery. Navigate around using the sides of the screen while left click is for everything else.

Meanwhile, here is Botanist Mystery walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough

Cargo Bridge 2 is the latest sequel to the popular bridge building physics puzzle from Limex Games. This is where your construction skills will be put to test once again. Featuring more challenging levels and more building materials and different types of cargo that varies in sizes and weight.

Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough.

The game's mechanics is simple: the player just have to build a bridge strong enough to hold the workers and cargo that will pass on it using given materials. Trial and error has always been the player's friend.

While the game is all that fun and challenging like its predecessor, one minor thing I want to add and that is the ability to re-adjust the pieces when I make a mistake so I don't have to erase it and start over. Nonetheless, it's another great puzzle and I hope to see this on the iphone and ipad.

Meanwhile, here is Cargo Bridge 2 walkthrough showing the best solutions covering all levels in areas Green Hills, The Moon and The Construction Site.

Stupid Jerks Walkthrough

All stupid jerks must be removed, that is the one simple goal in this new physics puzzle game by NPGames. Although this game has many levels to keep up with the time you have to kill, they are relatively easy not challenging. But it is quite entertaining to keep you playing til the end.

Stupid Jerks Walkthrough

There are many ways to remove the jerks off the screen but this video of Stupid Jerks walkthrough shows one of the best way to do it.

Unperfect walkthrough

Unperfect Game Screenshot
Unperfect is Kotubukimedia's platform puzzle game following a story of a father and son relationship. One word to describe this game: challenging. Things get difficult as early as level 3. It's gameplay is quite promising where you have to use your mouse to interact and solve scenarios, giving the player the impression that it is not a regular platformer where you only use arrow keys.

The story it tell is not only interesting but it can be a clue to solving puzzles as well, though not always. Meanwhile, here is Unperfect walkthrough demonstrating how to beat all levels because chances are you're stuck in it that's why you are here.

Zombies in Central Park Walkthrough

Zombies in Central Park walkthrough.Zombies in Central Park is a new point and click 'find the characters' game from gamezhero. If you didn't know, once a year the corpses become really bored in their cramped one room underground apartments, they go out to have a little fun and this time the place for their party in the central park.

Some well-known guests from all over the world are expected to attend this party. Can you spot them all? Or finding them is your problem that is why you are here in the first place? Well, in that case, here is Zombies in Central Park walkthrough revealing all their locations.

Droid Land walkthrough

Droid Land walkthrough.Droid Land is another new point and click escape game from Evil Lemon. It's a very good looking game with all the nice art style and feel but it is really difficult to beat. I played it but gave up and cheated by looking at the walkthrough provided by Evil Lemon which I copied and pasted below.

Warning: Guide contains spoilers so only use it if you are super extra sure that you are stuck.

Level 1:

click the oil can [A3] to grab it (it’s empty for now)
The barrel contains oil but you can’t use it unless you grab the oil can first.
click the barrel to fill the oil can
Now the oil can is full and you can use it.
click Alf to pour oil on his joints.
Now Alf can move but he still needs his toolbox to leave the scene
click the pillow and you’ll see a key under it. Grab the key.
There’s a drawer under the bed, now you can unlock it with the key
click the drawer and then get the toolbox.
You’re now ready to go!
Click the sky to get to scene 2.

Level 2:

Now you need to access the basement, but the door is locked
Click the toolbox and grab the hammer
You’ll need this hammer to open the mailbox (which is stuck) in the previous scene
click at the leftmost side of the scene to go back to scene 1
click the mailbox [A2] on the wall behind Alf to open it
You can now open the mailbox
click the key in the mailbox
You’ve just got the key to open the basement
click the sky to get back to scene 2
now click the door to the basement to get to scene 3.

Level 3:

Here you need to activate the machine and power up the generator by finding the 2 missing fuses.
Click the fusebox on the back wall
Notice you can’t pull the switch unless you find the missing fuses
Click the ceiling opening to go back to scene 2
You can now collect the fuse [B2] at the left of Alf’s leg. (It’s that round object)
Click at the left side of the scene to get to scene 1
Click the fuse [A1] at the top of the mailbox
You now have both fuses and can power up the generator
Click the sky to get back to scene 2
Click the tape [B1] on the floor at the left of the inventor to learn how the machine needs to be configured.
Click the door to the basement to go to scene 3
Now you have all you need to finish the game
Click the fusebox again, notice the collected fuses are now in place and you can now pull the switch to power up the machine.
Click the keyboard on the machine and pull the switches according to the scheme you saw on the tape.
From the left to the right and top to bottom: down, up, up, down, up, down
Now push the button and it will turn green.
Click Alf.

A video of Droid Land walkthrough

Bieb Blaster 2 walkthrough

Bieb Blaster 2 is another point and click physics game from Mouse City in which you only have one goal: to blast the Bieb. This game has 30 levels and in each of them that character that looks like a female pop singer is there to annoy you, so you must shoot it with a cannon.
Bieb Blaster 2 Walkthrough.
Bieb Blaster 2 image only, do not click

Aim with your mouse and fire if you think you got the right angle projectile power which is shown in an arrow bar.

Meanwhile, I embedded a Bieb Blaster 2 walkthrough showing all levels solution so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Detective Grimoire The Beginning walkthrough

Detective Grimoire The Beginning walkthrough.
Detective Grimoire: The Beginning is a sneak peak for greater detective adventure game currently in development. In this game, it's your job to hunt for clues, interrogate the suspects, solve puzzles along the way and uncover the secret of some suspicious looking swamp. The game is played entirely by mouse, just click on things to interact with them.

This game may be a sneak peak but it is enough to get you warmed up or even get you stuck. So I figured I could be of help by looking some Detective Grimoire The Beginning walkthrough and this is what I found to be helpful.

Stupidella walkthrough

stupidella walkthrough.
Stupidella is a the hilarious parody game of cinderella developed by pitergames. Apparently, after midnight, just whn the party is over and when the clock says ding dong or cuckoo, this extravagant trash point and click quest game begins. And you may or may not crack all the while you are trying to solve its levels. It's not that hard to lose calmness and concentration while playing this game mainly because of the hilarious nature of it so yeah, let me help.

Stupidella walkthrough

Poptropica Wimpy Boardwalk walkthrough

wimpy Boardwalk walkthrough.
Wimpy Boardwalk is the newest title for the Poptropica world. It's a beautiful summertime to explore and collect but the living ain't easy for a wimpy kid. When Rowley and Greg visit the boardwalk to get some rest and relax vacation, they never expect to encounter ravenous seagulls, thieving teens and crooked carnies. Help them clean up their mess before vacation ends. A Poptropica games wont be complete if there is no bonus quest so before you go, there's one more task to be done. A devious gamer has left an embarrassing message about Greg on a high-score list in some arcade. Master the game, save his dignity and become the boardwalk champion! Meanwhile, if you are willing to spend on this game, you can get additional gear pack which includes beach goer costume, beach umbrella and heat wave power through the members only feature.

Poptropica Wimpy Boardwalk walkthrough

Seedling walkthrough

Seedling walkthrough.
Seedling is a new retro pixel style zelda like adventure game from Connor Ullman on newgrounds. As the back story says, a small boy is born from the wind, appearing in front of house. Nobody knows his purpose, he didn't even have an idea himself. But he knows that this house is important. This house holds the answers to his so many questions. Then the beginning of an epic adventure unfolds introducing him to creatures and objects he has never seen, as well as bringing him to question right and wrong.

Seedling walkthrough with some of the achievements and secrets.

Dibbles 3 Desert Repair walkthrough

Dibbles 3 Desert Repair walkthrough.
Dibbles 3 Desert Repair is another new point and click lemmings inspired game from thepodge. They are back for more sacrifice for the good of many. This time, the king needs to cross the desert for whatever reason that he does not feel the need to say. One thing he is sure, he must be dressed in Pharaoh outfit when he cross the desert. Complete all 44 levels and help your king reach his destination.

Dibbles 3 Desert Repair walkthrough

The Fog Fall 4 walkthrough

The Fog Fall 4 walkthrough.The Fog Fall 4 is a new point and click hidden object puzzle from pastelgames. This is the next edition in the post apocalyptic thriller adventure flash game from pastel. It will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination. Using your mouse, navigate around the place, pick up items and interact with the environment as you solve challenging scenarios.

Here is the walkthrough for those who are stuck at the game.

Elemental Balance walkthrough

Elemental Balance walkthrough.
Elemental Balance is a new point and click physics based puzzler from irregular games. The objective in this game is to burn all wood objects and rust all metals. No other fantastic way to do that than to explode bombs, creating a chain of actions. It is consist of 48 levels across four different worlds including fire, sky, water and Earth. Each of them has a 12 level set varying gameplay and level of difficulty.

Elemental Balance walkthrough

Wall Street Secret walkthrough

Wall Street Secret walkthrough.
Wall Street Secret is a new point and click escape game from abroy. Search for items and clues to solve puzzles and learn the secret of the wall street. Navigate around the place by using the sides and bottom of the screen. Point and click on objects to examine, pick up and interact with them.

Wall Street Secret walkthrough

Amazing Alex walkthrough (iphone app)

Amazing Alex walkthrough (iphone app).
Amazing Alex is a new physics based puzzle game for the iphone and ipad from Rovio. In this game, your objective is to accomplish tasks that will require physics elements in each level. For example, getting the ball from point A to point B by making a path using given objects or tools. There are 35 fully interactive objects and 100 challenging levels across four different locations including classroom, backyard and bedroom. This app also enables players to share their own level design with the whole world.

Amazing Alex walkthrough

Shop Empire 2 walkthrough

Shop Empire 2 walkthrough.
Shop Empire 2 is a new point and click business and resource management simulation game from littlegiantworld. This is the sequel to the popular original shop empire and it gets better with new facilities, fun new parking system for cars and trains. But there also more clever thieves that want to rob your shops to deal with. Your objective is to build a bigger and better shopping mall, hire staff members to keep the place running smoothly.

Shop Empire 2 walkthrough

Jayce Build Guide

Jayce Build Guide.
This Jayce Guide includes build, runes, masteries and abilities. I copied the entire text from Hydro's video and I don't take credit for any of it so thank him instead. I only find it very useful so I thought I will share it here to my readers.

Build : Starting Items - Boots, 3 health pots
Berserker's Greaves, Get Phage, Frozen Heart, Build Phage into Frozen Mallet, Phantom Dancer, BloodThirster, Infinity Edge. Situational Items - Randuilon's Omen, Warmog's Armor, Force of Nature. Note: Replace one or two of your damage items with these. Unless you are building a tank, do not sacrifice all of your damage items. If you really want, you can buy an extra bloodthirster in place of the frozen heart, but I REALLY REALLY suggest using the frozen heart because of the stats and things it can do for you.

Jayce Build Guide

Runes : Armor Penetration Quints Flat Attack Damage Seals and Marks Attack Speed Glyphs

Masteries : I have two mastery pages depending on how I want to play Jayce.

Mastery page one : 19 - 11 - 0
This page focuses mainly on durability and some damage. It balances out armor and damage to be a type of bruiser half tank. I take this when soloing top, or if i want to be a pest at bot lane.

Mastery page two : 21 - 9 - 0
This mastery page focuses more on damage, but still some defense to keep your build consistent. If you don't have to build as much defense, you can build more offense, and trust me, damage is great with Jayce. I also take the mastery that improves the offensive summoner spells. This is a must if you want to play more like an AD carry.

Summoner Spells and Abilities :
For summoner spells I take Exhaust and Flash. I take exhaust mainly to slow people down for kills, but I also use it if an enemy gets fed. I can use my damage vs their lower damage to get even more kills. I take flash for Jayce because on top of his great movement to start with, you can make the sudden escape instead of having the possibility to get taken down by a gap-closer. You can use ghost in place of flash, but as a long term player in league, I get more success out of using flash instead.

Abilities :
It is important to max out your Q as fast as you can, you jump to the enemy with a crushing blow in melee mode, and in ranged mode you fire off a powerful skill shot nuke that explodes and does AoE damage as well as initial damage to the target it hits. Your Q is your main source of damage in both modes. Next take your E whenever you can't take your Q. It is the opposite of the wall of pain, the move used by Karthus. It increases your speed in ranged mode and you knock enemies back. You can string your Q and E together in ranged mode by using your E and then proceeding to fire off your Q through the E's wall. This increases the damage by 40% and increases the speed a bit. By maxing your Q and E mostly, this is big damage! Take one point in your W early, but wait on maxing it out until end game. It does provide small benefits, but I don't see a point in maxing it until the end because of the larger benefits from your Q and E in both modes. Your W in melee mode gives off an energetic aura that causes damage around enemies as they are near you. It is similar to Hecarim's, but it is very weak. In ranged mode it drastically increases your attack speed for the next 3 attacks, but the catch is, it reduces the damage of those attacks by 30-40%, I don't quite know but the damage reduction is noticeable. Always remember to take your Ultimate when possible.

Tips and Tricks as Jayce :
Some cool things I've gathered by playing are the fact that you can throw down your wall in ranged mode and then pop your ult again to give yourself a massive speed boost. Run through the wall then use your Ultimate. Another cool thing is that if your abilities are on CD (Cool Down) for one mode, switch to the other mode to use your other abilities. This can maximize damage in a short amount of time. And by the time you can switch modes, most or all of your CD's will be all cooled down and ready to use.

Fun Facts about Jayce :
If you switch to his ranged mode, his E has half the cool down it would if he used it in ranged mode to begin with. I think Riot did this because they didn't want people to have really fast speed boosts, but as I mentioned before, use the wall that increases his speed (His E) then shape shift to his melee mode, and you will have that really fast speed boost! Jayce's Leap also has a choppy animation which causes you to move pretty slow after the hit. It doesn't even show up on the movement number that it went down, but when he comes outside of the PBE, you guys will probably notice the decrease in speed.

Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire walkthrough

Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire walkthrough.
Attack The Evil Bunny Empire is another mouse only game from xdragonx10 in armorgames. Apparently, the empire of the evil bunny is attacking and you are the last hope for salvation. Battle your way through 20 waves of bunny mayhem using 6 different weapons against 5 different bunny types. They maybe cute and cuddly but you have to take down their empire for the greater good.

Attack The Evil Bunny Empire walkthrough

Flooded Village walkthrough

Flooded Village walkthrough.
Flooded Village is a point and click game from staal media. Use your mouse to dig rivers and flip switches to guide flowing water through the village. Water the trees along the way and help pirates set sail in 5 different areas but you have to this without drowning the villagers.

Flooded Village walkthrough

Kingsmouth Code walkthrough (The Secret World)

Kingsmouth Code walkthrough.
What we have here is The Secret World: Kingsmouth Code investigation guide where you will be guided to the clues to the whereabouts of the hidden artifacts. After so much zombie busting, you will find yourselves in the town of Kingsmouth and upon discussion, the subject of a hidden Illuminati artifact come up. Then you will find yourselves searching every stretch of the town for clues.

Kingsmouth Code walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 walkthrough.
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 is a new point and click puzzle game from pencilkids. Your goal in this game is to make the monkey happy by solving puzzles or scenarios in each level. Just use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to interact with environment. In some levels, you will have to shoot stuff or accomplish something under time pressure. By the way, you can choose your character and also dress him with a hat of your choice.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 walkthrough

MapleStory Jett guide

MapleStory Jett Guide.
This Maplestory Jett Guide will demonstrate how to train and level up your character from level 1 to 120. This is the most efficient way to get this done. So if you find it hard to level up, this tutorial will make it easier for you. 

MapleStory Jett guide

Super Adventure Pals Ending/ Final Boss Showdown

super Adventure Pals Ending.
Hey guys, here is another video of me playing Super Adventure Pals showing the ending and final showdown between our hero and the final boss. I did not include the gameplay where you have to climb up as you are being chased by a giant mechanical spider because I died a lot there. For those who are asking how to use the giraffe, you use it to grapple only in specific levels and after you purchase the rainbow laser ability in the snowvania shop you can then shoot devastating rainbow lasers by pressing D on your keyboard. It takes a second to fire, though so it is not advisable to use it in close combat.

Super Adventure Pals Ending

Super Adventure Pals walkthrough

Super Adventure Pals walkthrough.
Super Adventure Pals is a new loveable action adventure platforming game from jayarmstrong in which you travel land far and wide battling monsters along the way as you try to rescue your pet rock from evil Mr B. Fear not for you are not alone, you have the help of your good friend, the magical giraffe, I said magical because it can shoot laser rainbows. Level up your hero to have him wield new weapons and hat colors. Fight a wide variety of enemies and defeat a number of epic boss fights. Important tip: You can get diamonds by replaying finished levels.

Super Adventure Pals walkthrough

The Mechanicer walkthrough

The Mechanicer walkthrough.
The Mechanicer is another new platformer puzzle game from myplayyard. Help the little robot reach the exit in each level overcoming the daily obstacles in a robot's life such as blocks and barriers. The game is played using arrow keys to move around, jump, push objects and activate switches. while the game itself is not earth shattering type, it lived to it's genre which is platforming puzzler for having the basic features like being progressively challenging and having accurate controls. The scroll around features makes it easy to look around levels so you can plan ahead your actions.

The Mechanicer walkthrough

They Took Her walkthrough

They Took Her walkthrough.
They Took Her is another new top down shooter game from jayarmstrong. You only have one minute to complete this game. That's right, 60 seconds to find your daughter and get back to the bomb shelter. Apparently, your city will be bombed into extinction within one minute and your daughter is missing. Go out there beat the clock as you desperately find your child.

They Took Her walkthrough

Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough

Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough.
Tokyo Guinea Pop is a new point and click puzzle game from longanimals where your objective is to cover animals with bubble gum. While that may sound kind of a weird objective in a game, it is surprisingly fun to do. After all it is for the sake of those zoo animals because they are being abducted by the a zoo wrangler so covering them with bubble gum blown by cute little guinea pigs is just reasonable.

There are 50 levels in this game and four boss fights. Some downloadable that a player can unlock is also featured here. Meanwhile, here is Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough showing different levels beaten in the game.

Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough

Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough.
Mystery Escape 2 is another new point and click puzzle game from selfdefiant. You find yourself in a mysterious place once again, now like any other person trapped in an unfamiliar place you know deep down in your soul that you have to, well, escape. If you are not familiar with escape games, this type of game is played using the mouse: click on objects to interact with them of pick them up. You have to search for clues and solve puzzles along the way.

For those who came here for the Mystery Escape 2 walkthrough, here is a demonstration of the gameplay showing spoilers and everything you need to finish the game.

Azew walkthrough

Azew walkthrough.
Azew is another new platform puzzle game from ticklebot in which your objective is to find a signal throughout the castle so your father may continue to browse the royal network. Rotate the platforms left or right to guide the round character to the opening of the room.

While Azew's concept and style may be as simple as it seem, some of its levels are really hard to solve. This game is consist of 28 levels each presents unique puzzle. Meanwhile, here is Azew walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Escape Tiny Island walkthrough

Escape Tiny Island walkthrough.
Escape Tiny Island is another new point and click game from selfdefiant. Apparently, you find yourself in a strange and mysterious little island. Without any clue to your whereabouts, you must find useful items to aid your escape.

Gameplay is controlled esily by mouse: just click on items to pick them up and use the sides of the screen for navigating around the place. The graphics has the same feel like in most Sneaky games while the puzzle aspect is quite challenging. Meanwhile, here is Escape Tiny Island walkthrough revealing spoilers.

Car Workshop Escape walkthrough

Car Workshop Escape.
Car Workshop Escape is a point and click puzzle game from EscapeGames24 in which you find yourself locked down in automobile workshop. Try to escape by finding items that will help you solve puzzles inside it. This game is played entirely using the mouse. Navigate using the sides of the screen and click on objects to interact with them.

For hints, tips or cheats, you can check discussion below. Meanwhile, here is a full Car Workshop Escape walkthrough showing how to complete the game.

Erline walkthrough

Erline walkthrough.
Erline is a platformer action game from frozennn in which your goal is to rescue a lost god. A very long time ago, the gods of Aurla created the magic portals that contains evil far away in the labyrinths. Now the creatures have escaped and Erline, the last god is lost.

Take control over two characters that have different powers. The smaller guy can move things while the bigger one can control a magic orb. You must work their abilities together in order to rescue the missing Erline. Meanwhile, here is Erline walkthrough for those who need it.

Clear Vision 5 walkthrough

Clear Vision 5 walkthrough.
Clear Vision 5 is a point and click action shooter game from DPFlashes Studios in which you play the role of a sniper. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to eliminate specific targets from afar. You are Tyler, an ordinary guy whose patience gets pushed too far and became a professional clean up guy. This however is also the beginning of social decline, false friends and a spiral deception so you better watch your back for you can't trust anyone.

There are some tasks you need to accomplish in different missions and failure to comply with it will result in game over. The art style are as simple as before but the animation got more awesome since the 4.5 version of this game. Meanwhile, here is Clear Vision 5 walkthrough showing all missions accomplished.

Solar Ball walkthrough

Solar Ball walkthrough.
Solar Ball is another point and click physics based platformer puzzle game brought to us by coolbudy. The objective in this game is to get the little ball into the goal line by hurling across different obstacles. It is basically a mini golf type of game without the club and has some puzzles.

It is not the first in its genre but this little golf flash game offers unique play with its well thought out levels. The elements like portals, push buttons and magnets really adds up to fun. Meanwhile, here is Solar Ball walkthrough showing all levels' solution.

Blockgineer 2 walkthrough

Blockgineer 2 walkthrough.
Blockgineer 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from Submu Entertainment in which your objective is to guide the colored smileys to the their respective doors by placing blocks strategically in the field. You are given different kinds of shapes that you can utilize to build ramps or fill gaps so that smileys will be able to go around obstacles and get to the right door.

The first Blockgineer game is good but this sequel is way better in terms of art style and animation. Plus I think the physics aspects just got smoother in this one. The level of difficulty is intermediate to hard but not impossible to beat -- if you can make it through a few trials and errors, you should get right in the end. What's cool about this game is that you can share your solutions via the solution code. Meanwhile, here is a full Blockgineer 2 walkthrough showing how to beat it with 3 stars.

Greedy Pirates walkthrough

Greedy Pirates walkthrough.
Greedy Pirates is a physics based point and click skill game from playhub in which your objective is to protect your treasures from other thieves. You don't have to worry if you are the type of pirate that does not like violence because you will only have to toss your gold through the treasure chest in order to hide them and pass a level.

Greedy Pirates is an easy to play but hard to master type of game. While it's art style and animation may not be all that colorful and crisp, the gameplay is somewhat addicting and at the same time challenging which are great about physics based games. Meanwhile, here I collect GPW Greedy Pirates walkthrough so you don't have to and it shows all the levels beaten.

Heroestick walkthrough

Heroestick walkthrough.
Heroestick is a new point and resource management strategy defense game from belugerin. Choose your kingdom and conquer the stick world with help of soldiers, wizards, archers and even zombies at your disposal.

This game can be played entirely by mouse but there are some handy hot keys that you can use to make the gameplay easier though you may still find the game a little glitchy but the author of it is working them so it will be okay soon. Play the campaign and beat the blue and red kingdom to unlock the other two kingdoms. While Meanwhile, I collect Heroestick walkthrough and have them here so you don't have to.

Emerald Den Escape walkthrough

Emerald Den Escape walkthrough.
Emerald Den Escape is a new online room escape game brought to us by TeraLumina. It just so happen that one day you were strolling down the beach, you came across an empty room. Out of curiosity, you went in through it's open door. But the door mysteriously shut closed behind. Good thing you are familiar with escape games so you know that you just have to explore the whole place and gather items that may help you solve puzzles in it and find the exit.

If you are not familiar with this types of games, let me explain the controls. To navigate around around rooms just click on the sides or bottom of the screen. Scan the scene with your mouse cursor and look for interactive areas for possible clues or useful objects and of course emeralds - there are twenty of them to collect here. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point of it and need help, here is Emerald Den Escape walkthrough showing the solution.