Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough

Stoney Room Escape is a flash point and click game from the world of escaping games, the Escape Games Land. If you are used to playing this type of web games, then you might know the basics but in case you're new to this, then let me explain this to you. These kind of games are called room escape games in which you use your mouse to point and click on things sometimes to find and obtain items or to bring thing in to a specific action. The whole place is basically a puzzle for a typical Room Escape Game. But some advance flash games are more dynamics that not only require the mouse for playing but also the keyboard. In the case of Stoney Room Escape, which is a simple yet fun and puzzling game, you only use your mouse for playing. Now let proceed to the walkthrough video, before you get pissed and dead bored of my boring introductions. Here's
Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough guide:

Now don't be stupid and stop the mad clicking, use this Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough for your convenience.

Angel Escape Walkthrough: Complete Video

Angel Escape is 123bee's new point and click puzzling game that is quite challenging to play so you might end up here in search of hints, guide or a walkthrough of some sort. So you don't know what to do with that test tube and 2 rocks that you found, right? I was thinking of coming up with a written guide but resorted to posting this Angel Escape walkthrough that I've found around. It's more comprehensive after all. So enjoy guys!

Hope this Angel Escape walkthrough would be helpful to you like it did for me. Leave comments below if you have something to say. Cheers!

Doodle God Walkthrough | The All Elements Guide

Doodle God is very fun yet challenging game developed and created by Elite Games and Avallon Alliance. In this game you play as the one individual that posses the true power of a Doodle God. You will build armies and grow your civilization. Mixing elements is the key to completion of the game so I thought that I would post the video I have found and share it all of you. Yea, how thoughtful of me. =) Anyways, here's the Doodle God Walkthrough (the 'all elements' tutorial)

There is another Doodle God Walkthrough from that same uploader but it's more speedy than the one above so I recommend this one instead.

Perfect Balance 3 Player Pack Walkthroughs for (A, B, C, D & E)

Are you looking for the Perfect Balance 3 Walkthrough? Well, you've come to right page of this side of the universe. Below are the walkthrough videos of the Player Packs A, B, C, D and E. Anytime you are ready, just pick a video from below. Enjoy!

Perfect Balance 3 Player Pack A:

This is the Level Pack B of Perfect Balance 3:

We have here also is the Perpect Balance 3 Player Pack C:

The Level Packed D walkthrough of this game full of new shapes.

Last but not the least, we have the Perfect Balance 3 Player Pack E walkthrough solution video.

Which of these Perfect Balance 3 Walkthroughs is the best for you? Leave your comments below.

Roasted Tea Room Escape Walkthrough

It's tea time for tea lovers and Roasted Tea Room Escape for escape gamers! It's a flash game under the category of point and click from the Japanese web game developer Sakura. You are once again locked up in a room and as usual, you don't know what really happened and how you got there. Literally you are stuck in this game that is why you are reading this or perhaps already watching the Roasted Tea Room Escape Walkthrough solution below.

Oh well, what can I do if you don't want to read intros lol. So that's about the Roasted Tea Room Escape Walkthrough. Have a nice one fellas!

Dial For Escape Full Walkthrough

Dial For Escape is one of the latest point and click game from Games2Rule where you play as a poor guy trapped inside a place that seems to be motel room. To escape, you must dial the correct numbers on the phone. But the problem is where would you get the right number to dial. You can obtain it by finding objects and useful hints within the room. Just explore the whole place and do mad clicking technique. If that fails, then you have no choice but to look at this solution, the Dial Escape Walkthrough we have here.

If you have anything to say about this Dial For Escape walkthrough, just drop us a line below.

Castle Siege Walkthrough Solucion

Castle Siege is another flash game creation of Stoneagegames under the category room escape game. In this game you are caught up in the internecine warfare and your castle is under siege by the enemy. To escape before enemy's forces is your only objective. But you must first find the hidden items which are also the clues to solving the puzzle which is necessary for your escape. Not good enough to solve on your own? Don't worry, here's Castle Siege walkthrough to guide you throughout the game.

Geez, that Castle Siege Walkthrough also saved my a** from the enemy's cruel hands.

Max Damage 2 Walkthrough

Hello Max Damage fans and physics game enthusiasts! I bet you already know about the physics game Max Damage 2, the sequel that is packed with all new levels and objects to break. And you're out to be one of the highest scorer in this game. Well, that's also a goal for me for this game and I thought that it is not a bad idea to watch a Max Damage 2 walkthrough like this one below.

The level 1 to 30 solution.

 The level 31-50 walkthrough.

If you are currently playing its predecessor Max Damage 1, follow that link for the walkthrough. So far, the techniques shown in these Max Damage 2 Walkthrough for all levels are the best that worked for me.

Escape in Bali Solution Walkthrough

Escape In Bali is one of the latest flash point and click escape game that was created by Cabeza. The main objective in this game is to escape the place where you are trapped in. But it is not that easy because you will have to find some items that you can utilize to escape. Once you think you are kinda stuck at some point in this game, it is not a bad idea to look at this Escape In Bali walkthrough, isn't it?

Geez, that Escape In Bali walkthrough is not such a bad idea after all.

Pizza Corner Escape Walkthrough

Hello Pizza Lovers! Here's a game suitable for pizza omnonomers like you. It's called Pizza Corner Escape from Gazzyboy, the leading pizza game chain in the world. Yeah, what a cheesy introduction. You know, sometimes I just made things up. LOL! Anyways, this is a point and click game you are currently stuck on. Yes, you are trapped in this game that's why you're here. So here's Pizza Corner Escape walkthrough to lighten up your sad mozzarella faces. hehe.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, pepperonis and cheeses, Gazzyboy Pizza Corner Escape Walkthrough! Yeah that's a cheesy ending, too.

Money Room Escape Walkthrough a.k.a Money Room Escape

Money Room is one of the latest Japanese point and click game created by PRG- an awesome flash game maker.In this game's scenario, you are locked inside a place where you will have to escape from by collecting items throughout the game. These items shall be used to solve the puzzles you will find as you progress through the game. If at some point you've been lost or stuck, you can refer to the Money Room Escape Walkthrough.

So, yeah, that's Money Room Walkthrough, ladies and gentlemen. It won't get you wealthy though.

Puzzle Room Escape 29 walkthrough

Puzzle Room Escape 29 is another point and click flash game from games2rule that I care to play lately. It's the latest episode from its series of games- the twenty ninth as the title suggests. Anyways, I've beaten this game and managed to solve all of its brand new puzzles. But I thought of sharing to you a Puzzle Room Escape 29 wakthrough I have found in case you mess things up in this game. Enjoy people!

Hope this Puzzle Room Escape 29 walkthrough tutorial guide helps you in figuring out the game.

Aircraft Hangar Escape Walkthrough

Aircraft Hangar Escape is an action packed intense game.. Just kidding, it's another point and click room escape game I was playing lately at Bored- a game site. In this game, you basically wander through the whole hangar itself and find items that you can make use of to get out of the deserted hangar. Guess what? I am trapped and already stuck in the first 30 secs. So I ended up watching and using this Aircraft Hangar Escape Walkthrough I found from that popular video site YT.

And that's about it, ladies and gentlemen the Aircraft Hangar Escape Walkthrough for all of you sad stuck faces.

Masonic Mystery Walkthrough

Masonic Mystery is a conspiracy theory based point and click flash game developed by Arboy whose identity has been kept secret. The Freemasons are believed by many to be planning on controlling and taking over of the world and its nations. And now, they have you trapped inside their Royal Lodge. Wow, what a segway. haha. Anyways, even a secret society cannot stop us from embedding this Masonic Mystery walkthrough and show it to whole world. So yeah, here it is for you to enjoy.

That's about it for our Masonic Mystery walkthrough today. Check out here often to see if there are other secret society based games around.

Caravan Escape Walkthrough Guide

Caravan Escape is one of the newest point and click game developed by 123bee. It is basically a room escape flash game walkthrough where you are locked up in a caravan. Nobody knows how you got locked in that place and you are bound to starve to death if you don't get out real soon. You must find items and clues to escape from certain death. If you are too afraid to focus, don't worry, here's a Caravan Escape Walkthrough solution guide for you.

With this Caravan Escape Walkthrough, starving to death will be prevented. Cheers! lol!

Make Up Room Escape - Gazzyboy Walkthrough

Make Up Room Escape is one of the latest point and click game by Gazzyboy. It is basically a room escape game in which the main goal is to get out of the make up room where you were locked in for unknown reasons. Find hidden items around the room and make use of it for your escape. The items you will find is the key for you to break out of it. Now let's talk about the Make Up Room Escape walkthrough. First, start the game and zoom in on the lights at the top left then, uh, just watch this solution video. hehe. Enjoy!

It's much more easier to watch a video tutorial like of this Make Up Room Escape Walkthrough than the read written walkthroughs don't you think?

Clock Room Escape Walkthrough

Clock Room Escape is a point and click flash game created by Mon Jeu. It's basically a room escape kind of game so the main objective is to get out of the room where you were trapped in. To do so , you must find items and solve the puzzle as you progress. You will have to use the objects you find in the correct spots in the game. If this escape game had you giving up already, then it is time for you to check out the Clock Room Escape Walkthrough we have embedded here. Enjoy!

Yes, we post game walkthroughs, how to beat guides and other game stuffs here just like this Clock Room Escape walkthrough. So if you are into flash games, don't forget to link to us. Cheers!

Where is my Blankie walkthrough

Where Is My Blankie is another of Dolidoli's point and click adventure game that is about a lost blue blankie. I am not sure what a blankie looks like so you will have to find out yourself. Anyways, you must help the owner of blankie which is Toto to find that lost blue thing called blankie. If you do not have any idea where to start just like me, you may see this Where Is My Blankie Walkthrough guide to get you started.

That's all for Where is my Blankie walkthrough, for today. Later folks.

Something Something Something Escape Walkthrough

Something Something Something Escape is the one thing I want to write about right now. It's a point and click room escape flash game from Gamershood, where you can find all the games under the hood. hehe. And this video I am about to show and you were probably watching already without my cue because you just skipped this introduction, one last thing you need to see. Because it's the Something Something Something Escaep Walkthrough, it's something you need, you know. Whatever.

I hope that Something Something Something Escape Walkthrough made something different in your daily lives. What? Later folks.

Prison Escape 2 Walkthrough

If you are looking for the walkthrough for Prison Escape 2 by Gazzyboy, you've landed on the right page. I just found and did the liberty of embedding this video so that I can share to all of you how you can beat this point and click escape game that has been difficult for me to play. So yeah, here's Prison Escape 2 Walkthrough.

Not interested with Prison Escape 2 Walkthrough? Feel free to browse around this site and check the archives. Enjoy!

The Hermit Room Escape Walkthrough

The Hermit Room Escape is the newest point and click get-out-of-the-room type of flash game created by a developer that comes in the name Flash512. In this game, you play as a unlucky person who got locked down in a room. You must then find a way to get out of the room before something else happens to you. Search for items and solve the puzzles in the game to get out alive! Here's The Hermit Room Escape Walkthrough walkthrough to save you from getting stuck and lost and, uh, frustrated.

With The Hermit Room Escape Walkthrough I just showed you, I can assure you that you are safe now from frustration.

Treasure of Big Totem 9 Walkthrough

Just a quick post about Treasure of Big Totem 9 point and click adventure game from Federico Rutenberg. It's the ninth episode for its series and it's even more fun. I was playing this game lately and found myself lost and stuck again. Thanks to this Treasure of Big Totem 9 walkthrough I've found, it helped me made it through the game.

So if ever you're also stuck at some point of the game, maybe this Treasure of Big Totem 9 Walkthrough can get you through. Have fun!

Choc Mint Walkthrough

The Choc Mint I am talking about here is not your regular minty chocolate candy. I'm referring to the point and click game created by some candy lover flash game creator Petithima. Well, I'm not sure if he or she is really a candy lover. I just made that up anyway. lol. So about the game, it's a Japanese themed and it's a room escape type where you will have to find some items to solve the puzzled within the game. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point and you have emptied your candy jar but still you're not done with Choc-mint game, here's a video walkthrough for 'ya.

Yes, that's the Choc-Mint Walkthrough to save your day from getting stuck on that sweet game.

Football Association Walkthrough

Football Association is point and click flash game by minoto that is simply cute and adorable. But even ecute and adorable games can get you stuck and make you go searching the web for a walkthrough of some sort just to beat it. So if you're stuck and so sick of the cuteness of this game, try to the Football Association walkthrough we have embedded here.

If you're wondering how to beat Football Association game, well that's it. The video walkthrough. Later folks.

Secret Seekers: Copperhead Walkthrough

Hello Secret Seekers and, uh, Copperheads! Here's a walkthrough for ya! It's a funny intro, right? No? Well, that's a fail. Anyways, just wanna share this to you. I've been playing this flash game Secret Seekers Copperhead from Melting-Mindz I think. And I am kinda screwed in it. I suck on this one. But thanks to Secret Seekers Copperhead Walkthrough, I've just beaten the heck out of this point and click game.

Now it's your turn to try this Secret Seekers Copperhead walkthrough and tell us your story. What did I just say? lol!

Rooibos Tea Room Escape Walkthrough

Rooibos Tea Room Escape is a point and click type of game a Japanese developer Sakura. In this game, you are yet once again locked inside a room as usual and you are having a hard time finding items and solving the puzzles. Don't worry, I am here to help. Here's a Rooibos Tea Room Escape Walkthrough that might be good for your health. hehe. Enjoy guys!

Seriously, this Rooibos Tea Room Escape walkthrough saved me from getting stuck forever.

Basketball Arena Escape Walkthrough | Basketball Escape Solution

Basketball Arena Escape is a flash game from gamershood which is basically a point and click type room escape game. In this game, you must find items that is hidden throughout the room and make use of the items such as keys, cables, usb, balls etc. to solve the puzzles around. The basketball arena is a pretty massive place so there are lots of room to find yourself in like locker rooms, restrooms and control rooms. Anyways, if you came here for the Basketball Room Escape Walkthrough, see the video below.

Now this Basketball Room Escape walkthrough should keep the ball rolling for 'ya. Cheers!

Hell Rat and Heaven Cat Walkthrough

Hell Rat and Heaven Cat is a new breed of point and click type of flash game. It's another genius move from games2Rule. Why? Exactly why? Well, its a just another point and click game right but notice there's no inventory in the game. You move utilize things in the room and with it alone, escape from it. This is something new for escape games addict so I understand that one might get stuck in it at some point so yeah, here's Hell Rat and Heaven Cat walkthrough for ya'll!

By the guys, please let us know if you find something interesting you can add to this Hell Rat and Heaven Cat Walkthrough. Thanks! Enjoy!

Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough

Crush The Castle 2 is an addicting and challenging physics based game you can play on armorgames. Just like the its predecessor Crush the Castle games, you are out to destroy every structure in your way using your almighty catapult. However, it's not that easy to beat every level. Calculation must be accurate to hit the right spot. There are also new achievements in this game and some secret weapon. If you're stuck at some point of this game, you can see Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough below. The first video shows us how to beat the levels in Canalopolis.

This next video shows us how to finish the levels of North Montis and Terra Magnus.

Finally, we have the walkthrough for the levels of Bestonian Island and south Promontori.

By the way, all of the Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough tutorial videos you see in here is the all gold medals version.

Bazooki Walkthrough for All Levels

Bazooki Bomb Disposal is another physics based game from flashchaz to be addicted on. It has 24 explosive puzzle stages for you to blast off. There are also objects in the game that may or may not work to your advantage such as ropes, portal, wheels and bouncing blocks. There are times that you must use clever tactics and techniques to finish a certain level. In case you have a difficult time beating this flash physics game, you can use the Bazooki Walkthrough for all levels below.

By the way, this Bazooki Bomb Disposal Walkthrough is the complete gold trophies version. Enjoy!

Find The Escape Men 9 In The Garage Walkthrough

Find The Escape Men 9 in The Garage is the newest installment in it's series of point and click type games from No1game. The difference from its predecessor is you have to find 10 escape men now to break out of the room. You can keep on trying to find all of the escape men as much as you want. But if ever you have difficult time beating this game, you can let this Find The Escape Men 9 In the Garage Walkthrough:

Thanks to the kind people who uploaded Find The Escape Men 9 In the Garage Walkthrough video.

The Ghost Police Walkthrough Solution

The Ghost Police is a room escape point and click game developed by Infuoweb in which you play as a police ghost whose mission is to catch the ghost thief and retrieve the jewelry that he has stolen. Find items hidden in the rooms and solve the puzzles as you progress through the game. Having a hard time beating this game? See The Ghost Police walkthrough vid below. Enjoy!

Walkthrough Solution For Theatre Escape

Theatre Escape is an online point and click game from the flash game developer 123bee. In this game's scenario, you play as a kid that were asked to make a project of whatever you like. Your best buddy then suggests that both of you make a game of traps and also challenge you to beat him on said game of which is in the model of a theater. You must now accept the challenge and beat your buddy in his own game. In case you need a Theatre Escape walkthrough in order to beat him, see the video below.

If this Theatre Escape Walkthrough doesn't do you any help, you can seek help from others.

Blue Room Escape by Ninja Motion Solution Walkthrough

Blue Room Escape is a point and click flash game developed by the Japanese creator of room escape games Ninja Motion. This is basically a puzzle type of game where you have to find items which are also clues to solve the entire game and escape the colored blue room. In case you got stuck in it at some point, you can use the ultimate blue room escape walkthrough guide. See video below.

You can play this game on their official website whose link can be found in the video of Blue Room Escape Walkthrough above.

Wogger Mini Chapter 135 Solution Walkthrough

Wogger Mini Chapter 135 is another sequel to the Wogger Mini Series flash games and it's finally here. You can play it online at their official website thewoggerworld. It's pretty easy to play. All you need is to click on the right places to and do right things in sequence to help that little spaceman character. Stuck? If the mad clicking technique fails to materialize then you can refer to this Wogger Mini Chapter 135 Solution Walkthrough.

In case this Wogger Mini Chapter 135 walkthrough didn't do any help for you to beating the game, seek other help. You might have a bigger problem =)

Escape The Zombies Walkthrough

Escape the Zombies is a very shocking and terrifying escape game from Stoneagegames that can cause one person a heart attack. The creators of this game warns people with weak heart to not play this game or even get near it. But sharing of this scary game on social networking sites like fb is encouraged =). So, you're one of the few brave hearts that have managed to play this game and still live, huh. But bravery is not enough to Escape The Zombies, you need walkthrough sometimes lol.

Don't be scared now because this Escape The Zombies Walkthrough will get you out of there.

Penthouse Robbery Walkthrough

Planning to do some Penthouse Robbery? No, I cannot help you. Because it's illegal. However, if you are here because getting stuck on Dozengames' point and click flash escape game where you have to crack codes to get the precious diamons, I just have what you need. Boys and girls, here's Penthouse Robbery Walkthrough I got from a very secretive video site.

Disclaimer: This Penthouse Robbery Walkthrough is not for use by criminals that is actually planning to commit robbery on any penthouse. It is just a flash game walkthrough, okay?

Star Room Escape Walkthrough | Not Enough Room Exodus Game Video

Star Room Escape is a point and click escape game that is also called by the name Not Enough Room Exodus escape game. It is a Korean made flash game by Bangtal wherein you have to find the clues to solving the puzzles and search hidden items that will help you out of the room. In case things don't turn out well, refer to the Star Room Escape Walkthrough video provided below.

If this Star Room Escape Walkthrough does not help you in any way or another, seek help from others.

Reincarnation In The Name of Evil Walkthrough Hints

Reincarnation In the Name of Evil is another game straight from the inferno archives of flash games. It's basically a point and click adventure type where you will guide the demon get back the escaped soul and drag it home to hell but first you must make sure that the soul is back to its old evil ways. It's kind of a short game but fun and funny. If ever you got stuck in this one, let this Reincarnation In the Name of Evil walkthrough show you the way- the evil kind of way. Muahaha!

Actually, even without this Reincarnation In The Name of Evil Walkthrough, the rubber duckie is the one because rubber duckie makes evil fun.

Hanasaka Walkthrough | Grandfather Flower Walkthrough

Hanasaka also known as Grandfather Flower is another adventure type of flash game from Twinkle, the creator of Pink Door Escape and several other games whose titles have colors like blue and yellow in them. Alright, so you're stuck in this game Hanasaka and needed a guide or walkthrough. Well, you reach the right page in the universe because what we have here is the, Hansaka Walkthrough we have just freshly ninja-embedded from YT yey!

Whoa, there's your Hanasaka Walkthrough. Have questions? So do I. lol! You can ask in the comments below.

Gazzyboy Super Market Escape Walkthrough

Super Market Escape is another point and click flash game treat from Gazzyboy that probably had you stuck in it that's why you are here trying to find some walkthrough or guide. Stop cursing Gboy now will ya, I have here the Gazzyboy Super Market Escape Walkthrough vid all for you. Playing escape games can really be fun but sometimes frustrating so it's good to have a site like this bookmarked or subscribed to. So yeah, here it is.

Whoa, that Super Market Escape Walkthrough really rocks! Now get back to work =).

The Tower of Eternity 64 f Walkthrough Solution

There's no turning back now as we reach another floor in The Tower of Eternity 64 F. Another job well done to InfuoWEB. You know the drill if you're used to playing the previous of this point and click room escape game. But in case you got stuck at some point of the game, you can refer to The Tower of Eternity 64F Walkthrough below.

I must warn you, even after you finished this game with the aide of The Tower of Eternity 64 F walkthrough you've just watch, there will still be another sequel and another floor for you to get trapped in. Am I being creepy or what? Enjoy!

Working Travian Hack Bot Cheats

If you are looking for an updated Travian hack and cheats, you've come to the right place. But, the bad news is they will find about this bot sooner and will fix so you have to enjoy it as long as it is not fixed yet. This Travian Bot can do everything. It can build buildings and resource fields, build farm, train troops and even send resources to other villages. You can go the site you can find in the demo video below. I don't know if this is still free.

If you have something to share with us regarding Travian cheats, hacks, bots, farm just let us know

Soccer Room Escape Walkthrough

Hello Soccer Room Escape stuck ups! I'm here to help you. By the way, I am talking about the point and click flash escape game from games2rule here just to make sure you're not mistaken this for another game. Alright, what I have here is walkthrough for Soccer Room Escape that might help you beat the game.

Soccer Room Escape video

Hope you enjoyed that Walkthrough For Soccer Room Escape. Now all you have to do is link to this page or bookmark us.

The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

Do you know what's cooking interwebs? Well, its The Great Kitchen Escape game from ArmorGames where all games are armored and tough. Yeah, I failed with that intro. But nobody cares about the introduction because everybody just want The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough that you are probably watching right now already because you skip this paragraph you.. you! Oh well, it's all yours now. Enjoy.

Now here's the outro to The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough that you probably didn't bother to read as well. Won't you just share it on your fb accounts, will ya? Thanks.

Construction Fall Walkthrough Level Solutions

Hello there Construction Fall flash game fans, players and stuck ups? LOL! So you're out here to find some sort of level guide to Construction Fall right? Well, you've reach the right page for what you're looking for. The video down there will show you some strategies to beat levels 1 to 12 of this awesome physics game by FunFlow. So yeah, here's Construction Fall walkthrough to be your guide. UPDATE: Levels 13 to 24 is now online. See below.

If you have any questions about this Construction Fall Walkthrough, please let me know and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Lions Story Walkthrough

Lions Story is another point and click escape game from a Japanese creator of flash games Minoto. In this game you must find hidden items and solve the puzzles as you progress through the game. You will then beat the game and/or get stuck if you really mess up playing room escape games. If that's the case, feel free to watch this Lions Story Walkthrough video and let it guide and show you the light. But don't forget to thank and subscribe to the uploader of this vid which comes from a username Kimonlineify.

Sift Heads World Act 3 Walkthrough

Hello there Sift Heads World Act 3 fans! this is the latest installment for the Sift Head World series and I just hope you'll like this Sift Heads World Act 3 Walkthrough videos.
The "Intro" mission:

Mission  : Telling The Truth

Mission: Hidden Ways

Mission: The Take Down.

Mission: Lack of Money

and finally, mission: The Ambush.

Whoa, that's a lot of Sift Heads World Act 3 walkthrough video guides. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it guys.

Flophone Restricted Walkthrough | The Unauthorized Call

Flophone Restricted is the awesome point and click game from flonga that you have been waiting for. And now it's here, you most likely got stuck again like in the other Flophone games you have played before. I'm not saying that you are always like that- lost and stuck and needy of a walkthrough or guide. It just so happen, uh, very often. lol. Just kidding folks. You know I am just trying to come up with a long descriptive intro to this Flophone Restricted Walkthrough thing that I found. But I guess, I failed . So here's the video and enjoy!

Geez, that video of Flophone Restricted Walkthrough is just what I need to beat the game.

Evil Beyond The Wave Escape Walkthrough

Evil Beyond The Wave Escape is yet another puzzle flash game from 123bee wherein the main characters are Cinderella and her Prince whose name is not mentioned. The goal is simple- escape the friggin' island. Now go play that game ahead this link here. Or if you came here for Evil Beyond The Wave Escape Walkthrough, you are so lucky.

Evil Beyond The Wave Escape Walkthrough, ladies and gentlemen. Cheers!

Leave Escape 2 Walkthrough | The Walkthrough for Leave Escape Game 2

Leave Escape 2 is another point and click game that is language barrier protected. Why? Because it's in Japanese. But if you don't feel like giving up after you have tried mad clicking everywhere your screen, let me give you a pat on the back and tell you that I will never leave you on this game. Just kidding. I am actually on my way to a party. But before I depart let me present to you the Leave Escape 2 walkthrough video I ninja-borrowed from some utuber...

Whoa! videos like this Leave Escape 2 Walkthrough really makes language barrier issues easy to overcome.. Haays. lol.

Suzunari Escape 1 Walkthrough

Description: Suzunari Escape 1 is a point and click escape game from the Japanese creator of flash games, Suzunari. In this game, you are locked inside a room and must try to get out with the help of the items found within the game. You must escape from the room before, uh, you boss catch you playing games online while at work lol. Anyways, to help you beat this game fast and avoid you being caught by your boss playing while at work, we decided to put up a Suzunari Escape 1 walkthrough. Just follow the simple steps. First, to begin the game, click the "Start" button. Second, watch the video below. hehe.

That Suzunari Escape 1 Walkthrough will really help you beat the game before your boss comes to your cubicle.

King of Bridges Walkthrough

What's up interwebs, what are you playing right now? Me, I am playing King of Bridges from where all games are tough. But no game is tough enough if you can find a walkthrough or guide to beat them. Like what I just did to complete this game. Yes, I am guilty of watching the King of Bridges Walkthrough from the youtuber tasselfoot. And to wash my conscience I am sharing it with you right now lol.

For the levels 1-20.

Levels 21-30.

Oh yeah, I feel less guilty now after sharing these two videos of King of Bridges Walkthrough. Yay! Later internet!

Akarimado Escape Walkthrough

Akarimado Escape is a type of dinosaur that once lived in the land of Japan about 65 million years ago. Alright, just kidding. It's a point and click game from Petithima. It's awesome. It's fun to play and I have a video of it right here which you can watch if you would only skip reading this and go straight to the Akarimado Escape walkthrough video just right below this paragraph.

Sorry for the bad introduction for this Akarimado Escape Walkthrough article. You know I'm just having fun. Cheers!

Fantastic Contraption 2 Walkthrough

Hello Fantastic Contraption 2 enthusiasts! Are you looking for some guide, strategies or walkthrough for Fantastic Contraption 2? Well guess what? So am I. I'm not so good at playing physics game such as this one that's why I am looking for a video walkthrough from other people who played this game. So tell me internet, won't you give a Fantastic Contraption 2 Walkthrough for all levels? Anyways, here's a couple of vids I found so far.


The Baby Leap Tank level.

Geez, I hope I can find more Fantastic Contraption 2 walkthrough soon. Cheers!

Heart of Tota Walkthrough

Who cares for a Heart of Tota puzzle type game video guide, raise your point and click hand? I am talking about a five minute walkthrough video of that flash game from Pencilkids waiting down below this paragraph. Actually, it's just a matter of heart beats away from being watched by you. So what are you waiting for? Push play and the video should go "Play tower defense game dot com, your free source of tower defense games". Oh what am I saying here? Well, you're not reading this anyway so it's okay for me to write very random? lolwut? Here's Heart of Tota Walktrhough. Enjoy!

Geez, that Tota's Heart, oh, Heart of Tota walkthrough I mean really is cool. And what's cooler is my previous post so check it out-- Escape 5 The Freezer Walkthrough

Escape 5 The Freezer Walkthrough

Escape 5 The Freezer is a new point and click game to get addicted on once again from AddictingGames of course. But addiction to this flash escape game may lead to something not good. Like getting stuck inside it and to think that in the game's scenario you are trapped inside a freezer where, of course, things freeze when inside for a good amount of time. So you are stuck and don't want to die of frost bite but what would you do? Look for an Escape 5 The Freezer walkthrough or guide. Where? Well, you're lucky, it's here!

Geez, that Escape 5 The Freezer Walkthrough video saves the day from getting colds.Yay! Whatever. And oh, check out my previous post --- Safes Room Escape Game Walkthrough

Safes Room Escape Walkthrough

Developed by MiniGamePortal Safes Room Escape is yet another point and click flash game that you will love- or hate if you got stuck at some point. But I doubt that you will be scratching your head on this one. I played it and already finished it. I did not have to cry and run to this Safes Room Escape Walkthrough video guide here:

That's it for Safes Room Escape walkthrough for today. Also check out my previous post --Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 walkthrough

Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough

Hi there Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 fans! May I present to you a video that will teach the correct way of medical surgery malpractice. Just kidding. I myself is not good too in the previous Alan Probe games also by Adult Swim. So what I do is search the internet for guides or tutorials that could help. Like you I am also a frustrated surgeon and all I want is to save the lives of the patients but it seems that I just ruin everything and make it worst, then the patient dies.. every time! LOL! Anyways, here's Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 walkthrough to be your guide to surgery.

NOTE: Not suitable for children. Please be a responsible parent. Don't let you kids play Amateur Surgeon 2 unless you want them to be a surgeon someday.

Geez, that Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough is short and incomplete so I need you to notify me if ever you find more videos of this game. Thanks and enjoy!

Wogger Mini Chapter 133 Walkthrough

Hello Wogger Mini Chapter 133 players! Aren't you stuck yet in the game? Yes, I'm talking about that one hundred and thirty third episode. If you already did the last last resort (the mad clicking technique) before jumping into a guide and still you are stuck, have no fear for this is your lucky day. The Wogger Mini Chapter 133 walkthrough is here!

Now stop crying, will ya? Know that The Wogger Mini Chapter 133 walkthrough is here to guide you and show you the right way of playing wogger mini games. No more mad clicking, okay. Cheers!

Air Crash Walkthrough | Air Crash Escape Game

The Air Crash I am talking about here is that point and click escape game from StoneAgesGames wherein you play as a passenger of a plane that unfortunately crashed into a unknown jungle. You survive the fatal crash but you are alone now and must call for an SOS so you can get rescued. I played this one and as usual I got stuck already within 5 minutes.Luckily I found an Air Crash Walkthrough video onYT. Watch it.

That's it for your Air Crash Walkthrough today. Now you know where to go when you got stuck at a point click game.

Escape in Hawaii Walkthrough video

Escape in Hawaii is a themed point and click flash game from the escape game creator Cabeza. The rules, as usual, is to find items and solve the puzzles around to reach the ending. You might get stuck at some point in this game so I thought I should post this Escape in Hawaii Walkthrough and so I did. Here's a video I found on YT.

Thanks to the person who uploaded this Escape in Hawaii walkthrough for his/her thoughtfulness though I didn't find what I've been expecting- the hula girls. hehe.

Blind Walkthrough

Blind is a flash game that cannot see any color other than black and occasional white and gray. Guide the blind stick man through the treacherous dark levels and reach goal which appears to be someone calling for help. Anyway, since it's very difficult to shoot your way to rescue a someone calling for when you are a blind person, let alone you're a stick man, this Blind Walkthrough to guide you through the game.
 The levels 1-16..

Walkthrough for levels 17-21..

With this Blind Walkthrough I hope you would see the light and walk the right path through these dark levels of your flashgamey life