"Pink Room Escape walkthrough"

Pink Room Escape walkthrough.
Pink Room is another puzzle room escape game from dozengames. Like other point and click games I have been playing all day now, you have to find items that are needed to solve the puzzles in the game. Pearls and keys are the main things that you should care for to escape the pink room. Stuck? You're in luck. "Pink Room Escape" walkthrough, what the f*kc! Arrgh, I can't come up with a good rhyme. Enjoy your game kids!

"Escape the Tree House 3 walkthrough"

Escape the Tree House 3 walkthrough.Escape the Tree House 3 is the third part of cafecafegames' point and click game in which breaking free from house mounted on top of a tree is the main thing. But things has changed now and the you are now trapped in is the city! Find items and solve puzzles to beat this game. If you are faced with stop point on this one, feel free to reference to the "Escape the Tree House 3" walkthrough below.

"The Insanity 2 walkthrough"

The Insanity 2 walkthrough.Insanity 2 is the second installment of a mental disorder you can get when you are online 24/7. I mean it's a point and click game from gameshed. In this game, you play as journalist who's out to investigate the possible source of horrific videos that had sprouted in the web. Each of the videos contains surgery footage depicting an animal combining into human flesh. performed by a mysterious creepy guy only known as Dr. Edgar. As you may already know about these facts about the game, let me just share you Insanity 2 walkthrough videos that will show you how to beat the game.
Official "The Insanity" walkthrough

"Dora Escape Walkthrough"

Dora Escape Walkthrough.Dora Escape is a puzzle point and click game from escapecafe. In this game, you'll have to find items that you will then use in solving the puzzles throughout the game. It features challenging codes for you to break (bottom drawer code, cat code and safe code). Here is a guide if you are stuck with the codes:
Bottom Drawer Code - 643. Safe Code - dorayaking. Cat Code - doradora.
Dora Escape walkthrough video

Coma walkthrough

Coma walkthrough.Coma is an exploration and adventure game you can play in almost all of the free online game sites like kongregate and armorgames. The is created by Thomas Brush, a flash game creator obviously. Anyways, if you have been playing Coma for a while now and had yourself on a stop point (in short, stuck!) remember that you can always find solutions at game walkthrough sites like this that you are lucky enough to be in. Below is a video of Coma I ninja borrowed from youtube. By the time of this writing, the video has served some 50k plus stuck Coma players and you'll be added to those numbers. Without any further blah blahs, I give you Coma walkthrough. Enjoy your game!
I would post a written walkthrough for Coma here but I am too lazy today. So if you feel like writing it, please do so in the comments below and you'll have many thanks and a round of applause. Cheers!

Camel Eye walkthrough

Camel Eye Walkthrough.
Hilgreed Camel Eye is a point and click room escape game developed by Hilgreed. The game is free and can be played online and is currently in version 1.04. In this game, you play as a famous thief and must escape from a room you have just break into by finding items and solving puzzles as you progress in the game. If you are trying to beat this game the video below help you.

Camel Eye walkthrough

Pokemon Black and White Pokedex | New Pokemons!

Pokemon Black and White Pokedex.If you want to know or at least peak on some new generation pokemon, you must see this Pokemon Black and White Pokedex videos. This may not be the full list of new breeds of Pokemons or if it's confirmed or whatever but it's worth checking out.

Check back for All Pokemon White and Black Full Pokedex updates | New Confirmed Pokemons

Pokemon Black and White walkthrough part 1

Pokemon Black and White walkthrough part 1.Are you a Pokemon game fan and here looking for Pokemon Black and White walkthrough part 1 or perhaps a series of guide that you can make use of for beating the game? Well, you are in luck buddy because one cool dude over at youtube, uploaded a video walkthrough of him playing the Pokemon Black and White to share with us pokemon enthusiasts. This is a no download required walkthrough and is free of charge. Without wasting any more time, let's hit the video.
Pokemon Black and White walkthrough part 1
We'll update with the next set of walkthroughs of Pokemon Black and White so keep in touch.

Stitchland Conflict walkthrough

Stitchland Conflict walkthrough.Stitchland Conflict is an action shooter platformer game on the flash portal newgrounds. In this game you are to repel the invaders back to their turf by using a state of the art war machine. Bring peace to your homeland and end the conflict once and for all. It features 12 levels, 12 enemy types, 4 bosses, 8 super devastating weapons and 21 achievements to unlock. And yes, it's not pixel but stitch art according to the creator. Anyways, to answer your question which is how to beat Stitchland Conflict.. I found this well hidden Stitchland Conflict walkthrough that covers all of the levels of the game from start to finish. Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Give Up Robot 2 walkthrough

Give Up Robot 2 Walkthrough.
Give Up Robot 2 is uhm, as you may already know it's a platform puzzle game. We are talking about a game that has a description as follows: Wake up, Robot! It's time to DANCEEEEEE... (again). This sequel takes the jumping, grappling and swinging insanity of the original and adds jetpacks, conveyor belts, electrified blocks, lasers, rockets, moving blocks, bosses and more. You will have to have patience and perseverance to make it through the 60 levels in Normal mode and the punishing 12 additional levels in Hard mode. Good luck, and don't give up.. Yes, it's time to dance again for the second time around because the part 2 of Give Up Robot series.
Give up Robot 2 walkthrough

Some Give Up Robot 2 tips to fonder
  • Remember you can adjust the length of your grappling hook by using the Up and Down arrow keys.
  • Sometimes things are a lot easier than they appear to be.
  • Release your grappling hook at the right time to maximize speed, momentum and angle.
  • Trying to speed-run the game? From the Options screen (accessible at the front menu) you can turn on a visible game timer that'll tell you exactly how long.
That's all folks, share and enjoy!

Earl Grey Walkthrough

Earl Grey Walkthrough.
Earl Grey is a point and click driven adventure game from gamepirate. Pick up items and use them accordingly to solve the entire game. This game's official title is Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy, by the way - just to not confuse you with another game. Now to answer your question; how do you beat Earl Grey game? Here is a walkthrough video.

Hoggy Boss Walkthrough Please. Share Your Tips Here!

Hoggy Walkthrough.Since a lot of you people are looking for guides and walkthroughs for your Hoggy game on your iphone, I decided to make a follow up post to the Hoggy Walkthrough entry that I recently published here in this blog.
You might learn some tips with this Hoggy Boss walkthroug video.
 Please share your tips in the comments below. Thanks a lot!

Comfy Lounge Escape Walkthrough

Comfy Lounge Escape Walkthrough.Comfy Lounge Escape is a playable flash game in your browser from a developer that goes with a name Rotuc. Like other point and click games, you must find items and make use of them to solve the puzzles that you will go through in this game. Use items wisely to Escape the Comfy Lounge.

Comfy Lounge Escape Walkthrough | Comfy Lounge Cheats | Comfy Lounge Escape Guide 

The Expendables Iphone Game

The Expendables Iphone Game.Yes, the movie The Expendables has an official game for iphone and is now released. The Expendables game features freely accessible world in atmospheric 3d. It also has a survival mode, online high scores and game statistics with its OpenFaint integration capability. In this game, you take controll of Barney Ross via 3 axis accelerometer and fight against the forces of the Dictator. Surviving the waves of enemies after another in the battlefield set in Gazra is the main thing here.

The Expendables iphone game trailer

Blocks With Letters On 3 Walkthrough

Blocks With Letters On 3 Walkthrough Solution.Blocks with Letters On 3 is the newest installment of BWLO series. I personally like this game for it's word game puzzle concept. It can be some good brain punishment at times though and you might end up stopping at some levels scratching your head. But trial and error may lead to solution. Nonetheless, it's one good game to play. I'll try to compile all the Blocks With Letters On 3 walkthrough, written or video, for all the levels, for now we only have one for level 30.

Six Chair Room Escape walkthrough

Six Chair Room Escape Walkthrough.If you are trying to beat the game called Six Chair Room Escape developed by IchWillSpielen, you are lucky to have landed here in this page. A video walkthrough will of the game will surely help you out with the game so we have embedded one that we found on youtube. Without wasting more time, let me present to you, drum roll please... and trumpets too. ..plus a marching band..
Okay, okay here it is. Six Chair Room Escape walkthrough

Three Flowers Escape Walkthrough

Three Flowers Escape Walkthrough.Three Flowers Escape is a new point and click game by rotuc which the story is about not one, not two but three flowers! LOL for the intro now let's move on for walkthrough video to help us all solve the puzzles in the game.
Three Flowers Escape walkthrough

Fly Away Rabbit 2 Walkthrough

Fly Away Rabbit 2 WalkthroughFly Away Rabbit 2 is the second part of its series from gamesbutler. This game is basically a physics game where your objective as a player is to make the rabbit hanging on a balloon reach the top of the screen by clearing the blocks the is blocking the balloon from going up. In later levels of the game you will encounter blocks that can pop your balloon when touched. So you must think of a strategy before removing the blocks so the balloon don't touch the others.
Fly Away Rabbit 2 walkthrough

Crash Test Launcher Walkthrough

Crash Test Launcher walkthroughCrash Test Launcher is a new addicting physics based game from maxgames. Launching a crash test dummy to the farthest possible distance is the objective in this game. So how far can you launch a crash test dummy? Only one way to find out. Never mind how slow the car goes; concentrate on your flying and bouncing. And don't forget to buy those upgrades! That's what the game description said and you better abide with it. Anyway, here is some dude breaking a high score in the game.
Crash Test Launcher walkthrough.

Royal Trouble walkthrough . . .

Royal Trouble Walkthrough
Here is a partial walkthrough for Royal Trouble the point and click and game that you can download and play on your pc. The video below shows the solution to the 2nd peg game in Royal Trouble. We'll try to find the rest Royal Trouble walkthrough and paste it here in the future or you can help us by providing us links.

Apples in the Tree Walkthrough

Apples in the Tree is a platform game you can play on newgrounds. The game revolves around the adventures of a long legged female as she tries to reach the apples in a tree that she needed to perform a ritual. Ending may vary depending on your actions as you progress through the game.

Apples in the Tree walkthrough video.

There is a good, neutral, and bad ending depending on if your helpful or not.

Alfa Escape in to a World of Color walkthrough

 Alfa Escape in to a world of Color walkthrough will show you how to beat this point and click game.
Here is a step by step solution to Alfa Escape in to a World of Color.
Gray-click the first item on the left (the board moves).
Click on the cloud (it falls) ..
Click below the green man (on the board "it down").
Click the gray button on top right, (the guy down the ladder).
Click on the triangle to the left of the first cloud.
Click on the house, (it will hang up).
Click down the pole (left of the dog).
Click on the top of the post (it goes up, a real sports guy).
Click on the left end of the thin line where it hangs.
let the game and it's finish.

Finding All Halo Reach Data Pads Locations

Like the title said, here you will find all the Halo Reach Data Pads locations. The video below will show you how to find them (data pads 1 to 9).
I assume you finished the walkthrough video above so let's just make a recap.
  1.  First data pad located at Winter Contingency.
  2. Second data pad at "ONI Sword Base".
  3. Third one found in "Nightfall".
  4. The fourth data pad at "Tip of the Spear".
  5. Fifth in "Long Night of Solace" -just before entering orbit.
  6. The 6th on Exodus where you need to use jetpack to the place where the green arrow points forward.
  7. Data pad number 7 on New Alexandria level after you take off from the start of the level go straight ahead.
  8. Eighth located on the Package where you are just about to enter elevator.
  9. The ninth data pad on The Pillar of Autumn where you just have to follow rally point A.
Next video shows where to find data pad no 10 to 19 of Halo Reach.

Alice is Dead Part 3 Walkthrough

Alice is Dead Ep.3 walkthrough we got here will show you how to beat the final episode in the series of Alice is Dead from the developer that goes by a name impendingriot in newgrounds. Without wasting any more time I give you the walkthrough (which I ninja-embedded from youtube) for Alice is Dead 3. Enjoy!
I will also ninja-paste hear a complete medal guide for this game if ever I stumble upon one so watch out.

Fragger Lost City Walkthrough

Fragger Lost City is another fun to play physics based game from miniclip. You can play the game here. But since you came here searching for Fragger Lost City walkthrough, you must continue reading. In the game description: Dust off your grenades and clean up the city from evil foes - Fragger style! Scoring 85,000 will get you the Golden Grenade Award!
Level 1 to level 30.

Sneak Thief Prime Catch Walkthrough

Sneak Thief Prime Catch is a new adventure point and click game developed and released for us to play for free by pastelgames. A round of applause for letting us play their games (clap clap). Anyways, since I know that you are probably going to skip this introduction and head straight to the video of Sneak Thief Prime Catch walkthrough, may I ask you to share this page on your social networking sites because sharing is what powers game walkthroughs sites like this. Share and enjoy!

Escape The Cursed Island 4 walkthrough

Escape the Cursed Island is now on episode 4 and can now be played on your favorite flash game sites like addictinggames. Mad science industries and AG's description: Yes, your escaping adventure continues - on the Cursed Island! Oh noes! Naturally, you can't concentrate on escaping, because you have to feed the angry volcano god. Aw, nuts. It has been played over 50k times under the adventure category of AG as I write this.

Needing for Escape the Cursed Island 4 walkthrough to beat the game? Well, you are lucky today!

Hotel Room Lock In Walkthrough

Hotel Lock-In is another point and click game sponsored by no other than bored. The author of the game describes it as follows: You're away from home on a business trip, after taking clients out for drinks last night you had a bit to much and crashes on the bed in your hotel room. Luckily you remembered to set an alarm the day before so you'd get up at 7am to catch your flight home. Although you may have done more damage to your room than you remember! At pres time this game has been played 79,846 times and has a 2 star rating under bored's escape category.

Here is Hotel Room Lock In walkthrough video to look at when you got stuck at some point.

Dozen Games Prison Escape Walkthrough

Since a lot of you guys are looking for a solution to the game Prison Escape by Dozen games, I thought I would give you what you want. And that is the Prison Escape walkthrough video from dozengames itself. Hope this help you out in winning the game.

Johnny/Johny Finder Walkthrough

Johnny Finder and the Cup of Absolute Power is another point and click game added to the amazing game archives of the awesome developer Abroy. Let's give this game a round of applause. Yey! Anyway, in this game, the objective is to help Johny to retrieve the missing Cup of Absolute Power that was stolen by a group of bad guys from a national museum. Solve the puzzles along the way and get that cup back! You think you can't? Here is a helpful Johny Finder walkthrough to be your guide to beating the game if you got stuck at some point.

Hoggy Iphone Walkthrough

Hoggy is one fun point and click game you can play on your iphone. This game is somewhat a combination of a side-scrolling adventure and puzzle solving games. The scenario; your girlfriend has been kidnapped, by the bad guys of course, and you have to get her back by eating fruits. Yes, you have to eat all of the fruits off all 45 jar levels. Can you do it? No? Okay here is Hoggy walkthrough to help you beat the game.

sssg Money Bags walkthrough

That is the Super Sneaky Spy Guy or SSSG Money Bags walkthrough video we got down there. Yes, it is a full walkthrough of that game from meltingmindz that is once again starred by the hero Sneaky. Nothing is new aside from the story. The basics of the game is still there; being a point and click type. Anyaway, I know you are here for the Money Bags guide so just scroll down after the picture to see the video. Enjoy!

Casper Escape walkthrough

Casper escape is another one of the tons of point and click games from gazzyboy that may have you stuck at this very moment you are reading this. To beat this game, you must free Casper, yes the friendly ghost, from a jar where he was trapped by other ghosts. Convince them to free Casper sounds easy but it's not just like that. Find items in every room and use them right. Here is a Casper Escape walkthrough and solution for all the stuck up.

Symon Walkthrough Review

Symon is a new point and click game about a patient in the hospital whose only escape is through dreaming. But not all dreams are happy ones. There are nightmares of course. Since a lot of you escape gamers are looking for some tips and hints on the game, I figured that this Symon Walkthrough review video that I found may help you. I would love to post other version of the walkthrough for this game as well but this is all I can find. So, yeah, I hope this helps.

Finder's Seekers walkthrough

Finders Seekers is another point and click escape game that recently came out on mofunzone. Since a lot of you people are searching for guide of some sort for this game. That being the case, I thought I would help you out so I conducted my own search for the solution to Finder's Seekers The Mystery of Stonecliff.

Here's the Finder's Seekers walkthrough I found so far.

Tornado The Secret of the Magic Cave

Tornado The Secret of the Magic Cave is a game that, uhmm, here's the description: A tornado has separated Amy and Tom from their parents! Now it's up to you to help Amy and Tom make it home safely! After finding an ancient magic cave, the children must solve perplexing puzzles and piece together the clues to make it back to their parents in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Tornado: The secret of the magic cave.

Coffin Symbol Escape Walkthrough

Coffin Symbol Escape is one of the latest point and click game from games2rule. Basics of this game is finding items and solving different scenarios. Use the objects that may also be the clues for solving the puzzles  Anyway, one may be good at this type of game, especially if you are well experienced escape game enthusiast but a newbie can easily be lost and stuck. So here's a Coffin Symbol Escape walkthrough to save the newbies from not playing flash game ever again.

Obama Crazy Tale Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Tale is another point and click adventure game from inkagames. Your objective in this game is to help President Obama rescue the fairy of tales who's been kidnapped by the evil witch and has been kept imprisoned in an unknown location. Find her and get her back before your term ends.

Walkthrough video for Obama Crazy Tale game

The Room Tribute Walkthrough

The Room Tribute is yet another point and click adventure game you can play on newgrounds. This game is a lolable game. I mean it's quite funny. But beating this game requires more than just catching punchlines. You must solve every scenario that affects the whole scenario of the game. There are also achievements to unlock in which you will get medals if you accomplish though not always necessary to the process of beating the game. Anyway, here are some of The Room Tribute walkthrough videos for some good overview, tips, hints, etc. whatever of the game. Aargh! You can never have enough spoons in this game.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 walkthrough

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 walkthrough; yes, it's another set of video walkthroughs for a game you are stuck with that I ninja-embedded here on this page. You want to battle those over 70 types of monster, unlock achievements to get medals, collect all of the 80 equipments and use 80 different power skills but you just can't because you are stuck. You want some guide, you need hints or cheat of some sort... Or maybe an Epic Battle Fantasy 3 walkthrough will be enough. Enough with the drama. On to the show..

Lost Head walkthrough

Lost Head is new released point and click physics puzzle game by garbuz you can play at kongregate. In the game description it says: "Here’s a body and where’s a head?! Put them together and don’t forget about 12 buttons for your friends!". You objective is to successfully roll the head into the body in every level working around the obstacles.

Here is the unlisted Lost Head walkthrough video

Slammer Escape walkthrough

So you can't escape the slammer that's why you're here, right? Yes, I am referring to that point and click escape game from AddictingGames that you wish you can beat and win. That flash game that you need a guide to in order to finish. A walkthrough or something will do right? You're lucky I have them here waiting for you. If you're still not convinced that I know what you are looking for, here's the game description of the game you are needing a walkthrough to: "Trapped in the Slammer? It's like they don't WANT you to escape! And prison is short on handy escape materials, like crowbars and screwdrivers. Think Harder, Peeps!" -  or better yet, watch the Slammer Escape walkthrough.

Sieger Game Walkthrough and Solution

Sieger is a point and click physics based game playable at armorgames. The gameplay is somewhat very similar to Crush The Castle. Anyway, as you progress in this game, you may find yourself stuck at some higher levels and might give up quickly. So here's a Sieger walkthrough to strengthen your resolve and boost your morale. If you need only hints or tips on some specific levels, you have all the liberty to not watch the complete walkthrough videos.

levels 1 to 14 of Sieger playthrough.

Guide to levels 15 to 29..

Effing Worms Walkthrough Gameplay

Effing Worms is an action platform game you can play online at addictinggames.  Use arrow keys or WASD to move the giant worm around and start the omnomnom frenzy.

Short game description:
Don't you wish you were a giant worm? Dig fast tunnels, and surprise hippies, cops, cows and pedestrians from below! Feed the beast, baby!

Effing Worms walkthrough gameplay

How to beat Minoto North Wind and Sun Walkthrough

Let's talk about how to beat North Wind and Sun walkthrough, it's all about solving that cute flash game from a personal favorite point and click adventure game creator Minoto. In this game, your goal is to find all items that you will then use to solve the puzzles throughout your adventure. Sounds easy, right? But do not underestimate a Minoto game because sometimes it can be a pain in the neck. For hints, guide and tips, you can watch the Northwind and Sun walkthrough video right down there.

Little Protectors Walkthrough Hack

Little Protectors is a point and click platformer tower defense type of flash game you can play for free at kongregate and other flash game directories. Some levels of Little Protectors can sometimes really be punishing if you don't play it the correct way. There are various upgrades to the characters that you can experiment with. Right combination of skills, weapon upgrades and spells can be the key to winning every level. So, that being said, do you ever wonder if you could do a little cheat on this game? Let's say a hack to have more resources that is essential for upgrading stuffs.. You like? Of course you like it. Check to see if the Little Protectors Hack walkthrough below can help you.

Disclaimer: I am not the maker of the video and it's content below and I haven't tried it yet myself. Just want to let you know that there is some sort of cheat/hack on the game Little Protector. So try it at your own risk.

Ashtray Escape Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ashtray Escape walkthrough, tips, tricks, hints, reviews or comments? You're in great luck because we have them here! Not really all of them. Only the walkthrough. Nonetheless, it will show how to beat Ashtray Escape. We're talking about the point and click escape game from Wild Harmony Studios in which probably had you stuck again. Well, I can't blame you if the mad clicking technique didn't work lol!

Here's Ashtray Escape walkthrough to cheer your sad escape gamer faces..

Paper Industry Escape Walkthrough

Paper Industry Escape is another free point and click game from our beloved developer, Gazzyboy. Search every room and scene for items that you might use to solve the puzzles that you will encounter as you progress in the game. Combining two or more items in this type of games is possible so you might wanna try dragging together different items in your inventory. If you are really stuck at some point and not really going anywhere, your last resort is to look at the Paper Industry Escape walkthrough shown below to get some hints from it.

Give Up Robot walkthrough, hints, tips and Complete Level Guide

Give Up Robot also known as Wake Up, Robot, is a swinging and grappling platformer game that is hosted by adultswim. I will say that this 50 level game is a very challenging physics game. If you played this one before, I am sure you have a favorite stuck level in this game. Mine is level 42. Anyways, just wanna share this Give Up, Robot Walkthrough that I referred to when I totally give up beating the game. It served as a guide and great help for me to finally beat the game. Enjoy!

Green Physics walkthrough [COMPLETE]

Green Physics walkthrough; this might be your lucky day if you landed on this page looking for a guide of some sort for that flash game that had you stuck on physicsgame24. Here's a short walkthrough showing how to beat all 18 courses of Green Physics game.

Alone in the Store Escape walkthrough

Alone in the Store Escape is a free to play point and click game from stone age games. Just like other room escape games, you are trapped in a store. Finding items and solving puzzles is your only key to escape. Navigate from scene to scene using the sides and bottom of the screen. For Alone in the Store Escape walkthrough, watch the video after the jump.

Escape from Restaurant Minshio walkthrough

Escape from Restaurant Minshio walkthrough will show how to beat that escape game from the Teshi-e. Yes, we found a video of the flash game in question, that will guide you through the game. And yes, I will not write another sentence to describe this Escape from Restaurant Minshio walkthrough because I know it bores you lol! Now on to the show..

Happy coin ending version: