Goblin walkthrough

Goblin walkthrough guide and review.
Goblin is another new point and click escape game developed by cobcris. It's an interdimensional journey in a puzzle box where your objective is to look for the color eating little goblin who stole the colors of moon and sun. You must capture him before it's too late to go to sleep.

Although this is the first ever game released by the author, it's impressive and entertaining nonetheless. The animation and music is great and the puzzle aspect is quite challenging. Meanwhile, here is Goblin walkthrough showing the solution for both easy and challenge mode.

Level Editor 2 walkthrough

Level Editor 2 walkthrough.Level Editor 2 is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from sigmastudio. Like in the part 1 here you must strategically place blocks to overcome obstacles and get your stickman character to each stage's door. If you can, collect coins along the way to boost your time. There are 35 wonderfully crafted levels with even more brain teaser factor in this game that will challenge your precision skills.

This one is equally awesome as the first one only this time it looks more smoother in the graphics and the puzzle aspect is quite more challenging. Meanwhile, here is Level Editor 2 walkthrough showing the solution for all 35 levels.

3 Slices walkthrough

3 Slices walkthrough.
3 Slices is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from thegamehomepage. It's a simple yet challenging puzzler where you must remove as much red as possible using only 3 moves. It consist of 20 very simple yet challenging levels plus a 2 slice mode to unlock if you are clever enough  to complete the required game completion percentage.

This game's simplicity is surprisingly addictive and also packs some tough challenges. Meanwhile, if you need help beating it here is 3 Slices walkthrough showing the entire solution.

City Siege 3 walkthrough

City Siege 3 walkthrough guide and review.City Siege 3 Jungle Siege is the latest platformer action shooter game from thepodgegames. Unfortunately, the baddies are back again to take over the world and this time they are trying to start by taking over the jungle. The only good way to stop them is by sending in your army consist of elite soldiers. New features include water, swamps, lava, bridges, more varied terrain and new units in both yours and enemies.

This one also has a new improved strategy and unit balancing and still as explosive as before all throughout 30 all new levels. Meanwhile, here is City Siege 3 walkthrough showing all levels beaten with gold medals.

Bullet Audyssey walkthrough

Bullet Audyssey walkthrough guide and review.Bullet Audyssey is a new top down space shooter action game from cellar door games. Apparently, your galaxy has been invaded by enemies known as melodic celestial bodies and you have been given the task to save it. It's a rhythm based shooting game where you must survive the beat and to do so you must abosorb enemy bullets and fire them back at the enemies, upgrade your ship or fuel your bullet time skill which slows down the time making it easier for you dodge tricky attacks.

This game is played with arrow keys or wasd for navigating the ship while z or space bar to shoot and x or shift to slow down time. Music is great and the gameplay style kind of makes the player feel so engaged in it. It's pretty challenging but if you seek more challenge you can go for the achievements including two secret medals. Meanwhile, we will be collecting Bullet Audyssey walkthrough videos and put them here as soon as they go live.

Nitrome Must Die walkthrough

Nitrome Must Die walkthrough guide and review.Nitrome Must Die is a new action packed platformer shooting game from the amazing nitrome. Your objective in this game is to infiltrate the nitrome towers, the place where nitromians produce awesomeness. You just don't appreciate what they are doing so you had enough and wants to end their awesomeness once and for all.

I will not lie, this is no doubt one amazing game. The nitromish art and graphics, the animation and gameplay are just awesome. The levels are group to a set of ten and every time you replay a specific set you might get a different gameplay because there more than 10 levels in each of them which makes the gameplay less repititive. There is also a boss battle at the end of each 10 level set  that you must beat in order to proceed. Meanwhile, here is NMDw Nitrome Must Die walkthrough from a nitromegamer showing game guide on beating the bosses.

Philosophers Mystery walkthrough

Philosophers Mystery walkthrough.Philosophers Mystery Escape is another new point and click room escaping puzzle game from abroy. Apparently, you are trapped inside a room and like any other normal person being trapped in a place, you have to get out of there. But it's not like you can just open the door and walk out - instead, you will have to solve puzzles to find the exit.

This game is definitely another great game with that you can kill some time with especially in a lonely thanksgiving night. Meanwhile, here is Philosophers Mystery walkthrough showing the solution to it.

Sota walkthrough

Sota walkthrough and review.Sota is a new point and click puzzle game that was made by exelents. Your objective in this game is to cover at least 97 percent of  each level with signals by strategically placing cell network stations. You are given a limited number of cell tower that you can place in each level and most of them are filled with obstacles that makes your job harder.

If you are looking for a simple and quick puzzle game with fair difficulty, this is it. Art style is simple and neat while the levels are progressively challenging. Meanwhile, here is Sota walkthrough showing all 40 levels beaten.

Let Me Go To Work walkthrough

Let Me Go To Work walkthrough.
Let Me Go To Work is another new point and click room escape puzzle game from bored. This is a game where your objective is to go to your job. Yeah I know it's something you don't want to do but you are all grown up and you have to go to work to make a living.

It's art style is great and the puzzle side is pretty clever too. The idea of going to your job makes this extra challenging. Meanwhile, here is Let Me Go To Work walkthrough showing the game completed.

Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough

Armed With Wings Culmination is another action platformer adventure game from sun-studios. If you are not familiar, this developer is the maker of the Armed With Wings Series wherein the main feature is awesomeness. But this time they've made it even more awesome than their usual being awesome. Enough praising the sun-studios. In this game you play as a simple lone warrior who is out to defeat the returning king of the Earth with your magnificent combos and some fascinating special attacks.

Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough and guide.

Slashing your way or avoiding obstacles through 15 levels will get you eventually to the epic final boss battle. Its art style is simple and somewhat dark and eerie. The gameplay is addicting enough to prevent you from getting any work done in real life. Meanwhile, here is AWWCw Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough showing levels beaten.

The Keepers Lost Progeny walkthrough

The Keepers Lost Progeny Collector's Edition is a new point and click hidden objects adventure puzzle game from blamgames. In this game, your goal is to track down your real parents after a mysterious photo showing your parent arrives. Your journey begins with the name of a town that is written at the back of the photo. Explore the mysterious town and discover a shocking tale that will uncover your parents identity and whereabouts.
The Keepers Lost Progeny walkthrough.

The game's ambiance and feel is creepy in an exciting way. Frequent cut scenes comes in ample supplies so you feel like you are really part of the story. Meanwhile, if you need help in something about this game, try looking in TKLPw The Keepers Lost Progeny walkthrough which shows the game being played.

Commando 3 walkthrough

Commando 3 is a the latest side scrolling shooter game from miniclip. The story begins where the last chapter left off just right after our hero achieve victory in the harsh terrain of Asia. Now, a new enemy emerged who is planning to infiltrate, Berlin, Normandy and Egypt. It is now up to you as a commando to free the world from the looming threat of a third world war.

Commando 3 walkthrough.

Just like the previous game, this one packs a lot of shooting action with different weapons and ammo to throw against a host of henchmen and enemy bosses. Meanwhile, here are some videos of Commando 3 walkthrough showing levels played (updated when new videos goes live).

Legend Of The Void walkthrough

Legend Of The Void Chapter 1 Journey to the Black Gate is a new turn based point and click rpg game from violatorgames. Get into the adventure through the fantasy world of Calderia using lots of powerful weapons, armor and magical artifacts. Choose your hero among three class namely mage, warrior or rouge.
Legend Of The Void walkthrough.

This game can be played entirely by mouse or with the hotkeys. Explore like Diablo and battle like Sonny. For some help on completing the game, here is Legend Of The Void walkthrough showing gameplay to the ending with arch mage Gazzen.

Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough

Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough and cheats.Freeway Fury 2 is a new fast paced car racing action game from notdoppler. This is where your dreams about having the ability to just jump over traffic comes true. Here you will be able to switch vehicles to get ahead faster and it's also a way to avoid bursting into flames. If you can perform crazy enough stunts, you will be awarded points and nitro boost. You will have to reach all 7 different endings to get to the final boss battle.

The gameplay, animation and concept of this one is just wonderful or am I just sick of the traffic jam in real life? Meanwhile, here is Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough showing gameplay action.

Click Death Gym walkthrough

Click Death Gym walkthrough and solution.Click Death Gym is another new point and click stickmen puzzle game from bored. As usual, your goal is to wreak havoc and cause mayhem upon these unsuspecting stickmen but this time in the gym. Make sure those dbags working out there will not be so fit and healthy at the end of the day.

This one is as entertaining as its predecessors and it's equally challenging too. Timing and precision can be the key to beating this game. Meanwhile, here is Click Death Gym walkthrough showing the game solution.

Mad Bombs 2 walkthrough

Mad Bombs 2 is another physics platformer puzzle game from dreamgate. The zombies are back and out to spread the infection but the living bombs are back, too so you don't have to worry. These bombs will once again save the world by sacrificing themselves.

Mad Bombs 2 walkthrough.

It features cooler graphics, 3 types of bombs and 30 levels across 3 settings namely; forest, beach and volcano. The idea and concept of this game is great but as of the time of this writing the controls seem a little unresponsive (about half a second delay). Other than that, it's awesome. Meanwhile, here is a (MB2) Mad Bombs 2 walkthrough showing solutions.

Gyossait walkthrough | Alternate Ending

Gyossait is a new platformer horror adventure game from amon26. What's happening in this game is this; the creator and god of man surrenders his deity, descending to the earth in search of a lost love who sleeps in the warm black heart of the dying planet. Her dreams seep into the weakening minds of man. In other words, you will have to left and right, jump up and down, use weapons and fight epic boss battles in order to get to the endings.

Gyossait alternate ending and walkthrough.

Yes, apparently this game has an alternative ending but you have to accomplish something different in order to achieve that in this great and emotion driven platformer. Meanwhile, here is Gyossait walkthrough showing the regular and alternate ending (you must not hurt any human to get the altruist "good ending").

Feed Us 2 cheats walkthrough

Feed Us 2 is a new point and click skill game from gamesfree. This is where the deadly piranha tops the food chain once again and this time even hungrier than ever. Unlike the first game, this time around you must complete objectives such as eating certain preys or do a preying combination of different targets. Upgrades will be available if you consume enough blood.

Feed Us 2 cheats walkthrough.

The gameplay is fun and addicting but many players complains about having issues like glitches and bugs but nevertheless it's a great game. Meanwhile, here is Feed Us 2 cheats and walkthrough which shows game completion.

Blueprint 3D walkthrough

Blueprint 3D is another new point and click motion puzzle game developed by zedarus. Your objective is to form a blue print of a complete image in each level by rotating clusters of lines. If you solve a level quick enough, you might get a bonus. This game, by the way, is also available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

It's consist of relax and hard modes that contains 65 puzzles each. While the relax mode is kind of addicting the hard mode is somewhere between really hard and nearly impossible. Nonetheless, this game is awesome in it's own way unique way. Meanwhile, here is Blueprint 3D walkthrough showing some solutions to its levels in both relax and hard.

Exit Wound 2 walkthrough

Exit Wound 2 is a new point and click stickmen first person shooter game from bored. Take on the role of agent Nathan Drake whose mission is to destroy super secret stickman prototype weapon well hidden in a secret place. Expect encounters with 3D stick men enemies who are more formidable, stronger, equipped with armor and enhanced firepower. However, there's a variety of weapons you can use ranging from pistols to machine guns to sniper riffles and automatics among others.

Exit Wound 2 walkthrough and cheats.

This game is fun in it's own way though at first you may mess up at the controls especially if you are used to playing consol fps where the keys A and D are for side steps. But it gets better as you play, a great series, nonetheless. Meanwhile, here is Exit Wound 2 walkthrough for those who need help completing the missions.

Escape From The Brick Room walkthrough

Escape From The Brick Room is another new point and click room escaping game from teshi-e. One day you came into a restaurant then like everyone else, you got trapped inside it. Yeah, it happens all the time to people like yourself who like to play challenging escape games.

Escape From The Brick Room walkthrough.

Time for some brain twisting puzzles. Look around and figure out how will you use those items you find. Meanwhile, if you need help solving the game, here is Escape From The Brick Room walkthrough showing the solution.

Canyon Defense 2 walkthrough

Canyon Defense 2 is another new strategy point and click scifi game from miniclip. In this game, you must defend the livelihood of your once peaceful village. Use advance anti war equipment against waves of enemies and their machinery of destruction.

Canyon Defense 2 walkthrough cheats.

It's a good one like the original game. The interface is neat enough to get used to quickly. Gameplay animation is also good though some certain levels are nearly impossible to beat. And that brings us to collecting videos of Canyon Defense 2 walkthrough which we intend to cover all of those hard to beat levels.

Bloom Defender walkthrough

Bloom Defender is a new point and click tower defense strategy game from juicybeast. This is where you grow unique defensive trees along the paths leading to the mother tree to protect it from attacking elemental spirits. Be clever enough to place your defense strategically and cast powerful spells to weaken the enemies and prevent them from taking out the mother tree.

Bloom Defender walkthrough and cheats.

The game is played entirely by mouse but that does not mean it's a kind of sit back and relax as you awesomely beat it. It gets pretty challenging as you progress. Meanwhile, here is a Bloom Defender walkthrough showing some gameplay action.

Chuck The Sheep walkthrough

Chuck The Sheep is another new upgrade and launch adventure game from armorgames. Launch the fluffy little sheep and get to the more fluff safe land. You wont be able to get very far at first but with the help of wide variety of upgrades you will get to your destination eventually. Just make sure you collect all resources you can get which can be spend to build new items.

Chuck The Sheep walkthrough and cheats.

This game is controlled with wasd keys to move and space bar to use shield. Meanwhile, if the end is proving difficult to reach for you, here is a Chuck The Sheep walkthrough to help you out.

Flaming Zombooka 3 Carnival walkthrough

 Flaming Zombooka 3 Carnival is a new aim and shoot physics based puzzle zombie game from turbonuke. Barry Zooka, the bazooka blasting hero, is back and this time with all the fun of blowing up zombie clowns, while rescuing performers to join him in his zombie blasting frenzy.

Flaming Zombooka 3 Carnival walkthrough.

This game has a really nice art style and excellent animation and physics elements plus the puzzle aspect is quite a challenge. Challenging and fun just like its predecessor games. Meanwhile, here is Flaming Zombooka 3 walkthrough showing levels beaten with gold star rating.

Lethal RPG Destiny 2 Conquest walkthrough

Lethal Rpg Destiny 2 Conquest is a new point and click turn based fantasy adventure game from benspyda. The story takes place on a distant planet a very long time ago. There was a great and noble warrior who fought for his king and country against the undead. In one final fight, he was left to die in the kingdom he fought all his life for but a mage saved him by binding his soul to a demon, hence he became lethal jagged spine - a man who thirst for vengeance.

Lethal RPG Destiny 2 Conquest walkthrough guide and review.

Aside from having a cool storyline, this game also has 3 skill trees namely, knight, mage and demonic, which you can upgrade your character with. It offers long hours of gameplay but it gets repetitive easily - thanks to the cool dialogues it does not get so boring at all. Meanwhile, here is a Lethal RPG Destiny 2 Conquest walkthrough from some random awesome player.

Turkey Bombers walkthrough

Turkey Bombers is a new physics based aim and shoot game from bored. In order to create meals out of turkey for the thanksgiving you will have to shoot timed bombs from your mighty cannon and kill those birds while you keep the pygmies and indians alive. There are some objects such as magnets, crates and teleporters in certain levels which may or may not be on your advantage.

Turkey Bombers walkthrough and cheats.

It has 30 well thought out levels complimented with good music. The animation and physics elements are good enough to keep you playing till the end or at least until you get stuck. Meanwhile, here is Turkey Bombers walkthrough showing the full solution.

Skyrim walkthrough

Skyrim is another one highly anticipated rpg from Bethesda Game Studios. This epic saga is on ps3, PC and xbox360. It's an open world fantasy kind of game which allows players to roam the virtual world freely, that is if you are clever enough to survive the hazards in it.

Skyrim walkthrough and achievements.

Anyways, I've been doing some ninja missions and found these Skyrim walkthrough from awesome people which covers pretty much of all the quests and achievements in the game (so far we've got Unbound, Before The Storm, Stormcloak Rebellion, The Golden Claw, Dragon Rising, The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller etc - updated when new videos goes live).

Coaster Destroyer walkthrough

Coaster Destroyer is a new point and click blast them down to rubble kind of game from bored. Your objective is clear, splode the theme park using different weapons to blow up roller coasters and wreak havoc to the stickmen enjoying the amusement park. Your arsenal includes dynamite, anvils, banana bombs, rhino bombs among other loud booming armaments.

Coaster Destroyer walkthrough and review.

We all love these kind of games where you just blow everything to oblivion. But a little thinking is also needed in order to pass levels. Meanwhile, if you need some help beating this one, here is Coaster Destroyer walkthrough showing solution to all levels.

Stumped walkthrough

Stumped is the latest arcade adventure puzzle game from one of our favorite developers, Nitrome! This is another awesome release from nitrome - a game where you play as a living foot. There are 20 challenging levels where you must stump your way through while avoiding other spooky creatures.

Stumped walkthrough Guide and Review.

This one is surprisingly amazing and fun for a one button game. Very entertaining and challenging at the same time. Meanwhile, here is Nitrome's Stumped walkthrough for those who need it.

Funny Yellow Ball walkthrough

Funny Yellow Ball walkthrough guide and review.
Funny Yellow Ball is another new platformer physics based puzzle game from bored. This is where you go on an funny adventure with your awkward looking yellow colored ball. Collect gems as you go through 16 challenging levels avoiding obstacles.

This game is not only funny but also kind of a fun game and a good time killer. Meanwhile, if you need help solving all levels, here is Funny Yellow Ball walkthrough showing the solution.

Piggy Wiggy walkthrough

Piggy Wiggy is another new point and click physics based puzzle game from notdoppler. What you do is create links between various objects find on the screen to guide the pigs to their favorite acorns in each level.

Piggy Wiggy walkthrough.

There are 25 levels in the game and some really high scores to beat in the leaderboard. Very good for time killing specially if you plan to not get any work done today. Meanwhile, here is Piggy Wiggy walkthrough showing game completion.

Mushroom Madness 3 walkthrough

Mushroom Madness 3 is another new point and click tower defense action game from silengames. This is a game where your objective is to defend mushrooms from hungry animals. The action and fun is here once again only it has 300 percent more enemies, explosions, weapons and fun.

Mushroom Madness 3 walkthrough cheats.

This game offers a lot and by that I meant a lot of upgrades, achievements, levels and special accessories like unlimited ammo! Pretty much everything is upgradable from firearms damage, blast radius, money rate, item magnet among others. It's surely one fun and time occupying game. Meanwhile, here is Mushroom Madness 3 walkthrough showing levels beaten and all stars collected.

Monster Bark walkthrough

Monster Bark is a new top down retro style maze puzzle game from Joey Betz. You play as the most courageous dog there is that has been, apparently, been robbed by monsters. Monster who were always jealous about the great friends and awesome stuff that you had. As you progress you will find friends that will join you in your adventure.

Monster Bark walkthrough.

The concept and gameplay is somewhat interesting where you get to play multiple characters with different abilities which is vital to beating levels. It gets players to think out first before taking a step. Meanwhile, here is Monster Bark walkthrough showing all levels completed.

Blosics 3 walkthrough

Blosics 3 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game coming out on notdoppler. This is the latest shoot off to the hit physics game called Blosics where your objective is to shoot blocks off the screen with the least number of shots as possible.

Blosics 3 walkthrough cheats.

This one is equally entertaining as the previous ones only this time it has 30 brand new levels in it. Meanwhile, here is Blosics 3 walkthrough showing all 3 star rating solution.

Reincarnation The Final Happy Hour walkthrough

Reincarnation The Final Happy Hour is a new point and click puzzle game from bgroupproduction. This is where you play as once again as the purple little devil whose mission on earth is to find and retrieve the soul of a reincarnate. This time, the setting is in a bar where a bunch of souls are waiting for the taking.

Reincarnation The Final Happy Hour walkthrough.

The animation, the art style and dark humor that we all love from the previous Reincarnation games are still here though some say that this one is the least awesome of them all. Meanwhile, here is (RTFHH) Reincarnation The Final Happy Hour walkthrough showing the solution to the game.

Necronator 2 walkthrough

Necronator 2 is a new point and click action strategy rpg game from toge productions. Apparently, the army of darkness have returned and this is a signal to gather your army and prepare for an epic battle once again.

Necronator 2 walkthrough cheats.

This sequel of the popular RTS game Necronator is consist of 6 different campaigns from 6 different and unique races. Conquer battles on forest, wastelands, mountains and emerge as victorious. Upgrade your army, learn new spells and unlock special heroes that can turn the tide of war. Meanwhile, here are is a collection of Necronator 2 walkthrough for those who need it.

Voxatron walkthrough (The Humble Voxatron Debut)

Voxatron or The Humble Voxatron Debut is a new indie adventure shooter game from Lexaloffle. This is a game bundle which aside from Voxatron, also includes Blocks That Matter and The Binding of Isaac. The package is downloadable to windows, mac and linux.

Voxatron walkthrough, The Humble Voxatron Debut.

If you love shooting and a feel of minecraft then you should get your hands on this one. Meanwhile, for the sake of Voxatron walkthrough let's collect some gameplay videos (and a how to use the editor tutorial).

Swift Turn 2 walkthrough

Swift Turn 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game coming out soon on armorgames. Featuring 30 new levels to solve, a whole bunch of new elements and objects from vehicles to cannons and lots of hazardous obstacles like spikes and land mines to outsmart.

Swift Turn 2 walkthrough.

From the looks of it, it has a neat crisp graphics and excellent physics elements. To see the game in action, here is Swift Turn 2 walkthrough which shows the solution to all levels.

Pursuit Of Hat walkthrough

Pursuit Of Hat is a new funny platformer adventure game developed by Anton Rogov. Set on an adventure to retrieve a precious accessory, the hat. It's easy if you are willing to tear off your own limbs to get back a purple hat.

Pursuit Of Hat walkthrough.

This game has nice art style, neat animation and 20 amazing levels which will challenge your wits. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point, you can see the solution in Pursuit Of Hat walkthrough showing all levels completed.

Epic Rail walkthrough

Epic Rail is a new point and click railroad management puzzle game from Scott Griffiths and Craig Yates. You task is to control the train track junctions to guide the passing trains to their respective stations. It's not an easy job of course - for only one mistake may lead to tragical train collisions thus epic fail.

Epic Rail walkthrough.

This game offers 34 well thought out levels full of twist and turns. Timing and  quick thinking is the key to success in this kind of game. Meanwhile, here's the Epic Rail walkthrough showing all solution and gold medals.

Blockage 2 walkthrough

Blockage 2 is a new point and click blocks puzzle game from bluewolfgames. This is a game where you have to beat 30 brain twisting levels by controlling colored squares and putting them carefully on their proper positions in order to fill color gaps.

Blockage 2 walkthrough.

This is one simple puzzle game involving blocks and at the same time, challenging. Equally entertaining as the first one. By the way, if you want more levels you can find more in the player stages menu. Meanwhile, here is a Blockage 2 walkthrough showing all 30 levels completed.

Sticky Ninja Academy walkthrough

Sticky Ninja Academy is another new physics based point and click puzzle game from longanimals. This is where you start if you want to become a stick anywhere ninja master. You will learn here which walls you can stick onto and which walls that can bounce you off or hurt you. Get through 30 levels defeating enemies and collecting treasures to unlock the exit.

Sticky Ninja Academy walkthrough.

There are other games like this but this one is kind of a bit different in terms of concept. The levels are also well thought out that makes it challenging and fun at the same time. Meanwhile, let's collect some Sticky Ninja Academy walkthrough and help others achieve total sticky awesomeness.

Hanger 2 walkthrough

Hanger 2 is a new platformer physics based game from notdoppler and A Small Game. If you are not familiar, this is a game where you swing a rag doll to it's destination using a rope. Sounds easy but the catch is you have to get the ragdoll to end of the level without losing too many body parts or you lose.

Hanger 2 walkthrough.

It's equally fun as the previous one and I think the animation and physics just got smoother. Also, you can go for the stars in all levels if you seek more challenge. Meanwhile, here is a Hanger 2 walkthrough showing the full game beaten.

Halloween Shooter walkthrough

Halloween Shooter is another new point and click physics based puzzle shooting game from bored. This is a game where you shoot Halloween characters to their proper resting place like vampires should go to its coffin, witches to their cooking pot and mummies to their casket. It's a pretty fun game packed with many levels and bonuses.

Halloween Shooter walkthrough.

It's another fun shooting game with fairly difficulty and tricky puzzles to sole. Meanwhile, let's collect some Halloween Shooter walkthrough for those who are stuck.