Forest Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips

This point and click game titled Forest Escape is the latest from Stoneagegames. The rules are easy. Get the you will need to start the car before you can leave the forest. Find those needful items in short. However, it is true that there will be times that whatever you do you cant seem to find the items so here are some tips i gathered for our Forest Escape Walkthrough.

By top right stone: key.
In grill view: a tool.
Under bench: spade.
Left corner: handle for detector.
Car view: Top part for detector.
Top right tree: bottom part of detector.

To escape, just put the battery and the key on the front of the car. They disappear.
After that, click on car, and you have escaped.
 That's all for the Forest Escape Walkthrough and we hope that it helps. 

Spot The Difference Challenge 20 Walkthrough Hints

Spot the Differences Challenge 20 is the latest spot the differences type puzzle game by Identify the difference with the aid of the round lens & click it to confirm or verify. You get 50 points for every right click and lose 10 points for every wrong or invalid click. You must complete the level at a specific time duration. You can submit your Spot The difference Challenge 20 Walkthrough and hints using the comment form below.

Attic Escape Walkthrough Video

Attic Escape is the latest point and click type room escape game from In this game, you try to escape the attic by rummaging through the boxes and using your wits. But, if ever your wits failed you, you can refer to the Attic Escape walkthrough video we have here.

Again, that's the Attic Escape Walkthrough video for all of you guys. Enjoy.

Find The Objects In The Race Track

Find the Objects in Race Track is another point and click type hidden object game from 123peppyy. In this game, you have to use your point and click skills to find hidden objects in the racetrack. Search everywhere carefully to be able to find hidden items. Play it here.

Ladybird Escape Walkthrough Hints Tips


Another room escape point and click game, Ladybird Escape from EscapeFever sets inside a room full of ladybirds You will encounter a lot of strange things that will happen there (including some bugs). Anyways, this game is kinda new, there is no video tutorial of some kind for it but there will be a Ladybird Escape walkthrough, tips and hints later. Meanwhile, you can play the game here.

Find The Numbers Challenge 42 Walkthrough | Play Online

This is the latest point and click hidden object game from In Find The Numbers Challenge 42  your power of observation will be to test as you would have to find the hidden numbers which is in various forms. You will get a score for each valid and accurate click but score decreases for each wrong click that you make. Anyways, this game is still so new so we are currently working on Find The Numbers Challenge Walkthrough and we'll post it as soon as it finished.

Turkey Liberation Front Escape Walkthrough

The latest point and click game in time for Thanksgiving, Turkey Liberation Front Escape is from AddictingGames. Basically, you have to solve to find a way how you can liberate the turkey from the cage and his captors so that the poor turkey could also be with his family this Thanksgiving. Anyways, if you enjoyed this game but somehow got stuck on some part of it, you can refer to our Turkey Liberation Front Escape Walkthrough video we have here.

There's our Turkey Liberation Front Escape walkthrough we've got for you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tenny Rail Tips Walkthrough Later

Tenny Rail is another point and click type from the Japanese creator of room escape flash game, Nifty. Finding items and solving puzzles is the key to finishing this game. But there is one major obstacle for you to face- language barrier. Anyways, we are currently looking for the full Tenny Rail Walkthrough as of pres time but we've found some tips and hints to at least give you some hand in the game. 

  • Press the first button[the left one] to start the new game.
  • Press the second button to continue game.
  • Press the pink button in the inventory item and chose the left button to save the game.
Moved the left hand tile on floor in scene w/red and blue stand, and now have the top half of paper... And move green tile next to red box to get note.
 That's all we have as of now for Tenny Rail Walkthrough. Anyways, if you have something to add to this article, do let us know.

Hidden Numbers Snow White Walkthrough, Play Online.

Another point and click hidden objects game from Walt Disney, just kidding, Hidden Numbers Snow White is from Games2Rule. Anyways, this game will test your observing skill but if you fail to find all the hidden numbers then you might end up reading this Hidden Numbers Snow White Walkthrough. Ready? Here we go.
Level 1.

1 bottom left bunny.
2 between the rightmost trees.
3 trunk of the leaning tree at the left of the screen.
4 Bashful’s hat.
5 the left of the 2 bunnies by the deer.
6 her stomach.
7 bottom of the split trunk of the tree to the right of the well.
8 deer’s head.
9 top of the tree trunk that is left of Snow White.
10 in the leaves between the two rightmost trees.
11 between the well pillar and the tree to the right.
12 sky next to Snow White’s head.
13 split trunk of the second tree from the right.
14 bottom of the upright tree over Bashful’s head.
15 tree over the well.
16 in the leaves between the 2 upright trees on the left.
17 handle of Grumpy’s pickax.
18 ground under her feet.
19 Bashful’s beard.
20 Grumpy’s shirt tail.

Level 2.

1 on the chair under the window.
2 on the bell at the left side of the screen.
3 on the shelf bracket at the right of the screen.
4 upper left corner of the screen.
5 on the rafter in the upper right corner behind the bird’s tail.
6 purple number above the window in the red decoration.
7 on the teal hat of the dwarf to the left of Snow White.
8 window frame decoration to the left of the window pot.
9 on the guitar head of the dwarf sun.
10 pot in the window.
11 right tree trunk out the window.
12 upper right corner on the rafter over the bird.
13 on the barrel at the right of the screen.
14 on the bottom barrel.
15 on the pot on the shelf at the right of the screen.
16 on the upside down bucket at the bottom left corner.
17 below Dopey’s feet (in the purple hat).
18 green numbers left of the window.
19 over the barrel at the right of the screen.
20 hat of the singing dwarf below the window.

Level 3.

1 the bottom of the split trunk against the right of the screen.
2 in the sky to the right of the castle top.
3 on Doc’s orange shirt.
4 deer’s ear.
5 top of the castle tower.
6 bottom of Prince Charming’s blue shirt.
7 on the purple ground under the castle.
8 on the ground over the right bunny’s head.
9 on the top of Dopey’s hat (purple hat).
10 in the hat of the dwarf to the right of Grumpy (Happy?).
11 trunk of the tree in the upper left corner of the screen.
12 on top of the hill at the right of the screen.
13 leaves of the right tree.
14 deer’s side.
15 trunk of the tree to the left of the prince.
16 on the ground to the right of the bunny’s head.
17 on Snow White’s skirt.
18 in the sky between the tree in the upper right corner of the screen.
19 beside Prince Charming’s head.
20 on the hat of the dwarf below Dopey.
 Yeah, it's a full Hidden Numbers Snow White Walkthrough. Now it's time to beat it. 

Punk Chicks No Escape Walkthrough

This game called Punk Chicks No Escape is really fun to play. Although it is more fun to play with real chicks. Just kidding. I'm talking about the little chickens. LOLs. Anyways, this adventure point and click shooter game is the product of mixed elements from action shooter and room escape type of its creator known only with the name Kim. Oh well, that's enough for the introduction and let me get this straight. I don't have a Punk Chicks No Escape Walkthrough yet but I'll definitely look for it and have it posted here. Meanwhile, try to beat the game by yourself and if you feel like helping other players stuck on it, please share your Punk Chicks No Escape walkthrough.

Desert Escape 2 Walkthrough

It is the second episode as the title suggests, Desert Escape 2 can have your brains really dried. This point and click hidden type of game sets in the middle of the desert but having lots of luck you found a car. Your mission is to gather items you think might come in handy for your car including the keys, as you progress through the game. Anyways, I've been stuck in this game for quite a while but luckily I found a Desert Escape 2 Walkthrough as I search the web. It's in text though:
  • Click the truck and see you are missing a tire.
  • Click the truck’s door handle and see you also need keys with a keyfob and a battery.
  • Back up once using the bottom navigation bar so you are still zoomed in on the truck -- get the broom from under the truck bed near the right edge of the screen.
  • Back up to the overhead view of the game again.
  • Click the rocks in the upper left corner of the screen -- get the key fob from between the 2 back rocks
  • Back up.
  • Click the palm trees behind the shed -- get the battery from behind the piece of wood on the right edge of the screen.
  • Back up.
  • Zoom in on the cactus that is at the back of the screen (left of the help! in your inventory) -- get the car jack from between the cactus and left bush trunk.
  • Back up.
  • Click the rocks behind the truck bed -- get the pump from left of the palm trunk.
  • Back up.
  • Click the small bush at the bottom of the screen (left of the rocks and cactus) -- get the tire iron from to top of the smaller rock.
  • Back up.
  • Click the rocks next to the palm tree in the bottom left corner of the screen -- get the key from right of the bush trunk (a bit hard to spot in the shade).
  • Back up.
  • Click the shed -- see the spot on the ground?..
  • Use the broom to get the red cap for the battery.
  • Back up.
  • Click the pool -- see the dark edge at the water line to the upper right of the pool?
  • Click it to find it was a tire.
  • Back up and click the truck again.
  • Place the silver jack to the right of the missing tire.
  • Place the tire.
  • Use the tire iron to tighten the lug nuts.
  • Use the pump to pump the flat tire back up
  • Combine the key fob and key in your inventory
  • Also combine the red cap and the battery in the inventory
  • Click the door handle
  • Place the fixed keys and battery and click start the car
  • Run away with your trusty friend, the broom! 
That's it for Desert Escape 2 Walkthrough. If you have something to share with us regarding the subject, just let us know.

Sweet Room Walkthrough Hints

A new game from a Japanese creator, Two Riddle, have us all shouting for help with their point and click game Sweet Room. The rule is the same as for other room escape games online. You must find items and solve puzzles as you play the game. Anyways, if you got here searching for Sweet Room Walkthrough, you've got yourself into the right place. However, what I will show you are only hints from other players who played this game.

In no particular order and in totally messed up random kind of order.
  • look at the numbers on the wall with the people, after u pick up the cakes, place them on each of the #'s on the number wall, but there's a catch each piece of cake has a specific number
  • Click on Right Star to reveal door.
  • The numbers on the table add up to 27 I click on 27 and it makes a sound
It's obvious that we do not have the full Sweet Room Walkthrough yet, but we are working on it. We could use some help from you guys, perhaps.

Hidden Alphabet 3 Walkthrough

One of the point and click type games on our list of flash games to figure out later but luckily we've found some text guide already, Hidden Alphabet 3, the third part of course of H. A. from Gamershood. It is a simple game where all you need to do is find all the alphabets hidden all around the place. Only sound easy but it is really not. Anyways, if you've just surrender finding all the letters, we have here the Hidden Alphabet 3 Walkthrough that may prove to be very helpful accomplishing this game.

Level 1
A is at bottom right corner of upper right window
B is at sideways over the left shutter of the left porch window
C is under the garland hanging from the porch roof at the very right edge (to the left of the tree branches)
D is at the eye of the closer reindeer
E can be found on to the right of the pillar that is right of the door
F -hanging from the gutter to the upper left of the upper left window
G is in the grass to the left of the right tree
H on thesideways on the bricks under the leftmost window (the one behind the left tree)
I actually an i - to the left of the left tree at the very edge of the green lights on the ground
J is where the left tree and second tree from the left have their branches meet (straight up from the closest reindeer’s head)
L  can be found in front of the garage
K is in the center of house between the upper windows
M -under the belly of the closer reindeer
N -below the light on the porch (between the porch windows)

Level 2
O is just around the globe of the second streetlight from the left
P is in the middle window at the top of the building
Q is in the glare of the closest left streetlight
R is on the globe of the closest right streetlight
S -on the right sidewalk (close to you)
T is in a circle shadow in the right grass -- between the right and second from the right streetlights
U can be found at the top of the sign next to the right streetlight that is closest to you
V is in the grass below the building in the center
W is at the top of the middle window on the second row of windows (the rectangular ones)
X the X over the window in the second arch from the right
Y in the grass at the edge of the left sidewalk -- left of the second streetlight on that side and
Z right side of the upper left arched window.

That's just about it folks for our Hidden Alphabe 3 walkthrough. Let us know if you find some inaccuracy on it.

Nine Hours Nine Person Nine Doors- The Demo Version

Another point and click, Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors room escape type of game. I must wish you good luck for you may have a problem with language barrier playing this game. You can play the demo version here.I thinks there is also a downloadable version of this game also but, I just can seem to find the link to it on its website because I cannot understand the language there. Anyways, we will try to come up with some Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors Walkthrough.

Pacman Room Escape 2

A sequel to Pacman Room Escape 1, this second installment of the game by RoomescapeTistory is another point and click online game. Find hidden items and solve the puzzles through the game in to finsih it. Later I will post the walkthrough for Pacman Room Escape 2 after if I can figure it out. But, if you have already finsihed this game, please do share with us your own walkthrough.

Watch out for update for Pacman Room Escape 2 walkthrough.

Candy Room Escape Guide

A point and click game from Sakura, Candy Room Escape, I think should've catch with the Halloween theme. To finish this game you should find candies along the way as you advance in the game. Of course, every escape game needs you to solve puzzles within them so let me advice you to be patient if you're new to this type of flash game. You can play it here while we prepare the walkthrough for this one.

Mysterious Escape Walkthrough

Another Japanese point and click type of flash game, Mysterious Escape, is created by Kazulescape. It's basically a escape game so most likely you'll have to find items and solve puzzles in the game in order to escape from the room where you are trapped in. I'll try this one later and will look for some Mysterious Escape Walkthrough afterwards. I'll post it here if I find one so check back later. In the mean time, you can also try to beat the game and play it here.

Military Escape Walkthrough

Another point and click game from Gazzyboy, in Military Escape you are trapped inside a military room and as usual, you have to find your way out of it. It is not known to us how the heck you get inside that room, but one thing is for sure- you have to escape from it because it's a escape game. Hehe. Anyways, for the Military Escape Walkthrough, just stay tuned, we will update this post it later. Meanwhile, try to solve it yourself again. You can play it here

Typhoon X Walkthrough Play Online

Another point and click game from some awesome Japanese flash game producer, Typhoon X sets inside a battle robot where you will have to escape since this is a escape game. ^^. In this game, there are three possible endings according to the creator. I've tried to play but it did not take long to loose my mind. This game is really difficult like what other players said. Below are some Typhoon X Walkthrough in text version.

The navigation in the game is odd because you can’t completely turn around -- the upper left blue rocket thing will switch your view from the windshield/control panels to the left door and window and then back. The right button turns you from the windshield to the right door/window, but you can also turn right again from the door to face the back of the seat and again to the left door (however from the left door, you will turn back to the seat).

With that explained (sort of), let’s get started.
Click the windshield (you know you can click because your cursor turns to a hand) -- see the girl robot
Click the bottom left blue thing to go back
Click the bottom of the screen in this view to look down again -- see a green thing against the left edge of the screen, but you can’t get it
Go back
Turn right
Click the door window and see 3 people out it (I have no clue why)
Go back
Click the gray outline of the square on the door and see the handle is broken
Go back and turn right
You are facing the back of the seat. There are 2 square panels on either side of the seat. The right is closed. Open the left on and click the first aid kit -- get the white rectangle
Note that you can also look up in this view
Turn right and see the left door
Click the window and see people out this one, too. If you click the white rectangle, it will de-select in your inventory when you try to give it to the girl in pink, but I have no clue
Back up
Click the left door panel and see it has a code box on it, but you can’t zoom into it yet
Go back and click left (this will actually take you to the windshield view again since you are looking at the left door)
Look down
Use the white rectangle over the green thing on the left edge of the screen
Click the rectangle and get the green egg thing
(Note, you can use this on the guy in orange out the left window, and it will deselect, but I don’t know if that is important)
Turn right 2 times from the windshield (or right from the left door, if you turned to face that), and use the green egg on the right compartment
See the blue box says square = 7
Click the box and get the wrench/spanner
Turn left (you can “give” the spanner to the black man? Monkey? Out the right window if you want)
Click the panel on the right door and use the spanner to fix the handle
Open the compartment and get the door thing (you can “give” this to the blond lady)
Click to the right of the blue box in the compartment and get the binoculars (you can “give” this to the boy out the left window)
Click the blue box in the right door compartment and then click the white note
See a bunch of math problems using shapes.
You know the square so you can solve for the circle (2) and the wheel (8)
Keep doing the math and you will get
SPOILERfour triangles=1, circle=2,flower=4, single diamond=6, square=7, and wheel=8SPOILER
Turn left
Click the windshield and use the binoculars on the robot to see the order for the code
Turn left
Zoom in on the left door panel and enter the code
Hit enter and click the red box to get the laser gun
Use the laser gun on the left door’s blinking light for one ending.

That long Typhoon X walkthrough is from a genius named Kitkatfox. Thanks to him/her.

Pacquiao vs Cotto Watch Live Streaming

Let's take a break for a while and be a boxing fan for tomorrow is the Pacquiao vs Cotto match. This entry is a little out of topic since this blog is actually made for my hobby which is games. But since I am also a boxing fan, let me post this okay? Alright, I want to watch Pacquiao vs Cotto live streaming but how do I do this? Anyone know of a site where we can all watch the match live and for free? If you came here by searching from google and also would like to watch the bout live streaming, please leave a comment below so other people would know that there are fans wanting to watch the Pacquiao vs Cotto live streaming. Who knows, there might be someone with a good soul that knows where we can all enjoy the match for free and would post some links to it.

Escape Games #1 Walkthrough Video

That title is quite awful really, but I will still post it here so keep on reading now. Anyways, Escape Games #1 is another point and click type of flash game from GamersHood created by Sit Unteri. Your objective in this game is to simply escape by collecting different objects and solving all different puzzles that you'll encounter throughout the game. To start this game, first click anywhere. LOL. I always do that and it works. After you have clicked everything and did not resulted into accidentally clicking the right objects in the game, try this Escape Games #1 Walkthrough video:

If that Escape Games #1 Walkthrough is not enough for you to be of help, seek help from others. You have serious problems.

Desert Escape Walkthrough Video

A new point and click hidden objects game to play from stoneagegames, Desert Escape gets you lost in the middle of the ocean of sand and of course, you have to get out of that boring desert. Gather needful items and use them wisely through out your long ride in the game. Well, let's face it,sometimes we can't figure it out how the heck we can finish a particular game. And in case that you're stuck in this game, you might find the Desert Escape Walkthrough video we have here.

Yes, we need you comments and suggestions so please kindly communicate to us using the comments section below. That's it for our Desert Escape Walkthrough for today. Do not expect for updates on this one, it's finished.

EGL Prison Escape Walkthrough

Another point and click game room escape from Escape Games Land, Prison Escape sets in a cell where you are locked inside and to be executed soon. You need to escape, of course, that is if you don't wanna die yet. But, the big question is how do you do it? You might want to see the EGL Prison Escape Walkthrough video below for some comprehensive tutorial on how you could escape that prison.

If you  have something to say about our EGL Prison Escape Walkthrough, you can leave your comments below.

Forensics Escape Walkthrough


The Guide to Finishing Forensics Escape Game

The archive of point and click games of GamersHood brings us Forensics Escape with a story that goes like: you are a negligent in a number of murder scene and you have to bring out and find evidence in order to convict a felon who happened to be a suspect that has been already taken to custody. The game rules are simple. Find the hidden items and solve puzzles to finish the game. However, if you think that this game is too much for you and you need some help, you can refer to the Forensics Escape Walkthrough video below.

Sure that Forensics Escape Walkthrough will really help you out with the game.