The Tower of Eternity 54F Walkthrough

I guess this game series will go on forever as the title suggest. It's just the 54th F of The Tower of Eternity and I know another floor will be added soon. In this game, you can only escape from each floor but not tower itself.. Well, that thought is scary.. Once you finished this level you will soon find yourself in the 55th floor and the search for clues and items will start all over again. Anyways, if you got stuck in this one, you can see The Tower of Eternity 54F walkthrough video below.

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Car Showroom Escape Walkthrough

I have escaped a lot of rooms but never tried a Car Showroom Escape so this is my first time. My head aches as I play the game that's why I can't concentrate in playing. Luckily, I found a Car Showroom Escape Walkthrough and it helped me finish the escape game. I played four today and only accomplished 2 of them without a walkthrough.

Here's the video of Car Showroom Escape Walkthrough if you also got stuck in the game like me.

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Day The Earth Still Stood walkthrough. What?

Yeah, you read it right. It's funny though, but that's the way it is and you already know since you're here now looking for Day The Earth Still Stood walkthrough. Anyways, this is like any other point and click escape game where you have to solve some puzzles and find items and look for a walkthrough when you got stuck.

Day The Earth Still Stood

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Wizards Temple Walkthrough video

I was looking for this Wizards Temple Walkthrough like you and I am so thankful that there are still good people willing to share their game walkthrough videos like this one. These kind people rocks. So here's a video of Wizards Temple found on youtube.

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Space Research Center Escape Walkthrough

When I was a kid, my ambition is to become an astronaut so I can go to space and be weightless and float out there. I wanted to wear space suit and work in a Space Station. I don't know, but this game, Space Research Center Escape brings me back those thoughts I had when I was just 7 years old. Anyways, when you got stuck in this game by gazzyboy, maybe this video can help you.

Space Research Center Escape Walkthrough.

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Beach Party Escape Walkthrough

Beach Party Escape. This is hard. I don't know why would you try to escape a party especially a beach party where people only wear few clothes. Lol. Oh I know, you will only try to escape a party when you're planning to do something more, uhm, fun with someone. Okay, if that is what you want to do, then here's a Beach Party Escape Walkthrough so you can do those other, fun things. LOL!

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Treasure Hunt Escape Walkthrough

Are yo devastated with gazzyboy's Treasure Hunt Escape because you just can't beat the game? Well, you've come to right place. We have here a video of that game in which you can learn how to finish the game. Since this is a point and click game, have you tried clicking like crazy all over the place and still failed to find something? If that is the case then your final resort is the Treasure hunt Escape walkthrough video below we found on youtube.

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Escapers Final Walkthrough

This is a Japanese made flash game that you can finish in just about 3 minutes and 8 seconds. Well, that is after you have watch the video of Escapers Final below. I think this game looks very similar to another escape flash game that I have played before. I just can't remember the title of that game. All I remember is I was clicking and pointing the mouse all over and finding some items and then clicking again after scratching my head. Oh I know, this looks just like any other point and click games that I played. Just kidding you guys. Jokes aside, this game is neat.

Escapers Final Walkthrough.

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Everest Escape Walkthrough

Now what? Another Gazzyboy game made you scratch your head, you're devastated once again and the reason is a flash game called Everest Escape. Am I right? Of course I'm right. I'm never wrong. Lol! Don't worry, you will find here what you are looking for. But be sure to subscribe and memorize the name and every detail of this blog so you won't miss the updates and occasional useful articles that my awesomeness provides. Just kidding ya'll.

Everest Escape Walkthrough.

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Safari Escape walkthrough

Experience the wild but don't get lost at it. You don't want to be with the wild safari beast and be their snack. Anyways, here's a video that will teach you what to do if you get lost and stuck in Safari Escape. That's clever lol!

Safari Escape walkthrough

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Olympic Room 4 walkthrough

Olympic Room 4 Walkthrough- Not much to say about this game. You know the winter Olympics is still on and this game is just one Escape flash game inspired by it. I found this video on youtube after doing a little search. You might need this if you ever fail to finish the game and needed some guide.

Olympic Room 4 walkthrough

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Scribble Room Escape walkthrough

Scribble Room Escape walkthrough- this is fast and very short escape game. You won't even be here reading this walkthrough gave to us by a friend named Jenny. But thanks anyway. It's a point and click can be done in a matter of seconds. Here are some scribbles room escape walkthrough if ever you need one.

Click on the curtains.
Watch the fox looking at you but don't watch too long.. or else..
Find the apple on the floor.
Notice that the no books are the same color.
There are fingernail scratches on the wall from people who looked at the fox too long.
There is dust on top of your screen that must be cleaned.
Now the fox feel glad because you cleaned the dust

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Save Your Life Walkthrough

Save Your Life- another riddle game to play from some dude named ugolegend94. If you can't even finished this game, then that might mean you cannot save your life when you get into some life and death situation. Let's say you are sleeping and some terrorist just thought he want to crash the plane he hi-jacked, into your house.. What would you do? Never mind. That's just so.. oh never mind. Here's some scribbles of hints from Save Your Life walkthrough.

Tilt your head to the left or right to find another way of looking at the picture. Think (click) outside the box. DraggingThe blue smiley look suspicious. Anagram in thrash Follow and drag Zoom to read.

Puzzle Room Walkthrough

Puzzle Room- It's another puzzle game to solve but this time it involves amphibious animal, a green reptile that says webbet and happily eats insects, called frog. It's not your ex kerokerokeroppi, it's another frog and he needs help to find the missing puzzle piece and some door code for his hi-tech home so he can get inside. He's probably hungry by now for that insect cookies he left inside his home. Disturbed by the insect cookies and concentrate in solving the puzzles? This Puzzle Room walkthrough might help you.

The vide, webbet!

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Rescue Baby Walkthrough

Minoto has come up with this cute and adorable flash game titled Resuce Baby. Yes, as the title suggests, in this game you must save the jeopardized babies. You can let these cute babies get into trouble so you have do something. Don't know how you will rescue them? Here's a video tutorial found on youtube.
Rescue Baby Walkthrough

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Gears Escape walkthrough

Created on the website called escapegames24, Gears Escape's developer is a promising game developer whom I foresee that will be one of the greatest escape game developer in the world. In this game, you have to point and click. Yes, use your mouse and find hidden items and solve puzzles within the game. And when you get into some trouble finishing this flash game, this video might help you.

Gears Escape Walkthrough video.

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Walkthrough for Catch The Star

Catch the Star Walkthrough- This is a video walkthrough for the physics based game puzzle, Catch The Star, I found on youtube. The goal in this game is to collect all the orange stars with limited number of clicks. Avoid the black stars. Pretty simple. But there's some twist. Remember, it's a physics game.

Video Walkthrough for catch the Star after the cut..

Orange Juice Room Escape walkthrough for everyone!

Why you people always get stuck in this rooms?? Just kidding fellas. I often get stuck also in room escape games involving a name of a fruit in its title.. So to this one, we found a video walkthrough that can help us all find all the orange juice glasses and beat it once and for all. I know you're excited. Just calm down and play the video below. Shhh. Everything will be alright, okay? lol!

Orange Juice Room Escape walkthrough.

Balloon Escape walkthrough. No cheats. No tricks. Just a Video Walkthrough.

This game should be titled "Escape The Garden by Means of Flying With a Balloon". Forget that. That's a silly title. Anyways, this game is another escape game from some flash game makers. Basically, you will have to escape the place which is the garden by utilizing a hot air balloon. It's another point and click so you know what to do. But, in case you fail to beat this one, you can always check the Balloon Escape walkthrough video we have here.

Horror Plant Video Walkthrough

Oh my God, a horrific plant can completely ruin your day if you're in your garden and fixing your plants then it will pop up from the soil and show its razor sharp teeth and swallow you whole. That's what a horror plant can do. So if you want to know how to end the Horror Plant just follow the video here:

Horror Plant walkthrough..

This Is The Only Level Too 2 walkthrough. What?

Jumping elephant avoiding spikes game that can be addicting. That's what this game is. This is the Only Level Too has a part 2 and that is just great. A sequel to more jumping and spike avoiding gameplay. We've found a guide for this playable web game and it's from a dude named Tasselfoot. Here it is. Enjoy.
This is the only level too 2 walkthrough

Olympic Room walkthrough

So what do you do if you are stuck inside an Olympic room? Think about this, you're somewhere where the Olympics is being held. Alright you're in mount Olympus Canada. Let's pretend there is a mountain like that in that Country. Somehow you are locked inside a room in which you are alone and vulnerable to fungus that can cause athletes' foot. Anyways, I don't know what this game is all about. I haven't played it yet.
Olympic Room walkthrough.

Playground Escape Never Before Seen Video Guide. LOL

Being stuck and left alone in a playground can be horrible. Yes, you can have your legs and arms strangled with the swing or get stuck on top of the see-saw. Alright, you can't get stuck on top of the see-saw when you're alone. Unless there is an invisible playmate there. Yaay!
Playground Escape walkthrough

Primary walkthrough videos.

Primary walkthrough. Awesome games like this one is sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. Anyways, its awesomeness sometimes gets you stuck so what else could be a good solution for a stuck awesome game players like you other than some awesome video walkthroughs?

Kidnapped by Robots walkthrough. This is what you do when abducted by Robots

Holy motherfather! Being abducted by something not humans like mechanical rabbits or a gang of R2D2s is a horrible thing to happen. So let me provide with this knowledge that you might use in case you get into some robot abduction trouble.

Kidnapped by Robots Walkthrough
• You find yourself in a room. Click the middle crate on the right, to reveal a clue. Click the buttons on the keypad next to the door to light up a “+” Top row middle light blue, second row all blue, bottom row middle light blue, the door will now open.
• Walk through the door, notice a cable sticking out from behind a crate, take the cable.
• Move right and attach the cable to the bottom of the control panel. Then use the control panel to move the crates to reveal 4 blue pressure buttons on the floor. If you count the crates from left to right, stack the crates on crate 3 and crate 6 which haven’t got a pressure button under them. The conveyor will turn on and 3 robot heads will come out. Take the light bulb from the robot head.
• After taking the light bulb move left and then enter into the door on the left. Look in the box top right and move the nuts and bolts to reveal a gear. Leave this room move backwards and notice a bunch of robot parts, take the red wire from the robot scrap.
• Enter the door on the right and take the soft metal from the table. And leave this room.
• Move left and then backward and enter the room on the right. Click the machine and notice a gear missing. Place the gear on the machine and then place the soft metal onto the machine. Press the green button to start the machine which will make a magnet for you, take the magnet and leave the room.
• Move backward and click the control panel for the stairs, click the bottom panel and place the red wire inside. Then click the top part of the control panel and insert the light bulb into the slot, and press the start button.
• Move up stairs and move into the door. Notice the clues on the computer monitors, A-4, C-7. Click the file cabinet and notice all but one drawer is empty, the bottom right drawer, which has an access card, take the card and leave this room.
• Move right and click the exit sign to reveal a key. Take the key and move left and then head back down the stairs. Move backward and then enter the door on the left.
• Click the power boxes to take a closer look. Use the key to unlock the switch on the left and then pull the switch down. Open the door on the right and take the fuse.
• Leave this room and head back up stairs, move left and use the access card to unlock the door.
• Enter the door and place the fuse into the fuse box, check the clue on the computer monitor which says B-1. Leave this room.
• Click the keypad and place the magnet into the slot on the bottom. Then enter the pass code from the clue you found on the computer monitors A=4 the first number, B=1 the second number and C=7 the last number, the light will turn green allowing you to exit through the door.
• Great Job! You escaped the clutches of the robots!

Credits goes to

Meadow Escape walkthrough. That point and click game that involve animals.

Do you hate intense action packed games with all the super special effects, graphics and physics? Then this one's for 'ya! Oh well, I think that's too much for the intro. This game is cute. It's called Meadow Escape, a point and click flash game from EscapeHeaven, it's a place where escape games go to when they pass away.. LOL. It's a cool site that has lots of escape games you can play and enjoy for the rest of your lives. What am I saying here?

Here's Meadow Escape walkthrough you came here for.

The Blosics 2 Walkthrough tou are looking for.

Yes, I am still alive and will be posting game walkthroughs again. Yeeehaaa! Are you looking for the Blosics 2 Walkthrough? Then your search is over. We've found a video walkthrough of this physics based game.

The Blosics 2 walkthrough you are looking for.

Here's levels 1 to 15.

And here's for the levels 16 to 30.

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Lovers Room Escape walkthrough

Where do lovers spend their Valentine's Day? If you don't have any idea, this game, Lovers Room Escape, might be useful for you. Just follow the Valentine plan of the game and you might not end up a lonely person this coming hearts day.
Lovers Room Escape walkthrough video for ya'll!

Cluster Lander walkthrough

Learn to control a fast ship that was designed to maneuver between clusters of rock called Cluster Lander and explore the open style levels, fight and find the coordinates to exit the cluster in the Teleporter machine. You can use the Ghost Replay system to improve your skills to survive this game.
The Cluster Lander walkthrough video guide for ya'll!

Dragonfly Island Escape walkthrough

Hey, I'am falling from the serps and don't know what to do. I've found a cute game that's fun to play too. But, you might find it difficult so here's a walkthrough.

Wow. Did it rhyme? LOL.

Dragonfly Island Escape walkthrough.

Pinda Paddo Goes Green walkthrough

This is the fourth from the Mystery Forest point and click adventure that comes in the title Pinda Paddo Goes Green. The story started when the main characters Paddo and Patty saw the documentary of Al Gore which is An Inconvenient Truth. They then come to think that they must do something to help save the planet and that's when their adventure begins.

Pinda Paddo Goes Green Walkthrough coming up next update.

School Bus Escape Walkthrough

This is's another exciting game entitled School Bus Escape and with the aide of the rock music background might put you in the right mood or totally destruct your concentration in the game and you might end up reading this page or watching the

School Bus Escape Walkthrough video

Night Escape Walkthrough

Here's a guide to another flash game that lots of flash gamer are getting addicted to. Scenario is this: you need to escape a military base but don't use lights as you sneak. Escaping with the lights out, that's hard. You might get caught and you know what will happen if the military catches you. You'll have to do push ups. Yeah, just kidding.

Night Escape Walkthrough

Drainage Room Escape Walkthrough

You have been trapped in different rooms in your life as flash game escaper and now your stuck in a drainage room. But don't be devastated, we've got you covered here. We found a guide from a popular video site and here it is.
Drainage Room Escape Walkthrough

Escape The Bookstore 2 walkthrough

This game is another fun game from Dina Gjertsen on addicting games. It has gotten a lot of escapers from around the world stuck and is now looking for guides or cheats maybe. But anyways, here's the answer to all the prayers of the stuck people in this game.

Escape The Bookstore 2 Walkthrough

Motel Room Escape Walkthrough

Here's Motel Room Escape video since Valentine's Day is coming and there are plans going in your mind by now. I know. Lols! Well, it's a place where you can rest or get exhausted too. You know what I'm saying. Nah!

Motel Room Escape Walkthrough:

Kim's Missing Numbers 6 Walkthrough

Kim's Missing Numbers 6 the sixth and latest point and click type of hidden object game created by rising star in the industry of flash games, Kim. In this game, you must find the missing numbers in each room or level. Scores are obtained for every accurate click and will get deducted if you clicked on the wrong spots. You will earn timer bonus after each round. Beat the highscores, play Kim's Missing Numbers 6 game here. Cheers to Kim.

Cage Room Escape Walkthrough

Cage Room Escape is yet another point and click room escape flash online game from Gamershood in which your goal is to get out of the room by using different items that can be found around the room where you are trapped in. Play Cage Room Escape game here.

Find The Numbers Challenge 52 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge 52 is a new Find the Numbers Challenge point and click type hidden object flash game by in which your observation capabilities will be put to test by finding out the numbers which are clocked in various forms. The rule is simple: For each accurate click, you'll get a score and for wrong click, score will decrease. You are given a duration of time to complete each level. Here's Find The Numbers Challenge 52 Walkthrough we've found on the net. Thanks to EscapeGames24.
Level 1
1 on the window in the bottom right corner of the screen – gold number on the left part
2 on the boarded up window on the back wall – over the stairs
3 gold bracket holding the wires on the right building
4 in the window on the back wall – left of the second balcony railing
5 on the right shutter of the second window from the bottom on the left wall – leftmost window
6 bracket under the lowest balcony of the left wall
7 on the end of the nearest bridge wall – right end on top of the railing post
8 on the rightmost door of the upper level door of the back wall
9 on the left shutter of the window on the back wall – over the wall lamp
10 window over the orange roof
11 balcony railing of the top balcony on the left wall – second balcony from the right
12 on the right shutter of the upper right window on the back wall
13 on the bridge
14 on the balcony railing on the second door from the top on the back wall
15 over the door arch at the left end of the bridge
16 house number by the bottom right window on the right wall
17 under the window of the little building with the orange roof
18 bottom window of the back wall – by the stair railing
19 bottom left corner of the screen
20 bottom left window of the left wall
21 on the ground against the right wall
22 under the upper left window of the back wall
23 over the window arch behind the bride on the left wall
24 under the bridge in the water
25 on the lamp bracket on the back right corner
We'll try to post the rest of this Find The Numbers Challenge 52 Walkthrough when we update. Don't forget to bookmark us.

Hidden Numbers 13 Walkthrough

Hidden Numbers 13 is a new point and click type hidden object Spiderman themed game created by Gazzyboy in which you must find the numbers in an image given in each level. Basic instructions: For accurate clicks, you will get a score and for invalid and wrong click ,score will decreased. You'll get a bonus point if you are able to complete the numbers soon enough. Play Hidden Numbers 13 game here.

Rubix Cube Escape Walkthrough

Rubix Cube Escape is a flash point and click room escape game series by Escape Heaven in which you are locked in a rubix cube room. Must solve puzzles, find some items and use them wisely in the game. Anyways, since you might got stuck in this game there's a Rubix Cube Escape Walkthrough provided for all of us. Only refer to this guide if you really lost all hopes to beat the game.

Late For Rise Walkthrough

Late For Rise is a new Japanese point and click type room escape flash game from easyescape in which you'll have to try to get out of a room wherein you are locked down, by finding several items that you will use to escape. Anyways, here's a Late For Rise Walkthrough we've found over at EscapeGames24.
  • take the WATCH on the carpet by the door
  • click the top left corner of the door to zoom in, take the KEY and zoom out.
  • click the handle of the left drawer to open it, take the BAG and zoom out.
  • click between the pyramid and the right speaker to zoom in, take the IPOD and zoom out.
  • click under the drawer to zoom in, take the PURSE and zoom out.
  • click the very bottom of the tree (top of the pot)to zoom in and take the CELLPHONE and zoom out.
  • click the top of the radiator to zoom in, take the CARD, zoom out and click the door, and that was an easy escape.

Boro Apartment Room 101 Escape Walkthrough

Boro Apartment Room 101 Escape is a flash escape game that you are now having a hard time now beating it, I supposed. So you resorted to finding a cheat or a guide of some kind for it. Alas! Here's what you are looking for. Thanks to the cool people over at EscapeGames24.
  • Click the door curtain to put some light on the subject
  • Click the box in the bottom right corner
  • Click the lid to look in
  • Get the first battery
  • Back up 2 times and turn left
  • Click the top doors of the cabinet – get the code box
  • Open the bottom drawer of the cabinet – get the blue book
  • Zoom in on the trashcan and get the plain paper
  • Turn left 2 times
  • Open the second right drawer from the top on the right side of the desk – get the second battery
  • Open the third drawer on the right and get the pencil
  • Click the paper in the inventory and then the about item box
  • Use the pencil on the paper to get a code
  • Click the code box in the inventory and then the about item view
  • Use the paper code to unlock it
  • Click the lid to open it and get the key
  • Zoom in on the picture with the kanji characters
  • Click on the blue book in the inventory and then the about item button
  • Click the book in the about item view and look at the tuna page
  • Note the bottom kanji
  • Find that one on the picture and click it – it will turn red
  • up left from the one in the bottom right corner
  • Click on the tuna
  • Get the silver key from its mouth
  • Use the key on the upper right desk drawer
  • Get the flashlight/torch and the diary
  • Click the flashlight and the about item view
  • Use the batteries on them, just select them and click the flashlight in the about item view
  • Zoom in once on the desk
  • Use the flashlight to the right of the desk
  • Get the hammer
  • Turn right
  • Use the hammer on the panel blocking the window
  • Use the key on the lock
  • Click the window and you're out.
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Kim's Missing Numbers 5 Walkthrough

Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 is the latest point and click type hidden object flash game by Kim in which you'll have to find the missing numbers in each room. For each number you find you will get 100 points but will lose score when you click on wrong spots. You will earn timer bonus after each round and plus there's an achievement item to find in each round that can affect the total score at the end of the game. Anyways, play game here or read some Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 Walkthrough below.
Level 1:
1- middle of left column
2- middle of right column
3- middle of painting
4- bottom left corner of the painting
5- on the left pillow
6- on right pillow
7- somewhere at bottom left of painting
8- middle of right column
9- at the right golden vase
10-on the middle light
11- top of right column
12- a bit more bottom left from #4
13- near bottom of left column
14- bottom of right column
15- near top of left column
16- around left of the glasses on the table
Level 2:
1- top of the left black strip on the carpet
2- on the inside of closest couch
3- on the brown spot in the carpet
4- bottom right of wall picture
5- on the yellow bookshelf at the back
6- inside of left couch
7- on silver sidebar of right couch
8- outside of left couch
9- left of the carpet between the 2 couches
10- above right pillow on bed
11- front side of the bed
12-the ornament thing on the desk
13- somewhere left of the wall picture and above the bed
14- bottom left of wall picture
15- bottom right of black wall
16- towards bottom right of carpet

An egg can be found under the desk.

That's all for now on Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 Walkthrough. Thanks to those who shared this walkthrough, EG24.

Big Island Escape Game Walkthrough

Big Island Escape is point and click type of hidden objects flash online game by website. Once again your eyesight will be put to test as you find missing items in this prehistoric huge island. Big Island game is fun to play.

Design Room Escape Game Walkthrough

Design Room Escape is a room escape game by Fredo from Escape-Factory in which you are locked inside a room and you need to find objects and clues to get out of the design room. Anyways, here's a few hints for Design Room Escape Walkthrough. Thanks to EscapeGames24.

brown car=1970
fire truck=1982
white car=2
yellow van=5

We'll try to put up the full game walkthrough for Design Room Escape soon.

Dark Room Escape Walkthrough

Dark Room Escape is another new point and click escape the room game by Escape Fever in which you will find yourself trapped in dark kitchen. You then must escape the room because there isn’t very much food left there for you to consume. Anyways, here are some hints for the Dark Room Escape Walkthrough.

Painting code
The number from above the oven is: 5131.
The number from the clock is: 5481.
Put them on the painting like this: 51315481 from up to down.
Door code
If you look carefully on the yellow pattern you will see four letters. Use them as password to exit: ittx

Thanks to Eg24 fans.

Nomu Setsubun Walkthrough

Nomu Setsubun is a room escape type point and click game from Twinkle, also the creator of Cindrella Escap and several other flash games. In this game, you have to through Pink Door, Blue Door and Yellow Door and wait there's more. Anyways, here's a Nomu Setsubun Walkthrough we've got from players who finished the game. It's a hinthrough.
  • get a key from behind the banner.
  • out (blue) In (white) and Out (red).
  • white/black thing.
  • box of popcorn.
  • behind and to the left of the box.
  • give the white/black thing a mouth.
  • use the key on the top drawer of the chest.
  • piece of paper with Japanese writing on it.
  • give the club to the blue monster on the right.
  • throw some popcorn at the target.
  • give the red monster the boxer shorts we found in the drawer.
  • throw popcorn at the new target over his head.
  • hang the pictures, from top to bottom, blue, white, and red.
  • the plate has sushi on it now. take the sushi..
You can also share your Nomu Setsubun Walkthrough with us in the cooments below.

Smart Dungeon Escape 2 Walkthrough

Smart Dungeon Escape 2 is a point and click type of room escape online flash game from In this game, once again you find yourself as a criminal sentenced to be locked in the dungeon. Your main objective is to escape, what else? No one wants to be locked down. Find a way out and hurry. Play Smart Dungeon Escape 2 game here.

Hidden Numbers 12 Game Walkthrough

Hidden Numbers 12 The Car is a point and click type of hidden object flash game from Gazzyboy in which you must find the numbers in a given image. Basic Instructions: For each accurate click,you get a score but clicking on the wrong spots will get your score reduced. Earn bonus points if you find the numbers soon enough. Play Hidden Numbers 12 game here.

Adventures Escape 3 Walkthrough

Adventures Escape 3 is the third and latest episode of series of point and click room escape game by 123bee. In the game's description: these people are continuing their trip further and are getting into deep within the forest. That is where you come in the game. You must help them to cross the river on their way and safely reach the small house which is besides the water falls, to take rest. Fetch them food and proceed with their trip. Play Adventures Escape 3 game here.

Hidden Numbers Monsters Inc Walkthrough

Hidden Numbers Monsters Inc is an animated movie themed point and click type of hidden object flash game by Games2dress. In this game, your observing skills will be tested by finding the given numbers which are in different forms. Gain scores with every accurate clicks and for wrong and unnecessary clicks your score will be decreased. Play Hidden Numbers Monsters Inc game here.

Escape The Killer's House Walkthrough

Escape the Killer's House is a point and click room escape game in which you are locked in a vicious killer's house and wherein you must escape by finding items and using them on right places or else you'd be dead. Use your wits and critical thinking and escape the wrath of your captive. Play Escape the Killer's House game here.

Pirate Ship Escape Walkthrough

Pirate Ship Escape is a new point and click type of room escape flash game by Gazzyboy in which you are arrested and being held as a slave by Pirates. Your main objective is to escape from the hands of your captives and get away from the pirate ship. Play Pirate Ship Escape game here.

Record Tripping Walkthrough

Record Tripping is a point and click game which brings an immerse gaming experience that begins with the scratch of a record. Yeah, that's weird but its cool. This game by Bell Brothers, is absolutely fantastic in innovative, graphics and sound experience are well done. Basic Instructions: Use your mouse's scroll wheel to be able to scratch your way through all five chapters. Rank for a daily high score or try to grab a spot among the all-time high scorers. Play Record Tripping game here.

Banana Foot Walkthrough

Banana Foot is a physics based puzzle game with 21 levels and Unlock-able Bonus Games and 'Free Play Mode'. This game is hosted by a fox dog character. Basic instructions: Use the mouse to click on the white arrows. Drag the tools rotated the tools with the rotation arrows on the tool. Use the toolbox to affect the eyeball and get it into the portal. Each level has different tools and difficulty progresses as you move on through the game. Play Banana Foot game here.

Is This A Game Walkthrough

Is this a Game? is a point and click flash online game from Renegade in which you have to use the mouse and keyboard for its game play. There are numbers of achievements to collect as you play through the course of this game, which can be viewed on the achievements screen. We are still looking for some Is This A Game Walkthrough and we'll have it posted here soon. Browse around this site for more games or you can play this game here.

Kim's Missing Numbers 4 Walkthrough

Kim's Missing Numbers 4 is a flash point and click type of hidden object game created by Kim in which you must find the missing numbers in each room to complete levels. Earn points for every accurate clicks and will lose point when you click on the wrong spots. You can earn timer bonus after each round. Anywas, we'll try to post Kim's Missing Numbers 4 Walkthrough after some time. In short, later. Play game here.

Never Ending Level Game Walkthrough

Never Ending Level Game is one of the addicting and challenging puzzle games around in which you have to use clues provided on the screen to proceed to the next level. Now there are 300 levels to play and complete. Before there are only 250 so an addtional 50 will keep you busy. Anyways, below is a Neverending Level Game Walkthrough up to the level 42 we've found over at EG24.
1 click the circle!
2 click the blue circle
3 click anywhere but the button
4 click the 'v' in "Level"
5 type "green" (it doesn't show up, but it knows what you're typing).
6 click the circle in the green-teal border
7 click the black border of the square
8 type "fire" in the box, then click the button
9 click the blue triangle in the lower left corner
10 click and hold "STUPID," follow the pop-up instructions
11 click anywhere?
12 12*12 = 144. Type "144" into the box and hit "GO"
13 click the buttons in order?
14 highlight the text in the top white box, enter what it gives you into the password box
15 watch the bottom left corner, do what it says
16 click the teal ball that crosses the screen
17 go over the next to last spike from the right until it turns into a hand (1/3 way down).
18 Type "B" (not case-sensitive)
19 "special"
20 keep clicking the box, but keep track of how many times you clicked. Got "twelve"?
21 drag the stage to the left, then follow the yellow path.
22 keep dragging the things that are in the way until you reach the exit arrow.
23 several years add up to 23, but the one we're looking for is "1967"
24 you can go through the water, wait until your curser turns into a hand, drag it up and place it on the corresponding color. Or, it's "control"
25 drag the green panel out of the way, then drag the cream panel up and follow the path to find the button.
26 It's a pentagon, right? Type "pentagon" backwards.
27 hit the red buttons to reveal the password (case-sensitive!) and the password entry box.
28 keep hitting the button and the "go back" button. You'll end up at 29 after a couple of times.
29 hit the keys specified. They'll light up if you do it. Move the panel and hit the arrow.
30 Hit the go button, then quickly hit the little ones that show up. The screen will go dark, but you can still hit the buttons, and your cursor will turn to a hand when you're over one.
31 Type the key that's red ('e'). Click the button that comes up. Type '3' then '1'. Hit the button. Type 'v' hit the button on the now-green panel. Hit the green button. Type 'l', then 'e', hit the button, type 'L'
32 drag the panels out of the way, click the black box at the end.
33 click all of the red buttons
34 hit the light switch and hit the spiral. Repeat until the spiral's gone.
35 assemble the jigsaw puzzles and follow the instructions. I'd start with the upper left piece in the upper left corner.
36 follow the instructions. If you need to get reoriented, drag the cursor out of the level until you can see it, then go back in.
37 drag the panels in the direction indicated, following the path. Click the buttons at the end to reveal the password, which you enter into the box. Make sure you don't cover the password or the entry box!
38 click the boxes one at a time to show the letters. They'll tell you the password. It's case-sensitive!
39 drag the arrows in the direction they're pointing to get the password.
40 move the spotlight until you find a letter/phrase, then type that letter/phrase. It'll disappear, so you'll have to find the next. (The 23rd letter in the alphabet is 'w' BTW, the one-digit number is '0, and the left bracket is the left parenthesis.)
41 patience. Wait for a button to show up. Go to the bathroom, check your e-mail, whatever.
42 the security code is 76330. Put that into the console, type it into the box, and hit "GO"
We'll try to update this Never Ending Level Game Walkthrough when we found more. You can also share your own in the comments below.

Rubble Trouble Walkthrough

Rubble Trouble is another addicting and little bit challenging explosives puzzle flash game by Nitrome. A cool game in which you must unleash your destructive streak and cast deadly shadows by destroying buildings using the power tools provided for you. Complete each level by reaching the target value. Select your tools at the bottom left of the screen and start booming! Anyways, here are some Rubble Trouble Walkthrough videos we've found.

Levels 10 to 17.

Levels 20 to 29.

If you have anything to add to this Rubble Trouble Walkthrough, let us know in the comments below.

Island Escape Walkthrough

Island Escape is a point and click room escape flash game series by Escape Heaven in which you are trapped in the island. In order for you to escape, you must solve puzzles throughout the game, find things and use them wisely. We'll update with Island Escape Walkthrough later. Read other walkthroughs below or bookmark us.

Colorful Room Escape Walkthrough

Colorful Room Escape is a point and click type of flash room escape game from EscapeGamesLand. In this game, your mission is to escape the colorful room. To do so, you must find items and solve some puzzles. Anyways, we will see if we can post the full Colourful Room Escape Walkthrough later. In the mean time here's some hints.

Computer password

You can also share your own Colorful Room Escape Walkthrough with us in the comments below or read other game walkthroughs or play game here.

Smallest Room Escape Walkthrough

Smallest Room Escape is a point and click room escape flash online game from EscapeFever in which you have to get out of the smallest room ever EF has put you into. Anyways, here's a Smallest Room Escape Walkthrough we've found over at EscapeGames24.
  • First scene.
  • Grab scissors off floor directly in front of you.
  • Click door handle and notice place for triangles.
  • At right of scene click under cupboard for dynamite.
  • Click on cupboard and notice it needs a 4-number code.
  • At left of scene click bottom of heater and grab yellow triangle.
  • Go left.
  • Second Scene
  • Click right back arm of couch and grab yellow triangle.
  • Click Grey picture frame and notice four V's on each corner, keep that in mind.
  • Cut left cushion of couch with scissors (zoomed out) and grab yellow triangle.
  • Click lamp behind couch and use scissors on bottom of lamp. Get yellow shavings.
  • Go left
  • Third scene
  • Click plant and grab gray triangle.
  • Click top of curtains on rod and grab sword.
  • Click left
  • First scene again
  • Place sword on TV and watch the electricity!
  • Place dynamite in electricity to light it.
  • Click cupboard and put in the code (All 5's, V's are roman numerals and place for triangles had five).
  • See hints for where triangles are.
  • Click right
  • Third scene again
  • Click behind plant.
  • Place dynamite on floor to blow a hole in it.
  • Grab yellow triangle.
  • Click Left
  • First scene again
  • Place yellow shavings on grey triangle.
  • Click handle of door to see the picture screen again.
  • Place all triangles in there.
By the way, you can also share your own version of Smallest Room Escape Walkthrough with us. If you like this post please bookmark us.

Puzzle Room Esccape 8 Walkthrough

Puzzle Room Escape 8 is the eighth and latest episode of the Puzzle Room Escape flash game series by Games2rule. There are new mazes that are generated and accumulated in the Puzzle room. Start to find a route through the mazes and smartly escape the puzzle room. We will try to post some Puzzle Room Escape 8 Walkthrough later. You can read other game walkthroughs or play game here.

EG24 Island Escape Walkthrough

EG24 Island Escape Funky Parrot Redemption is a short but very funny point and click room escape and adventure type of game at the same time by Bart Babinski and Michal Stasinski from RexGamez for fans and visitors. The scenario goes like: you are on an island and you have to find a way to get away from it. Here's the EG24 Island Escape Walkthrough we've also got from awesome EscapeGames24.
  • open outhouse and take toilet paper.
  • click on stick that is to the right of the outhouse and put into inventory.
  • click on the two flint rocks that are to the left of the fire pit and put into inventory.
  • place the TP on the fire pit and light with the flint rocks.
  • set the radio to the Latin channel and wait for the bird to fly off the wire.
  • click on the phone and catch the worm (you have to be quick).
  • combine the stick and the line and the worm to make fishing pole.
  • give the fishing pole to the guy and he will catch a fish.
  • put the fish into the fire and the man will eat the fish.
  • click on the outhouse and the man will go to the bathroom. when he is in the bathroom click on the paper and get the numbers at the bottom left side of the page and remember them
  • click on the guy again and he will stand up. give him the fishing pole again and he will catch a rubber boot. Give him the pole again and he will catch the teddy bear.
  • use the eye of the teddy bear in the phone (as a coin) and dial the number that you found on the news paper.
  • a plane will drop an inflatable rubber animal.
  • place that animal on the right corner of the outhouse.
  • click on the outhouse and the man will get in.
  • click on the blue handle on the inflatable animal and you are out!
That's all folks. By the way, you can add your own tips or EG24 Island Escape Walkthrough by hitting the comments below.

Hidden Numbers 11 Walkthrough

Hidden Numbers 11 is the latest point and click type of hidden object flash online game from Gazzyboy. You must find the numbers in a given image to complete and finish this game. You get score for each accurate click but will decreased for wrong click. Get bonus points if you can find them very soon. Anyways, Hidden Numbers 11 Walkthrough is currently being created. Read other games walkthrough here or play game here.

Escape Game Sasaesan Nursery Walkthrough

Escape Game Sasaesan Nursery is a new flash escape the room game by Kagiana. In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to get out of it by searching and using items with clues. You must escape as soon as possible. You know how creepy it is to be left alone in a nursery right? Just kidding. Anyways, hit the comments if you want to share some Escape Game Sasaesan Nursery Walkthrough while we work on it. Or read other game walkthrough here.

Kim's Missing Numbers 3 Walkthrough

Kim's Missing Numbers 3 is the third and latest episode of Kim's Missing Numbers- a point and click type of hidden object flash online game from Keybol, a fellow blogger and an awesome game creator at the same time. In this game, you must find the missing numbers in each room. You get score for good clicks and will lose point when you click on the wrong spot. You will earn timer bonus after each round. Anyways, I think we won't post Kim's Missing Numbers 3 Walkthrough until a few more days. Play game here or read other walkthroughs here.

Isoball Walkthrough

Isoball is a new addictive and challenging brain teaser flash physics game by CandyFlame that you can play by downloading here. The main objective is to get the ball in the hole by building a track using various blocks. Make sure to build increasingly complex tracks with more unique blocks to assist the ball in reaching the goal hole. Anyways, we will post the Isoball Walkthrough shortly.