Dusk walkthrough

Dusk is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from Stephen Wichello and mofunzone. This is a game where you play as a black square with a one leg or is it an arm, which you use to walk climb bounce and that leg/arm is also probably the source of your ability to reverse time. Yes, it sounds quite interesting right? Actually, reversing time is the key to solving the puzzles in this game with a little jumping, bouncing and calculation.

Dusk walkthrough.

It's concept is great - reverse time to repeat action in order to go further. Though you may find some minor glitches particularly in level five where you are to go through those two white glowing moving platforms. But it's too little of a glitch so it doesn't matter. All in all, this game rocks and I am really hoping to see some sequel with more levels and harder puzzles to crack for this one. Meanwhile, here's Dusk walkthrough showing the game completed.

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