Dominion walkthrough

Dominion is a new point and click strategy tower defense fantasy game from racoongames. You can now play this game on addictinggames and other flash portals. Its about a magician whose mission is to protect a castle from waves of incoming enemy. With the power of magical elements and archers, try to repel enemy armies away from the castle.

Dominion walkthrough.

The game is as simple as any other game in this same tower defense genre. You wisely buy upgrades to your attacks, gain level up points to spend them in upgrading your attributes mastering all the skills to beat enemies. Each enemy type has their own attributes and characteristics as well and you it's up to you to figure out their weaknesses. At first you may find the game a bit challenging but once you learned about each enemy types' weakness you'll easily win. Anyways, I will be collecting videos of Dominion walkthrough so expect them here when I got my hands on them.

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